Premium Handset Protection Prices Rising June 15th

Starting June 15, 2011 T-Mobile Asurion users will find some changes to their Premium Handset Protection plan and pricing. The current $5.99 plan increases to $7.99. The increase in price also brings a $5.00 processing fee wit shipping times reduced from three business days to next business day. The current plan will cover one standard earpiece with the insurance replacement however the new $7.99 plan will only cover one standard battery, charger and sim card along with the device itself.

Also increasing on price is Premium Handset Protection Warranty which covers your device due to malfunction beyond the manufacturers 12 month warranty period. The current plan of $1.99 will see an increase to $3.99 along with the same $5.00 processing fee PHP Insurance users will be assessed when filing a claim. Shipping for warranty claim issues will be reduced from three business days to next business day as well on June 15th.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve wanted to terminate my protection for months now. I think I may do that now.

    • Anonymous

      new benefits? Blackberry owners have remote wipe and location tracking for free…it’s called Blackberry Protect….yet another reason Blackberries kick butt.

      • Ash

        So does all Winmo phones(MS myphone), HTC phone(
        As I’m sure many others do as well.

        I guess they kick butts too.

      • Ctkatz

        Remote wipe and location tracking? Sounds exactly like what Lookout does. I take care of my stuff, I may dump the insurance and upgrade Lookout.

  • Kellyxlynn

    Time to cancel my php

  • Danny Hensel

    So we’re paying more for less now? Not really the best move for a company that can’t seem to stop losing customers. I guess they’re trying to run everyone off before AT&T takes over.

    I’ll probably be canceling my PHP as soon as this goes through and if something happens to my phone I’ll just sign on with someone else.

  • Golmar88

    So this is for current users also? Theres no being “grandfathered in” on this one?

    • its for anyone who has insurance. No one will be grandfathered in.

  • are they raising the prices on all carries?

  • Kirkbranson

    You didn’t mention anything about the mobile security. Will be able to track any lost phone or stolen phone even on older models. And lots of people are gonna be happy with 1 day shipping now.

  • MattMJB0188

    I think this is a really bad move on T-Mobile’s part. How many people are already turned off by them by their ridiculous AT&T decision? At least grandfather existing $5.99 plans. Isn’t Verizon’s insurance $7.99 too?

    • CactusCat

      While we don’t know what the final buyout decision is going to be (more than likely, it’ll probably happen, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the FCC stops it), this decision isn’t that big of a deal. $2 per month? That’s $24 per year, probably less than you spend on cigarettes each week. With the possibility of the FCC stopping the buyout, I’m all for this since Tmo is actually getting some great phones now and it costs more to replace them. If the deal falls through, then we get a carrier with some of the best phones, and prices that still beat everyone elses, along with the best customer service and one of the very best “4G” networks…. I just ordered a new G2X as I was eligible for a full upgrade. This buyout thing isn’t going to stop me from supporting Tmo. If it goes thru, I’ll explore my options at that time. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy some of the finest phones, prices and support that cell phone companies have to offer.

    • MBS

      Verizon is 9.99

  • Indieradiochatt

    You failed to mention that the new php will also include the feature to track your handset,so you can find your lost phone.

  • Adam7986

    This isn’t listed but they are adding location services and remote wipe to the insurance plans at no cost.

    • Mark

      …which I already have with MOTOBlur. I bought this as extended warranty protection when my first CLIQ lost its keyboard lighting, and no, I am not going to upgrade before it comes time next year. * Grumble *

  • Fighterofevil

    i do believe the price increase is mandated by the insurance company and not by tmo themselves.

  • AdrianMT4G

    I’ll be terminating my insurance once this happens. I already give T-Mobile over 100 dollars a month because of other fees and junk. I don’t care if it is just another 2 dollars/mo, it’ll be gone!

    • Aloha

      Same here.

  • So what happens to all of T Mobile’s replacement/refurbished phones in warehouses, if the merger goes through? Ohh free giveaway to develop with please? ;)

  • Anonymous

    the warrenty protection was already there. whats new is the mobile security. which i dont need because i bought one off the market, so what am i going to pay an extra $2 for! This is just awful.

  • Tmoguy89

    Asurion is raising php prices on Sprint as well! its the insurance company decision

    • The ATL Guy

      T Mobile is definitely adding something on top of that as well for themselves don’t be naive

  • The ATL.Guy

    Haha good luck getting through to anyone at t mobile to cancel it!!!

    • Anonymous

      or you can just go online and remove it yourself.

  • StarrT2006

    you can Google cell phone insurance and find cheaper insurance online cheaper than what the cell phone insurance sells it to you for.. just do your home work to see the pros and cons of buying thru the cell phone company or online..

    • Titan4life10

      As n ur gonna have 2 mail ur phone 2 them n then they will either fix ur current phone or replace it n 14-28 days… That sounds awesome

  • Anonymous

    Uhhhh, you’re just now finding out about this? This has been common knowledge for about a month now.

  • Anonymous

    BTW, the only thing that is increasing is the PHP warranty from 1.99 to 3.99. the Ins. stays the same. $4 bundled and $4.79 alone.

  • So… $100 per year, $100+ deductible…. Why don’t I just buy another phone from Craigslist for the same money? Definitely not worth it if you’re careful with your devices (I haven’t lost/damaged a phone for about 6 years now). May still be a decent deal for clumsier types.

  • Checkmate

    Some of you kill me! Two things, this is Asurion raising the price not T-Mobile. Second, like it or not they are adding the extra benifit of location tracking and remote wipe, so theres where your measely 2 bucks is going. Some of you are the same people that remove the php and then call and cry and bitch and moan that T-Mobile is so unfair and cancel service because you dont get another upgrade or free phone. Same people that nickel and dime Tmo to the point the company has to be sold. Then check out your phone bill, I’m pretty sure in retrospect 2 bucks was a better tradeoff.

    • Freddietree

      Actually….tmobile is raising the price of their extended warranty from $1.99 to $3.99……Asurion is keeping the price of insurance at the same rate of $4.79.

  • TypicalWhitePerson

    Wow, T-Mobile/Assurrion… you SUCK for this one! Well I’m not on contract anymore so this “hijacking scheme” doesn’t apply to me and my unlocked iPhone. There’s always Craigslist…

  • Just don’t get it. most people don’t even file a claim, so don’t like it…don’t get it. Move on..

  • DD_838

    Asurion SUCKS! They are horrible money hungry liars.

    • Anonymous

      business is business. what do you think, just because you pay for insuance that EVERY SINGLE T-mobile phone you own is covered? that makes no sense what so ever. the phone you are using with your sim card is the phone that is covered. in the end, you are probably lying and trying to get another phone with that low deductible charge, your the fucking thief. if your sim card was not in the phone, then how did you know that the phone was making calls to mexico? punk ass motherfucker.

      • Anonymous

        Smh… because there is no way to check accounts online right??

        • asurion covers the phone that is last used in 30 days. and if you did not report the phone lost or stolen to tmobile. they know you are lying! especially if you did not change the sim and are using the same sim card…. people always try to blame long distance calls on thefts or lost phones, and if he couldnt get past the pattern how did he manage to make phone calls! -_- @DD_838:disqus … nice try…

        • Smiller157

          Ya people, read the post. He said that they could not get past the lock screen so they took the sim card out of the phone. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that the thief put the damn sim card in a different tmobile phone and made calls to mexico that didnt cost him a thing. How about before you accuse people of lying and being dishonest you take the time to read the post correctly.

        • Smh.. again please read @e88150c431b1c8e3a60bb13a3cb7e828:disqus ‘s comment

      • the_truth


      • Jlo


        They stole the phone, couldn’t get passed the lock screen, so they decided to take the SIM OUT AND PUT IT IN A DIFFERENT PHONE ALLOWING THEM TO MAKE LONG DISTANCE CALLS.

        BECAUSE the jerks who stole his phone put the Sim in a new phone, the old phone was NO LONGER COVERED under Asurions POLICY.


        People like you have screws loose.

      • Jayq330

        What are you stupid? Obviously the bill/ online billing would show you what numbers were dialed & how many minutes the call was. Your an idiot. If I paid 5 years of insurance & only called once I should get the phone for free, no deductions, no shipping, just FREE! Oh & you feel like a man cursing & talking sh* t?

  • Anonymous

    I believe they are also adding some new features to the plan, similar to what some android apps already have…tracking, remote wipe etc.

  • This puts us equal with what AT&T people pay for insurance. I don’t agree with the price hike but what can I do? I’m already bent over…

    • Take it like a man then again a man typically wouldn’t take that they’d whoop some people

  • This puts us equal with what AT&T people pay for insurance. I don’t agree with the price hike but what can I do? I’m already bent over…

  • rubi76

    asurion sucks.
    They sent me a refurbished blackberry without accessories and SIM card.

    • Jayq330

      Same here, on to of that they had to resend me the phone 3 times because they kept messing up my address… Pathetic. Then t-mobile gave me a loaner phone, a flip phone! From a galaxy s to a song Ericsson flip phone! How would they even do that? I was sick with that phone for a month & I cried everytime I saw an android commercial. =(

  • -_- insult to injury

  • Havoktek

    Damn this feels like a “force out” move. I hate where this is going. I guess this is the cost of doing business with a merger or better yet takeover looming.

    Ride or die tmo, ride or die……..

    Look ma’ “no caps!”

    • ktwist

      Sprints insurance thru asurion has already been 7.99 for some time now, not just Tmobile.

  • take it over

  • Anonymous

    An important note I’d like to add, you do get more with this price hike, you will gain the ability to track your phone online (if it doesn’t include GPS it won’t be as accurate but you’ll at least know if its 100 miles away that its time to cut it off) Reps have been informed that this will be available on all handsets (though not nessecarily in real time) You also get the ability to remote wipe your phone, remote lock it, and have it make a loud sound so you can find it (useful if its silenced.) So its not a price hike for nothing. Reps are told to sell it at the new price to customers and have been for several months now, advising them of the pending price hike and new benefits.

    • Anonymous
    • Stevejaye

      Most phone worth insuring have this feature for free
      already. Why pay for redundancy.

    • Souljourney

      The app Lookout does that stuff for free I think, or for a small one time fee. Plus it scans other apps, etc for viruses.

    • Lol. It will be pretty much useless on the Vibrant with it’s shoddy GPS… 

  • Anonymous

    People upset by this, you should not be. Fact is prices go up on anything. Surely prices have gone up on your auto, health and homeowners insurance. I know my premiums have, across the board.

    But what’s mostly affecting this, like any warranty/insurance company, is the price of electronics.

    Probably the only people who are buying this service are the high-end handset purchasers, where the typical subsidized handset cost $500 to $600 to replace. And a lot of those handsets hold value, meaning that if you need a replacement in six months to twelve, it’s still going to cost Asurion $400 to $500 to replace a superphone.

    What I did about six months ago was cancel my Asurion contract and went with Square Trade. ST is VERY competitive against Asurion, why wouldn’t they be, there’s millions of potential customers by insuring handsets.

    Square Trade has got good reviews over the years, that’s why I went with them to also insure a notebook I bought at Staples. (Matter of fact, Staples wanted $90 for a one year extended warranty, ONLY. Square Trade was about $80 for three years coverage, warranty AND insurance/casualty.)

    Something to consider, you are not stuck with Asurion.

    Bonus Tip: Square Trade sells the insurance under the moniker “ADH” which stands for “accidental damage from handling” (I’d like to bitch slap the person who came up with that. Why not call it insurance. I’m sure it’s because they want to escape compliance with 50 separate sets of state regulations imposed on companies who sell insurance, but still, can you imagine: “Hi honey, how did your day go.” “Oh it was a drag from the start. I suffered accidental damage from handling my cell phone. The thing is totaled. Now I have to make an ADH claim.”

    Anyway, ADH is the risk/insurance add on / option to an extended warranty. Remember that ADH does not cover loss of the phone. (No doubt to deter fraud since there’s people who will sell a phone on eBay, then claim they lost it and expect full payment.) (To further deter bogus claims ST requires you to send in the damaged phone. No phone to send in, sorry… no check for you.)

    • Geeksquad black tie is the best protection I have used so far I went through 4 Nexus S’s one crack screen and other 2 had software glitches. currently on my 4th all covered with a 1 year warranty $10 a month awesomeness

    • Skandrew80

      still its a 300% increase in price for this “feature” used to charge 1.20 no 3.20, regardless of the little amount it is to begin with that is a HUGE increase in price.

    • Skandrew80

      still its a 300% increase in price for this “feature” used to charge 1.20 no 3.20, regardless of the little amount it is to begin with that is a HUGE increase in price.

  • Ash

    How about be careful with your phone and save yourself appx $100/year.

    • How does being careful with my phone help me when it comes to malfunctions after the first year?

  • Jodog500

    I use for all my warranties anyway…

  • Locoh123

    everyone should “lose” their phone at the same time for raising prices lol

  • JWW

    well now that tmobile is going to be the same price as every other carrier whats the point

  • Jayq330

    Everyone please give a big round of applause to at&t’s greedy ass! Everyone sorry, but I got to go maybe sprint out verizon. Who knows, but it’s not at&t thats for sure! Goodbye t-mobile, but I can’t join the dark side.

  • Johnny Wishbone

    Sprint’s Insurancr also went up, from $7 to $8. I think it’s asurion that is forcing all these increases

  • Guest

    It’s two dollars more… big fucking deal…

    • fPHP

      When you have 5 lines it’s $10 more in a year $120 more paying $2 more for an app that I already have free on my phone is so stupid. SHould be $2, $6, $8 and let ppl get what they want accordingly.

      • Guest

        I do have 5 lines, so it’s 10 dollars more a month?.. again, big fucking deal… it’s not that huge of a price jump.

    • Skandrew80

      Not *JUST* two dollars more, but  it’s a 300% increase in price.  What used to cost us 1.20 now costs us 3.20 for an extra service that I could download for free or if  I really wanted to splurge buy in the app store for a one time fee of 5bucks or so.

    • Skandrew80

      Not *JUST* two dollars more, but  it’s a 300% increase in price.  What used to cost us 1.20 now costs us 3.20 for an extra service that I could download for free or if  I really wanted to splurge buy in the app store for a one time fee of 5bucks or so.

  • Aerofanbig

    Meh, who cares. That protection plan is BS anyways. They wanted 130$ to replace my G1 when it started to malfunction. I had paid over 150$ in monthly fee’s, and they still wanted to charge me 130$ for an outdated phone, plus shipping and handling. The insurance CAN come in handy for brand new models, for the first few months you own it. After that, just buy a new phone on craigslist or ebay, its cheaper, faster and you get a choice of phones

  • guest

    just to let you know with the price increase it is also going to allow remote wipe of data and to be able to track the phone if you do loose your device…not too bad a deal

  • Swoosh

    Would this allow me to get off of tmobile etf? 

  • doGlooP

    Misses this article and just noticed the increase on my bill. Called to cancel and they refused to refund the difference. Did they even notify anyone of this increase? The “chat specialist” I spoke with (aka: slowest typer on the planet) told me they notifed me via a flyer in with my bill. I told her I get e-bills. She said they would have texted me then. That’s a bunch of BS., I don’t remember getting a test saying a fee was increasing. I asked her when they sent it. She said have a nice day and ended the session. wtf? Is at&t customer service starting already?