Visual Voicemail on myTouch 3G

[b]Update:[/b] Sorry, T-Mobile has yanked the videos and they are no longer available :(
Curious about Visual Voicemail on the upcoming myTouch 3G? Want to see how it will work? Wonder no more as we’ve stumbled across a few videos for you voicemail hounds out there.

Here’s how to check a brand new visual voicemail message from the device:

[Video Removed]

And another video to save it to a memory card:

[Video Removed]

Learn how to listen to your visual voicemail in any order after the break…

[Video Removed]

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  • Jen did a good job…really…pat on the head for her…but I mean where’s Catherine Zeta-Jones when you need her?

  • John

    please someone tell me the G1 is getting this too..right?

  • droid

    The videos do reference “T-Mobile PHONE” not specifically the MT3G … so speculate as you see fit.

  • freeQwnC

    YEah Really!!

  • Matthew

    I am interested in knowing if the Touch Pro2 is going to have visual voice mail as well.

  • Synseer

    anyone notice the button layout in the video. all the buttons besides the send and end key are in different spots. Must be an earlier test version of the phone.

  • MichaelN

    Did anyone notice that at the end of these video clips, there’s an option to watch three short video clips for the Touch Pro 2.

  • MCBrian

    Notice that at the end of the myTouch video there are links to Touch Pro2 videos…? T-Mobile Touch Pro2 “how-to” videos!

  • That’s a pretty big selling point for the myTouch over the G1. Right now G1 users have to go through 3rd party apps for Visual Voicemail.

  • Google Voice also has this and is transcripted for free.

    Just another thing that T-Mobile is BEHIND the times with.

  • Rey

    Finally !! Im so excited for this

  • Yaniv Chokron

    One Word…. PhoneFusion.
    Theyve had Visual Voicemail available for Android for months and its MUCH MUCH MUCH nicer than this. And its free.

  • Sbarney

    Yes, the YouMail app and service has a much better GUI and interface– even custom messages. Unless you are on Flexpay/pre-pay, I’d stick with YouMail after seeing these demos. People just love hearing their name in the outgoing voicemail message.

  • Chevy-n-yamaha

    What’s going on? Why’d they take them down?? I wanted to show off the vids of the TP2 to all my buddies!

  • razzledazle

    here is a link for the people wanting a sneek peek

  • coolfx35c

    Two reasons for the pits. #1) After owning the T-Mobile Wing for 2yrs. And exspecting to watch streaming videos with no problems. What I got was freeze-ups during buffering with the highest speed
    available on the wing. Of course no one told me at the time and purchase at TM that there was no tower in the coverage area in Pensacola,FL. But I was told that there coverage area was expandiNG. But after
    $399 spent. Still no tower for Pensacola in 2yrs. #2) I up-dated my contract for a My Touch 3G. I ordered
    it on line, and have it as I speak. You guessed it. After spending $299. Still no tower to accommodate the
    now 3G. I talked with another TM represenative. And received the same old song and dance. Both phones are really great. But not if you live in Pensacola. Is there anyone in Pensacola; or any town, in any state
    with the same situation?