Motorola Cliq 2 Release Date Round Robin

So what we’ve got here based on what we believe is the most up to date information is two conflicting dates for the launch of the Motorola Cliq 2 aka Begonia. The above document stating that the device will launch January 5th and the other, the document below offering up the 19th as the release date. When the stock images of the Cliq 2 leaked Tuesday night, it was our belief that the 19th was the day so for the moment that’s the day we are going to stick with. Seeing as how CES runs through the 5th we find it less likely that T-Mobile will launch the device in the midst of all the CES announcements. Stranger things have happened but we just don’t see it, but hey, we’ll gladly be wrong and hope to see this phone and in fact, all phones released before we expect!

On a separate note, the “Kodiak” is listed for a January 19th release date. The other anticipated device for the launch on the 19th is that of the Dell Streak 7. Is it possible Kodiak is the internal codename for the Streak 7 or is there a mystery device we are as of yet unaware of. Guess we’ll find out in just about three weeks!

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