Dell Venue Pro Headed To T-Mobile, Releasing Just In Time For The Holidays

Good news folks! T-Mobile will not only be picking up the HTC HD7 this holiday season, but two other Windows Phone 7 handsets as well. The Dell Venue Pro (aka Lighting) being one of the three. The Dell Venue sports a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, WVGA 4.1-inch AMOLED display, five megapixel autofocus camera, 1GB of flash with 512MB RAM plus 8GB of storage, GPS, accelerometer, compass, FM radio,  full Flash support including video playback, Gorilla Glass for unprecedented durability and scratch resistance, and a full QWERTY slide out keyboard! Currently T-Mobile is the launch partner for this handset, so it looks like this one is exclusive to Magenta. Hit the jump for the official press release! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!


Official Statement

It’s true! Get ready to experience a more productive you with Dell’s new Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 smartphone with T-Mobile service set to be available in the U.S. this holiday season. It’s about mobile productivity…doing more in fewer steps…just the way you want it.

Bill Gorden here, Smartphone General Manager within Dell’s Communication Solutions Group. Today I’m here at Center 548 with my colleague Julie Hrudicka in New York City, representing Dell at the launch event for Microsoft’s all-new Windows Phone 7 operating system. Center 548 is a hip international cultural arts exhibition and event venue located in Manhattan’s Chelsea gallery district. We’re here talking to media, bloggers and attendees about the benefits of the new Windows Phone platform, the Dell Venue Pro, and new experiences customers will enjoy. I’m willing to bet reaction from Windows Phone 7 will continue to drive the front page of Techmeme for a while.

You might ask, who the Dell Venue Pro is for? We see the Venue Pro for everyday people with a diverse range of full and busy lives. They need to stay connected, be productive andkeep in touch with colleagues, friends and family. Dell designed the Venue Pro to be a multi-purpose always-connected device to help people be more efficient, always connected and entertained.

So, while we’re not yet ready to share all details of the Dell Venue Pro, let me highlight some of its key features:

Stunning 4.1” WVGA AMOLED capacitive, multi-touch display
A full portrait QWERTY keyboard to provide a better viewing & messaging experience
Supported with T-Mobile service
Elliptical, slender form provides elegance in a pocket-friendly size
Gorilla Glass for unprecedented durability and scratch resistance
And, since we’re here in New York participating in Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 launch, let me call out some of the highlights and use cases for the new operating system:

People hub: Enter social central to scan Windows Live and Facebook feeds and photos, in addition to dialing or texting friends in the address book.
Pictures hub: Share photos easily from pictures saved to the phone, Facebook and Windows Live. Go from pocket to picture in seconds with a press of the camera button, and send photos from the hub to friends or post to Windows Live or Facebook.
Games hub: Play games with friends, track scores and wins in the gamer profile. With more than 50 popular game titles available at launch, try-before-you-buy demos, Xbox LIVE leader boards, turn-based multiplayer, achievements and more, Windows Phone 7 brings the quality, consistency and community of the Xbox experience to gamers on the go.
Music + Video: Play movies, TV shows and music quickly. Enjoy custom playlists, listen to podcasts and recommend favorite songs to friends.
Office hub: View, edit, share and sync Microsoft Office documents. Collaborate with co-workers through SharePoint Workspace Mobile.
Marketplace hub: Get quality applications like games, music, entertainment, news, sports, social networking, productivity, travel and many more. Apps are tested and certified to deliver a consistently great experience. Marketplace is also accessible through a PC client that is integrated into Microsoft’s popular Zune software.
Want to hear what people are saying about the all-new Dell Venue Pro? Follow the conversation on Twitter using the #DellVenuePro and #windowsphone.

Stay tuned, as we prepare to soon announce additional information for the Dell Venue Pro including pricing, plan options and available purchase paths.

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  • & this is the one I wanted too. But, I done already invested in “AppBucket” *Crings*. The temptation…………….. ugh

  • alex32g2

    the specs on this phone are BEAST, tmobile is really stepping their game up!

    • some guy

      Exactly what is “beast” about this phone?

      • somebody

        amoled is all i see thats cool rest is old,snapdragon?????

  • Marc

    This is the best of the windows 7 phone so far.

  • nerd lust

    Wow! For the first time, I’m confused with all the great choices! My bb 8900 is getting long in the tooth. G2 and mythd or hd7 or dell.

    • closetnerd

      I hear ya on the bb8900, I have qualified for an upgrade since like early June, and have been saving my self for the Holiday. I am happy I did that, the only issue is choice now!

      • Deadpan

        As a convert from the 8900 to the G2, my only real complaint is that I can’t get a charging cradle to the G2. That and learning to manage battery life compared to the 8900 takes a few days.

  • NiiDiddy

    WOW….nice, nice, nice. Love the form factor. My next business phone!

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    I wont be getting the windows phone cause i just got the G2, but im really impressed with all the stuff T-Mobile is coming out with, i hope they keep it up.

  • ella

    this or hd7, such a hard decision, gotta wait till they release though, not sure I trust Dell

    • snoopyalien24

      ive had a not so great experience with dell, so i will probably be deciding between the G2 or the HD7 – Florida sun does not do well with on screen keyboards

      • ParappaLives

        The HD7 does not have a physical keyboard.

  • ugh

    Ugh. Windows mobile does nothing for me. Lol that interface kills me

    • Marc

      I agree, but I do like the phone factor of the phone, but I still can’t bet pass those blue, red, green (or whatever color they may be) squares.

    • Riopato

      That’s okay not everyone is smart enough to know how to use a winphone!

  • James

    Looks awesome. To bad it doesn’t have a FFC. Oh well. A 4.1in Dell or a 4.3in HTC? Decisions decisions……

    • Marc

      The pictures I’ve seen on Engadget, shows a FFC, so I wonder if they’re just taking out for tmobile, I hope not.

  • efjay

    Why 8GB, now have to consider the crappy HTC with its crappy LCD.

  • Manny

    Nooo! Must have 16gb or more. That is the only thing that will ruin this phone for me. :/

    • zazou

      Well, 16GB to HTC is actually like 3.5GB of free space… Just look at the G2 4gb =1.2gb of free space…

      • lilmark

        Actually Cnet has confirmed that they will be selling this with 8gb or 16 gb

    • Manny

      …there can only be one of us

  • radiowc

    Ha! Thanks is just a T-Mobile Shadow with nore juice running W7 instead of WinMO6.1 that i had. LOL!

    • ParappaLives

      Even as a joke… um. No.

  • pantlesspenguin

    Like others have said, keep it up, T-Mo!!!

    I really hope execs look @ this site for suggestions, because I have one big one:

    Now that you’ve stepped up your handset selection, PLEASE step up your marketing!!! What good will bringing out all these amazing devices do if no one knows about them???

  • NokiaN900User

    So Kickstar, you said two other exclusives. This makes 3 WinMo 7 phones. So far, Im counting:
    1. HTC HD7
    2. Dell Lightening aka Venue
    3. What is the third one?? I can only hope its a samsung with 4″ SAMOLED (no LG please)

    • TheDude

      I am also unaware of three WP7 coming to Tmo, and the official WP7 site only lists two for T-Mobile US. But T-Mobile’s Europe stores seem to be getting the Samsung OMNIA 7

    • Jonathan

      HTC Mozart

      • NokiaN900User

        Thanks. Just saw the latest post on Mozart. I hope this phone comes with SLCD at least

      • No, HTC Mozart is the HD7 we still need the third device to be known.

      • Jonathan

        NO, HD7 is not the Mozart. Those are two entirely different phones. Only problem is that the Mozart is heading overseas and not staying in the states.

  • I would so get this if it didnt have the keyboard

    • Steve Jobless

      I was thinking the same thing. I perfer the “candybar” form factor with no keyboard, but I would really consider this as I can still use this with ease like a BlackBerry/Palm Pre. Also the games should be better to control with the KB than an on-screen which would use screen space.

  • J-man

    Nice phone, T-Mobile is doing their job :)

  • phongeek

    not my cup of tea but congrats tmo for getting these phones out keep up the good work

  • saurabh

    Definitely this one, look at the specs, actual keypad(not horizontal) is great!!!!!!.

    Looks like the best phone in market. I hope apps start coming out for this asap.

  • Evan

    Wish it had a landscape keyboard.

  • Claude

    I was not considering anything with WinMob 7, but I might have to start with this device. Except to say “Just in Time for the Holidays”, what is not said is when this will be coming out.

  • Manny
    • luis03

      So this phone is going to have brother with android?

      • TheDude

        I think the “Dell Thunder” is its Android “brother” but they are not exactly evenly spec’d

  • Vibrant Addict

    I’m really liking that keyboard. I welcome all WinMobile phones that are coming, but this one especially. Very nice form factor.

  • TheDude

    Finally! The Lightning has arrived. Even better that’s it’s not an unofficial leak at this moment so we KNOW it’s coming :)

  • thaghost

    Tmo is winning my heart back. i was extremely critical of ur phone selection. now ur stepping to da plate…n hitting doubles, triples n homeruns. great job.

  • NokiaN900User

    Am I the only one that wishes this phone has a landscape keyboard instead? Nice hardware though. With the portrait keyboard, this phone will be at least 6 to 7 inches long with keyboard

    • TheDude

      I’ve actually really missed this form factor personally. There will be landscape QWERTY’s soon though I’d be willing to bet, likely in Q1-Q2 2011.

  • LuvMyGreenRobot

    I love how T-Mobile is stepping up their game, and people were talking smack and jumping ship. Patience is a virtue! I just wish TMo had some nice hardware and huge screens like this for Android. I also wonder how it is to type on a portrait keyboard with a big screen.

  • vinny

    T-Mobile is getting their customers choices. They have really turned up the quality on all their new phones. Thank You T-Mobile.

  • I no longer care about FFC. I will get that on the tablet that I decide on. The tough choice is Mozart or Dell Pro?

    Stay Thirsty my friends.

  • DatNizzle

    All the fun of X-box live in a phone?
    About time, I’ve been waiting to be called a racial slur through my phone. Yay!

    • Steve Jobless

      Try hard.

  • J-Hop2o6

    NOTE: Notably, you won’t be able to purchase the Venue Pro directly from T-Mo stores, as Dell and its choice of handpicked retailers are set to handle the purchasing experience. Don’t look for any AT&T hookups, either — Dell has acknowledged T-Mobile as its “launch partner” for the device, giving team Magenta a second major exclusive, even if this one doesn’t last much beyond the launch period.

    that sux.. we wont be able to see it in a Tmo store.. it’ll be Tmo supported, but not carried.

    • ricr

      Actually this is the reason it’s become the front running WP7 phone to get my money. Since it’s not T-Mobile branded and sold through their stores, there is the possibility (unlikely but possible) it’ll run on my current data plan. With Dell discounts normally applying to phones they sell, the price without having to lock into a 2-year contract should only be about 40%-50% more than what T-Mobile will charge for one with a 2-year contract.

      • That is a good thing.

      • TheDude

        Oooh, that could make it $300 (assuming T-Mobile $200 contract prices lately) contract free!! Sounds too good to be true though :P

      • chris

        that sounds too good to be true, but i wanna believe….god help me i wanna believe….

      • ParappaLives

        Even without discount, I was planning on paying full price for this phone, whether I got it through T-mo or Dell. Just smarter that way in general.

        Dell finances by the way.

  • Khalintz

    HSPA+?? If yes, then this is my new phone, if no, then it will have to be the MYTHD since they already said the HD7 will not have HSPA+ either…

    What’s the point of having a phone like this and NOT be on the new network?!?

  • kev123

    now this is what im tlkinb about 4.1 inch is nice i might come back when my sprint is cancelled

  • Jonathan

    Front facing camera, and better layout on the keyboard and this would kill the iphone. Sexy looking phone with great specs. TMO is kicking ass with the three windows phone and the G2. Does anyone know if this will be using the hspa+ network of just 3G? If so, then I have no choice than to seriously consider dropping my trusty 9700 and picking this up.

    • It does have a FFC look at the engadget hands on.

      • Jonathan

        I checked it out and didn’t see anything that said it came with a FFC. Maybe I’m just missing something but I don’t see it written or mentioned anywhere. I see something that resembles a camera but that could also be a indicator light. I would think that would be a focal point on there spec list considering its a “hot” item to have right now.

      • TheDude

        It looks like a light sensor up front, not a camera.

      • Jonathan


  • cellswag5

    May have to sell the G2 to get this one

  • Does it have external sd card storage?

  • crossbearer

    Could be TMobile’s way of punching BB in the stomach for not giving them a shot at the Torch. Lol either way it looks like a very nice phone. I like the side slide of the G2 but am intrigued with WM 7. Choices, choices, choices loving it!

    • Jonathan

      Don’t understand why we didn’t get a shot at the Torch either. Looks we’ll see what we get next year. Hopefully the new QNX OS system will be on the next phone we get

  • Marcelo L

    One word…..NICE !

    Now for the caveat…..unless TMo sells this item DIRECTLY, it’s going to be a slow starter. Notice how the Dell android offerings thus far have been sort of a non-starter since being available through Dell primarily.

    Dell has to embrace being an OEM and not the primary reseller of these devices. Unless you can purchase these at a REASONABLE price unlocked ( and we know the chances of THAT happening ).

    So, congrats Dell. Nice. Now where’s the Dell Thunder running some Froyo action ?

  • truth

    really confused now that I will have a choice of phones come november. Can I get both the dell and HD7 for the price of one. LOL. I want both.

  • BlackHawk

    This looks promising. Maybe time to say bye bye to Android and BB once and for all.

  • Yemi

    So I watched a video of the hands on for this Dell Lightening on youtube and I am SOLD. Even though I might rarely use the keyboard.
    Here’s a link:

    • efjay

      Thanks for the link.

  • Jay
  • ella

    they should sell it at T-Mo stores unless they don’t want it to succeed

  • efjay

    Watch this vid for confirmation of a 16GB version, and check out the screen quality:

  • eS.

    All I can say is FINALLY! TMobile is Finally getting something worth getting. Can’t wait til it comes out.

  • Cybersedan

    This is a very sharp looking device, I’m really liking the form factor!

  • TheDude

    Dell will be selling a 16gb version of this phone as well, for those of you who need that!!

    Source: CNET video (second half):

  • Brian

    YES! i love gorilla glass!!

  • wojax2

    About time tmo! I almost had to jump ship for the evo- thank god. This in my opinion is probably the best phone in tmo’s line-up.

  • iknowaeiou

    If this phone isn’t physically sold in-store, then it will never gain decent traction.

    Exhibit A, Your Honor – the Nexus One.

    And that’s probably because most people won’t buy a phone on faith, no matter how good the reviews are – if they read reviews at all.

    Not to mention that when most people cruise into a store for a new phone, they do not want to hear and read about some phone from the ether, go home & order it and wait two days. Hell no. They want to walk out of that store with something new in their hand. No matter how intriguing, ether takes a backseat.

  • Nakita

    I read that the Dell Venue pro will be releasing on Nov. 8 at Tmobile. No one at Tmobile has any knowledge of the phone being available at all. Is that just a mistake.