A little change for TmoNews… comment replies

change-001 Just announcing a little change to the way our blog posts operate around here: You can now reply to individual comments within a post. We’ve noticed a decentĀ  amount of people typing out replies to others using an “@username” format at the top of their comments – no longer will that be necessary. Using the new system, each comment will have a “Reply” link below it and replying to that comment will produce that reply right underneath it in a handy little box. Each comment can be replied to up to three levels deep, with each box being an alternating color so as to flow a little easier on the eyes.

Enjoy.. test it in the comments here!


  • How is everyone tonight.

  • Mystictrust

    Yay for replies to comments!

  • its nice. i like it.

  • J-Hop2o6

    FINALLY!! Long overdue

  • Yay, lol

  • nice feature

  • heredavid

    checking it out as a “Leave a Reply”

  • Galen20K

    Very Nice, THank you David!!! – D

  • Kickstar13

    Nice! I like it! Thanks Mystic!

  • WizzyConsin

    has anyone else noticed their Tmo reception become especially crappy in the last week? I used to have almost full bars everywhere I go with the exceptions of a few canyons, but now i get nothing or one bar. sometimes I get back to full bars but for the most part this week its been garbage. could this be due to any system work needed for all these phone releases or with the 3g addition?