T-mobile to open up the web to all?!


Gearlog is reporting that T-mobile may be moving away from the walled garden that is T-zones sometime next month. With the recent news that the developer store is now “live” this news comes at a welcome time. T-mobile seems to be taking all the right steps and making all the right moves by listening to the customer experience. Well yipee!

This is most welcome to the ears of T-mobile faithful around the country. We have long since been envious of the “web and walk” solution that our overseas brethren have enjoyed for some time. I know I can speak for large numbers when I say that the mobile web is no longer an “extra.”  It is now a necessity that to be used on an almost daily basis. The days are gone when we want just to find movie times or get sports scores from or mobile devices. Now, we want the web in our pocket, dare I say we “need” the web in our pocket. Then again, maybe I just have an internet addiction and need a vacation. Regardless, this is a welcome move.

Speaking to T-Mobile director of handset innovation Saj Sahar who had this to say:

“We’re relaunching and rebranding T-Zones,” Sahar said at the G1 launch. “It will be an open experience … next month.”

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