Aaron Unboxes The Blackberry 9780

I have to admit a little Blackberry envy for the first time in I don’t know, a long time as I watch Aaron unbox the Blackberry 9780. Perhaps it’s just a little sentimental value for the Blackberry of old when BBM rocked my fingertips and I used to have a Transformers theme right after the first movie came out. Yeah, I did, I admit it, I was proud of my Bumblebee theme. While the Bold won’t drop into stores for another two days Aaron has nine minutes of 9780 goodness for you to enjoy as you watch the clock tick away. Enjoy!

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  • ugh

    this is news? Boring.

    • Petey

      Agree, I want to see a video of “unbox the iPhone (t-mobile vers).

      • xtian

        iPhone = boring

        • Petey

          this video is just as boring. Nothing exciting.

  • Will


    • Galen20K


    • thaghost


  • Eric


  • Cybersedan

    This is good news for Blackberry fans, enough of the hating already!

    • B

      Anything is good news for Blackberry fans these days

  • MosesP


  • -100

  • walhaddi

    Hahaha I feel bad for BB and their boring products

  • derrickps3

    lol you people are so cold hearted, but i could care less for this phone to being that i have a leaked os6 installed on my 9700 :)

  • Robert

    I agree its time for BB to up their game, like last year!!!!

  • jrcaddi

    Does anybody think tmo will ever get the iphone and when

    • sajj

      they already released it in store, you can go pick one up now.

      cmon dude you’re living on rumors, get real, if you want an iphone go pay att for their ridiculously high premium contracts.

      • somebody

        i hope not i dont need stupid 17 year olds bogging up my hspa

  • Brandon

    BlackBerry one of the few phones that still care about security <3.

    They just don't appeal to me as a consumer anymore :(, rock solid device for non tech nerds though.

  • wallstreet

    Stop giving news about 2005 looking handsets from blackberry Tmonews. You are encouraging blackberry to make antiques. No one cares about their line up of phones except maybe the Torch.

    Blackberry put out or get out! Are you listening?! You are now an Atari to the smartphone market…only the elderly remember your innovation. The young have moved to PS3, 360 & Nintendo.

  • herromoto

    he wants to thank T-Mo for a review unit but then tells everyone to buy at best buy mobile instead…..well if youre such a big supporter of best buy mobile then, get your review units from them.

  • tron

    T-mobile release the 9100 already!

  • pantlesspenguin

    I miss having a BlackBerry sometimes, too. But, I’m pretty sure it’s just nostalgia more than anything. Even if I got the 9780 I’m sure I’d be begging for my MT4G back in a week.

    RIM really got themselves into this mess by trying to appeal to business users and regular consumers. They just haven’t proved that they can keep up w/ the consumer market. I think they should have scrapped these “refresher” devices to solely focus on their next gen QNX devices.

    • rpinazo

      I hear you. I sold my 9700 to compensate my cost of the maxtouch 4G. I’m loving every minute of it. Blackberry has a lot of work to do. Headed in right direction with the playbook though.

  • nerdlust

    im so torn bb9780 or g2 or mytouch4g!!! my 8900 is nice, but i ready for some 36 and more processing power.

    • rpinazo

      Mytouch 4G without a doubt. Then download the kik app and u won’t miss bbm anymore

      • pantlesspenguin

        LiveProfile is the real BBM killer. It’s still in beta but it’s available through the market. Once it’s out of beta & the features get unlocked it’s going to be amazing!

  • nerd lust

    Thanks I will run to tmobile over lunch. Hopefully I can play with both mytouch4g and bb9780. Does messages, both text, I’m, mms and work and home email work as good as a blackberry?

  • trini_pirate

    hey… i have this same phone. except mine is called the 9700 ;-)

  • HotChocolate

    Cool. He seems friendly, like the type of guy that would tuck you in at night.

    • I wish I could like this comment x1000000000

  • HotChocolate

    Cool. He seems friendly, like the type of guy that would tuck you in at night.

  • ABY



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