It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s T-Mobile?


It’s no secret that T-Mobile has been stepping up their advertising campaign lately.  It has been a natural progression of course; starting with commercials, then moving to an extremely personalized press event and now their latest propaganda, people jumping out of perfectly good planes and plummeting to the Earth (with some fancy flips, synchronization and safe landings thrown in there somewhere).  It appears that T-Mobile is going all out for the launch of the MyTouch 3G tomorrow by coordinating a massive aerial spectacle above the San Francisco skies.  There will be fly by jets, skywriting and 100 skydivers dressed up as different personalities (and at least one Elvis), landing in four different locations around the city (if you are interested: Justin Herman Plaza, Marina Green Park, Pier 39, and Moscone Recreation Center).  The real party looks to be at Justin Herman Plaza, where MyTouch fanatics (and onlookers) will have the chance to interact with the skydivers and product ambassadors, sample the MyTouch as well as having the chance to win exciting prizes, all building up to a human chain that will lead to a nearby T-Mobile retail store for a variety of giveaways (including devices, SWAG bags and more!).  In case you wanted a simple breakdown of what to expect, here it is:

  • Synchronized stunt-dressed skydivers with unique personalities and special effects
  • Jet fly-bys/air show stunt
  • Colorful, synchronized skydiver landings, and skywriting
  • Large on-site screen with live broadcasting (skycams) from the sky and ground
  • Large groups of excited consumers
  • Giveaways, live music, device demos and sampling
  • “Human chain”/street team

Is anyone else excited for the launch of this phone? If so, make your voice heard in the comments!

SF Examiner

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  • JDouble

    good for tmo- glad i a part of the family now just bring sexy zeta-jones to my store and we got a deal

  • Rick

    Played with it in the store last week, not excited and no plans to get it.

  • inthetrenches

    Thank you T-Mobile…. for pissing away more money. How many CSRs, RSA’s, or admins could you hire instead of wasting resources away?

  • unnamed

    they are giving away $100 gift cards there too. you can use the towards the price of any phone with new 2 year contract.

  • kekoa

    this isnt anything spectactular. i sold one tonight, yes, before the launch. you dont see htc or android geeks waiting in line. its not an apple, so you arnt going to have nerds waiting in line like the iphone.

    i had one people dying for the phone. it was a 15 year old girl. everyone else was like ehh just call me when u have them in the store

  • neoslan

    Damn. I live just across the bay in Oakland. I could go tomorrow, but I have a darn English/Math assessment for college tomorrow. *tears*

  • justAPhoneUser

    I am sure that this is a great phone and all. I will probably end up with one, but I sure wish that it was the HTC Hero. I really do think people would line up for a Hero. Although, perhaps a Hero rom would go nicely with this phone?

    I will definitely stop by the store to check one out.

  • mfabela

    i wish t-mo would go all out on their phone line-up than an event! lol