(Updated With Real Live Pics!) The Nexus S News Continues This Time With A Possible Sighting

The Nexus S news train continues yet again thanks to yet another Best Buy “leak.” This image comes from an “In Store” web-based flier from Best Buy mobile, which shows as of yet unseen variant of the Galaxy S, running stock Android (rumored to be Android 2.3). As previously rumored there appears to be a front facing camera. Since this is the second Nexus S news for a day, all we need now is some Mr. Blurrycam shots and all will be right in the world.

Engadget and Engadget

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  • Bimmerz

    Looks just like the Galaxy S line, but with the Home button moved. Also looks like it has LED. Hopefully it’s more solid than the Galaxy S line, either way this will probably be my next phone! :)

    • 2FR35H

      It looks rather heavy if you ask me but I hope its light like the vibrant.

      • Bimmerz

        Vibrant was a little too light for me, I thought the Epic’s weight was perfect – and felt more solid like the MT4G. JMO. But to be honest, if this phone were to come as light as the Vibrant – I’d still get it!

        • 2FR35H


  • Very nice. Can you confirm screen size. I like. I want. Hurry Magenta Please Hurry! I imagine this phone will beat the MT4G with vanilla android.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

    • Bimmerz

      I’d also like confirmation on if it will have HSPA+, if so – then I know this will be my next phone!

    • blah

      Nah, it uses the same SoC as the vibrant… none of the current Hummingbird chips are HSPA+ compatible. This = FAIL. IMO. Whats the point of a next gen phone without a being able to take advantage of faster network speeds??? Also Im sure stock MY4G performs or even outperforms the cortex A-8. But we will not know for sure yet.

      • Bimmerz

        Oh man, I hope that’s not the case – and that it’s been updated to be compatible with HSPA+! Why would Hummingbird chips be compatible for 4G (Sprint/Epic), and not HSPA+?

        • Yyevo

          Um, hummingbird is the processor, not the frequency chip. The processor has no relation to the network.

          It’s like complaining you can’t drive on a street in Texas because your car is foreign.

        • somebody

          ^^^ lol have you been to texas ?

      • 2FR35H


        Ummm proof? I have tried searching all over the net and I have found nothing confirming your information. Can stop spreading negative rumours without providing a source please.

    • 2FR35H

      The rumours before were a 4inch screen. I think it may be that and I pray pray to god and jesus that it has HSPA+ I would absolutely buy it. Either way I would because in any case this is a huge step over the vibrant.

    • Spencer

      If the screen is 4.3: + hi res samoled I would buy the phone in a second!!!

  • ed

    ummm engadget has some beautiful pictures of the S up now

  • Bimmerz
  • NEXUS S ! X 100 FTW

  • LSxChevelle

    Really? This is the follow up to the N1? Vibrant is nice but adding a few extra touches isn’t what I would want to see from a Nexus device. Well at least they still like T-Mobile as the preferred carrier.

  • Bryan

    In the pictures in engadget, in Korean writing it says nexus 2

  • any word on pricing or release date?

    • Farhan

      It’s probably gonna be the standard $199 with a 2 year contract or $449 or $499 without one.

      • 2FR35H

        Possibly $530 unlocked from google. thats what Nexus One was.

  • redman12

    JUST GOT REAL! OMG, my next phone right there!

    • redman12

      Need more specs, I wanna know if it is HSPA+

      • 2FR35H

        Me too HSPA+ google better do it right! If it has HSPA+ its the perfect device officially.

  • Lamar

    Taking my mytouch4g back for this. Looks sick ass he’ll and has an FFC, plus I locoed the vibrant, only thing I hated was it didn’t have ffc. That a deal breaker for me, since I use qik and face time quite a bit. Now all I need is wifi call in and tethering and I am a happy camper tmo. Hint hint.

  • emet

    I’m so buying a.s.a.p!

  • jason

    That is one sexy piece of equipment! Twill be mine

  • myTouchHDorWait

    +1 on HSPA+ or not

  • C-FU

    Argh! Just got my MT4G in the mail Monday. WTF to do…..

    • 2FR35H

      Return! Return it NOW!!!!

  • phone capo

    smh samsucks

  • mikeyo

    Wahoo hummingbird hardware and stock froyo. Thats what im talkin bout. man i cant wait. one more thing didnt the specs that were leaked say there would be some metal in there somewhere? i see no metal on the design maybe its a prototype.

    • the edges are metal

    • Bimmerz

      You mean stock Gingerbread, and I agree – “WaHoo” indeed! ;)

      • mikeyo

        @Bimmerz oops yeah meant Gingerbread.
        @5!n7 is my name upsidedown
        what you mean the bezel is metal, it looks plastic too me.

  • Emil Ghoting

    ugh, Samsung looks so cheap

  • jimmy

    When the G2 came out, I was like… I want that phone, but the MyTouch 4G was leaked. Made it hard. Spend time thinking. Decided to say up for the G2, as of today, wait Nexus S this holiday. WAIT! WTF!!

  • aja

    yea… it pretty much comes down to if it will have HSPA+ aka “4G” if I’ll buy or not. Quite frankly, as much as it will kill me to watch these new phones come and go, I’ll probably wait till holiday season 2011 to replace my Nexus One which still runs well for me.

  • AA

    A little unsure about this phone. Wasn’t really feeling the Galaxy S line when it came out and im still not. This phone just seems like they updated the Vibrant with a FFC and slapped Nexus 2 on it. Though im sure it’s a great phone, i was looking for something a little bit more “wow” worthy. Just my 2 cents.

  • Felix

    I might have to sell my G2 and get this

  • An

    I knew its going to cheap in some way. At least samsung didn’t make it look anything that like looks resables the iphone

    • k

      Huh? Is that English?

  • hmm

    Does the GPS work?

  • brian

    It’ll be def my next phone and It looks sexy.

  • i hope a video comes out today

  • George

    These pictures from picasa say they were taken by a ‘Nexus S.’ What does the resolution of the pics come out to? 5MP?


    • George

      hmmm, and some of the pics have different ISO settings and stuff, is that changed automatically by the software in phones?

      • George

        if you search for Samsung i9020 there are a bunch of pictures on picasa and such, all from people who work for Google. That’s suppose to be the model number of the Nexus S. My only worries about the phone are that it’s going to have the same camera as the other Galaxy S phones, and from what I’ve read in reviews it is nothing to rave about.

    • anon

      One is 1,100KB and the other one is 1,500KB. I’ve never taken a picture that has gone over 1,000kb in size. Neither on my Nexus One or my wife’s G2. I’m guessing 8MP. That’s of course if these are real.

      If it becomes available on the T-Mo network compatible with HSPA+ I might need to get this little guy. Of course only if it has stock android 2.3 with front facing cam and a processor par or better than my N1. Kind of exciting.

  • joeln06

    Looks like this is gonna be my next new phone

  • Rex

    Effing hot!

  • mingkee

    This will be my next phone.
    Nexus One + Vibrant combo = perfect!

  • hutchlarry2010


  • Lukian

    looks a little thick but maybe that’s just the close up shot?

  • hutchlarry2010


    • NokiaN900User

      CAPS much???

  • XfooYen

    Interesting. The first thing I noticed was the absence of a track ball/pad. That made cursor navigation VERY frustrating on the Vibrant. Plus, they kept that ity-bity volume rocker. I’ll bet that wee power button is positioned the same too. That made me want to pull my teeth out. I don’t see any REAL evidence of a notification LED, as the proxy/light sensors can be mistaken for just that. I shudder to think it has the same GPS and compass hardware as the Galaxy S line. Same Vibrant all-plastic body too.

    Without more evidence I will assume that the Nexus S is just a Vibrant with a bigger screen, FFC & LED flash. Pretty much what the Vibrant SHOULD have been on release.

    Gingerbread? We’ll all have that in time. Especially on current rooted phones. Faster CPU? Who cares, if my above assumptions are even half correct.

    I might sound like a hater but I just calls it like I sees it.

    • 2FR35H

      No you are just a hater.

  • XfooYen

    All I know is…Wordpress sucks!

    • 2FR35H

      Really so then what blogging software would you recommend if not wordpress?

      • XfooYen

        Shaddup, troll.

        • 2FR35H

          You the troll.

  • George

    looks like MT4G to me…

  • jmts80

    Damn, I had just decided on the G2! Having an Android phone is like having a super hot wife at home and living next door to a modeling agency!!!

  • MarkC

    From the pictures, looks quite a bit wider than my Vibrant. I look forward to the pricing/ availability & seeing what’s new in Gingerbread.

    • Bimmerz

      That’s what I was thinking too – it does look a little wider than the Galaxy S line phones. Could be just the camera angles, or that the guy has small hands? I thought I read somewhere that the screen size on the Nexus is 4.1 (if true), maybe that’s why it’s a little wider?

  • alex32g2

    this makes me want to ditch my G2. this looks amazing. too bad this thing will sell in googles fail online store instead of tmo stores. Also I remember i couldnt have a family plan if i were to get the nexus one. so hopefully things change so this phone could really sell.
    super amoled, 4 inch screen, hspa+, vanilla android 2.3 is an automatic win.

  • Shawn

    Be nice to see a screen shot of an “H” in the antenna bars thus confirming Hspda+
    It is a must for this device to support T-mobile’s 4G in my opinion

  • Ivan


  • Mike

    I though T-mobile said all upper tier upcoming phones would have HSPA+?

  • kendrix_myrealname

    I really hate Samsung plastic housings. This phone is nice but the bully plastic makes it ugly. I just wish it more Nexus One like. But besides my oppositions, I still want it

    • 2FR35H

      Yes we should all use fragile glass like the iPhone… *sarcasm*

  • PimpStrong

    How stupid is it to carry this AND the Vibrant on tmo? Gingerbread aint revolutionary and th flash and front cam are just perks. How bout this is how the Vibrant should have been OR the Nexus S should be a whole different upgraded phone. Smh

    • AA


  • Carl

    I wonder if this is the phone that needs the elusive micro SD card that has been showing up. That would solve that mystery.

    • 2FR35H

      You mean Micro Sim card, MicroSD is a whole totally different card. In any case I doubt it why would Google switch to Micro Sim? Only micro Sim devices are iPhones and iPads in America anyways.

      • Carl

        Sorry, yes the Micro Sim card. As far as we know right now iPhone and iPads are the only two that use it. That’s why I wanted to know if it’s known what type of Sim card this uses…

  • Hecg55

    Hmm why is the google sign much brighter than the samsung? I find that odd.

    • NokiaN900User

      Because it is a stock Andriod phone (vanilla) not touchweez (PUN intended)

    • XfooYen

      I noticed the same thing. Upon closer inspection it looks as if BOTH logos were photoshoped on. Both have a distinct darker black border, no reflectivity, and the Google logo has jaggies (the Samsung doesn’t). That’s a doctored photo if I ever saw one. That doesn’t mean the phone is fake, but the photo source is suspect.

  • Hecg55

    Hmm why is the google sign much brighter than the samsung? I find that odd.

    • james

      That Google sign is not aligned and much brighter. It seems like its been photoshopped if you ask me.

      • Hecg55

        That’s what I thought aswell

        • AA

          Same here. Kind of hoping it is..

  • Jon

    Looks like regular SIM card to me. So the T-Mobile micro SIM mystery continues.

  • Bimmerz
  • Joezz

    Vibrant? No. MT4g? NOO. G2? NO WAY. All these devices will be considered junk pretty soon. Now we all wait.

  • marvin

    I want this, but why is it so thick? Looks thicker than the Vibrant IMO. Maybe it’s got some cool feature about it that we don’t know…

  • ThreeFourSeven

    I doubt T-mobile will sell it in their retail stores. It’s probably going to be exclusive to Best Buy.

    • Jordannn

      Best buy is better anyway

      • Yyevo

        Like hell it is.

      • ZeroX

        Corporate stores are so much better. Best Buy Mobile over prices everything.

        • umaluver

          There is a lot more flexibility with contracts in a corp store. Best Buy purely wants you in the most expensive plans and will comprise all ethics and morality to get you in one.

    • herromoto

      idiots purchase at Best Buy Mobile for the price…then when they go back for help, the best buy emp tells them to go see a corporate store….sorry post purchase service.

    • tyip

      If you don’t have a walmart, frys, costco, radioshack, corporate Tmo store or anywhere else that has employees who know how to plug in a computer, then stop, pause and reconsider if you’re living in the right area before going to best buy.

  • Trill

    Lol! Probably

  • Steve Slimer

    I wish my Vibrant was this phone.

    • blah

      Its likely your vibrant IS this phone Hardware wise, Just like the HD7 is the HD2 in new clothes…

      • Ray

        The cheap plastic look definitely reminds me of the Vibrant

        • NoMercy

          Why ohh god, why Samsung? Couldn’t they let HTC make the phone. I hate the cheap plastic cover of the vibrant… what the hell…

  • Izzy

    Exclusive to wherever as long as it goes in my hands!.and on tmobile!..

  • AndroidLuvr

    This is a COMPLETE FAILURE in a mega proportions. Glossy/shinny/plasticy exterior is THE OUT MOST failure of a design for Google Nexus Two. Google needs to be ashamed if this is true ad verified to be the next Nexus ala S/2 when compared to Iphone 4. Really, what are Google thinking with this plastic piece of junk?????

    Or should I say they are NOT thinking.

    • ymous

      Your grammar is failure. Learn to write gooder.

      • Zack


    • 2FR35H

      Oh yes because glass on both sides of the phone is GENIUS! *rolleyes* You sir are a failure in a mega proportion for that comment.

    • sean

      i just threw up in my mouth

    • totally agree, this looks like a dummy phone” cheapppp like sh…… tell you what if something it should look like the Mozart unibody” and in regards to these icons, this is getting old, same icon set up for every android phone out there, does not matter what brand it is….. any xenon flash? 8mp cam, video call? come on you guys came up with google maps and st view!! do not let samsung do this to you guys, I like samsung but come on give me a break

  • joezz

    Why are my comments being deleted? I thought this was a place to express your opinion on new devices. the Fact that I think all the latest android phones will be overshadowed when the HSPA iphone comes out should not mean my posts need to be deleted. I did not use any funny words. what’s this all about???

    • Joezz NEWS FLASH!!!! The iPhone has always been hspa. It is just not “4G” capable. AT&T garbage network is HSPA. That’s how they can talk on the phone and browse the web at the same time. Cmon buddy get your facts straight. Ur probably being deleted because you don’t know what your talking about.

      And for the record, I had an iPhone for 2 years and now I’m rockin my MyTouch 4G!!

  • I would so have it, but I’ve realized now i’m suited to have a phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard. Physical QWERTY keyboards just do it for me. Even with 1 of the 2 touchscreen phones I owned being the Samsung Vibrant w/ the 4″ Super AMOLED display, still didn’t do it for me.

  • Matt

    I thought this was supposed to have a physical keyboard?

  • oman222

    can this have a keyboard?

  • Garet

    who cares Samsung is crap I have just received my third vibrant and this is the second one that right out of the box is broke my first would lock up repeatedly after it got the ota and never worked properly after wards.Second had a visible line down the right side of the screen that was discolored.third has like parts of the screen are pushed when nothing is by the screen when I called T-mo I basically got you are lying trying to get a new phone.I got off the phone and went to the T-mo store by my house to show a rep the phones yes I have all three still he was like wow called and talked them into sending a new phone. SO I will never buy Samsung CRAP again.

    • somebody

      lol bad luck you are like the only one complaining about this.

      not saying your lying but hey..

  • keawai

    Wow Garet, sounds like you haven’t had a great experience with Samsung. I have to at least speak out and say that I love Samsung, my Vibrant has been nothing but good and it does stink when you get a run of bad phones I had that with my G1, but we ended up with a G2 for the wife. But I have to say Samsung is awesome, I love their TV’s too…heck even my washer and dryer is Samsung! (maybe I am a Samsung fanboy, who knows…) :P Long story short, don’t let one device completed steer you away from a product you don’t know what you could be missing!

  • Galen20K

    looks really nice but I’m still glad I bought the myTouch 4G. – D

    • Thaghost

      Me too


    • c-fu

      me3 and wife4

  • NokiaN900User

    Now to my analysis:

    This seems to be a best buy exclusive.
    It appears that this phone is more of an epic 4G without the keyboard.
    The camera sensor looks big enough to be 8 MP but it might be a 5MP.
    If this phone has the same internals as the vibrant, No HSPA+.

    From the green icons on the task bar, this is definitely a vanilla android probably gingerbread aka 2.3 aka not honeycomb aka video chat supported in google voice.

    My Speculations: feel free to skip this part
    This is in not related to november 20 event since it is too close to my touch 4G which also implys that it is a best buy exclusive.
    This phone is rumored to be delayed due to hardware issues (GPS anyone?)
    Finally, T-Mobile should grab onto the “Nexus” name with google and keep it inhouse like my touch brand. This will lead to T-Mobile offering
    My touch4G (non stock android) Nexus (stock android)
    G2 (stock android) and My touch slide (non stock android)

    OPTIONS for all android lovers

  • aton.amen

    Hey is it me or in the picture of the back of the phone can you see the person taking the pic with a slider “dumbphone”??

    • 2FR35H

      Unfortunately yeah

  • 2012

    Plastic Finish!?? wtf

  • Snoopyalien24

    euw this phone looks soo plasticy – not feeling it at all :( well g2 – here i come

  • dma76

    if this doesn’t have HSPA+ then I’m not even interested, although I loved the nexus one, I’m pretty happy with the MT4g right now, but pure google would be tempting.

  • The Stigdroid
    • Bimmerz

      Well crapola! Ugh! :(

  • AZStyngers

    FFC means HSPA+..ala MT4G, EVO4G and Epic 4G on Sprint. Nexus brand is about Google pushing the mobile phone envelope so that means HSPA+. If no HSPA+, then Google would not need this Nexus S/2 because Nexus One is still very much current compare to everything else on the market.

  • ren

    I don’t like the specs! No HSPA+! All Plastic! Is this the best Samsung can offer? I guess so. OH!!!!! Hello MYTOUCH 4G! How you doing?

    • Galen20K

      I know THAT”S right!!! come get it, you’ll LOVE it. I do.

      • ren

        Plus, I notice that the GOOGLE sign doesn’t have the small lettering on the right hand side ™ like the one on Nexus ( Google ™). I smell Fake!!!!!!

      • elliot bonaparte

        should i come for it dear…i will very delighted

        • elliot bonaparte

          dear i will be very grateful if you give me one ….

    • 2FR35H

      No HSPA+ is not confirmed nor denied.

      AWS 3G are the same towers as AWS 4G the only way to tell is if the HSPA is higher than 7.2

      • 2FR35H

        Wait.. never mind

  • darkjuan

    What an ugly phone…

  • TmoJody

    look how fake that Google logo is on that phone. looks photoshopped to me. Just saying…

  • enjoijams

    According to Phandroid.com screenshot:
    Nexus S Dimensions: 63.5 x 124.4 x 12.7mm
    Compared to Vibrant: 64.2 x 122.4 x 9.9mm

  • The Stigdroid

    If it’s true, then that’s a little disappointing. The reason why I held off on getting the Vibrant and still playing the “waiting” game.

    And from the partial leaked spec, no keyboard, 4″ Super Amoled, 5 MP camera

  • chip

    I think the box in the pictures says “Nexus 2”


  • derrickps3

    I don’t care, as long as it is compatible with tmobile and uses a tmo sim card, then this will be my next phone instead of the MT4G

  • derrickps3

    *UPDATE* now that i see that this phone is a samsung branded phone, i’ll just pass

  • SEFan

    The lack of HSPA+ is not a deal-breaker, but being a Samsung might be. Did the GPS issue ever get resolved? Last things I read were that even the official OTA updated hadn’t done it.

    • ren

      Good one. Most likely not.

  • VibrantOwnr

    I spot no ffc

    • 2FR35H

      Then you must be blind, top right of the phone on the main picture.

  • MT4G/G2/HD2 USER

    After being on the 4g network there is no way I can go backwards. That’s like going from a ip4 back to the 2g.

  • I want to see an official spec sheet. It does peak my curiosity. The leaks keep coming.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • money

    who cares, when it comes out you will be posting again about the next phone that comes out.

  • Oce

    Why couldn’t they just give us a Desire HD with ffc and HSPA+! Can Google/Tmobile ever get it right! ARRGGGHHH!!!!! I SO WANT A EVO EQUIVALENT FOR TMOBILE. Guess I’ll have to stick with my HD2 Droid a little while longer. Sigh.

  • Wow. One thing I get from this thread is I am so glad there are enough disappointed or unlucky people out there to have had all the terrible experiences with phones that I haven’t really had.

  • nain77

    SAMSUNG..and no HSPA+…mytouch4G here i come

  • Joe44

    Ooooo pretty

  • tipsofme

    All you people playing “the waiting game” crack me up! Just go back to two cans and a string. You will die before the mind game your play with yourself ever settles you on an ACTUAL phone!!!

    • Thaghost

      Agreed! U have a very good/fast phone in the g2 as an option. Then, add the top of the line mt4g, that gives u the top two and newest android options available anywhere. Why wait on these alleged super phones. And when they do come out.they will complain anyway.

  • 2012
    • 2FR35H

      Awesome! hopefully they made it HSPA+ capable or at least with 14.4 HSPA come on Samsung you heard your testers they want extremely better than Galaxy S I know its hard to top but with your Orion processpr being Dual-Core with quad core graphics it should be easy. Cortex A9 with Mali 400 graphics. Woo baby I just pray this chipset supports HSPA+ or at least 14.4 HSPA

    • Vibrant Addict

      Wow I hope this is true. This will once again have the Nexus set the standard for the year.

    • Otelo_2001

      Mannnnnnnnn ohhhhhhh yesssssssss me too I also hope this is true, thanks for the link, excellent! that’s what am talking about setting the standars like the comment before” and as I said before, these guys came out with street view” please do not let this swapmeet phone come out to represent you” sorry samgung, love you guys but this phone body sucs big time

    • Otelo_2001

      Mannnnnnnnn ohhhhhhh yesssssssss me too I also hope this is true, thanks for the link, excellent! that’s what am talking about setting the standars like the comment before” and as I said before, these guys came out with street view” please do not let this swapmeet phone come out to represent you” sorry samgung, love you guys but this phone body sucs big time

  • DigiDominus

    More cheap plasticiness bleh. After getting the G2 I really feel spoiled. Metal should be the way of the future for all phones. Hopefully HTC makes that a trend in most of their future handsets. Samsung seems like they’re on that plastic trip.

    • Michael

      Seriously!! I know most people are going to slap a cover over the cheap plastic anyway but for those of us who dont, can we please have something I dont have to Windex?? I do not need a phone where I must use white goves to hold the thing without scratching it.

  • The android creep

    This phones is a fake. The images have been debunked. But the link above implies that whatever was to be announced, it got scrapped. I think we are in for a interesting weekend. Lets hope Google has a reply to all this madness…ANDROID4LIFE…

  • Really?

    No 4G, why bother. I’d have loved to join the couple thousand of you who had a good experience with N1, but the four I burned through were all defective. Absolute tease putting that excellent software in that excellent package just for it to refuse to perform.

    (You N1 loyalists will blaze me up now, and you’re entitled to love your device, but there are plenty more like me who wanted to be like you and were sorely disappointed with faulty hardware. Accept it, you were lucky you got one that works.)

    Now, after being one of the shmucks who haphazardly threw over half a grand at a device I’d never actually seen or handled (not even a dummy phone) only to have it:
    * overheat after as little as 10 minutes of use
    * which would render the bottom half of the screen useless until it cooled off
    * oh yeah, and it couldn’t maintain a 3g connection anywhere on earth

    Google has the audiacity to expect me to seek out whatever exclusive distributor they hide their product with this time, dish out another ~$600 for an already-outdated plastic device that’s not even made by the quietly brilliant minds at HTC, but instead by the guys who gave us the Behold2. You know, those guys who will still be promising Froyo on the Vibrant next summer. Wow, google… Really?

    It’s a sexy looking device and all, but if you sit an N1, a G2 and that samsung N2 together… Which of these things is not like the other? Visually, the Sammy N2 is the oddball (hello, plastic and “superphone” need not play together); hardware-wise, G2 stands out because it’s HSPA+ compatible. And finding a G2 isn’t as complex as tracking a yeti.

    Just ranting now but… TMO has way better stuff going on than this thing.

    PS there’s only one thing about MyTouch4G that isn’t awesome: the name. Get one.

    • Otelo_2001

      I agree with most of the comments, about plastic and that the N2 should look better than this, only thing though is that I guess I must be one of those lucky people, becasue I had my nexus for the since it came out online and never had problems with over heating, I did have some issues with making calls but once I started getting my updates it went away, right now am at 2.2.1 and notice that most devices are still at 2.2
      anyway the specs on my N1 I like, but I can picture this bad boy in the unibody of the HTC mozart, with same specs and of course 4G along with a front camera for video call

    • Otelo_2001

      I agree with most of the comments, about plastic and that the N2 should look better than this, only thing though is that I guess I must be one of those lucky people, becasue I had my nexus for the since it came out online and never had problems with over heating, I did have some issues with making calls but once I started getting my updates it went away, right now am at 2.2.1 and notice that most devices are still at 2.2
      anyway the specs on my N1 I like, but I can picture this bad boy in the unibody of the HTC mozart, with same specs and of course 4G along with a front camera for video call

  • Steve

    The mytouch 4g is so much better. Stock android is boring the mysense is filled with awesome features. I don’t see 2.3 making android much better. The mytouch has a great solid feel and looks much better than cheap plastic

  • keith

    I can confirm this is the new google nexus phone. I live right next to the google campus in Kirkland WA and I was at the local store where I saw someone using this very phone. I asked if it was the new google phone and he quickly hid it and said.. “nope” BUSTED!

  • holiday

    No side facing camera?

  • zapata714

    No hspa+ wouldn’t be a real deal breaker for me, it’s not like it’s actually true 4G, just 3G but enhanced. the day 4G networks are the standard and a phone comes out that doesn’t support it is the day I’ll complain

  • creep3x

    Does anybody have any idea if t-mobile will be offering this phone to customers or is it gonna b like the nexus 1 u have to get it straight from google?