Premium Handset Protection Prices Rising June 15th

Starting June 15, 2011 T-Mobile Asurion users will find some changes to their Premium Handset Protection plan and pricing. The current $5.99 plan increases to $7.99. The increase in price also brings a $5.00 processing fee wit shipping times reduced from three business days to next business day. The current plan will cover one standard earpiece with the insurance replacement however the new $7.99 plan will only cover one standard battery, charger and sim card along with the device itself.

Also increasing on price is Premium Handset Protection Warranty which covers your device due to malfunction beyond the manufacturers 12 month warranty period. The current plan of $1.99 will see an increase to $3.99 along with the same $5.00 processing fee PHP Insurance users will be assessed when filing a claim. Shipping for warranty claim issues will be reduced from three business days to next business day as well on June 15th.

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