Open Box Specials!

Open box specials!!Looking to get your phone a little bit cheaper than everyone else? Then step right up to what we’re calling T-Mobile’s “Open Box Specials” (pls give us royalties if this catches on, kthx). Starting near the end of July, maybe around the 22nd (TP2 fans don’t cry), it seems that phones returned within buyer’s remorse period (30 days for those who bought the phone full retail) could end up back in stores in specially marked boxes to sell at discounted prices. It doesn’t seem as if just any phone will make the cut either, as each returned phone will be tested for 100% functionality and a full visual inspection; if there’s no “visible physical damage” they will send it to stores with the discount applied. The reduced price will even be taken off full and partial phone upgrade pricing, for further money saving goodness. In this economy, absolutely anything will help!

Keep in mind that not all phones returned during buyer’s remorse will qualify for this program and stores will get them at random so it’s kind of a “mixed bag” of price drops per store – oh, and this also only lasts for a limited time. We’re all for “limited time” lasting for a few years (are you listening, T-Mobile? hint hint), this sounds like a pretty good deal if you want to save some money and don’t mind getting a phone that somebody has used for a couple of weeks.

Thanks, tipster!


  • freeQwnC

    That sounds kinda cool! Lets seee..

  • freeQwnC

    Well doesn’t Verizon and ATT already sell refurbished/used phones at lower prices???

  • There is only one state that I know of that has 30 days to send phone back and that is California. Everywhere else is 14 days and that is to the store. Cheaper phones always good.

  • Any news on whether these can be bought without renewing your contract? I’d be interested but I don’t want to get into another contract.

  • Heidey Ho

    They’ve been selling refurbs as new for a long time. What do you think they’ve been doing with all those returns for all these years, sending them to phone heaven? Think again. They just never told anyone they were used. I bought a supposedly new Curve about a year ago that still had the previous owner’s phone records.

  • Tito

    They don’t sell them as new. They use them for warranty exchanges. Why do you think they say “like new” when they read you the script? Like new does not mean “broken and sent back to the manufacturer to get refurbed” to me… but I would except “someone bought and returned it within buyer’s remorse so it’s less than 2 weeks old. Oh yeah, and we tested everything too”

    T-Mo cares about quality, regardless what some self-righteous, stuck-up haters want to claim. Using buyer’s remorse returns (as well as brand new devices repackaged in warranty packaging) is how they keep the quality. Hey, why do you think T-Mo doesn’t do business with LG? The quality and reliability doesn’t meet T-Mo’s strict quality and reliability guidelines.

  • FILA

    I cant do refurb phones, i dont want somebody elses ear grease and doo doo stains on my phone, or wondering if the vibrater in the phone was used for other purposes, lol

  • ZEN

    ohk..?! soo as I recall TP2 is still coming out the 12th of Aug. right? ohk so will the tp2 have Pre-Order? Cause im getting it with a discount, the whole 1 year thing.

  • steven

    too bad there’s no specific site dedicated for refurbs. another pt for verizon and at&t

  • Tp2 is coming for tmobile? I’m switching if it does.

  • albert

    is this like official?
    cuz i want to know if i should go to the tmobile stores first thing in the morning.