Bluetooth SIG Reveals Nokia C5-04, Headed To T-Mobile

With Nokia officially announcing a partnership with Microsoft to run Windows Phone 7 on Nokia handsets, you would probably think their next device would be a handset with the new Windows Phone 7 OS, right? Wrong. Although Nokia is moving away from its Symbian platform to adopt Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS, it seems they’re still going to pump out whats left of the aging platform. Which brings us to the Nokia C5-04.

According to the Bluetooth SIG site, the Nokia C5-04 is headed for the States. Add that to the T-Mobile USA branding on the front of the device, which pretty much confirms it for a T-Mobile arrival. At this point not much is known regarding the handset, other than it looks to be a entry-level smartphone that will probably go for a cheap price on contract.

Anyone excited?

[BGR Via Bluetooth SIG]

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