Sidekick LX 2009 OTA Rolling Out


With the Sidekick Outage debacle behind us, Microsoft/Danger is making sure the data loss “incident” doesn’t occur again. Reports are coming in that Sidekick LX 2009 users are receiving an Over-the-Air (OTA) Update today (OS 5.0/270115). According to Hiptop3, the OTA is a combination of bug fixes and the new Mobile Backup support T-Mobile announced a while back. The OTA should also rectify problems such as freezing and crashing, many Sidekick LX 2009 users incurred. The OTA might cause your Sidekick to hard reset, so there is no need to worry, since  all your data should be backed up to Danger’s servers. After the update, Sidekick LX 2009 users can feel secure, since your address book will be backed up to T-Mobile’s servers as well! Some screenshots of Mobile Backup Support in action after the jump! Let us know if you’ve received the OTA and whether or not you’ve noticed any other significant changes in the comments!





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  • FILA

    I look at that sidekick above there and for a second I wish it was a touchscreen, a little bigger perhaps, and running Android, but that day will never come. But what will come is that G1v2! But for all those sidekick peoples out there, you willing to give it another shot? Or are you paranoid and dumping your sidekick for some Android?

    • BronxBebe

      I don’t trust it and I’m getting the BB 9700 to replace it plus was hard on the deaf community too.Tmobile,Sprint is the only 1 that will use IP Relay unless you have BB on others.
      This was my 1st SK and I can’t take that chance of not happening again. Even though the SK Sync is now $2.99 a month why should I pay for that when BB hooks you up? They even did a customer appreciation in the download catalog of I have no use for so they wouldn’t hand out the $100-no wait $50 to the customers.
      Doesn’t mean I’m leaving Tmobile cos they do rate better with plans than others and I’ve been on all 3 before Tmobile.

  • kershon

    Great for all the sk users. Backup by tmobile and danger-microsoft. But for me, give me a SE x10 in black plz.

  • BronxBebe

    Nopes no OTA update for me yet&its acting up still..Hasn’t changed my mind of getting a BB 9700 of which I’ll review for the deaf community for

  • ali

    My advice to all who use this phone: Dump it and find something better. Its aging technology and it provides little. It was a huge mistake to rely on networks to back up anything — its your responsibility to back up your own data.

    • BronxBebe

      The SK doesn’t let us backup our data unless it’s sync and lots of us don’t want to pay $9.99-now $2.99 a month for it. We’re lucky we got it for free to sync onto the SK&our pc’s for a few days. At least some came back but not all but I asked for the numbers,email etc again or had them written some where-old style backup there,lol..
      The SK LX09 was the 1st or suppose to be the 1st to do so of backing up and it didn’t. Even after I saved everything to the sim card and phone still lost it all anyways. Only pictures are saved onto the desktop files and well my own design for my key-guard was lost. Don’t wanna add any of my own ringtones either cos they haven’t given us a way to delete them which I lost also.
      The deaf community can’t just dump the SK when they rely on it of which people don’t understand about. Now you’re right about ridding it but not so easy on the deaf community the cell biz needs to step up providing the relay on all cells. SK,BB’s Tmobile,Sprint were first to do so.
      Someone is suppose to hook me up with a BB 9700 sighs still waiting on them. Funny thing is my niece on thanksgiving hijacked my kick while she had a BB 8900 cos she had SKs, lol..

  • i have dis sidekick n hate it da only thing i like bout it is that it runs on 3G .

  • BronxBebe

    LOL,I received an OTA early this morning but didn’t even do anything..sighs..

  • BronxBebe

    Oh and so much for the Sync being $2.99 it’s now back to $9.99 somethings not working right..Oh well ob la di..

  • DistortedX

    How do we know if we have received the OTA or not?

    • Kickstar13

      It will ask you to update.

      • DistortedX

        Oh thanks. I figured it automatically updated on its own but now I know.

      • BronxBebe

        Kick since your name is Kick can I kick you?JKN,lol.. No mobile backup but mobile life is there and it says mobile backup on the site but no hey do this.
        *Taps table,cmon BB 9700*

        • Kickstar13

          The Mobile Backup is only for Sidekick LX 09 users.

        • BronxBebe

          Kick, I have the SK LX 09 and still no OTA mobile backup update shows online but it just shows a review. I got the OTA but it didn’t do chicken little at all,lol..