Snapdragon Showdown

Let’s be honest, the most coveted phone processor out there (right now) is the Snapdragon processor.  It is advancing smartphones past their cell phone cousins and putting them closer to netbooks.  Currently, you can get your hands on this beautiful piece of silicon if you get yourself a Nexus One.  If you are in to waiting, then you know the HTC HD2 also features this very same processor and it will soon grace us with its presence.  With these two monsters humming along with a snapdragon processor, and running on T-Mobile’s 3G, we will have the choice of two of the most powerful and advanced cell phones in the world.  This may make a decision between the two extremely difficult.  Step in the PhoneDog/DroidDog crew to put together one of their Dog Fights of these super phones.  [I’ll warn you though, John Walton (the guy who is lucky enough to spend time with both simultaneously) is a die hard Android fan].  Personally, I could go either way, but I am saving my opinion until after Microsoft shows off Windows Mobile 7.  With that, go forth and watch the gorgeous hardware that HTC has manufactured.  Part two after the break and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Phonedog – Part 1, Part 2

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