HD7 Vs. myTouch 4G “Schmackdown” Courtesy Of Wirefly

Right now the HTC HD7 and the myTouch4G could arguably be considered the two hottest devices on the T-Mobile network. Thanks to the boys at Wirefly who’ve compiled almost 14 minutes comparing many many aspects of the two devices. If you are torn between the two devices it’s definitely worth watching and even if you are just a phone connoisseur, it’s still worth watching.  While the Android platform certainly has its share of backers going for it (understatement of the century right?) Windows Phone 7 is facing an uphill battle. Removing the sour taste left over from thoughts of Windows Mobile won’t happen overnight but Microsoft is in this for the long haul. Don’t be fooled, Windows Phone 7 is a brand new platform and I’ve been enjoying the HD7 for about a week now as its certainly a worthy competitor thus far. Android isn’t going anywhere but those of you who have discounted Windows Phone 7 as just another “bystander” in the Smartphone game should really take a long hard look at some of the things Microsoft has done right.

Wirefly YouTube

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