T-Mobile Revamping Prepaid Mobile Broadband Offerings, Releases Rocket 2.0 Prepaid Edition

T-Mobile announced via Twitter this evening some news regarding their Prepaid Mobile Broad options. First was the introduction of the T-Mobile Rocket 4G for just $59.99 bringing the T-Mobile 4G network right to your laptop. Capable of theoretical download speeds of 21 Mbps you certainly can’t go wrong with the price. The Rocket 4G Prepaid edition is available right now.

Along with the introduction of the Rocket 4G T-Mobile announced a revamp coming April 17th to their Mobile Broadband offerings. Currently T-Mobile offers 100 MB of data for $10 which is good for 7 days, 300MB of data for $30 good for 30 days and 1 GB of data for $50 also good for one month. Starting April 17th the revamped plans will bring $30 for 1 GB of data for one month along with a $50 per month plan allowing for 3 GB of data.


T-Mobile Rocket 4G Prepaid

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  • Tmo_employee

    Only problem is that the T-Mobile service on these sticks sucks.

    Constantly going to EDGE in what is otherwise considered a “4G,” area not to mention the constant disconnects. They are unreliable for nothing other than quick web browsing or to check your email.

    • Anotheremployee23

      Great job living the values.

    • Anonymous

      Really? I’m using a Rocket 2.0(Even More no overage plan) and rarely have disconnects, and I only fall to EDGE if the service in the area drops to EDGE(I verify it on my HD2). Otherwise I can stay connected on 4G throughout my shift at work on.

    • Anonymous

      tmo is pretty good about releasing firmware updates for these sticks. Connectivity problems have been reported

  • Anonymous

    “T-Mobile offers 100 MB of data for $10 which is good for 7 days”

    More like 7 minutes….

    • Greg

      7 days or 100 mb, whatever comes first.