Motorola Cliq 2 Release Date Round Robin

So what we’ve got here based on what we believe is the most up to date information is two conflicting dates for the launch of the Motorola Cliq 2 aka Begonia. The above document stating that the device will launch January 5th and the other, the document below offering up the 19th as the release date. When the stock images of the Cliq 2 leaked Tuesday night, it was our belief that the 19th was the day so for the moment that’s the day we are going to stick with. Seeing as how CES runs through the 5th we find it less likely that T-Mobile will launch the device in the midst of all the CES announcements. Stranger things have happened but we just don’t see it, but hey, we’ll gladly be wrong and hope to see this phone and in fact, all phones released before we expect!

On a separate note, the “Kodiak” is listed for a January 19th release date. The other anticipated device for the launch on the 19th is that of the Dell Streak 7. Is it possible Kodiak is the internal codename for the Streak 7 or is there a mystery device we are as of yet unaware of. Guess we’ll find out in just about three weeks!

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  • Anonymous

    Spiderman (the keyboard designer) must be thrilled!

  • Redbird416

    Hell no Motorola did not take care of the cliq and the cliq xt why would anyone buy the cliq 2 what a waste of money I’m glad I got rid of my cliq and purchase my new HTC mytouch 4g for life I will never get nothing from Motorola again

  • D4whatver82

    Yeah.. I’m not sure that anyone is listening besides the crickets… the last thing we need is another “kiddie” phone. I say get us a THUNDERBOLT Tmo!

  • A a scorned owner of the original CLIQ, you would think Motorola would avoid giving any phone that name after the abysal support they gave to the CLIQ and CLIQ XT. The CLIQ finally did get 2.1, but it is renders essentially every basic function of the phone nearly unusable.

    For example, I can get a call and sometimes the phone is so sluggish and frozen that I dont get a screen to do anything until the call has already gone to voicemail! Everything from sending a text, viewing contacts, to dialing, takes several tries (because the first few simply crash and dump you back on the home screen).

    Needless to say, I dont trust any of Motorola’s Blur handicapped phones. I am having to use a brother’s upgrade this january to finally be rid of this phone and I will downgrade the CLIQ to 1.5, so that it is usable for him.

    Especially when this new CLIQ 2 will cost only a little less than the much better offerings, why pay for crap on purpose? On t-mobile’s site RIGHT NOW, they are STILL selling the CLIQ XT for 90 bucks. 90 BUCKS! A phone that not only should be free, but they should go a step further and discontinue it.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Motorola reads these forums. I’m sure they do and they hear the scorn but is it enough to make them change their ways?

    Moto: We want a high end bad ass Android device with a 4 or 4.3″ screen compatible with global NAM/AWS 4G networks to put the Droid line to shame. You know Verizon is going to drop you like a bad habit once they get their dirty paws on that Apple product.

  • Johny

    I fukin agree tht phone is soooooo fukin sexyyyyyy

  • Bobert

    Still looks like a vagina

  • NokiaN900User

    From the looks of the capacitive buttons’ placement, it is froyo

  • Mooch

    I say release it on Feb 31st.

  • I want the tablet, but idk about Dell. The Cliq 2 would’ve been nice if I didn’t have a G2 because I had the original Cliq. I love to stay in the family, lol. But the fact I have a G2 (& the Cliq 2 not having any features over my G2), & the fact that idk about Motorola as far as updates support, I’ll stay put.

  • Anonymous

    I think Motorola’s gonna announce it, take preorders, etc. Then delay the release. About a year after the phone was expected to be released, it’ll come out, with Android 2.2, while the rest of the world is on 3.2.

  • Silk7412

    No mototrash for me. My wife has one (replacement for her died g1) and she hates it. She looks at my g2 and wants one so bad!

    • poon lover

      So…swap simm cards and give her a late Christmas present. Don’t be a doof. Take care of your woman!

  • Silk7412

    No mototrash for me. My wife has one (replacement for her died g1) and she hates it. She looks at my g2 and wants one so bad!

  • Hamster

    Is it usual for the training launch and device launch to happen on the same day? I’m guessing the Jan 5th date above is just a typo.

  • Anthonymaus

    From what I am told, Kodiak is not a Dell or Android device.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    David don’t get me more hyped than I already am about new devices. You know what I want the Kodak to be. haaa!!!

  • Gator

    I’m on a grandfathered family plan that is cheaper than any plan now available plus I got 3 free G2 phones, one for each line during the loyalty promotion so it is very much cheaper ($1500 saved on pones alone) for me to keep the old plan for 2 more years than go no contract. What other carrier offers free phones to their established customers? We didn’t get service at our new home as it is too far from the tower but I still could not give up T-mobile because the cost to change carriers, buy new phones and pay activation fees was just too much. Now with the G2 we get perfect service over WiFi. I will never change carriers as. T-mo’s customer service is just too good to give up.

    • did gator bring his gat, or just his wooden gun and rape whistle…lol

    • did gator bring his gat, or just his wooden gun and rape whistle…lol

  • EpicAwesomeness

    Well, from what ive been told already from a inside rep, that other mystery device that is coming up is the Nokia Nuron 2 with swype. Expect it mid january with improved software and not as bulky as the original.

  • how come Moto does not release a top of the line phone for TMobile, similar to DroidX?
    I would be happy with any android with a 4.3 inch screen on TMobile, please someone out there build it!

  • Anonymous

    Moto reportedly went with ATT and VZW for their Olympus and Etna dual-core entries. Tmo gets poop. The LG Optimus 2X will be Tmo’s dual-core at present. I disagree that Tmo wouldn’t release the phone on the 5th. Following in the footsteps of the Jobs presentations, when they finish their presentation they can say: “Available TODAY @T-mobile” to thunderous applause. Not a bad way to exit CES…with some sales in hand!

  • Very good.

  • Scott B

    If T-mobile really wanted to impress people, it would tell Motorola to take the CLIQ 2 and shove it up their collective corporate ass and give the customers a phone worth more than the trash can these gadgets are destined for.

    What sort of ignorant fools are the Motorola brass and/or marketing departments if they look back over the past couple years at their brand performance and perception on T-mobile and think, “Ya, let’s definitely name our new phone after that other one.”

    Seriously, it’s as if some companies hate their customers with such a burning fiery passion that they actually try to go out of business just to prove it. (Then again, that’s kind of been Motorola’s mobile phone business plan for some time…)

  • BigMixxx

    When is T-Mobile gonna actually dump Motorola? This is strange. Verizon gets the ‘Motorola Thick Stripper Jackson’, T-mobile gets the ‘Motorola Bulletwound Booty’. It’s almost sickening. Look at it this way; Verizon really tried to push the Samsung Galaxy S branded Phone and the big difference…FAIL. Yet, this phone is branded across all carriers with VERY similar specs.

    Motorola made a comeback with Android and their device being ‘revolutionary’…really? and the G1 opened the doors for a new level of smart phones on all carriers.

    I’m really waiting on LG’s release of their mega android phone on the T. Local LG rep here says that ‘Tmobile will most definitely get the 2x’.

    Meanwhile, I’m sticking with my HD2 running Android…awesome…Took it to Diddy’s party at PURE on Saturday…

  • Sarfds25