(Updated: Not For T-Mobile) Rumor Alert: T-Mobile’s Next Android Sidekick To Be Produced By Sharp?

Update: As we suspected this device is actually not for T-Mobile as the folks over at Unwired View just updated the article to reflect it’s not a Sidekick and not coming to T-Mobile.

The folks over at Unwired View have received what they believe is a picture of the next Android powered Sidekick to hit T-Mobile sometime later this year. We aren’t quite sure what “reasoning” they are using to determine this other than form factor but we have no reason to doubt their source. Their source states this phone comes with a 3.2″ HVGA touchscreen display, GSM/WCDMA compatibility, wifi, gps and a camera on theĀ  back! Sounds like a phone from 2008. All kidding aside the form factor certainly looks Sidekick-ish but we’re going to chalk this one up firmly in the “take with a grain of salt” category until we know more.

Unwired View

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