HTC Doubleshot To Be Dubbed myTouch 4G Slide

One of the fun parts of when a pre-release, unannounced device’s ROM leaks to the world is that we get a look at some of the goodies contained within the device itself. In the case of the Doubleshot which will aptly be called the myTouch 4G Slide, a name which we called back in early March. What other information can be gleaned from the leaked ROM?

  • The Doubleshot will come equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8660 1.2GHz Dual-Core processor
  • 768MB Ram
  • 3.7″ WVGA LCD
  • 8 megapixel rear facing camera and vga front facing camera
  • HSPA+ speeds of 14.4
  • 1080p 3D recording
  • Other codecs are included for 3D playback indicating the possibility of a 3D screen
  • Bluetooth 3.0

So far so good, looks to be a nice follow up to the myTouch 3G Slide. So when can you expect to see this? Late June, early July are likely suspects but all signs point to a launch after the HTC Sensation.

911 Sniper via PocketNow

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  • Dub

    Oh snap

  • Anonymous

    let’s just hope the price isn’t yet ANOTHER $200 “flagship” phone, without dropping the price of the 3g slide/mt4gm, etc.

  • 19fonzy

    Those r some nice specs!But not so sure on that screen size a tad to small for me and no qhd??? If it was 4″ With qhd this.would be the #1 android phone

    • I imagine the phone would be very “Epic-like” in terms of size. And still Epic either way..

      • 19fonzy

        But with better better specs anc better build quality considering it is htc. I had a g2 wich is the same screen size I wouldnt mind if it was 4″ I’m just so use to my hd2s screen size

  • 3.7 screen? too small and just 768 ram ? no way galaxy s 1 gb ram better

    • MT4G SLIDE


      • 19fonzy

        He is reffering to the upcoming galaxy s 2 wich is to launch for t-mobile .. Well so.i think he is

        • 19fonzy

          Oh and the galaxy s 2 does have a flash by the way ha and a dual core.processor.with super amoled plus

      • Havoktek

        Yeah, the new Galaxy son….and chill with the caps please

  • Wow this phone really surprised me.. might be time to return my G2x, but the smaller screen? Eh.. I don’t know, and Espresso.. I like the more Ram and the keyboard and the ability to do 3D recording.. with an 8 Megapixel camera on the back with it.

  • Anonymous

    great news but too bad the dang screen is so small

  • Anonymous

    THIS is what I want: A powerful, modern phone that will work very-well as a communicator; I don’t need a big screen, and I don’t want the big phone-size that a big screen requires. 3D/1080p in and out? Sure, why not…but that’s not what’s selling me.
    It would take a disappointingly-bad keyboard to keep me from getting this phone. Can’t wait to see pics! :D

  • a zKeyboard and 3D???

  • Matt

    I wouldn’t mind this device.

  • s13jus10

    3.7″ is the same size screen as the G2, nobody complained and said that was “tiny” when that released.. people are really starting to get caught up in this 4″-4.3″ hype.

    • Meagan

      Next month AT&T will get a 4.5″ Samsung Android.
      Tmobile will still not have their first 4.3″ Android.

    • Anonymous

      3.7″ is probably the perfect compromise for screen size vs pocketability. I usually stick my G2 in the 5th pocket on my jeans, or shirt pocket. Anything wider with a keyboard wouldn’t fit in my jeans. A 4″ screen would fit in a shirt pocket,but 4.3″ sticks out some (I have to carry a Droid X for my work).

      Personally, I would hop all over this phone if I was due up for an upgrade.

  • MT4G-S

    This is gonna be the hottest keyboard phone EVER wait till you see ;)

  • alex

    I’m so happy I sent this.story in :D anyways I’m.using the doubleshot.keyboard which is really good its htc sensekeyboard combined with swype

    • 19fonzy

      Wow this is actually a very good keyboard i just download it right now for my hd2 it works perfect ha

    • Oooh… I love this keyboard. Though I doubt anything like this is on the sgs2, which I’m waiting for. For now, it works great on my 3g slide.

  • Dumbnicname

    Oh damn… I think when I lay eyes on the doubleshot I just might experience a premature evacuation … love my mytouch 4g, and the 3.7 screen is perfect for me. A bigger phone in my pocket when I’m out and about annoys me… peace out my fellow phone junkies

  • Omeer

    For the very very first time I have no complaints whatsoever about an impending T-mobile phone. Good fudging job T-mobile. I just have my fingers crossed in hopes that the aesthetics on the outside match the ones on the inside.

  • Adeschanel1

    This seems like a nice replacement to the Mytouch 3G slide which was a good phone. I’ve always liked the T-mobile Mytouch line its has so many accessories to make your phone really yours. But anywho I might replace my G2 with this cause I’ve have been dying for a qwery keyboard phone with a front facing camera and eventhough the G2 is a great phone. The specs on this phone are awesome.

    Btw does anyone know if a T-mobile G3 is in the works? Hopefully with a front facing camera and better specs………


      Yea, its called the G2X. Hello….

      • Famous kid

        i think he is talkin about vanilla with keyboard

      • Anonymous

        G1 = keyboard; G2 = keyboard; See the pattern? So G3 would also need to have a keyboard. Hello…

        • Gone

          While I tend to agree with the thinking, I have never read anything concrete that says “G” automaticly means it has a keyboard; just as “Nexus” did not autotmaticly mean HTC (shocked me too)!

        • Gone

          WHOA…I murdered the spelling of “automatically” –Not once, but twice. HaHa!

        • Anonymous

          Of course, T-Mo can be break the pattern — it’s not a law of physics. But there’s no reason AT ALL to equate “G2X” with “G3”.

      • Adeschanel1

        Nope I’m talking about something with a Keyboard. I feel like the G2X is for people who want a G2 because its somewhat more stock android then most devices, but don’t want a keyboard. To me the G2X is a great phone but its kind of starting a whole new brand if I’m making any sense like for example the GX series on tmobile will be like the keyboard less G2,G3,G4 and so on if they make that far in the years to come. I mean look at this if you walk into a tmobile store you have two kinds of Mytouch devices to choose from one with a keyboard and one without a keyboard………

        • Anonymous

          No, G2x was just a perfect play on title, the G series are Vanilla, that is the constant. 2x is paying homage to the Optimus 2X. G(stock) 2x(Dual Core)

  • Anonymous

    I was expecting it to just be a MyTouch 4g with a keyboard. The specs are actually pretty good.

  • Hurlamania

    14.4 is disappointing

    • LSxChevelle

      Why? 10mbps on this device wont make a website load faster than 5mbps.

    • Aerofanbig

      I ran a side by side of the 21mbps SGS4g vs the 14.4mbps G2x at the same time (yes I did it 3 times) and really….the 21 only went about 1mbps faster on average.

      • Anonymous

        I tried out the G2x finally yesterday inside a TMO store and the phone is a winner simply put. My qualms were poor black levels (of course), old style squishy LCD screen presses (maybe it was just a bad unit?), and when i pinched to zoom on a Gallery picture it would move against my will. Web pages didn’t do that tho so I dunno.

        But the reason I replied was because the G2x speed test i performed only yielded around 1.7Mbps. I’m sure the HSPA+ coverage over KC is atleast the 14.4Mbps kind so for me the jury is still out on T-Mobile’s 4G (as it has already been)

  • Brianv3ntura

    Plz TMo give us something that’s similiar to the Evo 3D…

    • It’s coming. IT’s called the HTC Sensation

      • Mac

        yesssr, minus the 3D but who cares about that?

        • gad26

          well I do and probably many geeks out there

        • Anonymous

          you dont feel like youre buying into a gimmick? How much 3D content will really be available for your phone? T-Mobile TV 3D? lol

      • Gone

        I am concerned on the sensation how the contoured glass on the front is going to effect things. It is going to be hell on wheels getting a screen protector on one of those (for those that need a protector). I also have a feeling I am not going to like to hit the edge repeatedly when scrolling or playing games that require braod swipes of the screen. Otherwise, I am thinkning that sensation looks like my dream phone.

        • Gone

          Keyboard is getting away from me today! *broad and *thinking

        • Nexus

          Nexus S has a contour screen as well, yes? Was that a problem for anyone? Never used one without a flat keyboard. Only Nexus S I got to touch was locked so hard at BestBuy that I could not get a real feel for the contour shape.

  • Anonymous

    Meet the worlds smallest Superphone. Perfect for those who don’t want a big @$$ phone.

    • Aerofanbig

      This is one reason I am really loving my DEFY, its still a 3.7″ screen but overall the device is very small. I just don’t need a 4.3″ monster mini-tablet of a phone!

      • Anonymous

        I used to feel that way too until I got my hands on the HD7, the screen just seems like such a natural size that my iPhone 4 seems inadequate now. The Defy packs a deceptively large display though, Motorola was smart to use all the real estate on the front of the phone for the screen, most people don’t realize that screen really isnt that small. Just a well crafted build.

  • Mac

    Nice! This or the Sensation will definitely be my next phone if this has that qHD screen.. Does that 3D still require glasses? If so thats just a waste of a feature for me.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t imagine ANY 3D phone without a stereoscopic screen. I think even the manufacturers realize that no one would want to use glasses with a cellphone. An 8.9″ glasses free screen may have skyrocketed the price(even more) of the G-Slate so they went with the cheesier way.

      I’f I’m wrong and it requires glasses then like you said it’s just a complete waste of a feature.

  • Havoktek

    This is gonna be the maturity of the Mytouch line, bout time!
    However just as it grows up, I’ve moved on….
    Still nice specs and a keyboard which I used to be hard pressed for.
    I guess I can kick this down to the wifey to compensate for me getting the SGS II !

  • Youngt82

    Sounds pretty good I just hope it doesn’t include mytouch sense but in my guessing it will like the last two mytouch phones. Would really hope it has vanilla gingerbread instead this time:)

    • You know that won’t happen. It’s been branded “myTouch,” so will feature all the (somewhat) goodies that make it such.

  • 4g

    This new swipe HTC keyboard is nice. Using it to type this

  • T-Mobile is really throwing out all the punches & pulling out all the stops this year. Crazy! If my G2x didn’t have Vanilla android making it easier to get Gingerbread & in which I’m happy & excited Gingerbread 2.3.4. includes voice & video chat with Gmail :D *dies in excitement*, & it didn’t release around June/July (because I wouldn’t have a phone to use till then), I would so pick up on this. T-Mobile why u make it so hard? :/, lol

    • pantlesspenguin

      In THEORY, vanilla devices get updated first. The G2 was released 2 months before the MT4G, & both devices are slated to get gingerbread @ around the same time.

      • Anonymous

        MT3G took ages to get FroYo. Also the SGS2 COMES with Gingerbread before either G2 gets it. I dont really understand it.

        • Agreed. Most times the real reason the Android overlay devices get the latest Android version is because it’s released with it. The company’s are already working diligently for a work-around to get the latest version implemented on their devices along side their Android overlay. Otherwise, when updating after the device has already been released, it’s a bit longer.

        • QuandryLady

          It’s because the G2 is not a Google developer and supported phone. It just “looks” like one with the stock feel. I’ve read that it’s still HTC Sense at it’s core.

        • CareBear

          Agreed. I do not know why people don’t understand that the Nexus brand of Android phones get supported by Google directly and all other phones are at their carriers mercy, that is of course, unless you load a custom ROM.

          I have the Nexus One & Nexus S and I still have them on custom ROM’s. I can wait a day or three for CM7 to get the updates from AOSP into his ROM. No biggie.

        • Anonymous

          Well there really hasn’t been too many Vanilla phones until now for everybody to really see that. I’ll admit I thought the G2 woulda got GB a looooong time ago just because its “Stock”. I think after seeing the G2x not come with GB and having to wait like this I’m finally realizing what you said.

          Now, T-Mobile WHERE IS THE VIBRANT’S GINGERBREAD!?!? Oh wait the Vibrant is old news so the SGS4G will probably get it but maybe not the Vibrant. !@#$%^& Carriers.

        • Anonymous

          It might actually get it, I would really root and flash the Vibrant though as an owner. Bionix has returned my brothers’ and a few of my staff’s Vibrants back to respectability. Everytime I use it I am impressed by the fluidity of the phone, the keyboard, the feel of the ROM. Do you use the Vibrant?

        • Anonymous

          +1 nuff said.

      • Ok, I don’t understand why people find the need to caps lock things. It’s not that serious, it’s just a statement. People act as if you’re getting paid to defend certain things. 2, Nexus One & the Nexus S runs stock/vanilla versions of Android & they were 1st to get Gingerbread updates. It’s also been said it’s ‘easier’/quicker to update to later versions of Android without OS overlay’s, hence: what LG said about their Optimus G2x updates to Gingerbread & why they left off the LG overlay originally on the overseas Optimus 2X. It’s been stated on numerous occasions with the MyTouch line (Slide from 2.1 to Froyo), & with Touchwiz (Samsung Galaxy S series) the difficult with updating to the next version of Android, directly from the manufacturers/developers. Also hence difficulty with getting the next versions of Android for MotoBlur enabled devices (Motorola Cliq).

        • pantlesspenguin

          I didn’t mean to offend. When talking in real life you put emphasis on certain words. When typing on the net, it’s more difficult to portray that same emphasis.

        • Anonymous

          Don’t worry I talk like that in real life AND on here.

        • That’s why we have these -> ” ” <- lol. That (" ") = emphasis. THIS is yelling in text language.

        • Putzarino

          I am afraid quotations do not imply emphasis. Quotations imply that you are quoting something from another source other than yourself.

        • Anonymous

          I’m sorry my man but your puttin your foot in your mouth. Of course the Developers phones (Nexus One and Nexus S) get updated first and Pantless wasn’t even referring to those type of “Vanilla” phones but the non “Google made” Vanilla ones such as the G2.

          One would like to believe that ALL(see what I did there with the caps?) Vanilla phones would get updates during the same time frame as the Dev units but that’s just not the case.

          And still there was/is no intent to offend.

        • Even if I was wrong in the “stock”/developer phones. The manufacturer’s said themselves the difficulty in updating to the latest version of Android with Android Overlay’s like (MotoBlur, Touchwiz, Sense, etc.) . I mean I don’t just make statements to make them. I actually research. If I actually had the links where this was written I would just link you, because it’s out there. But, unfortunately I don’t. Oh well.

        • Anonymous

          No doubt. Skins cause delays.

        • Anonymous

          the problem is though, that the G2 and G2x are seemingly stock Android devices, but they still have preloaded apps and a touch of T-Mobile in the OS. I do fully understand DtheArtist’s POV though, because I was all in on the G2x until I saw the large soft key button area on the bottom of the phone, stock seems to be the right choice with Android unless there is actually a UI overlay that adds to the experience instead of siphoning from it. I’ve actually spoken to an HTC account manager and he was unable to explain the G2 delay to gingerbread, a lot of people have been let down by it. He was able to confirm the MT4G update to me before the G2 which i found surprising and weird. I would point out though, this seems to be more of an aberration than the rule on this matter. You don’t have to look any further than the dreadful MotoBlur skinned phones and TouchWiz 3.0 phones to see D’s point. Although it’s also entirely possible that these companies will learn from previous mistakes and figure out a way to deliver these updates at a more respectable pace. It’s my only gripe with Android (which i admit I am a bit of a fanboy of), it seems as though the OEMs play favorites with their updates, which negatively impacts the user experience and makes it so that certain phones cant enjoy the same benefits/apps that other phones running the same OS can. It just seems unreal that Windows was able to secure DRM on their Windows Phones before Android could using the same chips they use in Android phones. Wow I’m off topic…

    • Anonymous

      So you made a good choice and went with the G2x instead of the SK. I’m waiting on the GS2 now, the Engadget review was the first time I read a review that actually truly excited me about the launch of a phone. I think I’m finally ready to go Android and WP7 and cut out iOS completely. The HBO Go serves as my entertainment on Android phones and WP7 still gives me Netflix on my 4.3″ screen.

      • Thanks. It was kind of a hard decision, but it was obvious on what the choice should be. But seriously, T-Mobile is making it so hard this year with all the onslaught of ultra high-end devices this year. I really wanted the MyTouch Slide 4G (Doubleshot, I’m pretty sure that’s what it will be).

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully it’ll FINALLY have an HDMI out and a dock so you can sync with your computer or to watch your movies on ur big screen. Also, Please don’t put that metal battery cover on it like the MyTouch 4G. It gets so hot after talking or surfing a while. Here’s a tip: Metal- is a heat conductor!

    • Aerofanbig

      more people will bitch if its plastic because it makes the phone seem “cheap” to use a plastic battery cover lol

      • Gone

        I think it can be made of plastic but it just cannot “feel” like plastic. A matte finish like that used on the back of the Motorola Charm or Samsung Highlight is inexpensive but has a nice feel to it. I wanted the Nexus S but that slippery plastic on the back was a killer for me. I realize it seems like a small matter but a phone that has slipped from my hands into a puddle a couple times is not a very good investment, no matter how nice the phone is.

  • Datruth63

    Some of you guys are bugging…. every phone that drops someone will always point out a flaw with it.. 768MB of RAM is more than enough memory… the G2X has 512MB of ram and its the fastest android phone to date…

    Now the complaint is if it doesn’t have a qHD screen its not worth it, if the screen size isn’t larger than 4 inches I don’t want it, & if it doesn’t come with gingerbread then they aren’t interested.

    Some consumers will never be satisfied… the SGS2 will be a great phone but it will come with it’s flaws..

    Oh yeah the quadrant score for the SGS2 is about 3000 and the G2X is running at 2700…. the SGS2 is running gingerbread and the G2X is running froyo—-once the G2X receives that update I can almost guarantee the benchmarks will reach 3000

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think it’s that people always find something “wrong” with a handset, no matter who comes out with what. If you read their posts, everyone is simply negatively vocalizing what’s important to him or her.

      The moronic aspect of it, they voice their preferences in the form of criticism. That sounds stupid because the handset, this one for example, has specs that will be pleasing to some and it has deal breaking aspects to others. But the ranter/complainer/whiner thinks that HIS preference and desires are all that matter and that his is the standard by which all things should be measured and judged worthy.

      To be sure, if a phone was all things to all people there would not be the need for other phones since everyone would buy the “God phone.”

      I just disregard people expressing opinions in a rant tone, so to speak. I mean some people will, as you note, not want a handset with a display size less than 4″. They will say “What is T-Mobile stupid. Why did they make this phone with a 3.7″ display. 4″ is the new standard. No wonder they are going under.”

      Another will say “What, is T-Mobile stupid. Why did they make this phone with a 4″ display. 3.7″ is what everyone wants, so it will fit into a pant pocket. No wonder they are going under.”

      Mental slobs, they are.

  • Patmvaldez

    I have a MyTouch 4g and it’s my first full touchscreen. I was actually dreading not having a physical keyboard but I find typing to not be that hard on the MT4g. A physical keyboard is nice but with this phone I think I can make do. It’s nice that they are still acknowledging people who prefer them.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. Looking forward to seeing pics of the keyboard: KB layout will be the deciding factor for me.
      I returned the G2 because I didn’t like the keyboard; there’s no point carrying a phone with the added size required for a kb if the kb isn’t worth it. I could learn to live without a kb if I had to…but I’d rather not.
      I don’t understand why ANYONE would buy a phone with a keyboard (with the added weight/thickness) unless they really want/need a keyboard: There are plenty no-kb phones with great specs available and coming soon.

      • agree with you in everything))) thanks for letting me know i am not alone in these thoughts

        • Anonymous

          You’re not alone…but our numbers are dwindling, I’m afraid. The trend seems to be smartphones-as-televisions (thus, no need for efficient input device) — which is why many people think bigger-is-better (wrt screen-size). I have a 60″ television in my living room…but then, I don’t have to carry that around, do I?
          I sometimes use Swype on my TP2, and it’s truly amazing…but still not as good as the physical keyboard. The version of Swype that came on the G2 didn’t have cursor-control arrows (unlike the version I got for my TP2), and I guess my fingertips are too wide (think tree-frog) for accurate text-selection by screen-touch only.
          I suppose I could get some surgery to make my fingertips pointier…maybe only need to have that procedure done to a couple of my fingers. Not sure if that would be covered by insurance…?

        • Gone

          You had me at “think tree-frog”!!

        • J-Hop2o6

          Gingerbread adds a cursor on screen now.. Check out videos of it.. I have it on my G2 with Gingerbread.. the cursor is through out the system, and yes, it works for Swype and other on-screen kb’s.. even when the keyboard is open the cursor will work.. So thats not an issue anymore.

        • Anonymous

          Got it. I haven’t ruled out a no-KB phone, but I still prefer a hardware KB.

      • Patmvaldez

        Before my MT4g I was using an unlocked HTC Kaiser with a slide out keyboard. It was a good keyboard but the sliding mechanism seemed to weaken a bit. My daughter’s first Samsung Gravity T actually had its springs break. That’s been my only worry about hardware keyboards.

      • fit2phone

        Here’s hoping for the Sidekick keyboard, or basically a row for the number keys.

  • Anonymous

    Why is HTC still making hspa+ 14.4 phones instead of hspa+ 21 devices?

    • Greg P

      It’s probably a T-Mobile call as increased bandwidth use means more strain on an already highly utilized network

      • LC

        But it’s interesting because both the Samsung Galxy S 4G and the new Samsung Sidekick are both 21 devices. I’ve been wondering the same thing.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Thats actually a Qualcomm problem.. They haven’t made a 21 HSPA+ chip yet I believe.. And HTC only uses Qualcomm chips.

      • Anonymous

        Odd though, because Qualcomm is designing an 84Mbps chip, it just seems odd they skipped over 21 and 42.

        • J-Hop2o6

          o.0!!! oh shit.. really? but yea, it is weird that they skipped 21.. even 42! 42mbps is plenty on a phone.. 84mbps is kinda overboard right now until some years later.

  • Nybetterthansuperg05

    another good device ruined by t-mobiles sub par lay out on top of sense….. how exciting

    • Anonymous

      What lay out?

      • Anonymous

        He’s referring to Espresso Sense, which I must agree with him on, they need to either go back to the drawing board with Espresso Sense or leave regular Sense on it. the doubleshot code name leads me to believe Espresso Sense isnt going anywhere. There’s always XDA, I just hope they dont design the phone as feminine as the last 2 MyTouches.

        • Anonymous

          I know what he’s talking about but nowhere does it say here or in the system dump information that the phone is running espresso. So how can you assume and say “another good device ruined by t-mobile’s sub par layout on top of sense.” Maybe it does maybe it doesn’t but you can’t assume things along with that statement. It mite be improved who knows?

        • Stratspider230

          I had the leaked rom on my G2. Its Espresso styling Sense 3.0, and in my opinion isnt worth a damn. Screen shots

  • Anonymous

    Should have been the G3, depending on the build quality.

    • Adeschanel1

      I’m thinking this might be for people who want a mytouch but want a keyboard also. Hopefully a couple weeks from now we will get some kind of rumor for a G3 in the works with updated specs and such……

  • another phone that doesn’t suck!!!…this summer might b the first time i walk into T-Mobile store n actually have a difficult decision on what phone to get…apparently the “T” in T-Mobile stands for AWESOME…*insert happy dance of triumph*

  • alt-mobile

    Dear God,

    I have been waiting for a phone as pimptastic as this one may turn out to be (I definitely need a keyboard). Please, please, please do not let the battery life on this phone suck. I am content with HSPA+ 14.4 and even HTC Sense on the phone, but please, for the love of You do NOT let the battery die in a few hours like my MyTouch Slide does.

    Thanks, love You Big Guy!

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Nice… I am sad, however. I so wish that the acquisition was not pending and T-Mobile would carry on.

    All these great phones, and the SGS2 and Sensation coming up.

    Oh well.

  • Daniel-SAN

    This will be my replacement phone. I have the T-Mobile G2, which I would keep if it had a front facing camera. My dream phone is a QWERTY Slider phone, Touchscreen, Android 2.2 or better and a Front Facing camera. CAN’T WAIT for the MyTouch 4G Slide!!

  • Umangsharma27

    I have a MyTouch 4g and it’s my first full touchscreen. A physical keyboard is nice and it’s nice that they are still acknowledging people who prefer them.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Amanthony245

    honestly i dont care about 4g or 3g. i wont upgrade my internet plan to the 4g android one for tmobile cus they throttle it. i still have my 3g blackberry data plan and have never been throttled and i use easy 10 gigs a month. id rather have real unlimited internet than a little bit faster