T-Mobile Launches The myTouch 4G; This Time You Can REALLY Buy It

The myTouch4G is officially for sale, hooray!  Arguably the very best cell phone in the T-Mobile lineup complete with HSPA+ 4G goodness, the myTouch4G is chalk full of features sure to delight.  That’s all from me.  You know what to do…buy it!


Everyone thank Bimmerz for the poll options!

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  • rjz

    can’t wait for this, gotta get it tomorrow morning!

    • rjz

      gotta get tomorrow morning FIRST!

      • Bimmerz

        You sound like a kid on Christmas Eve – anxious to open Christmas presents, and cannot wait until tomorrow morning to do so! I know the feeling! lol

      • sorandkairi

        Yeah I went to pick up another one (already obtained one from a “friend”) yesterday when i returned my wife’s G2. For all those how doubted that the VGA camera wasd good… I used video chat yesterday evening with my wife in the next room through HSPA and the call and picture quality was great! It suprised me too.

        Also, while I was at the store last night, 2 idiots stole 2 prepaid phones. Soo… they female store clerk and I just went outside and got their tag number Auburn (alabama) Jwwg (idiots) and called the police. The were caught like two blocks away….. later that night. My question was, why the hell would you steal prepaid phones (worth $80 and $100), on camera, with like 10 people looking at you, and while people get your tag number!? I dont get it!?

  • Bimmerz

    lol Thx David! I chose the rainbow one, as I cannot decide between the Black, White or Red. Will decide when I see them all side by side – still want to see the Plum in person too! :)

  • la_resistance28

    Awesome stuff. Wow, today has been a crazy-busy day for TmoNews, congrats, David! Just out of curiosity, what’s what single busiest day you’ve ever had on the site, both in terms of number of posts, and total traffic? I counted 11 posts today! And we’ve still got another hour to go… Haha

    • David, Managing Editor

      Maybe for you man, but for me its 1:38am! Single largest day…hmm I’d have to look, one of the largest days believe it or not was the G1 launch, that day was traffic heaven!

      • jesus

        Remember the whole vibrant situation (i think) when there was over 700 comments on the post.

  • Sean Buchanan

    this phone coming to best buy or what?

  • 2FR35H

    Hey David/Andrew

    The black version of the Optimus T is FREE! as well as The T-Mobile Comet :D might want to let others know.

  • Jay

    Looking good. I am looking forward to getting this great device! :)

  • jimmy neutron

    Wow T-Mobile’s on fire.They also have the optimus T & Comet for free.

  • I’ll stick with my G2 thank you.

  • abel2fresh4u

    I will finally get mine as soon as they open the doors :)

  • LSxChevelle

    Looking forward to chaos in the am

  • Sean Buchanan

    Anyone have any info on Best Buy? I keep reading that they are going to have it….

  • Anthonysr1

    The mytouch 4g is hottt I’ve seen it in person, in a earlier post one of the guys said the phone looks childish are you kiddin me, this phone is definitely for grown ups.

  • PrisonerOfDoom

    I’ll be picking one up first thing in the morning…can’t wait!!

  • rojasmarco08


    • Happy

      Still not available for employees!!!!!!

      • tipsofme

        Employees sales went live a midnight in Dallas so cst. But that’s for if you add a line through http://WWW.t-mobile.com/employeephones not upgrading from the tmo page. Just add the lame and cancle when it gets here. Mine is already on its way!

    • Jymmyb

      Well wait for one week and will know Nexus 2. IS COMING!!! 4inches screen front facing camara

      • sorandkairi

        cough, Nexus S lol, cough (htc ftw) cough cough cough….. allergies…

  • myn15

    I have a Question: does the MT4G video chat works with other carrier’s video call? like apple’s face time or evo’s? if i call somebody that is using iphone4 or evo, does the video call works? because if so, I’ll be the first in line. I hope somebody will upload a video that it is really works!Thanks!

    • abel2fresh4u

      yes it does. as long the have the qik app and the yahoo messenger app too. i think

      • Already have my LOVED G2. But this is an awesome phone. Wish I could still get it but it doesnt work like that in this world haha

    • lookaturself

      If they have the same app it will work. Full proof way of doing it is by installing an app called tango. It is available for free in the android and iphone markets. I was using tango with an evo and iphone 4 and it worked beautifully.

  • chulo333

    Great question myn15 I was wondering the same thing

  • jian9007

    I so want to pull the trigger but must wait for Sammy’s announcement on the 8th to see if it’s just the lowly Continuum for Verizon shown & a (gulp) WP7 or if the Sammy/Nexus 2 will be real & enticing enough. On an odd side note, why does T-Mobile’s site currently show the G2, add a line to get Sammy T359, and the MT3G Slide on the front of the page with Sammy’s Galaxy S next to it? Where is the MT4G T-Mobile? Market that bad boy on the front page. It’s 4:30AM on launch day & it’s not the first thing you see!!! Bring it T-Mo, bring it!!

  • cellswag5

    I have the G2. I’m hold on to this til they come out with a touch screen black berry with great specs and ill get a tab for the andriod fix.

  • Q

    Got mine! called tmo this morning, and ordered it in black

    • rpinazo

      The dumb representative told me it wasn’t available in Black, only in white. I placed the order and checked my email confirmation and they sent me a G2. What the hell T-Mobile…..I have to cancel that now to call and order again.

  • rubixxcube00

    lol those morons..we can’t even see the colors on the website ’cause they’re on the back! :P

  • terry

    i just ordered a white one through tmobiles website. it comes out to 20dollars cheaper than ordering through customer service.

  • 16309A

    Was going to get this today, but the whole Nexus Two/S thing is making me wait to see what may happen….

  • Midori

    Mine will be arriving I think tomorrow,but I hope today,well at least there will be others posting videos on this phone to tide me over!

  • Can someone tell me if voice recognition works through Bluetooth on this phone?

  • Walhaddi

    I want to ask a stupid question please, so here it is: I see sometimes the same people postin how they will get this or that new phone when they come out even if they are 3 or 4 months apart. I am sure they do get them too. I guess my question is, do these people (May be its some of you) pay the off contract price ($450 or $500) or ou get them in some special way?

    • pantlesspenguin

      Off contract or contract extension. T-Mo doesn’t really care how many times you upgrade, but if you upgrade before the contract ends then you won’t get the best price on the phone. I buy my phones outright and sell the previous one to pay fr the new one.

  • kentuckygator

    Would it no be better to buy this from wirefly? It is cheaper right?

    • kentuckygator


    • Defender of the Galaxy

      Definitely. And they dropped the price to $79.99 plus put a coupon on the Facebook page for another $25 off. $55 for this phone is an amazing deal. I wish I weren’t still locked in with my Vibrant.

      • Bimmerz

        Wow! I will need to look into this – thx for the tip Defender! :)

      • Bimmerz

        For “new” customers only, I don’t qualify – oh well, $149 is still a good deal, if I go through Wirefly.

      • kentuckygator

        Yes I’m still locked into my Blackberry 8900!! It doesn’t even scroll up, stupid trackball!

        I still have 4 months on my contact

      • Bimmerz

        @kentuckygator; If you haven’t done so already, call CS Loyalty department, and see if they will let you do an early upgrade. They might, if you tell them about your trackball not working.

        Maybe worth a try, as the worse that they can say is no. But I have read others have gotten a new phone (with upgrade pricing) 4-5 months away from contract renewal. If the 1st rep says no, call back again and try a different rep – good luck! :)

      • kentuckygator

        @Bimmerz thank you! plus i’ve been with them for 11 years!

      • kentuckygator

        No luck they. She said i am eligible for everything except the $50 rebate and they can’t give that to me before 22 months. BS.

      • Bimmerz

        @kentuckygator; Well that sux! Sorry. :( Although I still would try again, as chances are you’ll get a different rep., and they might say yes. Otherwise – it sux!

        One thing in Sprint’s favor, is that they do 1 year upgrades (meaning 10 months), instead of 2 years/22 months like Tmobile. Not sure about AT&T, or Verizon – but I did try out Sprint a while back.

  • tipsofme


    A good picture I took of your color option for those who cant make up their minds! Sorry I forgot to post this yesterday when I got home! Good luck and buy buy buy!

  • tipsofme
  • reddz

    I’m an employee, and I couldnt order it through an upgrade, and I’m also maxed out on my employee lines. I hope they fix it soon b/c I want this phone :(

    • tipsofme

      Streamline says 10am pst. If its not up by then, call special account care and get your order in that way! Good luck!

  • John

    I ordered mine in Red. So long Blackberry! Anyone interested in a Blackberry 9700? It is going up for sale when I get this new phone. :)

  • peter

    go to wirefly its like 70 bux on there already all colors!

    • Defender of the Galaxy

      Wirefly just posted a $25 coupon code on their Facebook page. $55 for this phone is a sick deal.

  • Izzy

    Thinkin bout selling my vibrant for this!,idk if I should take the leap,idk if my area has hspa + coverage

  • WhoRok

    If I add a line and then cancel tmo won’t ask for the phone back?

    • tipsofme

      If your an employee no – a customer yes they will.

  • Will

    Just ordered mine =D in white woohoo.
    To bad it’s not part of the BOGO deal lol

  • pantlesspenguin

    Can anyone confirm that the in-store price is $449 just like the online price?

    • Nope

      I just bought this (red) off contract in store for $449. I used the installment plan with my $400 credit line and only paid $50 plus tax out the door.

      • pantlesspenguin

        Just the info I needed, thanks!!! Ugh I still have to wait 2.5 hours!

  • oboeadam

    I’m an employee, and luckily I had 3 extra lines available, so I was able to order mine this morning. After long consideration, I decided to go with Red. I’ve got to say, I’ve never had so much trouble trying to decide on the color of a phone before! I usually always get white, but it just didn’t appeal to me as much as black and red this time. I can’t wait for it to arrive!

  • tipsofme

    RED ftw! It really does look the best in person. I was shocked! I didn’t want black because I know every one would go for that.

    • pantlesspenguin

      Right now it’s a tossup for me between red & plum. I’ll need to see both in person. I’m ready to add a splash of color to my mobile device!

  • doogiesbionic

    Due to funds ill be getting one in black next week can’t wait!!

  • idk g2 or mytouch

    i wish the mytouch 4g had stock android and or wish the g2 had a ffc.. im thinking mytouch 4g slide .

    • Izzy

      Im sure htc already has it made..just waiting to make as much money as they possibly can before its time to unveil the slide version and make even more money!!

      • SoooAnxious

        Yeah, Im holding out for a slide version….
        I hope it’s not in vain

  • sorandkairi

    once you go black……… come on people its not just a saying…..

  • wickedced

    bought the black myTouch 4g in a store this morning. Its got a bunch of software bugs so far. It wont let me sync contacts (crashes every time) and the data connection phases in and out pretty regularly. Only 1GB available space harddrive as well. Its very pretty though. Hopefully bugs will get worked out.

  • ThunderGP

    So this is my 1st post as I know there r peeps out there that want to know if they should sell their G2 and get the myT4G. The short answer is keep ur G2. Functionally it is just as good & fast if not better. the MT4G although slimmer is bulkier wide and not as ergonomic and sleek as the G2. It feels cheap due to plastic composition and light weight. I love TMobile, but heard the video chat drags to irritating use. G2 is the winner for now.

    • kentuckygator

      Is this guy serious?

  • GGA11219

    The PLUM is hott! Got mine an hour ago…pressing the on button but uuhhh…its not goin…hmmmm…

    • GGA11219

      Got it! Its HOTT

  • txdot

    Was the first customer this morning and was out the door in 15 minutes with my new MT4G. Very nice so far. The one thing that isn’t improved is reception in my office. I knew it was a long shot thinking it would be better but a guy can hope, right? I’m still happy with the phone and the Genius button is really cool for speaking text messages. Off to play with it some more.

  • Thaghost

    I have mine. Loving it so far. Da red is beau. It definitely feels solid. It doesnt look or feel cheap. Tmo did it. I only had it for 30 min so far tho. One downer, only 1.06 gb of internal storage :(

    • Will

      I thought it said there was 4gb of internal memory :o

      • JaylanPHNX

        It seems HTC has been setting aside a lot of internal storage for updates and pre-loaded stuff. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, keeps you from having to remove apps to make room for updates (glad they’re keeping that in mind). 1G is a lot of app storage, though. My XT only has 256Mb and that sux. Plus with Froyo there’s apps2SD, so the internal memory is just fine in my book.

      • Will

        @JaylanPHNX oh okay. I’m not the most knowledgeable in regards to the internal specifics so thank you for clarifying that, it’s appreciated! That makes complete sense and eases my concern (even though I never really had any lol). AND to make things better I had no idea Froyo allowed us to do apps2sd =o Such a great surprise to me.

      • Thaghost

        Most of da preloaded apps r needed but I tried to uninstall em or move em but i cant. U can move any app u download to da sd tho. 1gb is enuff. Maybe wit them reserving all da space, da updates will come quicker.

  • alex


  • Varolan

    I’m loving my brand new blue myTouch4G! (The plum is dark enough that I decided to be different and get it, and blue is what I’m calling it and nobody can tell me otherwise! :D)

  • john

    has anybody got a tracking number yet?

  • Dean

    I went to Best Buy this morning to get mT4g and they said they aren’t selling them… I’ve heard different all the way up to today. Anyone have info on this?

  • txdot

    Wow, this thing is seriously better than the mt3g. It’s fastest enough to actually use. The genius button is awesome!

  • souggie

    so, i got mine, and its great. But i got a software update like after a couple hours playing with the phone, any body else got one?

  • souggie

    never mind, its a software update to android 2.2.1 to fix video chat issues and battery life

  • souggie

    nice to see tmobile supporting this right out the box :)

  • Jesus

    Hey guys I picked up my MyTouch 4G today too but I’m not too thrilled with it anymore. Sometimes during a phone call I need to look something up online while on the phone call and with the Vibrant I could do this. Tonight I tried doing this with the MyTouch 4G and it would not let me connect to the internet while on the phone call. It gave me a connection error stating to connect to the network (T-Mobile) or to WiFi. I checked and I was connected to T-Mobile’s network. For some reason when on a phone call I lose my HSPA when I try to connect to the internet. I thought it might be a glitch so I hung up with the person and tried to go online. Immediately it connected again and I was back online with the HSPA. I called my girlfriend back and attempted again to look something up online and it did the same thing. I am very frustrated right now because I don’t understand why you can’t go online with the new MyTouch 4G while on a phone call? This is ridiculous. I haven’t been able to find anything online on the issue so I’m hoping some of you that went out and purchased it can try to do this and see if you have the same outcome. I definitely will not be keeping this phone if I can’t access the web while on a phone call. By the way I do have the latest over the air update that was released before people begin asking.

    • Fresnolesbo

      Hi I’ve had this issue too. I noticed while being on a call, some android apps weren’t working as well as no internet connection. But this doesn’t seem to be permanent as I have been able to search the web while on a call once before. I think its just network glitch. Hopefully it gets sorted out before I lose interest in this wonderful phone…

  • GreenTea

    Holding my G1 to see what the Nexus 2 hype is…for some reason I just hate the Mytouch line of phones. Decent phones. Not awesome or sexy phones. I need to upgrade to sexy awesomeness. If this phone only had the G2’s body or sleekness I’d get it in a heartbeat.

    In other news, Im glad Tmo is getting dirty with the marketing though. Made me proud.

  • BMAN325i

    just got done talking to customer loyalty. Upgraded from a mytouch3g to a mytouch4g. I was still on a contract for another year but offered the phone to me for 199.99 and kept all my grandfathered plans. AAAAAhhh, t-mobile never doubted you for a second here, always hookin me up with good deals.

  • chowder

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