Curl up with a good… Touch Pro2 manual


Eagle eyed forums member mobo316 spotted T-Mobile’s user manual(PDF) for the Touch Pro2! For those of you fanatics that just can’t get enough of this upcoming device, settle in for a good read of the manual, chock full of pictures and plenty of how-to goodness. A very interesting tidbit for anyone interested in using a memory card is page 38. Yes, by now we all know there is a microSD slot on the SIDE of the phone, leading… umm… all of us (?) to believe that a memory card could be inserted and removed with relative simplicity, but all is not as straightforward as it may seem. The back cover of the phone must be removed (according to the manual) in order to press down on the microSD card until it clicks into place – Though the card is inserted into the side of the phone. Not having handled the phone ourselves, we are not too sure if this is just to ease the opening of the microSD slot cover (which apparently is a little tough to open without using a firm fingernail, according to TmoNews forum-goers who have demoed the device) or if the back cover must be removed in order to access the extra room necessary to push down on the card. Well… at least the battery doesn’t need to be removed. If you can confirm the actual usage of this slot, please let us know in the comments!

There’s more after the link below.


On a brief note about the screen, there seem to be quite a few haters people out there who are not too fond of the Touch Pro2’s resistive touch screen… well, any resistive touch screen anyway. While we aren’t getting into a debate on the merits of capacitive vs resistive screens, perhaps it’s worth pointing out that the TP2 is not in any way solely restricted to a stylus or fingernail – it’s just an added bonus. Sure, we’ve read of some complaints of the screen sensitivity of the original Touch Pro (non T-Mobile device), but reports on this device seem on-par for being very sensitive and very responsive to any sort of touch – just ask docprego in his popular forums thread. Oh, and the manual is chock full of images of icons big enough to press on with the use of fingers, as well as full on advocating of finger gestures (of the non-stylus kind).

Just an observation.


Curious on how you’d be taking incoming calls? Hey, it’s a little thing anyway, who actually makes calls on their phones these days anyway, right? Regardless, if you’re into that whole “talking to other people” thing and they happen to call you, the decision to answer a call (aside from simply accepting with the TALK/SEND button or rejecting with the END button) can be made by a full swipe to the left to answer, a full swipe to the right to reject, or a tap on the “Mute” button to simply silence the ringer. Interestingly enough, thanks to the internal G-Sensor, the phone can also be muted simply by placing the phone face down on a flat surface. Incoming call from Aunt Jemima? Take her smiling, syrupy face from your photo caller ID and place it face down on the table… that’ll shut her up. Then again… if you’re having waffles…


And for those of you who love conference calling, this phone is definitely for you. What with the dedicated two-way speaker on the back, complete with dedicated mute button, and plenty of options for calling contacts for conference directly from text messages, emails, and contact lists… you’ve got it made. The only question remaining is: Will the Touch Pro2 somehow override T-Mobile’s limit of 3 calling parties per line? (That is, each caller can only connect two people into a conference at a time) A page directly out of the manual clearly shows 5 people in a conference, all dialed from the same phone (well, okay so it’s implied, following pg 65 which showed 5 contacts checked for dialing). Again, only an observation… and this coming from the T-Mobile manual… something that would be nice if it actually worked. Well, for those who call lots of people at the same time (unlimited loyalty ftw?)


Below we have an image proving the TP2’s TV-Out capabilities for those who didn’t know, as well as an image of the customizable programs tab – like a start menu for your apps.

Full manual link


  • freeQwnC

    First! But, I dont really care much about the Touch Pro2. Samsung Galaxy I7500 FTW!

  • dee_shock

    Finally something worth reading. Now only if you can add a nice 2 minute clip of the tp2.

  • MCBrian

    Lots of parsing of the User Guide already going on in the Forums…fun for the whole weekend!
    …what do you mean, “get a life”?

  • kalo

    i can confirm that u dont need to take out the battery of the phone to remove the memory card, just the cover and thats it.
    by the way, the unlock look-like is more sophisticated than the one tmobile is gonna offer, they should have left it the way it looked, n e ways, wat can we say…… =]

  • Galen20K

    Freakin’ AWESOME! Thanks so Much!

  • Mike

    Now we’ll be able to show the TMO reps how he phone works. J/K of course. It will be nice to hit the ground running when the device gets in my hands.

  • Matthew

    Pretty cool info. I hope I can actually conference call with mroe than 3 people on the line. I was trying to do that on my older phone and was greatly disapointed when I found out I was limited to myself plus 2 other callers. Can’t wait for this to come out already! I just got the Dash 3g to sue for a few weeks then I am going to trade it in for the TP2! Still waiting on pricing information, although I am definitely going to get it no matter how much it cost.. One more thing, anyone know if I can tether this with my laptop for free. I had Sprint and it was an additional 40 dollar plan (that didn’t wirj wuth their Simply Everythign plan). I asked a T-Mobile representative and he told me I could do it unlimited with the 35 dollar internet plan they have but sometime the reps dont really know what they are talking about..
    Love this phone and can’t wait for WM 6.5 upgrade!

  • Matthew

    One more thing… Checking out page 31 it says that it has a Start button when it is clearly a Home button. Anyone know why the T-Mobile USA version is different from the other versions in this regard? I like how they have an ALT key instead of an FN key and the position of it is cool too, but not having a Start key and essentially two Home keys (if you count the Call End key) is kind of dumb in my opinion…

  • Sanjay

    Does anyone know if we can pre-order this online so it is delivered by 8/12? T-Mobile is making no reference to this phone on their web site. Maybe after the MyTouch release date passes?

  • SlightlyBumed

    I was comparing the T-Mobile manual with the Telus manual and noticed that WorldCard Mobile is not in the T-Mobile manual. Can anyone confirm if it does or doesn’t have WorldCard Mobile? I find it a pretty nifty application. Hoping it comes with it.

  • JAy


  • T-MO Rep 78

    I’ve been using the TP2 for a couple of weeks now. I have actually been really impressed by the reception on the touch screen. I’ve never used a touch screen before so wasnt sure how I was going to like it but I LOVE it!!! The on screen keyboard is wasy more responsive than the mytouch. The SD slot is a little tricky to open but is capable of opening with out taking the back off. Not sure why T-Mo is realeasing these 2 phones at same time other than back to school marketing?? I think this phone is way worth the wait. A couple issues I’ve had problems with is maximizing the pictures when receiving an mms and also the market for winmo apps sucks!!

  • joshh

    wow good stuff to know in that manual. You can teether without hacking it(use it as a modem) and it has an accelrometer i thought it only went to landscape when you open the keyboard! thats awesome

  • Marco

    As far as I know, (not much) Tmo will allow you to tether but only up to 5 GB when tethering then kick you down to EDGE. I am waiting for it to come out too and I don’t think they will pre-sale it. You will probably have to wait in line or call to upgrade on the 12th. It probably won’t be too long of a line seeing as how they have kept relatively quiet about TP2 and have been pushing the myTouch 3G.

  • Marco

    As far as I know, (not much) Tmo will allow you to tether but only up to 5 GB when tethering then kick you down to EDGE. I am waiting for it to come out too and I don’t think they will pre-sale it. You will probably have to wait in line or call to upgrade on the 12th. It probably won’t be too long of a line seeing as how they have kept relatively quiet about TP2 and have been pushing the myTouch 3G.

    Also, to use the accelerometer to switch to landscape, you would need Gyrator 2 or a similiar program. There are a lot of programs out there for Windows Mobile. You just have to know where to go and make sure the program you are trying to use was made for the phone you have.