We are strong in the force…

Oh yes, we have Jedi… We have some time between now and October 22nd so we need something to discuss Android related. So with that being known I present…G1 user guides!! I know exciting, here you can get your thrills by searching for headset jacks, steps to insert the battery and so much more like turning the phone on!!




I know this isn’t the same as October 22nd and everyone waking up like its Christmas morning and might we add, tackling the UPS man that morning IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!! Enjoy!

Source Credit goes to Pfalden and Sasquatch for their Jedi Master ways.

  • dat chyk

    Awesome! I was searching for this info this morning!! Thanks!!

  • Lanslyde

    you guys are funny lol. I was happy to see that I can pre-order the phone without putting money down. lol i was gonna have to owe loan sharks if otherwise. I love TMOBILE!

  • Awesome Guys thanks I can’t wait till the 22 so I can get my Brown G1!

  • monarchy24

    I have a question for u guys do u know why they didn’t put the screen sensor on it so the screen rotates when u turn it?

  • Smoku

    already got it printed

  • jon

    i had to call tmo to change my shipping address and pay it off in full. they told me “its guaranteed there BY the 22nd” i can only hope it comes earlier. :)

  • Lanslyde

    oh i just had an orgasm. all i needed to kno is if yu could set ur own ringtones without havibng to buy them. and can! yay lol

  • dat chyk


  • Sun.NY


    Ialready preorderd and i already Brought an 8 gb micro sd off ebay.
    Im all ready for Oct 22
    I only have ONE Nagging Question

    Does this thing have a Friggin BackLight for the keyboard and Phone?????!!?!?!? Thats my only worry

  • dat chyk

    I would hope so. Even the cheapest phones have backlights for use in dark environments.

  • SinCity

    So wait, I have a question. You can preorder without putting money down? Because that’s exactly what I need…

  • Sun.NY

    @ sin city
    depends on ur current balance
    I already preordered and they said it would be on my Next bill

  • dat chyk

    Actually, as long as your bill is current ($0 balance owed), they will bill you when the unit ships. So depending on your billing cycle, that’s when you will see it on your bill (based on ship date… 10/19-21 or so).

  • Nick

    I have a balance owed (but not due until Oct 10th) and I purchased without paying anything upfront.

  • dat chyk

    Ok, I meant as long as you are “current” on your bill. If your bill is not due then you balance is really $0 as of today.

  • Chris

    I love the Caring For Your Phone section.

  • Kraz33

    I didn’t read anything about being able to sync up with my computer. What about Thunderbird or Outlook!? If not, somebody in the Android community better get crackin’!

  • iphone lover

    You guys are funny getting all excited over a piece of crap like the G1 never in a million years will that grabage beat the iphone sorry tmo customers g1 suckS!!!! G1 blows hhahhahhahahaha i love my iphone a “real” phone

  • diordna

    On page 35 of the User Manual I found this bit of wisdom:-)

    “If it rings and you discover it’s in the back seat, do NOT crawl over the seat to answer it while driving.”

    Thanks T-Mobile!

  • tfan

    Keep the iphone i’ll take my chances with the g1 the andriod is sooo cool the open market is gonna kill the iphone download store

  • Doble-A

    @ diordna


  • sam

    i’m so impatient. the days are going by so slow… i can’t wait to get my hands on the G1!

  • Zhenya

    There are a bunch of typos in this manual.

    Look at page 25, at the bottom they are discussing voicemail, and all the sudden it jumps to talking about the SD card. Ha, but no visual voicemail SUCKS. :-(

  • TechnologyXDA

    The G1 is truly a CRIPPLE phone and people are talking about it’s going to get better, just wait for the updates, they are going to be new apps coming soon, yeah right! Naw, why would anybody in their right mind set purchase a CRIPPLE phone,{LOL} Would you purchase a CRIPPLE car? One thing I can say, I have never known SonyEricsson to come out with a CRIPPLE phone ever. T-Mobile/Google ran the old Apple 52 fools fake out, Jedi Knight iphone marketing trick on all of you, now check this out http://sonyericsson.com/X1/ …………!

  • sam

    wow, this guy technologyxda is annoying.

  • iphone lover

    G1 blows all you tmo customers are dumm wasting your money on a piece of grabage iphone rules i love my iphone a “real’ phone hahahhahahaha g1 sucks really bad and it looks so ugly ahahahh

  • Zhenya

    Also manual says MICRO USB but the pics show a extusb. Can anyone confirm either way?


  • TechnologyXDA

    I’m telling the truth, the G1 is a CRIPPLE phone, the truth hurts you ….!

  • dat chyk

    @TechXDA – It is simply a difference in preference. No one is hating on u for the choice u made (sony ericsson) so let adults be adults and make their own decisions. I personally don’t care how you feel about the decision I made to purchase the G1…cause you are in no way a part of my life! No one is listening to you anyway…we got our G1’s and who cares how you feel about it!

  • I’m looking forward to receiving this phone and thanks to TmoNews for all the updates. I’m also looking forward to creating mobile versions of my site in the near future.

  • iphone lover

    G1 sucks plain and simple only a fool would get this phone oh boy do i love my iphone a “real” phone

  • lancerevo

    it did have its few downfalls but they are already being fixed.. like no 3.5mm jack.. its now gonna come with an adapter.. sure its not as good as it being on the phone but an inch longer on your cord isnt gonna kill anyone.. the 1 gb cap that everyone was freaking about is now gone and now a company is already coming out with a free solution to the no exchange server/ syncing with outlook problem and its only been 2 days since it was announced.. i dont understand how its crippled

  • Galen

    There are Two Other HTC Devices and a Windows Mobile phone coming out for
    T-MObile in the Next 6 Months in addition to Two New model Blackberry phones,
    aside from the KickStart also soon and All are supposed to Support the 3G
    Network so they’re JUst getting Started Now, FINAlly!!!

    – D
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  • aaron thomas

    there is a mobile verison of this site already

  • Lime D. Zeze

    “…melting snowflakes, tears of joy, squirt-gun crossfire or steam from hot water in the kitchen or bathroom.”
    -Page 33


  • Jeremy

    ha! something isn’t right here… from page 25. i guess you are supposed to remove the SD card when the voice mail number is dialed?

    Call voicemail
    If you have a new voicemail message, you will see this icon in the status bar. To call your voicemail
    1 Open the notifications window to reveal the New voicemail notification:
    2 Select the notification.
    3 Your voicemail number is dialed.
    • To remove an already-installed SD card, push the card in gently, then release. The card
    should pop out far enough so you can remove it.
    4 Close the SD card cover until both ends are seated.
    Important! The phone does not think the SD card is inserted if both ends of the cover are not
    properly closed.

  • Phil

    “I have a question for u guys do u know why they didn’t put the screen sensor on it so the screen rotates when u turn it?”

    1) accelerometer
    2) i’ve seen EVERY g1 video (yup, every one) – one of them shows the third party video player app from one of the g1 demonstrators at the event in NYC, and he shows how if you’re watching a movie in portrait, he simply rotates phone (without opening it up), and the screen flip to landscape

    this feature is completely application-dependent


  • Phil

    @ jeremy: haha, nice one….maybe a typo, shouldn’t be “4” but a “*”

  • Sun.NY

    For some reason i cannot view

    does any one else have a different link

  • justin

    Trollers are so pathetic having to back their decision on buying “xperia” “iphone”. Personally they should all go on an island and stay there with there bias lame comments. I think the G1 is a damn cool device. I might try it out at the store first…I want to check out the keyboard.

  • iphone lover

    G1 sucks when are you guys gonna realize this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Has to be better than my Shadow

    iphone lover, you are “grabage” so go play with your iphone in your iroom in your mom’s ibasement.

    TechnologyXDA, why are you here again?? Enjoy your phone that has been delayed 47 times. Frames, OMG that is frickin’ amazing, have fun with it tool.

  • WazzuKirk

    @iphonelover Apple sucks dude. Expensive, over-priced garbage. The only thing it’s good for is graphic design and music…that’s it. So have fun with your proprietary garbage phone when us new G1 owners will be able to 10x as much with our phones.

  • The Dude

    G1 is awesome. I don’t understand why people seemingly “despise” or “hate on” others for their choices. “G1 vs others” “Xbox 360 vs PS3 vs Wii” “Canon dSLR vs Nikon dSLR” “T-Mobile vs others”

    I think there are a lot of people out there that aren’t quite satisfied with something in their life so decide to choose other things people look forward to and try to make them feel stupid for their decision. Or at least comment on how much “better” their choice is. It’s actually quite sad.

    I welcome G1 and what it brings to the table, such as how open it is for development by anyone at all – can’t wait for the multitude of applications that will be all over this phone!

    Thanks you TmoNews!!! Now, normally I read the manual AFTER I play with the phone for a few days but I might just make an exception here, hehe ;)

  • SiliconAddict

    Hey TMONEWS. Please please please require registration to keep these Steve Jobs humping asshats off here. Please?

    remember everyone. When you think Apple…think corporate douchebag.

  • day chyk

    @iPhone Lover: U said, “G1 sucks plain and simple only a fool would get this phone oh boy do i love my iphone a “real” phone.”

    Wow…I guess you haven’t heard…but, a “real” phone is simply a phone that you can make and receive calls on. LOL.

    Why do you haters spend time reading all of the G1 blogs and commenting? Isn’t your iPhone keeping you busy?? Apparently not because you obviously have a desire to keep up with the latest information on the G1 or you wouldn’t even be here.

  • @ WazzuKirk

    Wow. You just wasted a perfectly legible sentence on someone who writes the same nonsense over and over in — seemingly — the same incoherent language ALL virtual @ssholes spew.

  • CBJacked

    iPhone lover blahahahaha the name says it all, that phone is problably the only thing you have to love and do something for you after you touch it. What a looser. People usually bash things that they feel are better that what they have, so keep on bashing iphone humper its only making my point.

  • cubs

    Admin, can we please get rid of the iTrolls?

  • David


    Sorry but I can’t. I simply can’t remove someones posting ability simply because they don’t agree with your/mine opinion. Part of gadget blogs and blogs in general is a difference in opinion and while we all know that he is clearly a fascist pig hell bent on stalking Steve Jobs I can’t just remove him. I won’t stifle discussion just because someone disagrees.

  • Phillybandit

    I really need some help. I want the G1 BUT… there is one major concern… How do I upload the music on my computer onto the G1? I’ve read that you just put the music on the memory disk and then put the memory disk in the G1. Isnt there an easier way??? This may be what makes or brakes me getting a G1- I want it to be my Mp3 player, phone, gps and internet browser.

    thanks in advance

  • T1 Connect

    people with macs iphones and whatever the hell they have from apple thats not specific to photos and videos can only do one thing and thats talk about how good their product is knowing they dont know jack about computers or even know how to use one

  • iphone lover

    G1 sucks donkey nuts people when are we going to understand this????? There’s not a single feature in this crap phone that stands with the iphone face it people iphone raised the bar on how to make a phone hence people are copping the interface and the touch screen boy i love my iphone a “real” phone!!!!

  • T1 Connect

    you are a suckhead dude the jobsphone did make people wanna build better phones but you gotta give respect where its due the g1 is not a toy the iphone is a fashion toy after you’ve used all apps in the iphone you get bored quick you should know that you own one or do you. the g1 is the first step in opening a world of unlimited possibilities in mobile technology and its free for basic people like me to create apps and play with it. you cant do that for the iphone cause yo daddy (steve jobs) said so. like i said little fashion boy iphone suckhead give respect where its due. cause you dont know shit about your beloved iphone. ass!

  • Lanslyde

    i actually owe 58 bucks on my bill. but they still let me order without putting any money down.

  • Lanslyde

    @ iPhone lover

    Does the iPhone have the capability to send picture messages yet? I hope so cuz when I had mines I had to hack it so I could use 3rd part apps. they had an app that lets u receive pic messages but not receive them. The iPhone is a good phone tho, besides poor battery life no pic messaging… n sum more stuff.

    but the G1 is gonna be all of that and then some. Why are you hating on it?

  • T1 Connect

    @Phillybandit the g1 can sync music like pluging in a external hard drive or a basic mp3 player it should have drivers in it or a cd that installs it to the computer for your computer to pick it up as a storage device

  • Lanslyde

    @The Dude
    xbox 360 clearly wins the console wars lol. i have all 3 new systems and i think the 360 is a better system overall. Ps3 has better specs and is a cheap blu-ray player..and the Wii…well the Wii is just the Wii lol

  • Lanslyde

    @ phillybandit

    yea dude, plug in ur usb cable that will come with the phone into the phone and then into the computer. that way it can read the memory card if you dont have an sd slot on ur pc or watever ur using

  • Lanslyde

    @ everybody

    i just realized that the iphonelover guy is just saying random stuff to piss us off and to wrie back,.. he obviously needs and wants attention

    “G1 sucks donkey nuts people when are we going to understand this????? There’s not a single feature in this crap phone that stands with the iphone face it people iphone raised the bar on how to make a phone hence people are copping the interface and the touch screen boy i love my iphone a “real” phone!!!!”

    notice how he says we, instead of you, in the first sentence. Then he goes on by saying there isnt a feature on the G1 that can match up to the utterly god-likeness of the iPhone. He fails to realize that they are about the same. Except for having an iPod and the g1 has StreetView and a better camera w/auto focus.

    then u have the interface.. u can clearly see that sum aspects of the user interface is borrowed from the iPhone, i.e. the dragging and sliding of your finger to move thingd around. HTC adds their own flavor by letting us as users rearrange the home screen by sliding our finger.

  • Lanslyde

    how could i forget the keyboard lol, slipped my mind

  • iphone lover

    G1 is so tacky and is soooo last gen and it looks like a sidekick which is another crap phone (typically tmobile with there crap phones) iphone is new gen and like i said before there’s not a single feature on this G1 grabage that stands with the iphone mannnn do i love my iphone a “real” phone

  • T1 Connect

    one thing that really sucks about the jobsphone is you can only use it on one computer that is a pain in the ass

  • tommis

    lol, he said ibasement

    24 days till G day

  • Lanslyde

    yea that does sucks. same with ipods… lol. i loved my zune, its in heaven now tho.
    sidekick is a good phone. im happy with it

  • T1 Connect

    @Lanslyde buy another one its worth it and make sure you get if from best buy and add a extended warranty when u use the warrany they give you back the price of the zune plus the taxes and all accessories.

  • henry

    iPhone Lover are you really that much of a loser that trolling a G1 comment page is the best you can do with your time? Why dont you try taking your iPhone out of your ass, turning off the vibrate function and go outside? Seems it would do you some good.

  • Lance Romance

    @ henry

    lol at what u said and ur name being simply, henry

    @ t1connect

    yea i might in the future, i had an 30gb ipod laying around from a past transaction (traded razr2 in for money ipod n speakers) so i’m using that right now and of course some big , stupid skull candy headphones

  • Wardski

    iPhonelover you truely suck some serious c0ck. I have an iPhone 3G, and apart from the smooth interface and fairly (i said fairly – not SUPER EXCELLENT) good apps, it really sucks a$$.

    The new 2.1 firmware is so damn slow for a start..

    Pimp Daddy Jobs wont let TomTom bring out software for it so we’re without proper GPS software – oh and did I forget? the iphone cant even send MMSs! A basic feature of all $100 phones with a camera!

    Not to also forget, the iphone’s Mac OS isnt even stable and regularily crashes. The camera is only 2MP, and without a flash, so thats totally useless when youre having fun with friends in a night club, and its dark. And did I mention you cant MMS?

    Even Nokia have the heads screwed on with the N95 and a great flash + 5MP camera!

    Theres also no A2DP Bluetooth, so your restricted to wires.. Blah, and bluetooth compatibility is EXTREMELY POOR!

    When your battery dies, you have to pay close to $100 smackos to get it replaced!, and also there are quality issues to boot with the plastic case cracking – oops someone say POOR quality!

    Ive gone through 2 iphones already with cracked cases!

    So iPhonelover, while the iPhone is generally a good phone, it isnt as good as you make it out to be. It has some serious flaws, and its Fking expensive (for a flawed phone) too.

    I like the concept of the G1, but for me, I’m gonna be replacing my (3rd) iphone soon and pick up either a Blackberry Bold, Storm, or the new HTC Touch HD (a real iphone killer) when it hits the street.

  • dflat7

    I’m getting kind of sick at this iPhone lovers, the G1 is the future in our hands…yes, the future, not just a phone, the future!!! open apps, street view, compas…? do you really need any more…? Can’t wait till the 22nd!!!

  • dflat7

    Wondering if I can call and get the white one instead of the black one…wasn’t sure when I pre ordered it and now after all the videos and pics I think I would like to trade…will Tmo allow me?

  • T1 Connect

    1171 songs 553 pics 395 videos (mostly movies)27.03gb free now we can browse and buy directly from the zune has games passwords to lock it

  • mrsgi

    u can say what u want about iphone, when we evacuated and needed constant service i had it on my crappy old sidekick but my friend didnt on her brand new iphone she had to use her kids crap phones with her sim because they had signals.

  • RockTripod

    Stop responding to iphonelover. Seriously. And sorry dflat7, white will only be available after the 22nd.

  • iRoc

    Since pre-ordering, time has been moving slowly. I want to play with my new G1 already.

  • colin small

    I’m a little concerned with some of the G1’s drawbacks and I’m not as excited as I was before I saw it in action. That being said, I’m still cautiously optimistic and looking forward to my contract expiring in December to pick one up. one of Androids greatest benefits is also one of it’s greatest problems. that is being open. being open leads to many many great free apps and many many crappy ones. you can’t expect any consistency in applications, especially how they look. apple has consistency down. it also filters out a lot of crap… it’s almost like letting everyone on the street come in and paint your bedroom walls… who knows what to expect? or hire nothing but a professional painter… I’m very optimistic when it comes to android but time will tell what kind of end user experience we can expect. another thing I am curious about is updates… will there be updates to android? provided by tmobile? google? the community? by the way, stop responding to the iphone guys comments, he keeps posting because your all giving him the attention.

  • Dennis

    one things worries me… doesn’t seem like it forwards text messages.. somebody know if it actually does/doesn’t?

  • Lance Romance

    thats what i said colin.. and from the conference thingy it seems A2DP bluetooth will be in an update for the G1 in the future. shit like that is supposed to be on the pphone when it comes out. that tells u that they had to rush to finish everything and they didnt have neuff time

  • Nadmenny Millicent

    Does anyone know if this will be a Fav-5 phone. For thise of us who use a phone as a phone.

  • iphone lover

    G1 sucks i man come on 8 gigs max? I have 16 gigs baby and when the 30 gig iphone drops I’m going to get that too which is still better then the crappy 8 gigs mess and itunes is better then the crap amazon ya are going to get man i love my iphone a “real” phone

  • nadmenny millivent

    Will it be a fav 5 phone? Some of us do actually make calls with our phones.

  • CB.Jacked


    There are going to be useless Apps developed as well as awesome Apps, but who cares about what is developed because in the end we have control what we put on our phones. There will be user feedback and reviews on applications that any smart user will know what to expect when the application is installed. Thats whats going to make the open handset so great is that the customization and software of the phone will be endless. Its only going to get better and better the more time the 3rd party companies have with Android. In the end thats what will put the G1 ahead of the iCrap which you are pretty much a tool for Apple to tell you what you can and cannot install on YOUR phone that YOU paid for. Just look at iphone lover, he is pretty much obsessed with a phone that has limits and is jealous because Android has none.

  • CB.Jacked

    By the way, lets see what everyone else is upgrading from. Im upgrading from a Samsung S105….yes go ahead and laugh. But after going through several phones and had been using that until something worthy came out. So the time has come for me!

  • iphone lover

    Boooooy is feels great having an Iphone a “real” phone

  • iphone lover

    G1 sucks people please get your money back for those who preorder i feel bad becuase here i am enjoying my iphone and you guys going all crazy over an iphone wanna be i love my iphone a “real” phone ! Tmo customers ask yourself a question how many good phones you guys really have that can even compare to At&T’s line of great phones !! Haha ya losers lol you guys are stuck in the stone age of tech world !

  • SaDudE

    Not sure if this was already addressed but the keyboard does have a back light and it works quite well

    Honestly I am happy to have a phone that can multitask…I guess iphones are for slow people that can’t comprehend how to do more than one thing at a time where real power users realize that you gotta do more than one thing at a time.

    Now bring it…

  • T1 Connect

    oh i get it now iphone lover isn’t a tmobile customer he’s a filthy disgusting at&t customer who’s bored with his rediculously expensise brick osx. i realize this becuase he probably ran out of things to do on the phone or maybe he’s frustrated cause he cant multitask copy and paste etc. so he comes over here with his lame fuckin comments knocking tmobile becuase he’s one of those people att managed to pull the wool over his eyes. i hope you stick with them when they go belly up again. which they will happen again for what. the 4th time.

  • Lance Romance

    i am upggrading from a sidekick LX.. but i thin il use it on tuesdays because im in love with it lol. unless the g1 just sweeps me off of my feet

  • chad

    wish i was rech saavy, but I love my Magenta and want a G1. I know is works nice with gmail, but does it also play nice with verizon, aol and what not..I know you could use the browser and go to those accounts but will it push to the phone?


  • iphone lover

    Let see how many people are gonna be waiting in line for that gcrap phone I Guaranty it won’t receive the same crave like the iphone let alone sell the same amount of units the iphone sold face tmo losers tmobile g1 both suck I’m sorry i understand the truth hurts

  • sam

    i’m upgrading from a blackberry pearl. anybody else hate blackberry’s with a passion!? so many flaws and glitches. sometimes i just wanna throw it across the room.

  • Lance Romance

    the blakberry bold looks sexy as hell! lol

  • mrssherico

    I feel our pain. I’m in the same boat as you, hating my blackberry pearl more and more everyday. As soon as I can get my hands on the T919 I am not gonna waste one second hurling this trashberry 8100 out the window.

  • Brittany

    @iphone. Do your research before speaking because you sound ignorant. It’s temporarily only an 8gig max. There are different protocols for using 16+ gigs and it is a firmware upgrade to use the bigger cards. So, iphone, enjoy being a sheep!

  • T1 Connect

    @iphone lover this one is for you and the sad thing is its true

  • iphone lover

    Mannnn i love my iphone a “real” phone

  • Sangfroid

    I’m upgrading from from a Nokia E70, It’s kinda been that best phone I’ve ever had but I’m finally looking forward to something new with the the G1. Also even though I haven’t owned one I’ve played with the Iphone a lot and it is pretty sweet, but never really had enough that I wanted to actually get one. That being said I’m kinda a technology slut, I don’t really care who makes it or what it is, I just wanna play with whatever is shiny and new and for now the shiniest and newist thing is definitly the G1.

  • brian

    iphone lover: “At&T’s line of great phones !!”???? – you’ve probably never been outside US.

  • iphone lover

    In compare to tmobile’s phones you can’t tell me At&t doesn’t have the upper hand in the mobile phone world not to mention the iphon

  • Lance Romance

    unspoken rule of blog sites: make sure you know how to form correct sentences with proper sentence structure before you comment.

    4reel tho wat the hell is u trying to say lol

  • Lance Romance

    oK, I have a question. You know how you pre-order the phone, and if you go back to try and upgrade your phone again it won’t let you and a read message appears at the bottom saying something like: your order is being processed, blah, blah.

    when it is done processing does that disappear?

  • ian

    no it does not appear again it allows you to upgrade to any other phone but if you will not be able to use the 2 year upgrade and the phone will be 299 like for those people that had upgraded recently since u just upgraded

  • T1 Connect

    thats why i keep thinking that they’re going to ship the phone early what happends when cycle change comes around it will probably go away this is the one time tmo needs to make a mistake and accidentally ship us those phones early. so we can go pimpin.

  • dflat7

    Have to say: I’m glad the back light issue has been addressed…was in the back of my mind…and yes! the G1 might be a little bit tinny bulky, but hey! it’s def the best phone Tmo has so far and I get to keep the awesome service and customer service that there is… can’t say the same about at&t…

  • dflat7

    @RockTripod: Are you sure, I remember when I pre ordered (which by the way was done 2 min after the live cast was done) they gave me the option of black or white (no brown) and i picked black… maybe there where only a couple whites???

  • tmofan12


  • dflat7

    does it mean that you can change your order? At least I’ll try…I’m calling tomorrow!!!

  • Lance Romance

    yea i think i do want the white 1. it makes the phone look more “newerer” imma talk like that from now on

  • Lance Romance

    ooookay. confusion lol. why is there two different G1s (of the same color) on the tmo website

    first one says tmobile g1 with google- black

    second one says tmobile g1-black

  • Colin Small

    Dave, you can’t remove someone’s posting abilities for sharing their opinion… I think that is great. I would however see nothing wrong with removing SPAM postings and/or the SPAMMER.


  • dflat7

    Does anybody know when the accessories for this phone will be available…at least I would like tt buy the carrying case and what nots….just bought a protective film for the whole phone from ebay. Anyone familiar with these?

  • dflat7

    Hey, does anyone know if I will be able to use a Garmin GPS device with the G1? For the ones that didn’t know about this, yes you can turn your non GPS smart phone into one…check it out! http://www8.garmin.com/mobile/mobilext/

  • chris

    i was wondering if the touchscreen for the g-1 is like the one for the i-phone or like the one for the samsung instinct ? anybody ?????????????????????????

  • iphonekillah

    @ iphonelover;
    The iphone is junk. Period. You must either be a homosexual man or a 14 year old girl if you like the iphone. The G1 is ugly too(very ugly) and I would never pay a dime for that atrocity but the iphone is overrated and played out like the Razr 1…..everyone who’s not smart enough to figure out a Blackberry gets the iphone. But then again you love iphones so I guess it’s pretty evident how bright you are.

  • Kevman420

    I ordered the G1 but come on guys. I just look at the Sony Ericson X1 posted by TechnologyXDA and it really is a bad ass phone. I am getting a G! but I gotta give them credit its nice…

  • Kevman420

    I just looked at it again… I cant wait for the G1 with Android, Screw Microsoft. I have been loyal to them for too long. I cant wait to see what I can do with Android. And I really DO LOVE THE BLACK MATTE FINISH of the G1 Its rugged and manly. Not some fembot phone…

  • Lizzy

    Hello I love my new G1 phone. But i don’t know how to save the text messages pictures when they send it to my pictures file can someone help me pleaseeeeeeee!