Carly Has A Spanish Twin!

Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough of Carly, we present Carly, the Spanish edition. No word on who the beauty is representing T-Mobile to the Spanish speaking community but we’re not complaining. Thanks to one of our awesome readers (thanks @AbdiQuintana!) who was able to grab a quick recording of the commercial. Warning, you’ll need to turn the volume up to hear!



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  • Bhotio


  • neneloco83

    When I seen this on Saturday, I was like Carly in Spanish??? Ok dale, which means go in Spanish, T-Mobile!!!!!! Get’em boy!!!!

  • Havoktek

    Ooooooh weeee! double the pleasure! double the fun!!! lol

  • Nexus Guy

    She is a lot prettier than Carly too…wow.

    • J-Hop2o6

      +1.. the Latina Carly is hotter than the American Carly.

  • Anonymous

    Ms. Carlita

  • yum

  • First though came to mind, Carla

  • Mamasita

    Hola mamasita!

  • Ktwist

    Haha, my friend auditioned for that commercial, guess she didn’t get it lol.

  • Hubba Hubba

  • MrMr

    Who is this… Hermano?

  • jonathan from LA

    she’s prettier

  • OhhhYeahhh!!

    Gotta Love it!!

  • Anonymous


  • Wilma Flintstone

    She looks Much Better. She even has a slight little bit of meat on them bones.

    • J-Hop2o6


  • Anonymous

    we need kim kardashian to rep T-Mobile.just sayin…..:)

    • guest


      • Anonymous

        You must be a female.

        • Ms.Carmen Diva

          I agree….There are so many more attractive young women out there than Kim Kardashian

          Love her hair though lol

        • Anonymous

          how about kristen stewart?she is beautiful without make-up.

      • I don’t think there is anything “ew” and Kim K. She is beautiful and confident. Are there more beautiful women out there? imo, yes. But she is certainly not “ew”

    • mikeyo

      Hell no she loves myates. fuckin gross

      • Pcj14

        very racist

      • J-Hop2o6

        Fuckin racist.. GTFO

  • i like how she said “necesitas cambio?” (do you need change?) he said “si, de compania” (yea, to a new company)

  • Erins_pet360

    Dum mexicans dont even know how to use a phone

    • darkjuan

      “Dum mexicans…”

      Really? Wow. You’re DUMB.

      • Anonymous

        Erins_pet360 dropped out of 6th grade.

      • Don’t hesitate don’t feed the haters since they feed of negativity just let them be in their own little shallow world.

        • IrishBred

          LOL…the idiot doesn’t realize it was a Mexican that invented the color TV he is watching…and gave chocolate and vanilla to the world for his wife to wolf in their trailer while they couch-potato (potatoes also are from Mexico).

          I am Irish/American, BTW

        • IrishBred

          LOL…the idiot doesn’t realize it was a Mexican that invented the color TV he is watching…and gave chocolate and vanilla to the world for his wife to wolf in their trailer while they couch-potato (potatoes also are from Mexico).

          I am Irish/American, BTW

    • Anonymous

      The irony is palpable

    • Anonymous

      A little racist and ignorant I see?

    • airkah

      And you don’t even know how to spell dumb….

    • VivaMexico

      Watcha talking abou ese! Not all us mexicans is dum!

    • Boogie Man666

      dum americant people dont even know how to spell rite

      • Hate + Hate = Waste of time he doesn’t represent anyone but hes Dumb A**

    • dual_citizen

      She is not even Mexican..that is not a Mexican accent by her nor the guy in the video.

      • Carms

        NOT ALL HISPANICS ARE MEXICAN! And there’s way prettier girls in Miami that could’ve been used for this commercial since we do have TONS of cultures in Miami and in the USA.

        • Frigadroid

          Tell me about it. I wish I still lived in coconut grove. Back in the late 80s when I was a young handsome stud. I was fortunate enough to have lived the miami party life, along with a few of those multi national hot chicas. Oh yeah those were my glory days, I had that swagger in my white suits and silk shirts lol.

    • SMH

      There’s always at least one fixed mindset twit in the bunch who feels like he or she has something important to share, or wants to create a reaction for attention, or both…

    • MynameisX

      I agree this guy must have dropped out of middle school, most likely went to work for a farm fucked some pigs for a couple of years…lives in the middle of nowhere, a white supremist..thinking that white is the supreme race..but oh well you cant teach a dumb ass how to be an educated human..fucking ignorant…just go shoot yourself in the face…

  • Ilyas_k15

    she looks like jennifer garner

    • Carms

      She wishes she looked like Jen G.

  • Loso

    She’s AMAZING

    • Anonymous

      Hell yeah!!!! Broad is hawt as hell. I’m gonna have to come out of her closet!

  • Why have two girls? I think they should of give the real carly a Spanish script and she would sound catchy. Now you have Hispanics watching 2 different girls when they switch the channels.

    • Prinxesita

      I agree and if ANYTHING I would’ve given this role to a Spanish known actress this girl doesn’t look T-mobile wholesome she looks like she belongs in a beer commercial and the guy can barely talk this commercial is quite dry. They seriously don’t know how to reach to the heart of the Hispanic community.

  • Boogie Man666

    This chick>>>> Carly

  • Loso

    what’s wrong with more than 1 girl? Nothing wrong with a little Ménage à trois. ;-)

  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    Ooh another girl for these guys to get all hot and bothered by :)

    time to read the comments below and laugh ha

    • Bk718

      Your actually hotter carmen.

    • Lorellana13

       I like that profile pic carmen. You are the one we should be commenting about.

      • Carmen Diva

        ha you’e sweet

  • omg she is WAY hotter than Carly, who I think is “cute.” Makes me want to learn Spanish lol

  • Erins_pet360

    Dumb mexicans can’t even use a phone, nor do they have souls. Mexicans are the bi-product of rape by the spainards onto to the indians when they came to the american continent. They are not an actual race, therefore have no souls.

  • She looks a lot like that girl in the Heineken commercial where the guy walks over to her table but asks the old woman to dance with him instead of her and the McDonald’s yogurt commercial as well.

    • Lorellana13

       She is the same girl from the Heineken commercial

  • Anonymous

    ayyyyyy carrrrrleeeey!! lol

  • Carms

    Oh lord this is terrible… I think Im gonna pitch them a new initiative and I should lead the Spanish side of T-Mobile. How about them apples? Yup!

  • FYI, because someone speaks Spanish, doesn’t make them Spanish. Unless they’re from Spain of course.

    • if they are from spain, then they are Spaniards.. not spanish.. spanish is the language… hahahaha

  • The Dude

    Um, the English speaking one is a whole lot better.

    • j-man

      I’m Latino and I get to watch both English and Spanish TV and I have to say that Carly is much better. Almost all the time all the commercials in English are far better.

    • I’ll just take two in my bed please

  • Kurczynski

    haha i just saw her on tv in a mexican restaurant on friday!!

  • Anonymous

  • im a latino and stuff but sorry. im already in love with carly. esa mami

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • de Leon

    All of you are lying to yourselves. You’d do either one, and you know it : )

  • brown carly ftw

    this chick is way hotter

  • brown carly ftw

    this chick is way hotter

  • Sobehealth

    This is her info:

  • Tuperz

    I’m in love with that girl

  • pitoloco

     Valeska is a half Nicaraguan/half German model/actress

  • Mailto Mike

    I just saw the commercial espanol… I’m in love…. I’m all shook up. Both ladies are exquisite.

  • Jack

    I think the Spanish Carly is much more beautiful than the one on the English channels!

  • Ceceverdebyatch

    LOL that is so stupid, I can’t believe they made a hispanic bootleg wannabe version of her LOL