T-Mobile Says Wimax Is “Niche,” Thinks LTE Is The New Hotness

Putting a damper on recent rumors that T-Mobile would be hooking up with Clearwire for a Wimax based solution, Neville Ray says LTE is the way to go. T-Mobile’s Chief Network Officer, Neville Ray is the man in the know regarding T-Mobile’s fourth-generation technology plans but reaffirms the commitment to delivering fourth generation capabilities today with HSPA+.

“We’re not waiting for the technology choice, we have the right technology to deliver that experience today,” he said.

Ray declined to say whether or not T-Mobile was involved in negotiations with Clearwire regarding Wimax. There was also no mention of when (or if) T-Mobile would begin offering a 4G network in the US. However, while preferring LTE Ray didn’t rule out Wimax and an agreement with Clearwire to use their Wimax network. So this was pretty much a no-comment, we could go in any direction extravaganza.

Business Week via Phonescoop

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