Tired Of Videos Buffering On Your Mobile? Not On T-Mobile Says Carly.

While this isn’t the video I was hoping to post tonight (those of you who follow @tmonews on Twitter know what I mean) this is a clever way for T-Mobile to show off speeds, special effects and some more Carly.

On a side note, why do they have to show Dwayne Wade? Where’s Derrick Rose? Come on now T-Mobile!


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  • Because Dwyane Wade is THAT man David!!! Heat 2011 Champs baby, we almost there lol!!!

    • Greenhornet

      Bobcats 2012 Champs  LOL 

  •  My 4G speeds are sub 1mbps on t-mobile.

  •  I’m tired of having to wait for Twitter to update on Edge… :/

  • AndroidMaster

     Little quick note there David, it’s DERRICK ROSE. Other than that, GO BULLS!!!

    • Woops, you’re right…I’m fixing that right now!

  • Anonymous

    Go Heat!! 7 game series!!

  • FlyinR

     sure and video chat works on 3/4G too…. yeah right. T-mo is full of it.  I have a Nexus S and can only make call on wifi

    Until T-mo fixes this — all their advertising is just BS – lies lies and more lies.

  • Antinphilly

    All my videos do is buffer in zip code 19462 Plymouth Meeting, Pa area and supposedly it’s a tmo 4g area. All my friends with Verizon never have a single hiccup watching video using their 3g only phones. Pretty embarrassing

  • Anonymous

     Total crap, i tried watching several videos on my vibrant today and there was lots of loading. i get about 2mbps on 3g if im lucky in hspa areas. 

  • Anonymous

    Lmao @the crybabies in this thread… 10-12 Mbps in NYC Galaxy S 4G, even my brother gets 7-10Mbps on his G2x… Tmo 4G FTW

    • Anonymous

      My RAZR only gets 100Kbps!  JK 

      Must be nice man cuz I’ve been gettin 2-3 MAX in KC since the Fall.  

      • Anonymous

        lol… Yeah T-Mobile needs to do a better job with consistency of signal in 4G territories, but then again all carriers do, you’re in Sprint city, I bet they can push their WiMax to like 10Mbps over there meanwhile in NYC one of the largest markets, everyone I know that has an Evo doesn’t even bother using the 4G because it drains their battery, they never get a good signal and when they do it’s nothing above 3.5Mbps… Hopefully tmo steps it up over there in KC.

      • Mrmerk05

        You are still using a RAZR. WOW!!!!! You might as well have a Motorola StarTAC… LOL!!!

      • SvenRosencrans

        Me too, unless I’m out in the open or at home on wifi I can pretty much forget about trying to get an HSPA+ signal on my phone.  In my office building in downtown KC I’m on EGDE about 90% of the time, usually a pretty weak signal too.

  • Rballaforeal

    It’s Dwyane Wade and because he has been on tmobile commercials not Rose…Wade>Rose. It does buffer at points btw….

  • PetRaccoon

     I get 2-5 mbps down on my MT3G Slide in NYC.  2 Indoors, 5 outdoors on average.  Never really had a buffering issue, my battery though. ARGH.

  •  Lets go HEAT ! :D 

    • yeah lets go heat!! also wade is better then rose any day.. 

      • Streetz180

        I agree

  • Ben

     Yeah, right. T-mo download speeds are pitiful. 


      for you 

  • Myopinion

    I’m surprised T-mo wants to advertise their service as “Truly Unlimited”.  People will naturally think this means 4G speeds in unlimited quantities.  It’s not even close to what T-Mo offers, however.

    I think capping makes sense right now, but why piss off your customers with this deception?

    Advertise clearly, and people will be happier.  T-Mo offers a good data plan with an unlimited painfully slow secondary service.  That secondary service is an excellent feature, mind you, but is not what people will expect from seeing advertisements like this.

    My solution is simply to buy data from a different company.  I don’t support behavior like this.

  • Anonymous

    I get up to 10Mbps with G2x at home area, and average 4-6Mbps in Manhattan area.
    Streaming video is fine up to 600kbps (slingplayer mobile in HQ mode).

    •  I can only use slingplayer when on WiFi at home or hot spot.  Doesn’t work well with the 2G speeds you will get throttled to when you hit the wall (and that I am saddled with all the time where I live.) 

  • Magenta Magic

     For the millionth time…


    Nowhere does T-Mobile claim to have unlimited speeds or 4G everywhere (including, but not limited to, your basement, inside military bunkers, on a cruise ship, on the moon, near my ex-wife’s ego, et al).

    You can use your UNLIMITED DATA — but it will not be unlimited speed.  It throttles down in SPEED not QUANTITY OF USE.  Don’t like it?  Use the 200MB plan and pay overages.  It’s really that simple.

    Or better yet, go to the other guys where they nickel and dime you to death over data usage.

    These whiny posts are getting annoying…

    • Mopar6464

      And for the “Millionth Time Again”……
      Unlimited data use is Worthless if the throttle you to the point you Can’t even load a yahoo home page on a 3G phone.

    •  “Don’t like it?  Use the 200MB plan and pay overages.”

      According to CS, there is not “Overages” charges anymore, just throttling, you can’t opt for unlimited speed and unlimited data, no matter what you are willing to pay, sorry.

    • Mjc9

      Sorry, but SPRINT doesn’t nickle & dime u unlimited 4g is what they have. They don’t throttle u like every else does. I know this cause I have both of them

      • Mario

        Pay an extra $10 for 4g with sprint that probably cant even reach more than 5mbps my friend has sprint and hes paying those 10 extra bucks nd he doesn’t even get a good 4g signal most of the time nd when he does his phone is 1-2 mbps on 4g while mine on Tmobile is 4-6 mbps here in South Gate Ca near LA

      • Anonymous

        Unlimited 4G is great and all, but there 4G is seriously nowhere and it’s slow as hell when you get it anyway.  Everyone knows WiMax is garbage and devours battery life, what kind of 4G service makes you search for it like a WiFi signal?  Seriously man, get real.  You stay on Sprint and enjoy your one good phone launched a year along side a bunch of tmo also-rans. 

  • 09sidekicker

    D Wade cuz he made the limited edition Sidekick 3 so T-Mobile has a business relationship with him

  • Mrmerk05

    Because they have a contact with Wade not Rose.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares for these commercials? I mean its ok but have you seen the new sprint commercial for the nexus s?!? It blows T-Mobiles commercials out of the water, Carly is nice but where’s the details on the phones? I want to shoot whoever is running t-mobiles marketing department

  • AdrianMT4G

    No buffering here in Cincinnati. Maybe, because I can see the cell phone tower from my back yard? I don’t buffer on my phone or my laptop when I have it tethered. That’s only while getting 2-3 megs down.

  • Martin

     Yep no buffering on T-Mobile…. unless you step inside a building or go a mile outside the city. 

  • Martin

     Yep no buffering on T-Mobile…. unless you step inside a building or go a mile outside the city. 

  • Martin

     Yep no buffering on T-Mobile…. unless you step inside a building or go a mile outside the city. 

  • Martin

     Yep no buffering on T-Mobile…. unless you step inside a building or go a mile outside the city. 

  • Martin

     Yep no buffering on T-Mobile…. unless you step inside a building or go a mile outside the city. 

  • Martin

     Yep no buffering on T-Mobile…. unless you step inside a building or go a mile outside the city. 

  • SvenRosencrans

    When I first got my phone (myTouch4G) the speeds were around 4-5mbps average, now it seems like the average I get, in a good area is around 1-2mbps. 3G seems to be just a worthless as EDGE, either a page just spins or the browser throws an error.  Hopefully it gets better, but it doesn’t matter if (when) this AT&T deal goes down, I’m not renewing my contract anyhow.

    • Sven_rosencrans

      Alright, i have to date this. Just did a test at home before I turned on WiFi and I can’t believe this but it said 9.7mbps. Maybe TMobile is reading along.

      Test Date: May 21, 2011 12:22:29 pm
      Connection Type: Hsdpa Server: Denver, CO
      Download: 9.70 Mbps
      Upload: 1.58 M

  • Mario

    My G2x gets 4-9 mbps most of the time here at home I get 4-5 mbps when I go to my friends house I always get 6-9 mbps my phone hasnt buffered yet

  •  Its because they used the same clip that they used in the first version of this commercial when the dude was watching it on his grey colored iphone looking phone and she hands him a tmo phone and he tosses his to watch the dunk.. then he proceeds to call his mom and say “in your face”.. it would have been better if he called ATT or something .. but he decided to call his mom.. she must work for the other company…lol

  • Wtf

    im still stuck on edge lol….i hate those 4g commercials …big red just got 4g in most of the panhandle area so im thinking bout switching….

  • JavontaMatthews4863

    I am really tired of virgin mobile phones because. Every time I am watching a video on YouTube. My phone buffer every 10 seconds it’s like a sratched cd or vcr tape. An when you start a video on youtube you have to wait like 3 minutes for the dang video to load. My AT&T Samsung Flight that I had a long time ago it did’t buffer buffer that much. It would either buffer one time or not at all. I am thinking abo
    ut switching over T-mobile 4g phone plan. I could of still had my AT&T Samsung Flight today if it wasn’t for my retarded ass niece going on the internet and downloading Justin Bieber Photos that costed $7 each I don’t know what the hell she was thinking I was wanting to knock some since into her head she learned her lesson not to do that again. She could of went to yahoo or google an looked at Justin Bieber photos.

  • Javontamatthews4863

    I am getting the T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G on 4/3/12. I can’t wait till the day come. When I get my new phone I am going to buy a rubber case and a screen protecter to keep. From preventing scratches and dust. I am not going to let noone see it because they might drop it on accident or on purpose. If I do let someone see it I am going to tell them to sit it on the table. So they want drop it an break the screen or the glass. And the best thing about it is that I will be able to watch my favorite tv shows and movies and videos. Without any annoying buffering and pauses. Which happens on 3g phones from Boost Mobile Cicket Virgin Mobile. It don’t happen on 3g phones from Sprint AT&T TMobile Verizon Wireless U.S. Cellular. But Cricket 3g phones don’t really buffer as much as Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile.

  • JavontaMatthews

    I am getting thr T-Mobile HTC Amaze 4G on 5/3/12. I can’t wait til the day comes.

  • Newconsciousera2012

    I have T-Mobile unlimited data and my videos buffer all the time. wtf. I’m calling T-mobile today.