TmoNews changes for 2009!


Alright so we’ve been getting requests for some kind of refreshing change to the blog and we’ve been trying to come up with something cool that would make the blog a lot easier on the eyes (aside from pictures of scantily clad models). 2009 rolls around and we thought to ourselves, “New year? Old blog? Doesn’t add up” so we moved quickly to get something in motion. Enter TmoNews Blog v2.0, the next “evolution” of our wonderful little blog about all things T-Mobile.  It’s pretty straightforward, but I feel I should let you know what’s going on now and what’s planned overall. More after the break…

First and foremost, we have the big gray “featured articles” box that will show up on the front page. In there will go, ummm, featured articles that we want to keep up there for awhile. Full articles can be pulled up by simply clicking on the name of the article that you see in there – pretty simple.


On your right you should see, right below the Search box, a Twitter Update box. Self explanatory, but an easy way to find our latest twitter feed when you’re visiting your favorite source for T-Mobile news (AM I RITE?). Below that is our Featured Video section which can be used to highlight videos from people like YOU (and us) such as unboxing videos and the like. Maybe even a random T-Mobile commercial if it’s one of those laugh out loud ones… or not… it’s just for fun, and we don’t get paid by T-Mobile so just throwin’ the idea out there.

tagtop2Below the featured video section is a TAG CLOUD. Familiar to some, unfamiliar to others, we’re going to start using tags as links to various things in our articles such as phone models and upcoming services and current services and things like that. Instead of bouncing around to different categories and creating a seemingly endless number of them, just about everything will be tagged and placed in the tag cloud… and tags with more posts show bigger than the others (just check out the G1!). We’re eventually going to phase out the categories and shrink them down to simple things such as “Upcoming Phones”… so it should be easy to see the latest posts in the Upcoming Phones category, and if you know the device you want you can just as easily find it in the tag cloud.

Below all that is the massive list of all the categories we’ve created since we started this blog last April. That should be shortening in the future as we start the massive task of switching to tags, but we’re doing it all for you! So yeah, not forgetting the very bottom of the blog is a big gray box which houses most popular posts, most comments, and things like that. I know, it’s all the way down there but it’s a nice little addition… for you comment dwellers, that’s for you.

SO what’s in the future, you ask? Well, we have some planned upgrades to the comment system, maybe a little rearranging of small things here and there, some changes to the forums (hey you forum cats/dwellers, don’t glare at me like that… it won’t be that bad), some TmoNews services, etc. etc. We’re not gonna mention everything, but hey… look at this layout, the gears they are a’turning!

Ummm, and at the request of David, I have to actually take credit for my work so – the design related stuff is all me, Mystictrust (in case you hadn’t checked the post author), your friendly neighborhood “Techie”… or “Behind the scenes guy” or whatever.


  • David

    Wooo hooo I’m first!!

  • t1 connect

    This Layout is totally hot. keep it.

  • AT&T-Mobile

    WOA!! when i first loaded this site i thought “wtf, is this tmonews!?” lol…btw nice page layout! keep up the good work! :D

  • ChampagneDreams

    ooohhhh i love it!i think the forums could use a change too but, one step at a time.

  • tmobile2lyfe

    I like it!!!!!1!!!! I need Taina here to woo hoo with me.

  • knytphal

    This is so much better than the older layout. :-)

  • se30chris

    I like it a lot. You have to keep this format.

    @David. Seriously, how old are you?

  • Galen20K

    I like it, Good Job Guys!!! – D

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  • David

    @Chris, old enough…but all the more giddy for a redesign I’ve been hoping for for months.

  • Nice new layout, looks smooth-er.

  • Ricky

    Really love the new look! It looks great!

  • Nice new look guys

  • GP

    Mystic really out did himself with this one. It looks fantastic!

  • SoTacMatt

    Well done Mystictrust!! Thanks for your hours of hard work!

  • unknown

    I just got off work. So many calls about the cupcake update. A website somewhere actually posted that this OTA update would be released today! Made the day a little busy. The new layout looks great.

  • tmobile2lyfe

    Hmm so its red now.

  • I’m definitely lovin’ it. Looks great!

  • mfabela

    very nice, i love it!!


  • Brian

    A nice change to a great site. Keep up the work guys!

  • Kickstar

    Nice layout. Loving it. Thanks Mystic!

  • T1 Connect

    you guys definetly have to pimp out the fourms like this.

  • thatbronxboy

    yea this loook wayyyy betttttttttter i though i was on the wrong site lol

  • Chase W.

    Really nice layout this is my first time coming on here with this layout I thought I went to the wrong site for a moment lol.

  • ChampagneDreams

    I cant wait to see whats in store for the forums!

  • bmoredave

    Wow, good job guys, the new set up looks great.

  • UrbanRio

    great new layout. fresh and clean. easier to read. now you just need to update your logo and he layout of graphics in the story box!

  • Jay

    Loving the new layout. Nice work guys!

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  • MadProfessor

    Lookin’ good fellas. The new layout has a familiar mix of some other popular sites while adding it’s own flavor. I too was wondering where I ended up when I first clicked onto the page.

  • Snowy

    looks good on mobile, but annoying to flip through pages.


  • MaysBerry

    Looks Good!!!! who’s ready for samsung android devices on t-mo? word is theyre even more tasty then the g1…no rumor…reality :D!!