Charles Barkley Spells D-E-F-E-N-S-E, Then Auto Tunes Himself

Honestly, I want to write something about the newest T-Mobile commercial starring Charles Barkley premiering via YouTube. It’s so odd, strange and random that you just need to see it to believe it. Then you might want to watch it again to make sure you really saw what you think you saw. If that’s not all, you can always grab the ringtone from the T-Mobile ringtone store.

I guess in order to completely understand this it would help to give some back story and thankfully, T-Mobile did just that in the press release announcing this video:

“In January, NBA legend Charles Barkley became a video sensation in a T-Mobile NBA ad when a few of his trademark phrases were remixed by hip-hop music producers Cool & Dre. Now, T-Mobile has teamed up with Cool & Dre to release the full music remix on YouTube. The “you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it” video and strangely catchy song called, “I May Be Wrong (But I Doubt It),” features Chuck as a painter, pianist, cartoon character, astronaut and luchador, among other characters.”

T-Mobile YouTube

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