BlackBerry Bold 9780 Has T-Mobile Launch Screen?

Update: And just moments after we posted the video…its been removed for TOS from YouTube. Suffice to say and you’ll just have to go on my word here, based on the launch screen in the first few seconds of the video, we believe this device will end up on T-Mobile in the near future.

Update 2: The guys over at BBLeaks have re-uploaded the BlackBerry Bold 9780 video! Check it out above!

Blackberry has certainly made a concentrated effort to remain in the news this week, both directly and indirectly. While AT&T drew the short or long stick (depending on how you view it) to be the launch carrier for the BlackBerry Bold 9800, it appears as though T-Mobile just might get the 9780 very soon. Of course I’m basing most of this “theory” on the first few seconds of the video, which contains a T-Mobile launch screen. That usually makes for a pretty solid guesstimate of a Magenta arrival though admittedly no other T-Mobile features are spotted through the rest of the video, at least none that I saw.

As it stands, I really hope BlackBerry doesn’t go down for the count, I’ve shared some found memories with their devices over the years and while they may not have the most visually pleasing interface these days, you can’t knock their reliability and the beauty with which they handle email. For that reason alone, I’m pulling for you BlackBerry!

CrackBerry via BBLeaks