Nokia N900 In-Depth Web Browser Review

Still waiting impatienly for the Nokia N900? With the recent Holiday offers T-Mobile has in store for us, the N900 was surprisingly not one of them. While we continue to wait, let us drool over some N900 videos. This video released by Nokia themselves shows an  in-depth look at the Mozilla-based web browser on a beautiful touchscreen with an 800 x 480 resolution. Enjoy the six minutes of drooling (Please try to keep it in your mouth). Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Nokia Conversations

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  • GregP

    Miley Cyrus… really? All the content of the world to demo on the N900 and they pick Miley Cyrus.

  • Bigg

    Hell yes I’m still waiting for N900, waiting for amazaon to take my money and ship this beast to me already. I’ll have my own PARTY IN THE USA once my phone is here.

  • Ariel

    The only thing that concerns me is once that amazing phone is available, will it be forced to use Tmobiles web2go browsing? Will the full functionality be available?

  • Jake

    Is there any truth to this phone coming to T-Mobile? If so, have anyone heard about any subsidizing on the price? I love Android but could easily forget about it as a platform. Until it comes out, I’m getting the Behold 2 and would quickly sell it if T-Mobile is getting the N900!

  • Kel

    I have a friend who works for T-Mobile and they had a visit from a Nokia rep to see some of the new phones. Alas when he didn’t see the N900 he asked about it and the rep told him that T-Mo WAS NOT getting the N900. So according to the Nokia rep the N900 will be a no-go for those of us waiting for this sexy beast! But it could be something that Nokia and T-Mo could try to be keeping extremely hush hush. We’ll know for sure I guess as the holidays approach…

  • Matt

    man, I want this phone!

    I for one am definitely waiting through all the disappointing holiday offerings. I wonder if it’ll be subsidized and what we’re going to be looking at price-wise….it kinda scares me, haha.

    And is it me or does this thing look HUGE. As in, the biggest thing ever. Like forget brick….we’re talking cinder block…..but I’m still very very interested!

  • Armytank

    I dont see t-mobile ever offering this phone.
    ALso @Matt if you look at the dimsensions of the phone, it is almost the same size as the G1, so if you think the G1 is a cinder block then you wont like the device. Me for one i like big devices since i am 6’3 and i have big hands. I think this device is good size for what it has. 3.5 inch screen and keyboard.

  • bigs12

    @Ariel all smart phone need the 24.99 full web access so you should be able to have the full web not web2go….. i have friends that use the iPhone and they mave full web also so it should be the same…

  • Anthony

    I agree with others on here that the N900 is not coming to T-Mobile USA. I was able to see a N900 and a nokia rep. The rep said T-Mobile was not picking up the N900.

  • batman26

    How confident are you on this?

  • eli_the_great89

    I’d highly doubt T-Mobile is getting this phone.
    It seems the only Nokia phones USA gets are the cheap slider and flip phones.

    the N Series is by far the best Nokia Series to date and its too good to be true for U.S. carriers to even think of getting these handsets, and if they do I can’t imagine T-Mobile would pick it up.

    if they do…I bet they’ll change it up and make it look like a toy, like they did with the beautiful Touch Pro 2…they completely deformed it and it no longer looks sleek and high end.
    or if they get the phone, all the functionalities we’ve come to love of the phone won’t even be available through T-Mobile (like Conference calling with the Touch Pro 2–instead of 5 people in the call T-Mobile only supports the regular ol’ 3 way calls).

    its all too good to be true.

  • Bobomo

    We’ve heard “my friend talked to a Nokia rep” about 20 times around here, and the answer is usually “T-Mo is not getting it” although some have said that they will, but not until early 2010. My reasoning is that this thing absolutely pwns the TouchPro2, and T-Mobile is under the mistaken impression that it’s worth $350… what on earth could they possibly charge for the N900 that would even be remotely enticing? They’d either have to cripple the hardware, lower the price of everything else, or eat a ton of money on the subsidy. I don’t see any of those things happening.

    Also, can someone clarify that if you buy an unlocked phone, even a smartphone, that you aren’t REQUIRED to purchase any data if you don’t want.

  • Will this be able to be use on t-mobile?
    Will it work perfectly on t-mobiles services?

  • eli_the_great89

    to Richie 23.
    If it doesn’t release with T-Mobile USA, you will be able to use it for T-Mobile and At&t since they’re both GSM carriers. Though NO it won’t work “perfectly” since the 3G speeds won’t work here. Mainly because Europe uses different spectrums than that of At&t and T-Mobile USA (not to mention even At&t and T-Mobile use different spectrums here).

    but I think it is Wi-Fi compatible/certified so Wi-Fi connectivity will give you better mbps.

  • jtothada

    @bobomo…… if u have ur own phone( unlocked or not) ur not required to add on a data plan……. just go their and say u got ur own phone, pick ur plan and they will just give u a sim to pop in……. and i hope they get this phone, if not then i’ll be buyin it unlocked in jan or wateva android phone comes out after the holidays, cuz i cant take no more of the Qualcomm 528MHz processor or no 3.5mm in my G1!

  • Kickstar13

    Here’s some more info to confirm the fact that T-Mobile USA will indeed be getting the N900

  • I’m a new Nokia n900 user from india, i require some guide from ur all, how can i use skype in my mobile phone in which it’s not displaying the pre installed application. although i m not in a position to use aMSN in my phone whn actually i m installing it, it saying unable to install as some installer files are missing please tell how can i use yahoo voice and movie calls and msn voice and movie calls and most critical skype.