How Do T-Mobile Customers Feel About The Current T-Mobile Marketing Campaign?

T-Mobile has taken their current marketing strategy to new heights with attempts to position their 4G network as the best and largest. Along with YouTube, television, billboard and radio ads, T-Mobile is using Facebook with great effort to spread the message. The question is how well that message is spreading.

WaveMetrix, a website dedicated to tracking trends in Social Media, has come up with an interesting set of statistics regarding T-Mobile’s Facebook strategy. Using two separate Facebook posts on the official page as a baseline for comparison, WaveMetrix has come up with some surprising findings:

  • As seen in the image above, only 49% of customers had something positive to say about T-Mobile service with the other 51% giving a thumbs down. There was plenty of praise for T-Mobile’s “fast” 4G speeds and “good” call packages. On the flip side, other customers found that T-Mobile 4G speeds “are no faster” than AT&T and Verizon.
  • The comparison post regarding smartphones among the major carriers brought similar results with a mixed range of comments regarding the smartphones offered by T-Mobile versus that of the competition.

While this is a highly unscientific poll and is only reflective of two posts on the T-Mobile Facebook page, it should be taken at face value. On any given day, based on the number of responders, these numbers could have easily shifted in any direction. I’d take these findings with a grain of salt. While interesting, they aren’t necessarily reflective of the greater picture. If we were to believe these WaveMetrix findings, the T-Mobile churn rate number should be as high as 50% of customers wanting to leave. However, T-Mobile actually has only around a 2% churn rate of customers. So tread carefully!


T-Mobile Facebook Post 1

T-Mobile Facebook Post 2

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