HD7 Vs. myTouch 4G “Schmackdown” Courtesy Of Wirefly

Right now the HTC HD7 and the myTouch4G could arguably be considered the two hottest devices on the T-Mobile network. Thanks to the boys at Wirefly who’ve compiled almost 14 minutes comparing many many aspects of the two devices. If you are torn between the two devices it’s definitely worth watching and even if you are just a phone connoisseur, it’s still worth watching.  While the Android platform certainly has its share of backers going for it (understatement of the century right?) Windows Phone 7 is facing an uphill battle. Removing the sour taste left over from thoughts of Windows Mobile won’t happen overnight but Microsoft is in this for the long haul. Don’t be fooled, Windows Phone 7 is a brand new platform and I’ve been enjoying the HD7 for about a week now as its certainly a worthy competitor thus far. Android isn’t going anywhere but those of you who have discounted Windows Phone 7 as just another “bystander” in the Smartphone game should really take a long hard look at some of the things Microsoft has done right.

Wirefly YouTube

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  • JaylanPHNX

    Apples and oranges much?

  • GAM3R
    • Mr LMAO

      Wowwww….thats no biggy, who cares. No problems with mine!

    • Vibrant Guy

      Every phone freezes at one point or another…its not a big deal.

      • Not4sakn

        Just happens more with winmo

        • PHONE FREAK

          Thankfully this is not windows mobile.

        • my Blackberry Bold has frozen more times than my MyTouch Slide or my iPhone ever has. It’s not more than 4 or 5 times but that’s still more than any phone I’ve had.

          It depends on how hard you abuse the device.

        • Allantoss

          @MattSTKC its true u abused your blackberry bold that’s y it froze to death! I have a bold its ever since I bout it, it has never froze! And I even use it to reply to these comments on this website.

        • Bobert

          You musy

        • Bobert

          I enjoy the routine battery pulls on my Nexus ever since Flash came along

    • TheDude

      Looks like an issue with the marketplace both parts). Hit the windows button and it went straight back to the menu no problem.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Not to back WP7 or anything but…

      Android 2.2 Froyo on Galaxy S FREEZES UP

      Just proof that it happens on all platforms

      • Anonymous

        What your looking at is a rooted galaxy s that has froyo, If you really knew anything you would know that froyo is not officially out for the galaxy s its a port. so as everyone knows there will be some bug in the rom.
        by the way that shmackdown was pretty biased, and the guy had a pretty manicure on his delicate hands there.

      • Anonymous

        What your looking at is a rooted galaxy s that has froyo, If you really knew anything you would know that froyo is not officially out for the galaxy s its a port. so as everyone knows there will be some bug in the rom.
        by the way that shmackdown was pretty biased, and the guy had a pretty manicure on his delicate hands there.

    • Shon

      If paid attention the browser on the HD7 was a lot smoother no jerking when jumping in and out.

      • joel

        He also loaded a page with Flash, which WP7 doesn’t have. lol

  • RonCorn

    I picked up an HD7 last Thursday, and besides a couple minor glitches, mine has worked like a charm. This is NOTHING like the former Windows Mobile. Simple interface that gives me all the information I need – works quite well for me. I have not had any issues with freezing, nor have I had to do the usual “battery pull”.

    • Allantoss

      I agree with u though I don’t own one yet, but the true fact is that, it depends on how u use and treat the phone. Some people take advantage of it becoz its a new device and so they want to download a bunch of stuff and remember tht will slow down ur device. Treat and respect ur phones.

  • fatboy97

    What a waste of air space… just a little to bias for the Windows OS… personally I don’t like the BLACK background on everything.

    • Brandon

      In the settings I think you can change it to white.

      • dannyb91979

        Yep, white or black. That’s it. No colors, no wallpapers… Boring.

        • With all the icons on there, who sees the wallpaper?

        • dannyb91979

          Exactly! I really don’t like the tiles.

  • Droidicus

    Wow. I wasn’t interested in the winmo phone at all until I saw this! Other than the boring uncustomizable face, the experience looks awesome. Kinda like I’ve always hoped android would achieve…

  • xfooyen

    Hehe. He said “long hard”.

    OK, I’ll watch the video.

  • Roger

    What about 4G? Not sure why WP7 didn’t come out with a 4G version.

    • bryan

      Microsoft sets the specifications for Windows Phone 7 handsets, even dictating what type of chipset is used. Because Microsoft provides the drivers for the OS to use the CPU and GPU, which is why the UI is so fluid and smooth (WP7 uses GPU hardware graphics acceleration) the only chipset available for manufacturers to use is the 1st generation Snapdragon chip set.

      The original Snapdragon chipset is only capable of HSDPA (7.2 Mbps) unlike the 2nd generation Snapdragon chipset in the MyTouch 4G which is capable of HSPA+ (14.4 Mbps). This is why there is no 4G for the HD7

  • Biased much?

    Couldn’t have been more biased. What a craptastic review!

    • I’m surprised I had to read this many replies to see someone say this. He was obviously biased towards MP7. But it’s cool cause I’m biased to Android. Google FTW!!!

      WP7 looks nice I won’t lie, but MSFT is too late. I will never buy another WinMo phone. I bought my HD2 6 months ago for almost $600 after taxes and they can’t upgrade it? That’s horrible business. If Catulla can do it MSFT could have too. I mean really how hard would it be to add support for one more button?????? Money hungry bastards. Yes I hate MSFT, I know it’s obvious.

      • thaghost

        agree with everything you said.

  • Right now my money is on the MyTouch HD. Almost have my pennies together.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • aj

    hi all,
    any of u guys with the hd7 having problems with the battery meter?

    after about 8 hrs of charging the phone, the battery indicator turns green – which i assume means fully charged. but when i look at the battery indicator on the phone, it still shows as charging. anyone else having this problem?

    • jmc

      yes this same thing happens to me as well

      • sajj

        i was reading amazon reviews, you have to use the battery life to the max 3-4 times and then you will be able to get your full charge.

        • aj

          thanks. i’ll have to try this out.

          have you, or anyone else, confirmed that this works?

  • Barry

    That HD7 was looking really good. I’m still not sure if I like that homescreen/tiles thing. It was simple and really smooth though. I probably would have got it if it was hspa+ :-( But this is a good start looking forward to future devices. Maybe there’ll be some HTC sense on future devices.

    • impatient

      Windows rep promoting the phone explicitly told us “HTC Sense will not be on future devices”… he claimed that was the issue with the HD2 so going forward they will not make the same mistake again.

      • Barry

        Well imo the tile thing will get lame and boring after a while. I guess its all about the fluidity which again is sweet.

        • bryan

          Microsoft does not allow manufacturers to skin Windows Phone 7, so no Sense on WP7.

          Also Microsoft provides the drivers for the CPU and GPU, that’s why all of the launch phones use the same 1st generation Snapdragon processor (which only supports 7.2Mbps download speed), so it might be a while until there is a HSPA+ WP7 handset.

        • Anonymous

          you cant put a skin on top of a skin, win phone is a zune skin on top of win mobile 6.7.

        • Anonymous

          you cant put a skin on top of a skin, win phone is a zune skin on top of win mobile 6.7.

  • UzukiC

    Can’t help but still want to be cautions on the HD7… Brand new systems have glitches. Remember the G1? It may blossom into an good system, but for now, Microsoft has earned my mistrust of their system.

  • Kenobi

    Felt the review was not helpful. There was no info about tha capabilities of either phone just the on screen interface. What is better android or windows and why?

  • The MyTouch “4G” already has two strikes – HTC Sense, and T-Mo’s bloatware. The MyTouch Slide has an epic bug (confirmed by a T-Mo employee) that causes the Dialer app to crash and prohibit phone calls until you reboot the device. I wouldn’t put it past the new MyTouch to do the same thing since even though it’s running 2.2 it still handles calls the same way due to T-Mo’s dialer.

    • Biased much?

      Umm yeah I have the slide and this is not true at all. Had it six months and never had a single force close! Don’t spread lies! Btw I use over 1500 min a month call after call works great!

    • impatient

      Truth. Happened to me… there was absolutely no way to make a call again. Could not open anything to do with dialer, not my contacts, recent calls, anything. Even a battery pull did not help- I actually had to master reset to resolve the issue.

      • Biased much?

        Ok so because it happened to you its a wide spread problem? Whatever you guys say. You probably loaded an app or flashed a rom that jacked up your phone. This is NOT common problem. Just check the forums almost no mention off this issue when composites to the number of slide users.

        • Biased much?

          Composites = compared…my bad

  • DeanVenture

    Seriously, did I miss the part where we talk about speed? HD7 isn’t an hspa+ phone and the myTouch is, and the quadrant clocking is off the charts. I despise the branding for the myTouch, but to say the deciding factor is simply how much you want to customize it is complete horse hockey. Don’t get me wrong, the HD7 is a great phone, but I work for big magenta and I wouldn’t present these two to the same customer at all, they’re totally different user bases. One is a great first step into a new UI and the other is an established brand that’s loaded to the teeth with features. And while I’m on the subject why exactly is the HD7 not a 4G phone when most of it’s services are web based? That’s just silly.

    • hater

      Unless “4G like speeds” are EVERYWHERE (like 3G is) does it really make a difference? Why does an H show up on some phones when they aren’t capable of those speeds? You work for t-mobile so you should know the answer to your question…

      • deadinditches

        H actually stands for HSPA, NOT hspa+.

        Almost all of tmo’s smartphones see a speedboost in HSPA+ coverage, up to a claimed 7.2mbps, compared to a 21.2mbps speed for HSPA+

        That’s why several phones show an H when they’re actually just 3G phones.

    • bryan

      No HSPA+ on the HD7 because microsoft provides the drivers for the hardware, at launch the only chipset available is the 1st gen Snapdragon which is only capable of 7.2 Mbps.

  • dannyb91979

    Yeah, it looks smooth right now, but Microsoft has never made a product that actually works the way it’s supposed to. Window’s 7 for the PC is very unstable – the computers at work crash all the time, while performing simple tasks like surfing the web. I’m just waiting for the returns of the HD7 when phone 7 starts crashing.

    • eYe

      Really? I’ve put in Window 7 on my laptop 3-4 months ago and haven’t had a single crash yet. Few glitches here and there but miles ahead of Vista in terms of stability and ahead of XP in terms of ease of use and functionality.

      As far as HD7 goes, I played in the store with it a little bit and was unimpressed with UI, speed and form factor. Just did not feel right. *Disclaimer: I’ve used Android for the last 2 years so my opinion is heavily biased. I am more then willing to give it a shot once more phones become available.

    • TheDude

      If it was that unstable you think everyone would be ranting and raving over how it’s finally a worthy upgrade from XP? There’s something else going on here…

      • dannyb91979

        See, I dissagree that it’s an upgrade from XP. I think it’s the worst OS I’ve ever seen. I HATE the new task bar. It’s trying to be a mac dock, with no success. They need to let Mac be Mac, and stay different. But that’s off-topic for this site ;-)

        Nope, I’m not a fan of WP7. I like being able to customize my phone, and place the widgets and icons anywhere I want, and not being stuck to a two-column grid of tiles… (oh, and only a black or a white background.) I’ll never switch from Android!

        • xitaxuta

          lmao.. so you saying.. Windows 7 is the WORST OS u even seen?? you HATE the task bar that “looks like” a mac dock?? and on top of that XP is better than Windows 7????

          really?? i mean really?

          these forums are full of fan boys who just dont know to understand differences in software..

          btw.. so you wanted the background color to be PINK also???

    • Farhan

      Could there be driver issues causing the crash? We have windows 7 on over 30 machines at work and none of them have any problems. Computers range from old Optiplex 270/280s, 520s, 620s up to the newer 980s and none of them have crashed since we upgraded 5 months ago.

      We even have Win 7 on atom based Optiplex 160s and they run great.

    • geodude

      You might want not want to upgrade your Windows XP computers to Windows 7 buddy.

  • jmts80

    No HSPA+ and almost no options to customize the look and feel of the phone kill it for me. I have to give Microsoft props though as this appears 100 times better than Winmo!

  • Miguel

    Nice attempt, but how can we take a mobile platform serious if it cannot even use SD Cards or any other type of expandable memory?

    • deadinditches

      Don’t rule out MicroSD support in the near future… It’s already becoming an issue on ATT’s Focus.

    • Max

      Yes, because the iPhone has done terribly.
      Whether you like the OS or not of the iPhone (I don’t), you can’t deny it has a strong mobile presence.

  • John

    What an incompatant review. Lets start by saying Ram for the MT4G 768 vs 512, there is a big differance between 1st gen snapdragon and 2nd gen snapdragon, 4G4G4G4G, FFC.

  • lbdagreat1

    Nice review, but Im still in luv with my mt4g. Here is a question for david or kickstar will anyone be posting coverage on the web 2.0 conf.

    • Kickstar13

      We’ll make sure to cover anything T-Mobile related and get is posted ASAP.

  • oman222

    I like the clean interface

  • hater

    This video is pointless. Its all about personal preference. Go into the store and play with both devices for yourself and then buy which ever one does what you want it to do best. After spending ample time playing with both devices I liked the HD7 and the Windows Phone 7 OS better so I bought it. With that being said, the MT4G is a cool phone and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new phone.

  • yourboyfriendthinksimhot


    • Biased much?


    • hater

      It’s a shame that you don’t know how to use your Caps Lock key. People who think winmo7 and windows phone 7 are the same thing irritate me. There is no such thing as winmo7. Gosh!

      • Really that’s your reply? The caps lock? And it’s mobile platform made by Windows, why can’t you call it Windows Mobile? I know why, cause then it will remind everyone how bad MSFT screwed them for so many years. They needed to re-brand to get away from the shit pile, and start another one not so obvious. IMO people still giving Windows (Mobile) Phone a chance are akin to a battered wife who believes that her husband is a new man because he took a shower and got a haircut. Oh yeah it’ll get better for a while, but just wait!

      • Really that’s your reply? The caps lock? And it is Windows Mobile. They just re-branded it to get away from the heaping pile of shit they left so they could start a new one and it be not so obvious.

        IMO people that are still using Windows (whatever) are akin to a battered wife who believes her husband has changed because he gets a haircut, takes a shower, and puts on a suit. Sure it gets better for a while, but only time will tell.

        • hater

          David Reyna, you’re not allowed to talk to me anymore. If you would down just a little further, I state that I like both Android and WP7. No bias at all from me.

  • hater

    Which is worse? An iOS fanboy or an Android fanboy?

    • Mr LMAO

      Those darn “Hem-roid” fanboys! All they do is clown on the homescreen and the tiles!!! Come up with something else or let it go!

      • hater


        • Biased much?

          Enjoy all those window phone apps…oh wait there are hardly any…and even less that are any good. ENJOY!

        • hater

          I have everything I need, Sir. Question. How many apps did Android have when it came out? Even better question How many apps does Android have that are worth anything? Unlike you, I’m not a fanboy. I used Android since it’s first came out. I really like it, but I also like WP7. Like I said before, It’s all about preference. I only had about 5-10 apps that I used on Android and WP7 has the same apps. Have a nice day.

        • zellbz

          @Baisedmuch…. Are you enjoying your Android games b/c I’m more that sure WP7 has better games and will have a more extensive collection of games than Android will. After I get the Dell Venue Pro I’ll have both Android and WP7 and both have there pro and cons, especially in smothness and music where WP7 is 10x better than what on android and Sense and I personally think its is also better than an ipod.

  • JG01

    I picked an HD7 last week, very excited about the new OS from MS and having a fondness for HTC devices, to me this was a winner. I used it for a day to checkout the features of the OS. I liked many of it’s features (the tiles, xbox live, market, killing open apps in the background, email integration), but soon became disappointed. Many limitations, can’t connect to hidden wifi, can’t transfer files to or from a computer or via Bluetooth, cloud base sharing\transfer only, no TV out, no access to the file system, no cut & paste, amongst others. This seems very much like the iPhone and iTunes three years ago. Until they get caught up and allow me to transfer a file manually and have TV out, I’ll stick with the android OS (although I hate those processes running in background).

    MS should have come out swinging like a champ, instead, they came not rising to the occasion wanting to win the preferred OS of title.

    I would say wait. But if you do, it could kill the OS. So it’s up to you, buy a windows phone 7 device and be behind (which could be a year or so to catch up), or put the pressure on by not buying and force make the updates faster to survive.

    • Inhuman

      There are apps on andros that let you kill background processes easily.
      you can even do in three settings. just it will take you more steps.
      Or just create a shortcut to settings/manage apps.

  • mrjoeyloke

    do windows 7 phones have multi tasking as well?

  • alex

    Mytouch 4g is clearly better :D(my opinion) can’t wait to get it in white next week or @ the end of the month, HD7 compete once your camera issue is resolved :p

    • Max

      Clearly implies objectivity.

  • Inhuman

    Why is win7 advertised as being the only phone that lets look and out down your phone quickly, and know what’s going on?
    Android does this better.
    You can have your home screen configured to show you everything and more than what those out if date tiles can.
    With widgets and notifications.
    I hate iphones non customizable “wall of icons” . Seems win7 is the same boring non customizable wall of “squares”.

    • Inhuman

      meant to say…
      “Why is win7 advertised as being the only phone that lets you quickly look and put down your phone, and know what’s going on?

      • Carlos

        Android doesnt give you live info and even then you have to swipe left and right multiple times to get that info and constant updates which has to be set at an interval instead of pushed info. Android is a lil more advanced for people just starting out with smartphones. so Windows Phone 7 has a edge in what they claim its simple and fast

        • Inhuman

          you still have to swipe down too see all the tiles on win7.
          I can configure 1 or 2 screens max with everything i need. text, email, facebook, twitter, calls, etc. I can see all of that. missed calls how many texts, how many email, tweets, facebook updates(not just the number, but the actual reply. the actual sentence someone wrote)
          About the live updates. I seem to get all my notifications live. texts, email, calls. You can configure it to update how often as you like.
          If you are saying that win7 phones update every second for stuff like email and facebook , then i would imagine it would kill batterylife.
          I can configure it that way too on android, but i like my batterylife to last more than a few hours.

  • Phone 4 Sale

    When will the Vibrant get 2.2 ?

  • JD

    quick question: can the MT4G genius button accept different languages? I speak french, german and i want to give directions or search in my native language just like i do on my blackberry. Is it possible? If not, can someone offer any tips or apps that can help me do that on this phone?

  • billy jean

    The xbox live integration on wp7 is really cool..if microsoft uses some of their marketing efforts to target gamers they could really capture a market that is willing to spend money and fast…on the other hand I’d die if xda figured out a way to get that running on android

    • Patrick

      the Zune interface is pretty amazing to me personally

    • hater

      So, if XDA made that work on Android, how would that benefit you if you were dead? After all, you said you’d die?

  • TheTruth

    Look at all the android nuthuggers with their panties all in a bunch just cause a reviewer liked the Win7 interface better.

    • Mr LMAO

      LMAO right!?!?! Silly “Hem-roid” fanboys

    • joel

      Look at the WP7 nuthuggers stroking each other off because they found someone that actually gave WP7 a favorable review.

      • David, Managing Editor

        Hey! I would give it a favorable review, as would many others who have!

        • joel

          Aw, you’re ruining my fun. I know WP7 is getting good reviews. I just wanted to see if they would crap themselves over getting a taste of their own taunting :(

        • David, Managing Editor

          Oh man, the taunting is ridiculous!

      • TheTruth

        Maybe if you didn’t spend all your time watching nuthuggers stroking off, you could evaluate the device on its merits. Just make sure you wash your hands first, goo-boy…

      • TheTruth

        Maybe if you didn’t spend all your time watching nuthuggers stroking off, you could evaluate the device on its merits. Just make sure you wash your hands first, goo-boy…

  • Patrick

    only thing I miss from my android device is apps….everything else is nice. even the way pic messages show up is nice…the keyboard though ANNOYING if you’re typing anything more than just letters is VERY nice…..this O.S……just…………….works. I have to admit. Granted…I like Windows Mobile 6.5.3 but this is EONS beyond it.

  • Cybersedan

    I’m very happy to see WP7 getting good reviews, I hope the platform does well and progresses fast.

    I’m a die hard Android fan, but not a clueless fanboy, anyone with common sense knows that healthy competition between consumer products spurs aggressive innovation, this helps to fast track the evolution of these products.

    So go on iOS, and Windows Phone 7, and Blackberry, and all other competing OS’s out there, thanks for continuing to drive Google to enrich the Android experience for us all.

  • not that much news lately.



    i think my only problem w/ WP7 is its meant to look pretty…like Windows Vista….i admit that they did a great job with transition animations and the GUI. The only thing is the lack of app variety and a large development community like in Android to fix the retarded things Microsoft baked into WP7. Yes Im a Android fanboy too but Im also glad finally Microsoft stepped their game up so that Android and iPhone would have to step theirs up too. This type of competition makes better phones for us.

    I give Steve Jobs 2 months before Apple sues them for something like they do everyone else lol. That means they’re scared that they arent gonna be able to bully other smartphones anymore like they used to 3 yrs ago.

  • Vinchenzo

    Microsoft should back their product and make it so that if you trade in your HD2, you should be able to get the HD7 for a substantial discount above and beyond the regular 2-year discount.

  • jesus

    my g2 will kill all of theese 2 phones!

  • fiveizzo

    i think mr lma is a fan of hemmeroids…..lmao

  • fiveizzo

    thats mr lmao

    • Mr lmao

      You noticed how no one agreed w/u huh????? Lyao at that…..bahahaha kick rocks

  • Galen20K

    He forgot to mention how the myTOuch 4G has a sony Super LCD screen.

  • J1

    in other dog fight news phonedog posted a 2 part vid pitting the Mytouch 4g against the G2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soaPV59b4SA .. I just love sibling rivalry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leUvapY-q_4 .. Also for your viewing pleasure here’s a vid of the G2 running Sense 2.2 as seen on its cousin the htc desire z.. you’re welcome lol.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuiJfEjY5Y0

  • chris

    the reason i love my recently upgraded hd7 is because of how much of an opposite it is to android. and i look at this in two main points.

    no fragmentation – when microsoft updates the os, it will be going out to all devices because of the hardware requirements for the os. this gets rid of feeling left in the dark when other carriers and other devices have different features.

    lack of multitasking – im actually a huge fan of this. all of my friends with their g2’s and vibrants keep getting on my case about missing out on it, but i always counter “how much do you send a text message and browse the internet at the same time?” i can understand wanting to have pandora playing in the background while you do stuff (which the built in zune player is still capable of doing), but all multitasking does is kill processing power by dividing it between multiple apps, and kill your battery. i cant tell how many times my phone got bogged down by crap i hadnt used for hours, and since upgrading to the hd7 i havent had a single problem. even my mt3g and cliq xt had issues within the first week with slowing down.

    i will definitely be sticking with wp7 and will be excited to see how the os develops and matures

    • Mr lmao

      I have good credit, so I’ll cosign this! Very valid points

    • Chatter

      I think the fragmentation point you bring up is extremely important (Steve Jobs recently said something similar). The fact that different devices are updated as when the manufacturer feels like, is a problem. Look at all the Vibrant users waiting for 2.2.
      Now, I don’t have either phone so I am not a fanboy for either phone. But played with the HD7 and was super impressed with it. As v.1, it is a very good effort.

  • somebody

    does wp7 come with gps like android or is extra ?

    someone confirm/deny this

  • molten

    They are both great phone but I went with the HD7 and it feels great to use.I might get the MT4G for my wife but the WP7 OS just need time to mature and so far its great for a version 1. What everybody needs to be happy about is that at least TMO got some great phones to choose from. Who feels the same way as I do?

  • alex76

    Soooo when is android going to start using gpu acceleration? I have a MT4G and I have to admit the smoothness of the UI On the HD7 has me jealous. Shouldn’t the MT4G be capable of this? Especially now because of the updated adreno gpu??

  • thaghost

    he was so biased that i didnt even get mad. wirefly needs to sell the hd7 anyway so he has to give it a lil push. i am biased towards android. wp7 looks good but the tiles and home screen is ugly. also there is no flash, copy n paste, ffc or 4g. that is a lot to give up because most of that is standard right now. but like i continue to say, much love and respect to tmobile for stepping their game up tremendously. they have rulled the game since sept. 1st to launch galaxy s. dropped the g2, mt4g, hd7. 1st to drop the galaxy tablet. working on the nexus s. verizon owned the first 4 or 5 months. sprint n att made noise with the evo and iphone4 respectively but tmobile owned the end of the year.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Anybody know where good bean pie is located? The first OS that can find the answer wins. The fight is on (pit from ssbb)

  • Bobsbbq

    One thing the smackdown missed is the amount of available RAM? MT4G is 786mb, and HD7 is 512mb. I agree the scrolling is smoother on the HD7, but the hardware advantages and customization of the MT4G make it a winner in my opinion, and everyone has one.

    Also there are very limited apps for the Windows Phone 7. All previous version of apps won’t work. So you are stuck with what they have available at the moment.

  • BullWinkle

    None of you can top my sick and awesome flip-phone RAZOR, top of the line tech machine with T-Zones baby! Flip it and shut case, Johnson… Battery Saver! With voice activator greeting Hello-Moto! BAAAAMM!(=

    Message sent from HD7.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    it does seem like wp7 is putting android fanpeoples on edge. Interesting.

    • Anonymous

      pretty much. it’s hilarious.

    • Roger

      You wish Wilma! but hey! to each his own!

  • Zac

    he should learn how to use the phones before he puts them to a test, this is a poor video

    • Midori

      I agree,he clearly put the HD7 in the spotlight as though the MT4G came out 2yrs ago. I personally love my MT4G because I didnt buy a phone just to, as windows calls it, “Get in and get out of your phone” or whatever, I want multiple screens of personalization so that I can have fun with my phone or else I would have stayed with my Behold with that kind of attitude!

  • Daniel

    I agree he was clearly all over the HD7 didn’t even mention the fact that the MT4G is a HSPA+ phone.

  • daTruth

    When comparing two items, don’t give your opinion. Just give the specs and demos. This guy is dry humping the hell outta this HD7. He say that scrolling is better on the HD7? I thought the MT4G is scrolling a lot better and a lot faster. Bogus vid

  • daTruth

    When comparing two items, don’t give your opinion. Just give the specs and demos. This guy is dry humping the hell outta this HD7. He say that scrolling is better on the HD7? I thought the MT4G is scrolling a lot better and a lot faster. Bogus vid

  • truethfully, do not buy the mytouch 4g, i have had so many problems and returned multiple. Dust under the screen, proximity sensor and acceleromiter not working, lag and more

  • Guitar_hero911

    Can you have a wallpaper forn the hd7? and how good are the apps?

  • Guitar_hero911

    i meant for

  • mike

    Great review, I just got a my touch today and first day battery went out after light use, 5 hrs, media sound is awful. video playback on youtube only uses 2/3 of screen , md7 use all of it massive screen. I think i will return for hd7 tomorrow

  • mike

    Great review, I just got a my touch today and first day battery went out after light use, 5 hrs, media sound is awful. video playback on youtube only uses 2/3 of screen , md7 use all of it massive screen. I think i will return for hd7 tomorrow

  • donny

    thank you for this video! i was very torn between the hd7 and the mytouch 4g. this video helped me in my decision! thanks again!