Sidekick Settlement Over 2009 Outage Brings Goodies

October 2009 was a time for Sidekick owners that likely still haunts their dreams and makes them shudder at the thought.  Well, maybe not that serious, but the data outage that occurred during that time caused Sidekick owners quite a lot of grief and downtime, not to mention lost data.  Finally, a settlement has been reached between Danger, Microsoft and T-Mobile regarding the “data service interruption”.

Those who were part of the class action lawsuit will begin receiving notices of the settlement along with the proposed settlement details.  They will be directed to, but as of this writing, that is not a live site.  Bear in mind T-Mobile won’t be allowed to provide any info regarding this so you’ll have to use the above resources when the time allows to understand your rights as a member of the lawsuit.

Thanks to one of the commenters below, it looks as though you can also select from a $35 gift card or a check for $17.50.

Given that the lawsuit isn’t live, we feel we’ll just do our duty and provide you with the details you can expect anyway:

During “customer appreciation week”, you’ll be allowed to download at no expense up to 12 free items from the Sidekick Download Catalog including:

  • An alarm clock
  • Pac-Man game
  • 3 animated screen savers selected by defendants
  • Two themes as selected by defendants
  • Four ringtones as selected by defendants
  • One background selected by defendant
  • Approximate retail value of 12 items is $34.88

If you want the full read, thanks to the folks at TechFlash (who also provided the above details regarding the 12 items) they’ve got the full PDF settlement live on their site.

What I don’t see here and I have not read the whole settlement is what occurs if the individual who is named as a member of the class action is no longer a Sidekick owner and what provisions are set up in those instances.  If any of you want to do the whole read and find anything out, make sure to drop a line in the comments and I’ll update accordingly.


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