Nokia Nuron 2 Canceled, Nobody Noticed

I remember a time when Nokia sat on top of the world, when the Matrix phone was the hottest technology and I thought the 1.3 Megapixel camera on my Nokia 6682 was the greatest thing ever. Well, times have changed and Nokia has found itself in a position where they just can’t catch a break in the US market.

The cancellation of the Nuron 2 happened almost a month ago and I promised myself when I found out I would write about it the next day which became the day after that and then it got lost at the very bottom of my to do list. Sadly, nobody really cared either. The Nokia Nuron 2, also known as the “Kodiak” was set for a January 19th launch and that day has come and gone. From what hear, the phone was canceled well over a month ago and I honestly can’t say I blame anyone, at least not at T-Mobile.

Nokia, the onus is on you to produce quality handsets that can compete with the iPhone’s and Android’s of the world right now. The N8 is a great handset with perhaps the best cellphone camera on the market, but being great simply isn’t good enough these days. You have to do better than quality hardware and that’s where Nokia needs to improve. Meego might be good, Meego might be really good but I have almost no hope for it taking off in the US. Windows Phone 7 has a better chance at taking on Android and iOS than Meego could hope for. Perhaps I’m wrong, in fact I hope I’m wrong because I’d love to see Nokia come back in a ferocious way but I think I see a Cubs World Series win in my future before I see myself purchasing another Nokia handset.

Sad, I really loved that 6682.


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