T-Mobile Says Wimax Is “Niche,” Thinks LTE Is The New Hotness

Putting a damper on recent rumors that T-Mobile would be hooking up with Clearwire for a Wimax based solution, Neville Ray says LTE is the way to go. T-Mobile’s Chief Network Officer, Neville Ray is the man in the know regarding T-Mobile’s fourth-generation technology plans but reaffirms the commitment to delivering fourth generation capabilities today with HSPA+.

“We’re not waiting for the technology choice, we have the right technology to deliver that experience today,” he said.

Ray declined to say whether or not T-Mobile was involved in negotiations with Clearwire regarding Wimax. There was also no mention of when (or if) T-Mobile would begin offering a 4G network in the US. However, while preferring LTE Ray didn’t rule out Wimax and an agreement with Clearwire to use their Wimax network. So this was pretty much a no-comment, we could go in any direction extravaganza.

Business Week via Phonescoop

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  • WHOOP WHOOOP! My HSPA 7.2 is already slaying what 3G networks speeds has been around in Detroit. It’s funny how T-Mobile was last to get it, but the best to have it!

    • Trevor

      And I thought I was the only one who thought that T-mobile’s 3G network was the best.

      My Nexus One pulls 2.5 to 3.5 down and 1 to 1.5 up all the time.(Chicago) Really hard to argue with that.

      • Nope. They seriously are. My Vibrant puls 5.4 Mbps down & 670k up.

      • Daniel

        Here in Houston, my girlfriend’s Slide is pulling around 7mbps. I can’t wait to see what the G2 can do in here.

    • Jed Clamped

      Detroit? HSPA+ isn’t here yet…

      • PlayTheCharade

        Well it isnt exactly Detroit, but 30 minutes west in Canton, the local stores G2 was pulling “H.”
        The speedtest was installed and I ran it, but only pulled a max of 1.9 down. Doesnt look like hspa+ speeds to me, so take it as you please…Hoping for faster speeds soon though.

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    Just waiting for faster speeds in Phoenix, hate seeing “coming soon” in the T-mobile 4g coverage map.

    • Kirk

      G2 will show H for 3G or HSPA+ on the screen,not sure why they made it that way but that`s why you see H

    • When all those talking crap about the evo can pull 9.5 Down then talk until then don’t hate I had tmobile for three years and its great if you’re homeless and live out side buy if you live in a home good luck getting any sort of decent reception

  • Ryan

    stupid question, but if tmo teams up with clearwire, does that improve voice service? or just data? sprint gets better reception in buildings in my experience than tmo so wishful thinking.

    • God

      It won’t be anytime soon. TMO is most likely talking to Clearwire for LTE deployment, but since that’s only being tested right now in Phoenix, it’ll be a while til TMO customers will see anything productive.

    • Thorax1

      That’s a good point! Tmo is making the effort to provide the best data but I still get dropped calls left and right…and that’s a shame.

  • Mr MN

    Hmmm…I wonder where the author of that article we saw few months ago that talked about T-Mobile being one of the companies that will phase out in 2011. He said we didn’t have any plans for a 4G or LTE network so T-Mobile will be sold to another carrier. Well, I wish I was able to see him so I could tell him to suck on our 21Mbps HSPA+ network.

    We took AT&T’s title and now we’re the heavyweight champs in terms of speeds (and arguably the best phones).

    • somebody

      i dont see an argument for best phones verzion takes that one…

      • dsim91

        How so I have the Droid X the top phone on Verizon and I’ll tell you one thing its not all its built up to be and Verizon can blow me I’ll be coming back to tmo

      • bryan

        I would disagree that Verizon has the best phones, especially since the new motorola Droid 2 and Droid X both are handicapped by Moto Blur.

    • David Thomas

      I’d put Sprint and Verizon before T-Mobile in the phones category. Hands-down.

      • 2FR35H

        Verizon yes. Sprint what the f*ck have you been smoking? Evo is trash and aside from thee epic they have absolutely nothing else great. it like they get 1 great phone every now and then and look what tmobile has we have the vibrant the g2 the Mytouch HD(soon) HTC HD3(soon)Nokia e73 is pretty boss. We may even get an iPhone this month from what I heard awhile ago. What is sprint going to get? who cares? our speeds are faster and our new devices so far has been out performing just about every other carrier’s phones.

      • fjjf


        The only one that seems to be smoking is you. Evo is trash?????? Gtfo lol. And ur argument against high end Sprint phones are phones that don’t even officially exist yet. You act like Sprint wont pick up any phones. In fact it’s usually T-Mobile that’s the last one to get a decent phone. The only high end phone that we have is the G2 (I guess the vibrant also, but every other carrier does also including freaking Cincinnati bell or whatever the 5th carrier was) and every other carriers’ (except ATT) high end androids have been out for several months

      • fjjf

        I guess it was cellular south

      • Ural

        David Thomas, I’d take a trip with your Verizon phone on any rural area of the following states:

        WI, IL, MN, MI, MO, OK, TN, AK, OH, PA, LA, TN, WV, GA, NH, NY, VM, MA, And you would be surprised to know that T Mob’s phone coverage is just as good or better than Verizon. (westward, Id agree, Verizon is better) but that it beats ATT and Sprint, no doubt. why? Cause I have an ATT phone, my girlfirend has Sprint and I use T Mob. Having traveled to over 30 states this year on the road, TMob has provided the best service.

        The reason Verizon and Sprint are not an option, CDMA can’t do data and voice. GSM can. And its been a winner every time.

  • Rilesman

    One must remember Clearwire owns spectrum (even though most of it doesn’t penetrate well) and is looking into doing both WiMAX and LTE. Probably still the best bet for T-Mobile is either a partnership or purchasing the spectrum.

    • J-Hop2o6

      EXACTLY!! i hope Tmo doesn’t pair up with clearwire for 4G, because Clear uses 2500MHz.. but anyways… LTE FTW!!!

    • bryan

      Agreed, Clearwire has been working to position a partnership with Tmobile for months. Why else would they publicly announce that they are prepared to run a LTE network along with WiMax or switch to LTE all together. Verizon and ATT both have money and spectrum for LTE (even though ATT is taking their time) and would likely get a partnership with Clearwire past the DOJ now so TMobile is the only carrier that really makes sense.
      A partnership for a LTE network roll out would seem to make sense for Clearwire and Tmobile, both companies would benefit.

  • Josh

    Got my G2 today. No complaints on the new network, earlier today using the speedtest app I hit 4.2 down, overland park, kansas.

    • pimpstrong

      Ouch. I’m in Raytown and I pull 3.2 on my Vibrant all the time. Its strange tho because LS OP GV as well as KC cant compete in my testing. I was really hoping for much higher download speeds from a true HSPA+ device but hey I don’t feel so bad now.

  • T-Mo Biggie

    My G2 hit 5.6 this afternoon. Very nice indeed.

  • BeerBellyBilly

    Well, I can’t help wondering….3 Sprint execs just quit Clearwire’s board today according to several news posts, in order to protect their joint venture from anti trust concerns which I think involve Clearwire making MVNO and equity deals (possibly with DT) which Sprint would be otherwise opposed to. And with Clearwire trialing Wi-Max/LTE combo base stations and shared spectrum in Phoenix AZ, I think there is a lot of closed-door negotiations for a resolution between Sprint Clear and DT/TMo concering a deal, and I’m going out on a limb and say T-Mo will be in bed with these guys one way or another by year’s end.

  • I don’t think necessarily that T-Mobile has the fastest network around. Yes, we do a lot of speedtest.net testing showing how T-Mobile’s uploads and downloads. T-Mobile has 30 million customers latched on their network. While AT&T has 90+ million customers using data access at the same time. Of course, they would really have to put a bandwidth throttle on their speeds. Don’t get me wrong, yes T-Mobile has fast data speeds and the price is definitely great. But look at T-Mobile’s coverage, it pretty bad compared to Verizon or AT&T. To overhaul AT&T’s and Verizon’s towers definitely takes a lot more man power to do so.

    • tmogeek

      T-Mobile recently surpassed the 50,000th cell site. That takes plenty of manpower to overhaul them. Let’s be real here. Coverage maps are just big blotches of color splashed on a map. If you have zero bars where YOU need them, then “nationwide network” isn’t worth squat. Network speed is another boogie man. Most people don’t need or even know what to do with 7.2mb/s. Thats like bringing a Ferrari to a tractor pull. Most people press send/end and plink out a text or two. I use the N1 and am waiting for the little brown truck to bring my G2, but I’m under no illusion that my phone or network is superior to any other. For the moment T-Mobile’s coverage and phone selection are fine for my needs, but under other circumstances I’d use any of the other carriers.

    • Jrsykind

      I’m not sure if they still compete on price. $30 for new data plans – same as VZ and Sprint. 700 min family plan for $70 same as the other networks. $5 for texts…

      • JM77

        If you’ve been with Tmo for a couple years you can get unlimited data for $20!

      • JM77

        Also 750 min family is $60 which is cheaper than others.

  • Ural

    About a month ago I stopped by a Sprint store. And asked about their version of the Galaxy S. It was a mall booth, so the sales people were, you all know, not to nice, they just wanted to push their phones.

    So, I dared them, told them that their Wimax was slower than T Mobiles HSPA+, well, they pulled out the Epic, downloaded Speedtest.net and they got 3.2Mbps down on WiMax and 0.6Mpbs up. Got my Vibrant and showed them 4.9Mbps down and 1.5Mpbs up.

    They stated that if their network was faster I had to buy their phone, I accepted that and stated that if I won, they should give me the phone and service for free. They never honored their word.

    T Mob has the best network and coverage between the Midwest and East coast is actually better than all other providers. Now data speeds, only in metro areas. But its the best bang for the buck.