myTouch HD To Come In Four Colors, Including Eggplant!

So while many of you have been discussing the myTouch HD leak, if it’s real or not, just what “dual processor” truly means and what not, we’ve been working on the most important aspect of the release. The colors! Ha-ha I kid, but seriously this plays an important role in the buying decision for me so assuming at least a few of you think like I do, I investigated and got some answers. Without further ado, the myTouch HD will come, as the myTouch 3G did before it, in Black, White and Red but also…drum roll please…in eggplant purple! Big applause!

In case anyone is wondering what Eggplant looks like, click here.


  • Rick


    • Rick


  • JD

    A superphone in colors? Fantastic!

  • Jonathan

    I just hope it doesn’t have that silver trim in the front, and hopefully the phone comes in full black, if not I’m still buying. This is a phone I’ve been waiting for and I can’t wait!

  • Frank

    Ha! I love the eggplant link. Though it does prove slightly confusing as there are many shades of eggplant. Which one shall it be?

    • XfooYen

      the white one

  • Will

    I will so be buying this in white :D
    I just can’t wait to hear its official release date :)

    • LongTimeLurker

      thanks for clearing that up, acaciastrain

  • Jeremy

    IM so torn…. G2 or Mytouch HD….. Im thinking the latter… guess i will have to get rid of espresso.

    • The Observer

      wait for the bogo offer and you dont have to choose

      • LongTimeLurker

        Silly question – Does BOGO mean you don’t have to upgrade 2 lines to get a free phone? Could you potentially add 1 line and get 2 phones for it (paying for 1 and the other 1 free?)? The old “too good to be true” line makes me think I’m wrong. Thanks

      • Acaciastrain

        You are wrong. Ha. The second/free phone to be attached to another line that has a full upgrade.

    • Cupcake

      Yea me too!! David…how about a side-by-side comparison of the G2 and the Mytouch HD for us undecided.

      • *d.*

        I’m sure he’ll give us that as soon as he gets it. I’m waiting to see some benchmarks for both phones before I buy. The keyboard + stock 2.2 VS. 1Ghz dual-core(?) + front-camera

    • immadroid

      Cyan mod 6 to the rescue!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Nice. I’m probably buying the HD7 though and putting Android on it. Still, nice color choices.

    • dr.alliw

      ditto!!! I heard the screen is 4.5. so it’s cool! but since the default o.s is Winmo7, imma wait a bit longer until I can be able to run android on it, and plus the price i hope is low by then.. i still lovin my hd2 on android.

    • 2FR35H

      HD7? Don’t you mean HD3??

      • jonathan

        It’s going to be called the HD7. I have a friend who works Tier 3 Technical Support and it shows in their system as HD7.


      I think I’m with you. I’ll have to figure out how to do it… but I’m liking the HD7 just not a winmo fan but if it can run android…. I”M IN…. You might have saved me from the g2/mytouch HD hell….

  • mtnman

    Well then if it comes in Red then I’ll pick it up in that color. Green is my fav, but red is better than just plain black or white.

  • jdog

    So do any of these colors come with stock Android.

    No seriously Gingerbread should be on my Nexus around the time this gets released so after I see what it has to offer then I will decide if the Mytouch HD is better than the Nexus One. Its sad that this will have Expresso/Sense. I wonder what Gingerbread will bring and if LauncherPro and ADW will be able to match it.

  • la_resistance28

    Why not blue? or Silver?

  • mtnman

    I don’t want Gingerbread on mine, I want Zebra cakes. He he I wonder what Google will do once they run out of letters. Maybe they’ll just add a number after it and make it the A1. But then we’re all into the Steak Sauce thing ya know? lol

    • Bschwartz40

      +1 to you good sir for A1 is awesome!!!

    • rinklighter

      LOL @ Zebra Cakes.

  • joshuakprice1

    What a terrible name for a color. If you want to make it purple, why not just call it purple? Do you really have to call it eggplant?

    • VirtualAss

      I blame Crayola for this dirty trend.

    • dethduck

      Give em time. With the original myTouch red was called “Merlot”, now it’s called “red”. It’s nice to know my “Merlot myTouch 3G” will be replaced with a red myTouch HD.

      • john

        Lest we forget the cabernet charm, I think there’s an alcohol problem with tmo…lol

  • Galen20K

    EggPlant Purple FTW!!! That’s going to be the color MyTouch HD “I” get!!! WHOot! favorite color if it’s a deep, dark color as I think it will be.

  • vinny

    It’s great to have choices. For T-Mobile to put out two very high quality devices for the Android platform should keep the customers very happy, it makes me very happy.This new My Touch HD has me very curious, I would like a very good explanation of the specs. This new processor is suppose to be top shelf, Would like to know more about it and just what it will do for the phone.
    Thank you T-Mobile.

    • thaghost

      wow we were thinking along the same lines but u beat me to it.

    • Foxeh

      We don’t know what processor the myTouch HD will be using, but I bet you dollars to donuts that it’ll be an MSM8255 which would be very similar to the G2’s chipset.

      Not only are these chips a die shrink from previous generation Snapdragons, but also Qualcomm incorporated a new GPU that utilizes ATI technology obtained from purchasing their mobile division from AMD.

  • thaghost



    Okay now release the damn phones so i could buy em…lol.

    • Galen20K

      ha, Exactly!

    • JaylanPHNX

      Here, Here! I’ll second that! I’ve been chaffing under my Cliq XT, desperately trying to afford a Vibrant, but with all the new releases coming up, I’m almost glad I’ve had to wait. By the time I can get another phone (around Nov. or Dec.) I’ll be able to walk into a store and test three or four awesome phones side-by-side. Who could ask for better?

  • tato22

    nice good job

  • quadbaby

    Seriously if pulled out a red, white or purple My Touch HD phone while my 2 other friends are using the Iphone 4 and the Samsung Epic or even a Vibrant, they would probably laugh then make me pay for their lunch since I obviously saved some money paying for this plastic toy looking phone.

    These colorways confirmed that the G2 will be the “mature” looking device…now my 12 year old daughter would one these colors!

    • Yyevo

      Do you drive a beige Accord?

    • Acaciastrain

      If a phone looking “mature” is the reason your going to buy a phone then you own a phone for all the wrong reasons. Go buy an iPhone if you just want a phone people recognize but doesn’t really do anything.

    • JaylanPHNX

      Yeah, but then you could smoke their asses with the HSPA+ Dual-core awesomeness of the myTouch HD. This thing could ask those phones, “Who’s your daddy?” in any color. If 45nm dual-core means serious processing power and still retains today’s average battery life, this thing could come in tutti-freaking-frutti!

      • Foxeh

        Gosh, everybody’s setting themselves up for such a major crash when the real specs for this phone come out…

        • David, Managing Editor

          So sure these aren’t the real specs are you?

      • Foxeh

        It’s just that it’s the same thing with every phone…

      • JaylanPHNX

        In my defense, I did say “if.”

  • mikeeeee

    video chat…………

    backdoor UMA.

    i don’t care what color, just so i can chat over wifi.

    • mikeeeee

      when is it going to be available?

  • Rick-a-billy

    If this is really the phone that’s coming out as the long awaited emerald project then I am really disappointed… The phone looks terrible!!!!! Please don’t let this nor the Winpho be emerald project, I’m keeping faith in you Tmo!

  • dstewstar

    Eggplant…fried up or in their natural state:)

  • Eddie Android

    soooo…., what about the G2? is there a black one coming out?

  • cellswag

    Who cares. colors are ok. Now give me specs.

  • david

    ok this will change video sexting for ever! Thank you HTC!

  • david

    Almost forgot. Purple for my girl and black or white for me! Did I read that right that it says dual core 1ghz procceser? someone please confirm!

    • hi

      guarantee it won’t be a dual core like you’re thinking it will be. Remember the UMA lite that was supposedly on the Charm?? This is just another example of that. Again, Guarantee it’s not a dual core. Also disappointing screen size and GOD AWFUL design. If it had a quad-core processor I personally couldn’t pick it up based on those embarrassing looks alone.

      • JaylanPHNX

        You might be an idiot if:
        A) You guarantee something twice without any hard facts to back it up.
        B) You really wouldn’t buy the only quad-core phone just because of aesthetics.

  • jdog

    Whats going on tomorrow with HTC that Tmonews will be there. Its in Europe so what does that have to do with T-mo U.S.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Who said we are going?? I’m not going?!

      • josue

        Sept 16 is the Samsumg Event. Where they will anounce The Media Hub. Maybe Froyo 2.2?

  • Jeesh

    .. and it’s all ruined by the bloatware and tmobile ui

  • Lady Gaga

    They should make one in rainbow.

    I still dont see why anyone in their right mind would get this phone over the vibrant.

    Love my little monsters and long live the G.A.Y.S!

  • Danno Ferrin

    That too bad… I was kinda hooping for Zune Brown.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      LOL… Microsoft admitted that the biggest fail of its successful Zune line was the model in brown.

      I recall seeing the brown Zune at a deep discount on Woot. While it was on the 24 hour sale many people posted complaints that Woot was not selling other colors.

  • Alex

    I have to check out the expresso ui..but nothing really tops stock android…but this phone to me is looking better than the G2..bit still great choices to have 4 us..can anyone give me a synapsis on the mytouch slide? thanks mucho…

    • JaylanPHNX

      My wife has a slide and the Espresso UI is just a slightly different Sense. It has all the Sense widgets, the homescreen preview thumbnails, but with a more traditional (if odd-looking) bottom dock. It also has various scenes or MyModes, that let you set different homescreen set-ups for different situations. You could have a work mode with all your productivity apps front and center, then switch to entertainment mode with all your media, RSS, and friendstream widgets. It’s pretty snappy, even on the Slide’s 600Mhz processor. Besides, if you don’t like it, there’s always ADW, LauncherPro, LiveHome, etc, etc, to replace it with.


    I need a comparison between this and the G2 because the G2 is looking more and more like a piece of trash. Why wouldn’t they give the G2 these upgrades? I hate the mytouch interface, I had a mytouch slide and there were so many things that didn’t make sense with the device. I’m totally confused. I don’t want a dumbed down kiddy smartphone. I want a smartphone geared to adults with all the bells and whistles… (no offense to the teens out there)… WHAT IS T-MO DOING? Besides the G2 is ugly and the mytouch slide was really cheap (especially the keyboard area where the bkg pastic didn’t lie flat)… I hope the MyTouch HD doesn’t look like a cheap piece of plastic like the vibrant….. UUUGHHH….

  • thereugo

    Will the Mytouch HD have stock Android? I’m getting the G2 if it’s not up to par than I will refund it and get the Mytouch. There is 30 days for exchange or a different phone right?


      It’s 14 day return…. Don’t know about stock android… I think its going to have the T-mobile customized android like the slide…. Hopefully I’m wrong but I thought that was the key to the whole “user friendly” mytouch brand…

  • Yyevo

    I had the Merlot MyTouch, then gave it to my wife when her contract was up. The new MyTouches were out and had discontinued Merlot, which she wanted. So, I got a black MyTouch Rev.b.

    I miss my Merlot MyTouch.

    Maybe I’ll get eggplant.

  • Will

    Any RUMORED release date(s)??????

    • Will

      Well an official release date would suffice I suppose :p lol

      • Foxeh

        By the looks of things not even the G2 has an official release date, lol. Sure, there was that Best Buy Mobile press release, but not even their staff agrees with it! You’ll likely have to wait a little longer for a date on the myTouch HD.

        I did just notice that the Scoop article that was pulled a while back is now up again… sans the 800MHz spec and the cheesy looking scorpion. It also says “Take advantage of the pre-sale and get yours.” WHAT pre-sale, T-Mobile??

        Their marketing… it hurts…

  • ogopogo

    It makes you wonder why anyone would want the G2 after seeing this. I guess that if you are a die hard keyboard fan, that would be about it. This phone appears to have a better processor, HD out,and FFC (if you’re into that stuff). Not really sure what advantage the G2 really has.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Ogopogo… I don’t think anyone is saying this is a better phone or that it trumps other T-Mobile offerings.

      It is simply another phone added to T-Mobile’s lineup.

      As to who would want it, for one group I suspect there’s a lot of G1 owners who may “automatically” upgrade to its named successor.

      • Foxeh

        That’s not illogical. There are legitimate reasons to want Stock Android and to want a keyboard. G1 owners are used to having both and the G2 is the *only* 2010 device on the market to provide both. That’s no small deal.

    • 30014

      Ogopogo.. if you don’t want the g2 don’t get it. I guarantee you that there are a lot of us that prefer keyboards and stock android. The g2 will sell without you purchasing 1. Get what you want and don’t worry about what everyone else is going to get.

    • JM77

      Because the G2 is confirmed and this is rumored.
      I believe it will have an ffc.
      The hd out will likely be dlna.
      Processor will be 8255 or possibly even the 7230(G2).
      Either way those are single core SoC’s.
      Remember this is billed as a family phone.

      This is from research and logic… and rumor and conjecture,
      but isn’t that what makes it fun!

      G2 advantages
      vanilla android – fast, lots of ROMs and mods, should be one of the first to get gingerbread
      keyboard – helps with editing docs and emails
      build – probably made of sturdier materials than the mytouch

      thats all I can think of at the moment, but without complete specs on the G2 or anything confirmed on the mytouch, who knows?

      • JM77

        Whoops, that wasn’t clear. The first set of specs are about the mytouch hd.
        ffc, dlna, 8255
        Wish I could edit!

      • JM77

        One more BIG point!
        We may learn a lot from HTC’s event tomorrow.
        They may show the euro versions of the G2 and Mytouch HD,
        the Desire Z and Desire HD.

        No more teasing! We want FULL SPECS!!!

      • Foxeh

        With similar deductive reasoning based on rumor/speculation, we’ve been able to be almost certain that the G2 was going to have an SLCD when everyone was screaming that it’ll have AMOLED at the top of their lungs. That turned out to be exactly the case.

        Hopefully HTC will give us real the real deets on the Vision/Emerald (if that’s what the G2/Desire-Z & myTouch HD/Desire HD actually are). Depending on their need for HSPA+ over seas, they may end up with different chipsets, but I doubt that’s likely.

  • pimpstrong

    So what is so HD about this phone???

  • Midori

    Why not come in “Espresso” brown? :)

    • la_resistance28

      Ha! +1 for such an obvious, yet unmentioned color!

  • rolo

    that’s a nice touch actually. i had an eggplant formula years ago & really got used 2 the color so eggplant it is…

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Is that an official T-Mobile color “eggplant?” If so, I’d like to register strong objection. What limp-wristed pantywaist came up with that name? I hope Herr Humm didn’t approve that name.

    How about something more manly like:

    “Veal White” or

    “Blood Red” or

    “Prime Rib Red” or

    “Buzzard Beak Black” or

    “Let’s Get On With The Killin Bloodberry” or

    “Zombie Glaze” or

    “Cadaver Gray”

    Eggplant indeed. Pffffft….

    • David, Managing Editor

      Can’t say its the official name, just heard thats the color its going to be…

    • dan

      a double pair of devil horn hands in the air for you, sir.

    • Foxeh

      Blood Red? Zombie Glaze? Cadav— wait… it IS getting to that time of year, isn’t it? >:D

  • SnakeEyez

    So is it just me or does this basically confirm that the MTHD will not be aimed to the “geeks” like us and will be target to teens. I mean, no superphone, to my knowledge, has launched with a whole bunch of colors like that, at max 2. This basically confirms that the “dual processor” does not mean that it’s a dual core phone, and it will have that horrible espresso bloatware on it (although we knew that).

    • Acaciastrain

      I disagree that geeks don’t like color choices. Ha. Ive seen plenty of Nexus Ones with color cases on them.

      • SnakeEyez

        Dont misunderstand, I’m not saying geeks don’t like colors, but you rarely, if ever, see a superphone targeted to geeks launch with so many colors, at max 2. What they do with their phone after they buy it is their business.

    • Rpinazo

      I agree. The options of colors on this bad boy sort of cheapens it. Makes it sound like a Sidekick for 15 yr olds. Just my opinion. Still undecided….G2/Vibrant.


        Talk about cheap… the vibrant looks like it will break if you stare at it too hard….

    • JaylanPHNX

      You wanna talk geeky phones with colors, check out the newly announced Nokia E7 (I think that’s the name). It’s being marketed as a business phone, but it comes in four colors (black, white, red, and forest green). It’s some serious grown-up tech (though not my cup of tea with Symbian^3).

  • profitkiller

    Cool, batgirl now has a phone.

  • Jeff

    I’m gonna get my Grimace On with the purple one!

  • kershon

    I’ll have one eggplant with raw meat red with a martini olive appetizer.

  • thereugo

    G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD?
    G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? G2 or Mytouch HD? = GLACIER!

    • JaylanPHNX

      G2 or MyTouch HD or Vibrant? T-Mo triple threat!

  • David

    Assuming the MyTouch HD comes out in black and eggplant, the G2 becomes available in black, and the Motorola Defy has good specs, I’ll actually have a phone choice worthy of a trip to my local T-Mobile store. Shocking! Well, assuming all of them come out by early November. Not interested in waiting until Black Friday…

  • Logan

    Will this phone have a physical keyboard?

    • JaylanPHNX

      No, that’s the Slide.

    • David, Managing Editor

      No, touchscreen only.

  • My wifes favorite color is purple, she may well get this as long as it’s romable (have to be able to banish the Sense)

  • thereugo

    @ Robert I have seen you on this site a couple if not several times, and you seem to make sense, so I’m asking you do you think the G2 is a good Phone whos not to much into this and that, just something that will do what I need which isnt all that mumbo jumbo, you know what I mean. Something to just get me by, I’m normally a BB user and I want to try the Android. I’m thinking about it for my wife, sometimes too much is to much. I don’t want to get something that might be to much and fustrate me or her, what do you think?

    • thaghost

      get da g2. u’ll be fine.

  • Serotheo

    Well a dual-core is a processor with 2 cores, so is the dual-processor elts say 2 G2 processors or 2 Snapdragons? O.O

  • NiiDiddy


  • Joseph Singer

    You mean to tell me that it comes in eggplant but not magenta?! :)

  • Miss Fitz

    This phone looks pretty awesome, though I was shocked reading all the comments that said it would be loaded with Espresso UI. What a frakking drag.

    My current plan was to take advantage of the BOGO when the G2 comes out to replace the G1 on my account (for someone who just *has* to have a physical keyboard!) and get myself the Vibrant for free. Which I will use until these iPhone rumors prove themselves to be true (knocks on wood).

    The G1 is truly on its last legs, though– so not sure I can wait til November when this handset is suspected to come out. The Vibrant is fine, it works well enough, but a MTHD in white? HSPA+ and FFC? Pretty slick.

    Twiddles thumbs… what to do…

    • El Guapo

      Screen is only 3.8″???! WTF… This was supposed to be 4.3″!


      And the genius button? PUKE

      • Jordan

        jesus, people are so difficult to please. 3.8″? TOO SMALL. anything less than 4.3″ isnt going to cut it. OMG, the genius button? might as well be satan’s phone. t-mobile has always placed emphasis on value and bundle plans. not about having the best phone that only a select few can afford. the majority of their customers are families on FAMILY plans, so what is a midschool kid gonna do with a droid x? or incredible? cmon dude. if the phone is that bad take ur business elsewhere. el lloroso, not el guapo.

      • BigKID

        lol…you people are never satisfied…if it where a 4.3, you’d be saying but the HD7 has 4.5…

        Man please…!!!

  • Special K

    T-Mobile just needs to follow through. This phone needs to be a high quality phone. When customers think of “High Quality Android” they think of the Verizon Droid series. It would be fantastic if that perception was changed.

  • zazou

    I was really hoping that this phone would be made out of high quality material like the N1 (metal, teflon coating, etc..) I guess this will be just cheap plastic like the other My Touch phones…

  • zazou

    I was really hoping that this phone would be made out of high quality materials like the N1 or droids. I guess this will be just cheap plastic like the other My Touch phones…

  • alex32

    eh forget the mytouch hd, the expresso UI kills it even though the phone does have amazing specs.
    Its all about the G2 with that android stock. I am starting to think that tmobile is doing that rumored “secret launch” for the g2…im dieing to know the info on when it will be available. ugh, patience is a virtue. I am glad that tmobile is releasing the G2 first instead of the mytouch hd, I would have died if it was the other way around.
    well htc press conference is tomorrow regarding the desire HD..which will most likely be for Europe only. If it does hit the US and tmobile..then this will definetly be the HD7. if its abdroid, then im sure its going to europe

    just sayin….

    • JaylanPHNX

      I understand that custom UIs slow down the update cycle, but HTC has been better than most other manufacturers about updating phones. And if you just don’t like the UI, replace it. Get the phone with the killer specs and make your first download LauncherPro or ADW or any of the multitude of home replacement apps. It’s that simple, not a deal-breaker by any stretch.

      • alex32

        i understand, but Id rather not. i used to own a g1 and i did all of that launcher pro stuff and it just slows the phone down. I wish I knew how to do all of that xda developer stuff THOUGH to phones but I dont, it looks and sounds hard..and Im afraid of bricking the phone with my kind of experience (which is none)

      • Foxeh

        I see this a lot. Why is it okay for manufacturers to break users can fix it themselves? It’s like Android phones are turning into Windows PC’s where you simply cannot buy a computer that isn’t completely destroyed with craplets. Yeah, HTC Sense is better than the rest, but Stock Android devices should not be as rare as they, IMO.

        I will take this opportunity to add that HTC now has the G2 on their site.

        4GB of ROM, 512MB of ram. A lot better than the G1’s 256MB ROM and 192MB of ram…

  • growler

    No matter what color they have, its still an ugly a** phone too me ( ;

  • branon

    Will the eggplant be lighter or darker than a brinjal?

  • NiiDiddy

    I want more pictures. Front, back, side…etc!…and in pictures of the many different colors. Also, isn’t there an HD7 coming soon with WinMo? I’d like to have a WinMo device along my Android device….just for sh*ts and giggles :)

  • somebody

    what is up with tmobil and plastic this better be a good quality phone

  • This is wat I been waitin on. I have a mytouch and sound like the t is stepping up to play wit day big boys so legooo.

  • proeng

    Why can TMobile/HTC come up with phone that has nice chrome trim around like IPhone. HTC phones are very plain and boring in appearance.

    • TheyDo

      They do it’s called the Samsung Vibrant.

  • somebody

    any news on the hd7? is it even coming to the states?

    • zazou

      I am with you on that one. This phone sounds incredible!! I love Android, but if WM7 is as slick as it looks then I will definitely get the HD7.

  • Android Chick

    Can’t wait!

  • Foxeh

    Well the “Desire HD” cat is out of the bag, but it looks almost nothing like the myTouch HD, but more like the EVO. Hmm…

    • JM77

      If the Desire HD will be the Mytouch HD, as the rumors suggest, then it will sell BIG. Either way tmo needs this phone. It did big things for Sprint, increased revenue.

      And look at that 8255 chip. Nice call!

      • Barry

        I was hoping it was but its looking more and more like the pic above iisthe mthd

      • Foxeh

        Our chispet hypothesis seemed to have landed dead on for the Desire HD, but it is still a very different device than what’s listed in this myTouch HD Grab and Go. 4.3″ screen, no front facing camera and no trackpad. Of course there’s no kickstand (a la EVO) either so who knows how the internals are going to relate to MTHD.

        The Desire-Z looks to be exactly the G2, but with Sense. Check out the videos at Engadget and watch this thing but in literally three seconds! :O It also has some awesome Z-lid action. Very classy as well.

      • Foxeh

        *watch this thing boot, I meant to say

  • Barry

    What’s so bad about espresso? I don’t own a mts but I did play with one briefly in a tmo store and really doesn’t seem as bad as ppl keep saying. I also had an espresso rom on the mt3g earlier this year I’m sure it was stripped down and it was super buggy but it didn’t seem as bad as some comments suggest. Anyone who actually owns a mytouch slide care to give their opinion on it?

    • darkjuan

      I had one until my Wife’s G1 died so I gave it to her. I thought it was really slick and it responds really fast. Loaded up ADW Launcher and had no problems whatsoever.

      I do agree with the above comments about the bloatware. Totally unnecessary. Let me choose what apps to put on my phone.

      • Barry

        Yea I thought it was really snappy also but I hear you on the bloatware carriers should give you the option to delete that kinda stuff.

  • zapote21

    The Desire HD is NOT, I repeat, NOT the MyTouch HD….

  • Rob

    The eggplant link was hilarious!

  • George

    the eggplant link is off the hook….i like the last sentence from tmo..”In case anyone is wondering what Eggplant looks like, click here.”…lol in some way it just made me laugh….

    i wonder if the video chat will allow me to video chat with my friends who has iPhone 4, that will be AWESOME!!! now i can’t decide whether i should get G2 or Mytouch HD….AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • Barry

    Outside of screen size and camera pixels the mytouch hd seems to be better than the desire hd.

    • bmg314

      Really? I mean really???? If that statement does not describe how some of us Tmo fans are becoming just like apple sheeple…jeez

  • kresk

    if you haven’t seen it yet, check the little write up about this phone on some neat stuff, seems legit. there’s also some interesting information on t-mobile possibly using the term 4g.

  • Rick-a-billy

    Please please please god!!!!! Please let the desire HD be the emarald device for tmo this device looks SOOOOO FREAKING LAME! I’m seriously on my knees typing and praying at the sametime!!! I’ve been waiting for a long time for a good phone to get from TMO and so far… Pretty disappointed!!!

    • adrial

      Tmobile may not have the best android phones to offer to you… but as for me I am so far verry pleased
      With my mytouch slide and my nexus one and I can’t wait to see what the hd has to offer
      I would def. not say that I am dissapointed in any way especially now I have learned to hack
      Android web from tmo.. 30.99 is a little rediculus that would be my only complaint.

  • mjN1

    @Rick, I felt like that few days ago. But today after all the specs about the Desire HD, I felt better so much better. I guess time will tell but I do have a very good feeling Emerald is Desire HD. According to my own source it will have a Nexus One Body but on steroids , bigger screen and not sure about FFC. It fits the description right? She said maybe a dual core.

    • Rick-a-billy

      Honestly buddy, everytime I hear something so optimistic I get hope again haha so thank you!!! I really hope it is, cause I’m holding off but my patience is wearing thin, what phone do you have???

      • mjN1

        I have a Nexus One. And pretty happy with it cus I know its still has the best support as far as updates and all, but its more than six months and I’m due for a new toy. So as far as a replacement, I want a bigger screen, same type body, same or faster processor, etc.. sounds like Desire HD to me dont you think? It would be nice if there is a FFC but, we cant have everything we want right.

    • Rick-a-billy

      I’ve been thinking about getting the nexus one and just letting that tie me down for the moment until end of this year or next year get a new awesome device, but I’m really REALLY weary of the 3G issues and the lack of a replacement if something goes wrong… Tell me bud, how’s the 3G with yours??? Do you hav a case with it? Does the case make a difference in getting better 3G connections??? I have a 3GS right now, it’s cool and all but totally not satisfied with no 3G and I’m paying for 3G…. Thanks for the feedback :)

  • HelloItsMe

    I have a question!

    What does FCC mean/stand for?

    And Isn’t the Desire HD the G2?

    Please help. Thanks.

    • Android Chick

      FCC means front-facing camera.

  • lilly0x

    desire hd is NOT the g2.

    desire z IS g2 but with sense(Europe)