HTC Decides To Unlock Bootloaders Moving Forward!

HTC just dropped a game changing decision for the Android community by announcing they are dropping their locked bootloader policy. Having released a statement earlier this week HTC promised to review the policy having listened to customer complaints. As it turns out, HTC did listen and listen well and this is sure to earn them quite a few brownie points in the modding world. Bravo HTC.

“There has been overwhelmingly customer feedback that people want access to open bootloaders on HTC phones. I want you to know that we’ve listened. Today, I’m confirming we will no longer be locking the bootloaders on our devices. Thanks for your passion, support and patience,” Peter Chou, CEO of HTC

No word on how this will effect devices currently in the release pipeline like the HTC Sensation 4G but we’ll be sure to ask!

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  • Mr. Grey

    Hallelujah I might just get the Sensation afterall.

  • so is it possible that the sensation will get some sort of update or something so the bootloader won’t be locked? 

    • Bootloaderboner

      It will more than likely be locked, but HTC may be willing to release their bootloader key

  • Imseneca

    So what does this mean?

  • Anonymous

    Whoa! I was not expecting this quite so quickly. Very good news for those who want to use custom ROMs.

    Excellent move from HTC.

  • RonCorn

    This is definitely a game changer for the development community! Now who will change their minds about buying HTC phones??

  • Ilyas_k15

    Yet another reason for me to get the Sensation as my next phone

  • Euched

    If the Sensation is going to be unlocked I will pay the $50 restocking fee and return the g2x that I picked up 2 days ago….just say’n…

  • Anonymous

    This is great news. -wonders how many precious G2X’s are going to be returned-

  • Anonymous

    Does that mean the Sensation will have unlocked bootloader??????

    • doubt it since its about to drop… possibly the key could be released? hummm

  • Mark

    Unlike Samsung, some companies actually listen to their customers.

    • Ash

      And unlike the “you are holding it wrong” company

  • Interesting in that a few days ago, on twitter, cyanogen stated how he would no longer be putting up with locked bootloader “bullshit,” and a few days later, HTC decides to change their stance. Many people are saying that HTC is listening to the consumer. In my opinion, I think this has more to do with the power of cyanogen than anything else. 

    I’m glad that they changed their stance on the bootloaders, but to all you that already purchased a G2x, remember that this tweet does not necessarily mean that the HTC Sensation would have a unlockable bootloader. 

    Lastly, unless you’re extremely partial to a unibody design and a 4.3 inch screen, I don’t see why you would pay fifty dollars and switch. The dual core snapdragon processor isn’t much better than the tegra 2.

    • Isn’t the Tegra 2 better, or at least at the same 1Ghz clockspeeds it is.. on the 1.2Ghz clockspeed they’re roughly the same or very close right?

      • It’s hard to say exactly, but from what I’ve seen on the benchmarks (I know I know, benchmarks and such can be grossly manipulated), there isn’t too much of a noticeable difference. I’ve just seen so many people that are so die hard HTC fans. Don’t get me wrong, HTC makes great phones, I personally own a Tmobile HD2 and it’s running cyanogenmod wonderfully. However, if I had a choose between a SGS2 or a HTC Sensation, I would probably go SGS2 because of its gorgeous screen. 

        I’m just curious, what makes HTC fans so loyal to HTC? (Similarly, why are Apple fans so zealous?)

        • Anonymous

          Hmm I find it hard to explain. I’ve just been hooked on HTC since my puny little MyTouch 3G. I LOVED that phone and I miss it dearly. The Sensation will be my first high end phone out of the MyTouch line (G1 is amazing but I don’t consider it high end at any point of it’s life).
          For me I guess it’s just that HTC phones just work. For example my parents just got a Droid X (dad) and Droid 2 (mom) and a lot of the MotoBlur customizations make NO sense at all and continuously confuse my parents. But when I hand them my phone they can easily navigate their way to whatever which was what initially got them on the Android train to begin with. I just wish I would have told them to avoid Moto phones. Of course my dad is the kind of guy that lets sales reps trick him (he bought a 64 GB iPod Touch that he currently has 20 songs on…wtf?).

    • Anonymous

      I doubt HTC or any phone maker cares about cyanogen. Most people (average consumer) don’t even know what it is, and probably assume its a color. As for rooting in general, again, most people just don’t care and want the phone to work out of the box, without having to require any extra work. 

      Glad to know the Sensation might be able to run it though.

      • Then why have an unlocked bootloader? If the average consumer don’t care and just want a phone that works out of the box (which in general most android phones do), then why unlock the bootloader? You don’t need an unlocked bootloader to root the phone. 

      • Camille

        According to this logic, if the average consumer doesn’t care about rooting, then what would have made HTC change their minds?  Because if I were to follow your thinking, then the average consumer would not have cared about locked bootloaders, so it doesn’t make any sense why HTC would reverse this practice. 

        That really just doesn’t make sense.  It would be the people like cyanogen and the xda community that would have ultimately lead HTC to make this decision.  To say that they don’t care about cyanogen would not be quite accurate.

        • Anonymous

          The average consumer no, but since no one complained to HTC saying “Why are you unlocking the bootloader? Don’t do that!”, why wouldn’t they? The average consumer is afraid of rooting or loading a custom ROM because it voids the warranty. Yes, there are quite a few of advanced users, but the average users outweigh the advanced heavily.

          If you were an electronics store, and 20 out of 500 customers wanted to know if you would ever have X product, and no one says “Please don’t get X product! It would make me insane and never come back here again!”, why wouldn’t you offer X product?

          And they don’t care about Cyanogen, they care about the people that use it and other ROMs.

        • You said: “they don’t care about Cyanogen, they are about the people that use it.” Wouldn’t that mean that they care about Cyanogen? It’s like saying Apple fans don’t care about Steve Jobs, they only care about the Iphone, Ipad, and macs. But it is Steve Jobs’s vision (along with others) that helped create those products. So what I’m trying to say is, if they care about people that use cyanogenmod, they indirectly care about cyanogen.

        • Anonymous

          Well then, indirectly, HTC cares about the economy being low, since people need money to buy their product. Or gas prices being high, how else will people travel to purchase a Sensation or other HTC handset?

          HTC just wants to sell more products to anyone, and if unlocking a bootloader is all they need, they’ll go for it. They could care less if cyanogen, or any dev makes ROMs for their product, because they did all they could to keep people happy. I definitely see your point though.

      • Oh I’m sure that HTC cares what Steve Kondik (AKA Cyanogen) thinks and says.  I doubt that there is anyone more influential in the Android community who doesn’t work for Google.

    • jarjon76

      I seriously doubt HTC made this change due to one person. They would foolish to listen to one voice. They probably got numerous complaints and decided to give the consumer what they wanted. Let’s not go overboard and give one person all the credit. 

      • If what I said came across as “It’s ALL cyanogen’s doing,” then let me correct myself. That’s not what I meant. But I do believe he is a significant factor, as close to half a million people use cyanogenmod (or some large number like that). The android hacking community as a whole is decent size (perhaps large?), but how many of the hacking community use cyanogenmod? I would say a majority does. 

        • jarjon76

          Fair enough, but I don’t buy that he had as big of an impact as you’re suggesting. And I’m not bashing the guy–I think what he does is great and he’s brilliant. My point is HTC probably heard from a lot of consumers on this issue and made their decision based on that. Was that from people who use his products and services? It’s possible.

        • Tortionist

          You’re probably right for the most point, but i’d almost be willing to bet that Cyanogen has the loudest voice and coupled with many others……who knows. He is a genius.

  • Ash

    Nice! And quick!

  • None

    I would guess Sensation would have to already be in production end-stage (or even in boxes).  So I would assume locked.  Is that something they can unlock through an update or do you think we will be stuck locked?

    • Probably remained locked.. but it’d definitely be awesome if they rolled out an update that unlocked it.

    • 808 state..

      I’m pretty sure they will be able to unlock via update..If not then i know for sure they will release the bootloader codes via XDA development..

      • Anonymous

        I’m leaning more towards the latter on your statement. HTC will more than likely release the codes right out to XDA or find the devs that want to experiment and allow them to play with the unlocked phone for a bit.

      • Tortionist

        I was going to say, just give Cyanogen some time and he and his team will be able to unlock it. Remember they couldn’t root the G2 permanently, but that got fixed within a week or two.

  • Why do companies lock bootloaders in the first place? Is it an anti-piracy thing?

    • It’s for the protection of the device and the software, at least I think it’s the software.. definitely to protect the device from the consumer, well the average consumer.

    • Bruce

      I think the carriers want phones locked up. They want people to sell phones to people but keep control of what runs on them. So they put pressure on the manufacturers to lock things up.

      • But they do it to all their phones regardless of carrier. T-Mobile clearly doesn’t mind you rooting their phones, if they did they wouldn’t host forums on how to do so.

        I suspect the lock for the same reasons as the average Wifi router or print server has their firmware locked:

        1. Prevent a worm/virus from uploading an alternative firmware (or bricking) to a device in its default configuration.
        2. Prevent support calls from people who have installed unsupported firmware.

        I’m sure one or two carriers who demand it, but it’s certainly not all. It’s extremely improbable that T-Mobile is.

    • My opinion is that they do it to keep people from replacing their UIs, HTC wants people to become accustomed to Sense so they will find any non-HTC phone strange and uncomfortable when it comes time to replace theirs.  It’s the best they can do to get vendor lock-in.

  • woohoo its Christmas in July.. ok so its only May, so that just makes it even better! Way To Go HTC!

  • This still doesn’t affect me as I use my phones out the box. I may wait a few months down the before I root a phone.

    • ayvex

      I’m the same way. I use my phone stock for a while to make sure it is working as expected and then once bored with the whole stock/oem, i then root and add on a custom rom. that was what i did with my nexus one when i had it. i had got it in february and didn’t root it until july.

      • I’ll probably root my MT4G once Gingerbread is out but I’m not sure.

    • HermanMelville

      This.  I actually really like how Sense 3.0 looks and it is the one thing besides the higher resolution that’s swaying me toward the Sensation over the Hercules or GSII if it comes to Tmobile.

      • I’ll take anything over Touchwiz and MotoBLUR. Wait wait.. I don’t like LG’s overlay or SE’s, or anyones elses. I’ll just stick with Sense or Espresso.

        • HermanMelville

          I feel like Touchwiz is way too close to being a clone of iOS




    now what samsung fans QUIT BEETCHEENG!

  • Anonymous

    Well if you are wanting to buy a Sensation to brick… err I mean boot load. I would probably wait for awhile to buy one. With the release only 3 weeks away I am sure that the first batch or two will be locked. I wouldn’t look for them to put out a release to unlock them.

    I think though this really brings up a bigger issue with Android. Why is it that someone needs to hack it for it to work properly? You can’t blame UI’s on this either. I mean look at the G2x. It has a ton of issues and many have said once they loaded a bootloader it worked fine, and it is a “stock” android that everyone thinks is better than a customer UI used by HTC and Samsung.

    I know everyone knocks Windows 7. But remember it is still a new operating system. Remember Android 1.5? Remember how boring it was? Well I have both a Windows 7 device and a Android device. Windows first addition wasn’t flashy. But you know what it is? A device that is stable, doesn’t crash, has great games, and a few cool applications like Netflix. Oh by the way the battery life is nice as well. Ok, well it isn’t blackberry nice, but I can get about 4-6 hrs a day on my Android device before I have to recharge it. That is on a good day. On My HD7 with normal use I can get 8-10 hrs of battery life running the same things I run on Android. I can rock out some games for a hr or so and still get 7 hrs or so on my phone. With Mango coming out and Microsoft buying Skype there isn’t much that Android can do that Windows 7.5 won’t be able to do. Oh and with better battery life. A friend of mine has the new G2x (Which has a dual core processor) and he says the web is more responsive and the screens flow better and are more responsive that what he has.

    Google is going to have to make some changes to Android. Get rid of all the bloat Google applications that never stop spying on us… err I meant never stop running with no way to uninstall.  Google and the “Android Alliance” are going to have to sit down and figure this out. Oh and the updates issues with other phones. Oh and BTW, did you notice the new Windows Mobile 7 update will work with all previous hardware in their current phones

    I know everyone gets all hyped on the processors on the new Androids. You can have the worlds best and fastest processor, but if the operating system isn’t efficient enough to run on it. It also does you no good to have all that power if you have to charge it every 2 hrs.

     Windows 7.5 phones start to crank out some more phones with high quality hardware, good battery life, and a smooth operating system. The Nokia deal will help that as well. We all know the quality of Nokia hardware. Android is going to have a battle on it’s hands moving forward, and will find themselves in 3rd place behind Apple and Windows Mobile.

    Now before I get the “You are a Windows Mobile Fanboy.” The fact is I love Android. I want it to succeed and help topple Apple. I just feel they need to get their act together put together a Operating System that doesn’t doesn’t require someone to hack it to work right….

    • eYe

      Stock android is just fine. Stupid companies just don’t implement it right for some reason. Just look at LG: they wrote some super funky drivers for battery, left pre-dexopt out and shipped the device. Clearly rushed it to the market to be the first maker with dual-core processor. Other companies are not much better. On the other hand, when CM call their build stable – they are definitely that: stable.
      WP7 had its share of problems too, its not just android or apple.

    • Note: I skimmed your post because it was long and I’m watching the Bulls Heat game.

      One thing that an android phone does that a windows phone doesn’t is that android has multitasking. I can’t show or prove this, but my guess would be if that android removed that function, it would have an adequate battery life. I say adequate because I used to have a regular cellphone that would last like 5 days, so I’m spoiled by that. 

      Secondly, google applications “spy” on us because we allow it. Some people skip the cautions that are presented to them right before they download the application. That’s the consumer’s problem. 

      Thirdly, I possess an android phone that does not need to be charged every 2 hours (but mine is hacked). Also, my two brothers possess android phones that are not hacked and do not need to charge every 2 hours (more like once every 16 hours). 

      Fourthly, it seems that some people care about the open nature of android phones and gravitate toward it mainly for that reason. It also seems that the majority of consumers don’t even know that android is open source (or know what open source means), don’t even know what version of android they are running and don’t even care if they update their phone or not. It’s even more likely that your average consumer does not go to websites like this one to check up on their current and future phone. What I’m saying is, most consumers don’t care; they just want a phone that works out of the box and for the most part, android phones do (only part they probably hate is the battery life).

      Lastly, I don’t think android will be 3rd place anytime soon, but that just my opinion. 

      Btw, I’m glad you enjoy your HD7 and windows phone 7. There are enough consumers in this world to support many operating systems. 

      • Anonymous

        Well first, Mango will bring Multitasking and other things to Windows Mobile.

        Secondly, I will be the first to admit the 2 hr comment was meant more as a tongue and cheek thing. It was meant as the continued decrease and not increase in battery life with the new Android Phones. It doesn’t surprise me that that your brothers can get up to 16 hrs on their device. I just happen to be a pretty high end user. I run my bluetooth headset, corp. email, personal email (both get auto checked every 15 minutes) check facebook and twitter a lot during the day. Running all of that i get about 6 hrs tops on my android’s phone battery. I do the same thing on my Windows 7 and on top of it play games and get a lot more time off my battery life.

        At the end of the day I want what the same thing everyone else wants. A solid phone that is

        1) Fun to use, yet can still handle work items,
        2) Provides a stable OS that you don’t have to buy a new phone every time an new version comes out, or hack it to have it run to it’s pull potential.
        3) Enough battery life to get me at least through the day so I don’t have to live my life next to a wall socket or cigarette lighter..or buy a piggie back battery that makes the phone so heavy I have to pass a background check because my phone could be a deadly weapon…
        4) And most important will shut up Apple Fan boys….

        I would love if both Windows Mobile 7 and Android could fulfill that list. I just have a feeling that eventually the whole “Open source and do whatever you want” attitude of Android is going to end up hurting them in the end.

        Like you said before. Most people don’t care about hacking, or updating, they just want their phone to work. But when you have people using phones with 2.1 and developers are updating software for those using 2.3 then you are going to have a lot of unhappy people when they can’t run the basic applications they want. Remember the whole Cliq XT and Behold 2 situation? Everyone else was on 2.1 before they could even get 1.6 in order to use Google Maps voice navigation.

        Believe me, I am all for the “stick it to the man and who needs rules” as much the next guy. However that attitude could turn out to be the downfall of Android. Although I am sure before that happens you will see them start to lock down the OS and make it more uniform.

        So I received an email that I make valid points but I need my own blog because my points are too long. So how about it David? Can we have a special blog for me? :) Lets give the people what they want… it’s the Android Way!!!


          Window mobiles suck even with mango. Android is the best point blank!! Android will never be #3 thats just stupid!! And you a blog please get a life!!


          Window mobiles suck even with mango. Android is the best point blank!! Android will never be #3 thats just stupid!! And you a blog please get a life!!

        • Amitus
        • Anonymous

          Well there is an article supporting what I just said… just waiting for David to approve the link to be posted, but feel free to google…..  “windows mobile 7 being the #2 OS by 2015” Older articles had WM 7 #2 behind Android, newer articles have WM7 #1 and Android #2. All I am saying is it can be a slippery slide to #3 if they aren’t careful.

        • Sorry, I’m still trying to control the spam links!

        • Anonymous

          I totally understand David.

        • I think iOS will eventually go out of existence more sooner than later. Its getting old.

        • This is my last reply to this whole post (you probably don’t care). 

          1. I would say android is fun to use and handles work stuff (different for every working individual).
          2. I would say it’s a “stable” OS. I mean it works, My brothers don’t complain about anything (I can’t use myself as I hacked my phone). 
          3. For me, it I wish the battery life can be longer, but I do have access to a car charger so I do get by. It’s not an inconvenience to charge my phone. To add something, if you’re working, you shouldn’t be on facebook and twitter. Secondly, during my summer job, I was an intern and I used a computer, so I could just check facebook at my cubicle or I charged my phone while working.
          4. Nothing will shut up Apple fan boys up. When Steve Jobs steps down due to old age or due to his worsening health issues, Apple fan boys will be quiet shortly, only to make an unnecessary ruckus after. It’s just the way it is.

          Lastly, I am not familiar with the Cliq XT and Behold 2 situation. I know that they were not updated for a long while (if not at all). I do see that as a problem and it seems that Samsung has take some measures to make sure something like that does not happen again (as in their word), but that is up to the discretion of the manufacturer and carrier. Google releases their code so that anyone can use it. If the g1 can run froyo, so can the behold and cliq XT. If this is the debacle you’re speaking of, what it did was push consumers away from Motorola and Samsung. 

          My brother had the mytouch 3g prior to the 4g and he, up until the day he got the 4g, had google maps working fine on 1.6. 

          I do see the point to what you’re saying. As time goes by, your device should be able to run the apps still. However, devices do get antiquated and so does its hardware. If I recall correctly, the iphone 3gs isn’t able to run iOS5 or something of that nature. Sometimes, you’re device just gets too old. I’m sure the original iphone can’t run the current iOS version on the iphone 4. These “old” devices will still work, just not as well as the newer ones. We will see how windows phone 7 handles this in the next few years. 

        • Anonymous

          I totally agree with your points Jason. I also appreciate that your thoughts were insightful and thought out.

          At the end of the day my post was just meant for people to think. If we don’t think and follow blindly are we any better than the Apple Fanboys? :)

          Like i said I do have Android and I do love it and all I want is for it to be better. I just don’t want Android people to following in the steps of Apple people and follow blindly. I want us to think as openly as the OS is , and be passionate about it, while at the same time demand high quality OS releases. I think if we were as passionate to Google to keep pushing for a better,more stable OS as we are about boot loading and HTC. the future is totally bright for Android.

        • “or buy a piggie back battery that makes the phone so heavy I have to pass a background check because my phone could be a deadly weapon…”
          Classic comedy! Lmao!

    • jarjon76

      You make some decent points, but please shorten your posts or get your own blog. Thanks.

    • dream on if you really think android is going to go to 3rd place…..there already in 1st…..wp7 doesn’t even have a decent apps store, plus they roll out updates to slow, why you think in 2 years android did what apple did, and now is leading? wp7 cant even use a standard micro SD whats up with that?   

      • Anonymous

        Rolling out updates too slow? I didn’t remember Android rolling out quick update until the last yr. Like I said before. WM 7 is new. They are rolling out updates at about the same face as Android right now. Mango will be the third update in a yr. I know Android has rolled out 3 updates in the last year, but how many people are able to get the last update of 2.3?

        As for could Android end up #3? Yes they can very quickly. The Nokia deal is a huge deal for WM7. Even the IDC has said it will be #2 OS by 2015.

        Finally to the no Micro SD card. Does apple have one? With the HD2 they put all the movies and a bunch of the programs on Micro SD card. You know how many people I know “lost” that card and could no longer run some of applications and watch the Transformer Movies anymore? It caused a lot of Customer dissatisfaction. So by eliminating that they don’t have to worry anymore about that. Although I would agree some people want more memory. So I would suggest WM7 phones offer two different styles of phones like Apple does. Offer a 16GB version as well as a 32 GB version for $50 more for those who want more on-board memory.

    • Cjr0044

      People Root their android phones simply because is an open source, unlike the others, and because      they CAN> its nice to have options. I am an android user since nobody had a clue about its awesomeness, and have never had to get mine rooted simply because its perfect the way it is. Wait until ice cream comes out, the have been working on it for long and they will make it unbeatable. google knows how to get there…

    • Windows Phone 7, people still want to hack it. Very much so. I guess by your FAIL logic. WP7 still isn’t at a point where it isn’t required to be hacked to work right. Sorry but your whole argument is built upon a misconception.

      Android works perfectly fine for me stock, there’s plenty of devices that do that, but there’s things that I want to do that go beyond that. It’s that way for everything. I can go out and buy a car and be happy with it. Other people they have to do custom decals, replace the rims, fuel injection, what ever else they do to a car (i’m not a car person). The fact of the matter is the person wants more freedom with their car. The same goes with phones. There’s no way any company can feasibly add all the options that an individual wants into a phone OS. There’s going to be something that someone wants to change, and having that option to do so is what we call freedom. It’s not that a phone doesn’t work good enough, it’s that it can be more customized to how I as an individual want it to work.

      Also to WP7 being #2, lets just see wp7 outsell windows mobile for starters…

    • William Thomson

      just because you say you “love android” doesnt mean you do. You are a Windows Mobile Fanboy. Spoobie.

      • Anonymous

        Actually I have carried the G1, at first release, then the MyTouch 3G as soon as it came out. I currently carry the MyTouch 4G and the HD7. I will ordering the Sensation on the 8th. So I will stand by my statement of loving Android. A “Fanboy” is someone who will only use one style of OS no matter what. Have a great weekend…

  • 808 state..

    And now we’ll be flashing happily ever after…XDA Development here I come..Hahaha!

  • So, we ALL know that the modding community had a helping hand in this, because we SURE aren’t just 2%. We push for what we want, and we get it. BUT lets hope this is like the Nexus One. I feel differently about HTC now, that they listen, but we still need to see what they mean by unlocked bootloaders.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Wow, what would Open Source OS’es be without XDA?

  • You know, from a sales standpoint, theres no reason not to make the bootloaders unlocked.  Locking them, and then start announcing that future phones will not have locked bootloaders makes more sales, because it puts the blame initially on the carriers, and then makes HTC look good. Then when you get the phone, theres no guess if you can flash a new rom to it or not should they be developed.

  • Youngt82

    Yaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!  This is great news and looking forward in the future with their devices and most definitely hacking/rooting my Sensation 4G when i get it lol Now hopefully this will happen with the new Htc Sensation 4G:-D

  • Nerdlust

    How is this going to effect security? I have a cliq2 cuz my bb8900 crapped out. With a open boatloader can the phone easy to hack???

    • Greeneyedmofo956

      How does HTC coincide with a Motorola cliq2?

      • Not Your Cup Of Tea Dont Drink

        Some people clearly just don’t read!

      • nerdlust

        I may buy it for the dual core.

    • Anonymous

      By YOU.

  • Cjr0044

    Thanks HTC This is why I love android because it speaks FREEDOOOM!!! and who doesn’t love that.
    …. and as for WP7 that will never happen, try to find the word bing in the dictionary as a verb… (GOOGLE IT). Android is the new standard everyone else deal with it! I always knew that since the day me and a G1 met   period.

  • very cool

  • sino8r

    Thank goodness! Now I won’t HAVE to buy a Samsung or LG…

  • Hmm… Pretty nice!

  • Though I’m happy that HTC decided to open up their bootloaders, this news is still troubling in that it indicates HTC had full control overall. What this doesn’t answer is why HTC decided to turn their back on the modding community they helped develop.

    • Corey

      HTC probably decided to lock their bootloader to keep the return rates down.  Somebody loads a custom rom on their HTC phone and bricks it and returns the ‘faulty’ device.  HTC probably figured that if they locked the bootloader, this would no longer be the issue.

      My guess is that HTC realized that they are getting MORE returns since more people are bricking their phones during the ROOT process.

      HTC will probably open the bootloader back up, but put hooks in place to easily detect a rooted/hacked phone.  That is what I would do anyways…. I’m all for rooting/hacking/doing whatever you want, but I shouldn’t pay the extra markup on a phone because of peoples own stupidity (e.g. trying to root their phone after watching a dated YouTube video).

      • Anonymous

        I think that they locked the bootloader bc they make handsets. If you constantly upgrade, you don’t buy handsets. Rooting and upgrading your own phone gives it an indefinite life. Locking the bootloader puts you in the six month EOL loop. I don’t think that they anticipated the outcry of the community on this one and were “forced” to pay attention or lose a bevy of potential future customers.

  • Deceptivesmiles

    *clapping* still thinkin flashing/rooting/unlocking shouldn’t void ur warranty with ur carrier but that’s another topic

    • Hamster

      That’s not a battle you’re going to win there. Loading different software on a device can easily affect or damage the hardware, thus it will always void the warranty.

      • CJ

        So will a legitimate OTA update (can easily affect or damage the hardware)…
        In a similar manner one could also argue that installing Linux on your newly bought M$ Windows PC will void your PC warranty…

    • Anonymous

      What about when you brick it?

  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      qHD display sucks compare to the usual WVGA.

      • Anonymous

        How so? I haven’t seen one in person yet.

        • Ghost__2k

          check for sensation’s review.

  • Omniball

    “The fact is I love Android. I want it to succeed and help topple Apple.”
    “4) And most important will shut up Apple Fan boys….”
    “If we don’t think and follow blindly are we any better than the Apple Fanboys? :)”

    This is the real reason for the rant/post/miserable read. In psychology, when people state a claim or “fact” as a reason for having some issue, its normally not the real issue. These longs posts that are “thought out,” have “good points,” are just an attempt to divert from the true underlying issue at hand. 

    So apple fanboys can suck it…

    It is so immature and childish that in my mind invalidates his entire, posts/invasion, to this forum. Granted this guy wont agree and be defensive upon reading this but denial is not uncommon. I just cant sit back, read what this person has to say, and take them seriously when the ABSOLUTE truth behind it all is that this person only wants to see one thing, and one thing only…

    So apple fanboys can suck it…suck it hard…no matter what.

    Im sorry I just cant. And neither should anyone else. This is a child ranting about his hatred to apple and is trying to mask this fact with long, drawn out, mind numbing posts. Bottom line. End of story. 

    • Anonymous

      Actually the point of my “rant” was that we shouldn’t settle for a company to release a product that isn’t finished. That we shouldn’t have to rely on a website or a 3rd party “developer” to fix battery issues, GPS issues etc. Why isn’t Google hiring these who are posting these things that actually make the Android more efficient on the xda developers web site jobs?

      All this was about was to call the action for us to demand better from whatever OS you choose to use.

      I do appreciate everyone’s input and comments both positive and constructive. Nothing wrong with throwing out something to get everyone to think. For it is thinking and sharing ideas which makes us different from the rats. :)

      Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

      PS….. 12 more days until I order my new Sensation :)

  • Uh huh

    Thank you HTC!

  • JamalamerDingerDong

    Finally a customer that thinks about there customers. We greatly appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    soon as i get my Sensation 4G ill be heading back to XDA once again.