Is Google Planning To Advertise The Nexus S On TV?

Ignoring for a moment the fact that this commercial, if you watched it blindfolded, could easily be mistaken as an ad for the iPhone, it’s actually pretty wonderful.  While we can’t say for sure that we’re looking at an actual TV spot for the Nexus S here, it certainly gives off that aura. It’s a 32-second look at the Nexus S and it just might help sway a few who are undecided as it really does play to the device’s strengths, being unlocked with a front and rear camera.  The general public at large probably has no idea what Gingerbread is but they like shiny phones and having Google’s name attached will likely peak plenty of interest.

As an aside, I’d love to see Google run more commercials like this because they need to move away from the “Droid” experience, which is quickly becoming synonymous with the Android platform as a whole.

We can only hope this commercial makes it to the airwaves but for now we’ll just watch YouTube and see how it develops.  The lack of advertising is arguably what killed the Nexus One so hopefully Google learned that lesson and is willing to put their money where their Android is and advertise the hell out of this thing.  It certainly has the chops to draw a few converts.

Androidandme via YouTube

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