First Sidekick 4G Hands On Video Surfaces, Pricing Announced

We thought we’d have to wait until today to get a first look at the Sidekick 4G but the lucky folks at Laptop Mag have managed to get the very first hands on. Unfortunately without an available data connection they weren’t able to see just how well the phone holds up on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 21 network but it’s always nice to get a look at the phone that isn’t a marketing video.

While no release date has been announced ,T-Mobile says the Sidekick 4G will land at $99.99 after a $50 mail in rebate when signing up for a two-year unlimited data package. If you want to take advantage of T-Mobile’s less advantageous data packages, you’ll pay a little more (no rebate) for the Sidekick 4G, $149.99 to be exact without the rebate.

Stay tuned for our very own hands on later today!

Laptop Mag and Slashgear

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  • Humpty4321

    How much for a upgrade

  • Anonymous

    $99. Boom.

  • JEM

    i don’t think these guys realize this device is touch screen. lol!

  • Hillyboo

    It should say the upgrade price and release date

  • Mj05271991
  • Ldominguez1986

    What’s the point. The “4g” won’t mean anything anymore after a year…

    • Anonymous

      after THREE years – read TmoNews’ earlier post on this!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    looks like 2 small LED lights around optical trackball – True? Functions? other colors??

  • Jessica H

    Is the $149.99 price also the off contract price? I actually want this phone but I’m not eligible for an upgrade and ivalready have a grandfather unlimited plan.

  • Anonymous

    better & longer video & LOTS of detailed pics here:

  • solera

    wow, samsung + sidekick + tmobile… wow…. triple fail.

  • Grafjordan

    why does it only have a 3mp camera?

    • To continue the tradition of Sidekicks having horrible cameras.

      • -Taylor Gang-

        My point exactly! You slap 4g on it and that’s suppose to make everything better….NO, why upgrade to something that is a downgrade in other areas….SAMSUNG = FAIL

  • blahblah

    Got any prepaid info?

  • Anonymous

    I have to say I really like the ‘text’ based skin this has.

  • Guest

    I’ll take one. I switched from the Tony Hawk LX to the Mytouch 3G and I miss the keyboard. I just wish they’d go ahead and release this damn thing because the Mytouch is on it’s last leg.

    • That’s what I’m saying. I’ve used a Sidekick Since the Sidekick 2 all the way until the Sidekick LX09. I really didn’t like the LX09, so I got the MyTouch Slide, now all my Sidekick’s are just sitting in a box…..smh it’s so sad. Sometimes I go play with the keyboard simply because. I could care less how “cheap” it looks. A matte finish adds good grip to the phone, so why complain? I’d prefer a phone I could have a good hold on than one that’s glossy and slick. I’m getting it. Period. I just wish they had it in damnit BLUE!!!

    • Lio88

      They(T-Mobile) switched me out of my Sidekick LX into a Mytouch 3G and it was so horrible that when I called for my second handset replacement (a month ago) they told me they were switching me into the LG Optimus(no charge, upgrade or contract ext)… which in my opinion is worse! I need my Sidekick back!!

  • -Taylor Gang-

    Not impressed at all… get rid of the SK line and bring it back with this????? ***My opinion, more slimmer sleek design, color choice, should have thrown some metal or aluminum on it, better screen usage (15sec mark) could have went so much bigger on the screen. This phone just looks so blah! Something that would have been released 2yrs ago….I don’t care about the tech side of it, I’m only speaking about the design aspect to those who are going to defend this phone till the end. Point is I think the previous SK’s blow this one out of the water.

  • Petey

    Not impressed either. The device look cheap (the chin on both side of the phone make it look cheap…). Like I mentioned before, I don’t think this phone will sell well. I don’t see the “coolness” in this phone besides the flip up screen.

    I rather get the g2 instead but it would be nice if they had FFC on it though lol.

  • boring… is useless. Its huge!! It looks like your holding a brick in your hand. I still don’t see why anyone would want this phone. The sheer design aspect of it is ugly. I don’t get why phones have optical track pads when its a touch screen device.

    • Menchi

      The Track pads are mainly used to highlight very small text or used in video games too

    • Justinnn

      It is pretty big dude. I really wanted this phone and was waiting for a video to get a real idea of its size, and that hoe is pretty thick… The G2x is looking better now.

  • Adrian Balansay

    Can’t wait! This phone looks amazing! I’ve had all the Sidekick’s before and I think this is a great addition to the line. It looks great! It’s huge, just like the rest of the Sidekicks. It’s sturdy looking, android powered! Count me in! Can’t wait to get it. =]

  • POS it’s a Samsuck…..

  • Josh

    Stop AT&T from buying T-Mobile. Sign the petition and forward to all !

  • KidZgOt5waGG

    This phone is going to do well. I have owned most of the previous sidekicks and still have some of them. The best thing that ever happened was Danger shutting down SK service. Qwerty + Touch + Sidekick + Android = BOOM. STOP HATING & get a REAL job.

  • Wow, this is an impressive device. I wish it were made by Motorola.

    • Menchi

      That was the best joke I heard all day :)

    • Justinnn

      It’s called the CLIQ2, and its gross.

  • UPSsucks

    cool phone that UI is HIDEOUS

    • Yeah, the UI is a lot to take in. It’s not ugly, but it’s not the best looking. Idc, I want it regardless lol, just to say I have a Sidekick….again lol.

  • Cliquser

    well, it’s better than my CLIQ. but not better looking than my sidekick LX07. This one really looks cheap, but sturdy, but still cheap. I like the look of the G2X. why can’t they ever make a really elegant looking phone with a 5 row keyboard, are they afraid to invest in that idea or something. Just because iphone sells the most doesn’t mean the population thinks a keyboard is a thing of the past. They could of made this with a glass front with touchscreen buttons with the same keyboard. smh

  • Ithitmeallatonce

    do people seriously need keyboards? Don’t get me wrong, I had a sidekick for over 2 years and thought I “needed” a keyboard because of all the texting/emailing I did. Then I got an iPhone and realized I didn’t miss one step with the virtual keyboard. I mean, look at how thick this thing is, it’s craaazy

  • Anonymous

    That phone will do great. It has allot of zip, 4G and it has the legendary side kick name. I bet many people will grab that device. It would be great if was running Quad bands for future use if the AT&T sales go thru.

    • LoSo

      i agree with you i think it will do well..and all the previews i have read from like 5 sites all have positive things to say about it so im definitely stoked!!

  • Anonymous