(Updated, Just 7 Days Away!!) PhoneDog Wants To Give You A Galaxy Tab, An iPad Or A Blackberry Playbook

Update: We’re just 7 days away from this giveaway so get all your Facebook “likes” in before the man with the best hair in all of wireless blogging gives away Tablets!

That’s right, it’s giveaway time thanks to our friends at PhoneDog who have revamped their 100 iPad giveaway contest to include Galaxy Tabs and Blackberry Playbooks. If we didn’t have you interest before, I hope we have it now as you have a chance to win the tablet of you choice: iPad, Galaxy Tab and Blackberry Playbook (when available.) What’s better than a free Tablet? Nothing! Maybe for those of you up north, less snow but except for that free Tablets are the best thing that has happened since the invention of Chocolate.

Read the rules below, especially if you’ve already registered to learn about the ridiculous number of chances you have to enter and win! Don’t forget to like the TmoNews Facebook page as well just because of how awesome we are and how awesome you guys are! Enjoy the game and good luck!


Welcome to the new 100 iPad & Tablet Giveaway!


Based on reader feedback, PhoneDog got rid of the “Big Game” component and juiced up the tablet offerings (and chances of winning) in this reboot of its 100 iPad & Tablet Giveaway.

Thanks to this upgrade, you now have:

  • More chances to win (35, to be exact — not just 7)
  • Faster fulfillment — a tablet for every 5,000 Facebook Likes that PhoneDog and its network sites get! _(Was 10,000.)
  • A choice of tablet prizes — choose from an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy S Tab immediately, or wait for a BlackBerry Playbook (once it launches).
  • Faster prize claims — participants get unique ticket numbers to expedite those entries or prize claims.


(Trust us, you will want to do this, even if you registered before)

1) Go to this link to go to PhoneDog’s Sweepstakes Facebook app.

2) “LIKE” PhoneDog’s Facebook page right there on the “Enter” tab! This counts as one entry.

3) Get another entry by choosing your prize (iPad, Galaxy Tab, PlayBook, or Decide Later) on the “Enter” tab. This counts as another entry. _

4) Collect up to 5 more entries for “Liking” any/each of our PhoneDog network Facebook pages (including Today’s iPhone‘s!), as listed on the “Enter” tab.

5) Invite friends from the “Increase your chances” tab. You get additional entries for each one who enters too, up to 28! That’s a total max of 35 entries!

You will want to use the PhoneDog Sweepstakes Facebook app because you’ll get unique ticket numbers this way — and that will streamline your prize claim if you win!

PhoneDog will begin selecting winners starting January 17, 2011 _at 8PM EST via a live broadcast on PhoneDog’s UStream broadcast page. They’ll give out one to 10 tablets every weekday (depending on how many entries are received). To RSVP for the live drawings, click here to go to the PhoneDog Sweepstakes Facebook app!

You have from now until the end of the sweepstakes period (January 28, 2011, at 2PM EST) to enter!

For more information on drawings, event times, and dates, check out http://on.fb.me/pdevents.

For the full Terms & Conditions, hit up this post on PhoneDog.

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