(Updated: And Amazon Too!) Wirefly Offering Up Discount on Pre-order HD7’s

Those fine folks at Wirefly have placed up a pre-order page for the HD7 offering a nice little discount of $30 from the T-Mobile corporate offering. Priced at $169.99 for both upgrades and new customers this is a great deal for those of you willing to take the plunge into the Windows Phone 7 world! Not a bad deal if you ask me and having gone hands on with this device, I can say it’s quite beautiful and well worth considering if Windows Phone 7 suits your fancy!


Turns out Amazon wants in on the HD7 fun as well with the very same pricing as Wirefly! I love competition!

Amazon Wireless

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  • sorandkairi

    great offer for new customers but i’d have to stay clear from wirefly just in case i wanted to default on the contract…. 2X the fees…

  • DaNNY

    good price

  • Holiday

    I still want the dell venue pro to be my first windows 7 phone. Crossing my fingers it will support HSPA+

    • somebody

      it wont

  • ?

    I want that Dell because of the keyboard. If I can’t get it, I’ll get this. Don’t need a “superphone”, just a decent phone to meet my needs.

  • Androidless

    WP7 does suit my fancy, but I couldn’t use this phone unless it has the wifi calling unfortunately. I haven’t heard that this will be offered on WP7 and since it has been released in Europe and nothing has been said, I’m assuming that it isn’t part of the deal. Too bad.

  • titlex

    membershipwireless.com has it for $199 with a $50 Costco Cash Card for preorder.

  • Nurfherder1

    For the love of pete when is the mytouch HD comming. Screw Microsoft.

    • Walhaddi

      lol thats how I feel

      • thaghost

        same here. it is a good deal tho.

    • abel2fresh4u

      i went to my nearest tmobile and one of the employees told me dat he is expectin the mutouch in one or 2 weeks!!!! hope hes not lyin

    • LSxChevelle


    • abel2fresh4u

      ok and why was my comment deleted?
      i was just sayin what a tmobile employee told me today

      • abel2fresh4u

        david something is wrong with this website. first it shows ur comments and den its gone.

        • David, Managing Editor

          I don’t believe any comments were deleted today, or most likely ever unless they contain something totally inappropriate or were accidentally lumped in with spam?! Sorry, I don’t remember deleting anything :-(

    • Davi

      Screw Trolls. Screw Fanboys. Screw those who have to comment about android in every single post no matter what it is about.

  • claudia64

    I would totally consider getting this phone … if only it supported Flash. Without such, it’s an Android handset for me. If Microsoft includes support for Flash by the time I can afford to upgrade next summer, I’ll be all over the WP7. It suits me in every other way, but absence of Flash is the deal-breaker for me.

    • David

      As far as I know Copy & Paste and Flash will be available in first 3 months of 2011.

      So you are good to go and buy it in summer. :)

  • test


  • abel2fresh4u

    i dont care. i want the mytouch release date!!!

  • Jardando

    Amazon had the phone listed off-contract for $519.00, but it was promply removed prior to tmonews posting this. http://www.amazon.com/Windows-Phone-T-Mobile-Only-Service/dp/B0048A4SWE/ref=cell_dp_woplan

  • efjay

    Here come the WP7/MS haters!!

    • anti-hater

      These people hate on every phone that’s not the one they want. I hope they never stop because I get some of the best laughs of the day on this site.

  • Discounts and the phone has not launched yet. I feel this is a good sign.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • IBuyCrackAtMYLocalTmoStore

    does this phone have an led indicator? cuz i dont see it

  • somebody

    i had such high hopes for this phone :/

    mthd looks to be my next phone