HTC Pyramid Shows Up In European Inventory System, Proves Existence

The HTC Pyramid may already be one of the most desired Android phones and all we know about it is a name. If you are looking for further proof that the HTC Pyramid exists however, look no further than this screen shot acquired by the folks at FoneArena. Reported to be a screen shot of the Vodafone Germany inventory system, there is quite the list of rumored and unknown devices abound here.

For T-Mobile fans, the most relevant is of course the HTC Pyramid and while it’s more than a stretch to say that this screenshot proves a T-Mobile model is incoming, we do believe that is the case. Still, this brings us one step closer to uncovering what exactly the HTC Pyramid is and with Mobile World Congress just days away, perhaps we’ll know more sooner than we think!

FoneArena via Engadget

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