T-mobile to open up the web to all?!


Gearlog is reporting that T-mobile may be moving away from the walled garden that is T-zones sometime next month. With the recent news that the developer store is now “live” this news comes at a welcome time. T-mobile seems to be taking all the right steps and making all the right moves by listening to the customer experience. Well yipee!

This is most welcome to the ears of T-mobile faithful around the country. We have long since been envious of the “web and walk” solution that our overseas brethren have enjoyed for some time. I know I can speak for large numbers when I say that the mobile web is no longer an “extra.”  It is now a necessity that to be used on an almost daily basis. The days are gone when we want just to find movie times or get sports scores from or mobile devices. Now, we want the web in our pocket, dare I say we “need” the web in our pocket. Then again, maybe I just have an internet addiction and need a vacation. Regardless, this is a welcome move.

Speaking to T-Mobile director of handset innovation Saj Sahar who had this to say:

“We’re relaunching and rebranding T-Zones,” Sahar said at the G1 launch. “It will be an open experience … next month.”

Full article here

  • Juan

    Great news!

    Uhh, in other news: I can’t wait for October 22 :x

  • WazzuKirk

    That is good news, T-Mobile needed to do that.

    And yes Juan…BRING ON OCT 22ND!!

  • YAY!!! But, i’ll have the G1 by then, so it won’t really matter to me. But, for all those who is applies to, I am happy for them, and T-Mobile as a whole.

  • Mike

    What does this mean for Tmobile prepaid users?

  • T1 Connect

    i wanna know if this is a first for tmobile or a first for any us carrier cause that would be a milestone for sure

  • SheShe

    Thats great news!!

  • TechnologyXDA

    I believe T-Mobile is moving in the right direction, this move is true mobilty, a quantum leap in mobile phone communication technology by openning the web via TZone…….!

  • T1 Connect

    tech xda thats the best comment i’ve ever heard you say now u sir sound like a gentleman

  • T1 Connect

    hey sheshe still feenin like me for your g1. im spending a lot of time in the studio tryin to forget about it

  • l3wish

    Wow Tmo is really fighting with those big boys out there. WAY TO GO T-MOBILE

    P.S Does anyone have a time machine? If yes please send us to October 22nd 2008 6:00 AM PST :) So i can wait outside my house for UPS :) lol..!!

  • T1 Connect

    if you can find one please let me borrow it ill pay u. any gov agents here i know ya have one in the stash ffw to tues oct 21st please

  • kevin

    Web to walk is costing $30/mo or $2/day in great britian. No mention of price in the gearlog article. Don’t think free is what is meant but hope I’m the one that’s wrong. Now that they have 3G it would be a nice bonus and what else could they do with the pathetic tzones they already have infrastructure in place for. I won’t pay $6/month but it would be nice for free.

  • badbob001

    No idea what this would mean. Can’t mean free internet access since the G1 requires at least a $25 plan. Currently, I can surf the web and grab emails with the $5.99 t-zones. Is that going away? I hope not. I’m guessing they will still restrict t-zones to proxy web access and email access only, but allow / market it to all devices.


    this so awsome mannnn

    t-mobile is defenitely improving
    im glad i stuck with them
    and u guys are great love this website
    {currently my home page}

  • Kirbdaddy

    This is pretty cool, but I’ve had Mobile Web free for a while. I was paying for it, then cancelled it, but I’ve still been able to access it for free for over a year.

  • drivethruboy168

    Man… i was just looking at the upcoming phones tab and tmonews, your going to keep us on the edge of our seat now with these mystereous HTC devices and Blackberry devices!! I hope one of the Blackberrys is the Bold or the Storm since it says 2009 release date, and i hope one of those HTC devices is the Diamond or the Touch HD with some video calling love on there. I know we are getting video confrencing. I know we are getting the Javelin to replace the curve as our Edge based Blackberry. e-mail me and let me know what they are. I worl for t-mo i’ve been a sales rep for 1+ years, i need to know these things! here’s my e-mail… weel it’s my user name @gmail.com. Hit me up guys!

  • Eric in Cupertino

    What’s the deal with the new open Access? A couple guys on pre-pay at work had free EDGE Tuesday and Wednesday. I read somewhere T-Mobile does this every fall.

  • Pythagoras


  • Sun.NY

    Wait, Ok so my Girlfriend has a Nokia 5310 and can only Acess tzones which is boing, Does this mean shell have acess to The actual internet or just a New kind of tzones


    Lmao @ them being on ebay Already

  • mrssherico

    What exactly does web and walk mean?

  • misscrys

    not to burst any bubbles or anything but just wanna let everyone that says they are going to be wiating outside oct 22 nd it isn’t going to arrive on that day for the g1 that’s the day it will be shiiped it can take up to 13 days to get the phone is what tmo is saying

  • Sun.NY

    If u preordered u will recieve it on the 22nd
    And if u live in a 3g area u can walk into a tmobile store and buy one

  • tmotech

    I know a lot of you are really excited about the 22nd and that’s great. I do want to inform you that if the data feature is added that day to your account, you may still have problems accessing the data features on your G1. Data features can take from 2 to 48 hours to finish provisioning. If I were you I wouldn’t count on getting the full android experience till then. I can’t wait either.

  • T1 Connect

    i like the smiley face on the headline, my man just looks mad happy

  • Random!!!!

    When i first saw the picture i thought tmobile had some major news with best buy

  • addictist

    Dear T-Mobile. I am very happy. I will be buying the White Android phone. Thank you for the transfer limit increase (its important to developers you understand). Also, the usb port while not a 3.5 jack I guess is fine. I use it on my razr for charging from my laptop and data transfer and its great. Just make sure google gets us stereo bluetooth like quick!

  • J

    For $10 you can get a small converter cable into a 3.5 jack.

  • dat chyk

    @tmotech – I would hope that T-Mobile would start the data plans on these phones 48hrs early or whatever the maximum time is. That would be a huge disappointment for the pre-sale folks who have ordered this phone a month in advance and expect it to work right out of the box with the data. I can understand the data not being immediately available for those who pick up the purchase on the 22nd…but for “us -presalers” … it really should not have any data problems. That would really receive bad press if it took 48hrs after the 22nd.

  • tmotech

    that’s a really good point. its very inprobable. you could be right and perhaps the feature in your accounts is future-dated to the 20. that would leave no time gap for provisioning. I know you guys had to pick which data plan you guys wanted so it only makes sense. I guess we will see.

  • Freeasinnet

    The web is already free with Tmobile, you just have to configure your handset properly.


    There are instructions there, I usually just jack free Wifi where ever I can find it, but when you’re on the move your need network service. I just started using the web on my phone 4 months ago and am now addicted. So glad they opened it up for free! Too bad EDGE is so pokey. I guess you get what you pay for. FREE=SLOW

  • Caseybea

    Don’t forget, kiddies— as soon as your phone arrives– all you should be doing is plugging it in and letting it charge up fully.

    (And yet, despite the manual warning users that the battery is not fully charged “out of the box”, I betcha each and every one of you fire it up, log in, and start doing street maps until your battery gasps its last breath…..)

    There are a wide variety of opinions on this- even though the newer battery types (Ni-MH, LI-on) aren’t “supposed” to be affected by so-called memory-effect- I still believe in properly conditioning my battery. It’s worked well for me with past phones.

    So… where I’m headed is, I’m not going to sweat the fact that I may or may not have data service fully provisioned on OCt 22nd- my phone will be in my kitchen plugged into the wall :-)

    I’ll have PLENTY of time to surf and play that following weekend.

  • TechnologyXDA

    When T-Mobile say “Opening up T-Zone” on all of T-Mobile’s Internet capable phones , in other words it giving T-Zone the full Internet capabilities, instead of the partial Internet like it has now with some areas free. Also it should be a lot cheaper like Europe’s “Web N Walk” version, true mobility. The full Internet will not be able to hide on your mobile device any longer………!

  • T1 Connect

    well heres a solution call them and ask them to activate teh data plan on the 20th so when it gets here it will be ready.

  • dat chyk

    @Caseybea – I am so proud of you for being able to compose your cusriosity! However, my phone will be charging while I am playing with it!! I would be lying if I said I could fully charge it for hours without turning it on and playing around with it…I just won’t be able to. The only way that will happen with me is if the battery is “completely” dead out of the box.

  • Lance Romance

    on the website it says on shipment date your plan will automatically be changed. im not gonna doubt them on that..

  • T1 Connect

    yea just called them to change it the said it will be activated when i get the phone

  • D

    Maybe I got a sneak peek of this. About two months ago my Nokia PC Suite indicated to me that there was an update for my phone. Ever since then my phone has been “open” to anything I wanted to put on it and I love it!

    I’ve thought that I might want to only get unlocked phones to keep this open-ness but if all the phones from T-Mobile are going to be open then I won’t mind getting a cheaper upgrade from T-Mobile if I can still use Opera Mini, GMail and Google Maps.

  • Lance Romance

    cool. imma head over to the forums n see whats poppin…boredom strikes

  • dat chyk
  • dat chyk
  • Lance Romance

    interesting read indeed

  • T1 Connect

    yes yes very interesting. thats why u dat chyk

  • misscrys

    you all still think your going to recive it on the 22 nd I wonder if the 22 nd is one of my days off because I can tell there are going to be mad calls about not reciveing the phone oh well tried to warn ya guys.

  • Caseybea

    Here’s a thought: Consider T-Mobile’s push for uh, “openness”. I’m still on the sidelines, but things today look MUCH happier than a year ago.

    Let’s assume that T-Mobile “means it”, and that the G1 is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Think about this phenominal marketing move (hypothetical): First, T-Mobile offers full Internet access for the G1, via the G1 data plan(s) we all know about already. Yes, we’re there. (OK, so nobody actually has their phones YET– small detail.. hee hee).

    So then, what does T-Mobile offer its OTHER phone subscribers, or potential subscribers? The answer would be to lower its pricing on EDGE Internet (i.e., “Tzones”, etc). So, for the $5.99/mo, instead of getting imprisoned inside WAP jail- you end up with it all. Full internet access, at least as much as those other phones can do. Opera browsing etc.

    Think about how many subscribers would potentially jump from other carriers – with EDGE pricing like that. That whets their appetite– and soon enough, those same customers end up wanting more– and thus, more subscribers for the G1.

    I would assume T-Mobile is wanting to start positioning themselves – aggressively– for everyone. That would be one phenominal way to do it. It KEEPS the current customers who are happy with EDGE speeds– it ATTRACTS more customers who are considering abandoning the death star/etc- and it keep the G1 as an affordable upgrade when customers realize that EDGE just isn’t enough.

    Anyone think I’m close?

  • Caseybea

    PS: For those of you who are planning on playing hookey from work or school and waiting for the UPS man at home– don’t forget the wording on your orders:

    Yes, it said “Your T-Mobile G1 will be delivered on October 22(1).

    And that footnote at the bottom reads, “(1) Delivery date is estimated, actual delivery date may vary”.

    As such, I’m going to be at work on the 22nd. If the phone greets me when I get home, then cool. If not, then it’s not a big deal. It’ll get there when it does….

  • dat chyk

    lol @ T1

  • dat chyk

    I will be at work when it comes too, but I sure hope it greets me when I get home! I wish I would of had it delivered to work so it could charge…oh, well.

  • T1 Connect

    im requesting that day off now so ill be waiting on ups when they get here. my boyz on my block said dont leave the block with it till i show them the phone.

  • dat chyk

    LOL…I might need to take that day off. But if it shows up at 5 p.m., that wouldn’t be good!

  • dat chyk

    The one thing that bothers me in the manual is the fact that I need to preload the music on my MicroSD card before it will work in the phone. I wish I could plug the phone in (via USB) and load the memory card like that (like I do now). Just seems like an extra step could be avoided here. What yall think??

  • CB.Jacked

    @dat chyk

    From what i read it seems like you can set the phone to “mass storage” and connect it to the PC via USB and the computer will recognize the phone like a small drive. You should be able to see all the folders under the memory card such as music and videos and copy them directly to the phone with out removing the memory card from the phone.

  • dat chyk

    Ok, I must of missed that part. Thanks!

  • CB.Jacked

    Its on page 12-13 on the second part of the manual.

  • TechnologyXDA

    To dat chyk: You are right my young apprentices, I have train you well, may the force be with you…..!(LOL)

  • dat chyk

    whatever! lol

  • dat chyk

    @CB – Thanks!

  • T1 Connect

    i got an 8gb memory card from newegg.com for 26 bucks ya jump on the wagon now and get one b4 the phone arives load it up so all you have to do is insert and pimp.

  • dat chyk

    sounds good to me! thanks.

  • T1 Connect
  • dat chyk

    “dudet”? was that for me?

  • T1 Connect

    aaaahhhhh yea this site is really good no b sing you. built my entire home pc from this place from processor to vista ultimate.

  • Lance Romance

    why does that one person keep commenting saying we are not going to get it on the 22nd…. check this out they ship it out on the 20th….. we can check where its at via ups by using are phone numbers as tracking numbers….. so we will kno exactly when its going to come… so stop trying to screw with our hope and glee and stop being a pessimistic SOB. Thanl you, lol. no disrespect intended. just remembered stone cold steve austin

  • dat chyk

    I think they think we are idiots apparently. LOL. UPS’ website will have so much traffic on the 22nd that it won’t even be funny! We know how to check for our phone AND we also know we should charge it…it’s not out first phone here ppl.

  • Lance Romance

    seaking of first phones… i had the crapiest 1st phone ever.. the early nokias… i dont knop the model number.. it was blue.. the ones with the internal antennas

  • Lance Romance

    nokia 3390

  • kevin

    If you get tracking number in advance ups and fedex can hold it at the local office. I would expect a signature required.

  • Lance Romance

    yup. id` just hve my mom to sign for it tho

  • dat chyk

    I hope a signature is required. That wouldn’t be good if it wasn’t. But, then again, I have had phones left outside my door by T-Mo before.

  • Lance Romance

    depends on the worker.

  • steven

    I’m glad I waited for this, I was about to get the Att&T Iphone 3g ,thanks for TMObile rep informing that the Adroid was about to be release when I was about to cancel my service , It was dissapointing to be in the ATT&T store hearing the customer up in the counter complaining about drop calls , when I was about to get there service plans. TMobile you need to make a radio ducking to listen to MP3 & charging it ..

  • Lime D. Zeze

    Sandisk 16GB microSD card. I ordered one:

  • Lance Romance

    nvm i called it went thru, fortunately (T1 Connect) the person who helped me wasn’t sick.

  • Lance Romance

    oops i commented the wrong blog ll. my bad… see blog about manuals

  • T1 Connect

    ups is quite capable of handling any amount of volume they get and deliver any packages on time trust me i know. and yes a signiture is definetly reqired for this package.

  • T1 Connect

    oh but i am sick my friend. came home last night went to the studio woke up this morning sick as a dog

  • Lance Romance

    dang, u caught it over the phone somehow.. thats some new ish

  • Lance Romance

    @ Lime

    he umm the phone only supports up to 8 GB right now that is. So you will have to store that card sumwhere until they expand on that

  • T1 Connect

    take a look at this article and the phone the phone is a mockup phone people use when referring to windows mobile seven personally i would love for it to be real. now TAKE A LOOK AT THE LOGO ON THE TOP. isn’t that the tmobile logo.

  • LimeDZeze

    From what I’ve been reading it supports high capacity microSD cards. Since the 16GB cards weren’t highly available when the specs were written, they weren’t included. There’s no reason to cap it at 8GB, is there? That would be frickin’ idiotic.

  • T1 Connect

    well if the system says is 8gb thats all its gonna support until they give the update to expand that to 16gb. until then dont waste your money. were gonna need it with this f’d up economy.

  • “he umm the phone only supports up to 8 GB right now that is. So you will have to store that card sumwhere until they expand on that”
    i think yes

  • Lance Romance

    @ lime
    the specs say 8GB

    is ne1 else watchin the prez debate?

  • Lance Romance

    @ T1

    yea it says t mobile

  • T1 Connect

    man i was reading this article and this thing just pisses me off. but in a way it made me happy because these are the words of a scared man who doesn’t know where he stands

  • Lance Romance


    man, I wanted to stop reading hat cause it was too biased. But then gaain, it is a site geared towards apple fans. lemme go find a non biased report

  • nesha

    tmobile is getting better and better.
    and im still waitin on some more news on the samsung t919[or whatever its called]. i think the android is an easy pass for me…for the simple fact that 1.4million people at my school will end up getting it.[lol].
    oh and i have tzones on my shadow and it sucks.[but then again everything sucks on this phone.][but im not complaining].so maybe this new thingy will be something good 4 everyone.

  • dat chyk

    @T1, yea that was a biased read.

  • ya out there

  • T1 Connect

    just got touchflo 3d on a wing

  • Lance Romance

    @ T1 oh that so cool. u think i can get that on the G1? lol

  • T1 Connect

    maybe just keep looking around in xda developers they might have a wm6 rom for that thing soon cause it is a htc phone and they are really good at modding htc phones they already have android roms for a lot of phones.

  • EA575

    big smiley face FTW! :p

  • Lance Romance


  • bill

    Since no one has commented on this in a while I guess no one cares anymore but basically the tmobile web to go is going to be more expensive than t zones. its kind of a combo of the total internet and t zones. if you don’t have the full access you will be given a “site of the week” that you can access. but basically the prices the depend on the phone you are using, there is like at least 6 plans to choose from and all include sms/mms which is kinda stupid but whatever enjoy