Today is the day…

Do I really need to remind anyone what today is? That’s right, we’ll be “live” blogging here as best we can. I’ll be taking the best of the news coming down through the blogosphere and posting it here for all to read in one sweet solid place. Remember, you can watch at Here we go:

According to reports coming off the wire, Amazon will have 6 million DRM-free music tracks available on the g1 at launch, 89 cents a song

Less than 10 minutes, 5 minutes

At-Launch Applications:

o ShopSavvy: designed to help people do comparative shopping

o Ecorio: developed to help people keep track of their daily travels and view what their carbon footprint looks like

o BreadCrumbz: enables people to create a step-by-step visual map using photos; customers can create their own routes, share them with friends or with the world

o Amazon MP3 Store (pre-installed on device): enables people to search DRM-free, full-track MP3 music and download that music from Amazon directly to their device using a Wi-Fi connection

Video is starting…

T-mobile CTO on stage, introductions for Andy Rubin from Google, CEO of HTC

Launches here and through Duetsche Telekom,

Andy Rubin on stage, Peter Chau (sp?) CEO of HTC up now, congratulations all around for their “vision, strategy and execution”

Cole is back up, talking about road leading up to Android development, OHA

Phone is introduced!!!


Detailed demo video up right now, internet looks fantastic!! Amazon mp3 looks fluid and responsive, in fact the whole interface looks as responsive as the iPhone

Yup, GPS, like we said…browser again looks fantastic!

Everything look so intuitive and fluid…demo’ing pacman!


Talking about open source right now, sorry iPhone…think you met your match, community developers talking right now, talking about software development

We have received confirmation of a pre-sale taking place…phone should be in your hands by Oct 22!!

Pricing: $179, existing customers may pre-sale!!!! Commercial launch date is Oct 22 in “select markets!!” 25 dollar data option for 400messages/web, 35 dollar option for unlimited web/messaging, exactly what we already knew!!!

Q&A going on right now through the audience…

NO tethering…sim locked to T-mobile as well

Push GMAIL, pull imap…

Hmm, we were right again, 2G markets are online order ONLY!!

I’m doing the best I can to keep up guys, but the site is getting slammed and the dashboard keeps crashing so bear with us…its a Q&A from the audience right now, biggest advertising campaign for a mobile device ever for T-mobile, syncs with all google platforms, no A2DP as confirmed, no desktop app, all server based (sidekick?)

Quad band GSM, dual band WCDMA

Sergey Brin and Larry Page, google founders taking the stage!

Forgot to mention, you CAN search your email, no word if its just gmail or ALL email

Lucky, these guys have been using it for a while, they are discussing how great the phone is via web, email etc

Again bear with us, the site is getting slammed!!


  • dat chyk

    I am so excited about this!!! One more hour!!!

  • Mike Panko

    I have been a T-Mobile customer for years and just LOVE your services and products. I have been waiting and watching each day for the new Android phone to be released. I am a System Engineer for Juniper Networks and my wife is a VP Northrop Grumman. We would like to make this product a standard in our companys’.

    What do I have do to get one?????????????

  • WazzuKirk

    Woo hoo!! T-minus 44 minutes!!

  • Juan

    Ohhhh West Coast.

    It’s too early for this shit. lol

  • WazzuKirk

    LOL! Yeah, I live in Seattle and I got up at 5am for this stuff. C’mon G1!!

  • Paul

    Argh I’m not going to be into work until about 7:45am. Please please please spend the first 15 minutes talking about how many songs you’ve sold in the iTunes mus…. err… wait. nm.

  • dat chyk

    LOL @ Juan! It is real early there, but atleast you don’t have to try and watch it from work with the possibility of getting interrupted!!

  • Brian

    Yay, I am heading to my Computer Science class and the Laptop is coming with me for this event.

  • sam

    oh no! i’m at work and the tmobile g1 website won’t work for me here! damn government! hopefully i don’t miss anything..

  • T1 Connect

    ok is everyone ready cue the g1

  • CB.Jacked

    This is only the beginning. Everyone always complained about T-Mobiles lack of smart phones compared to other companies. Now with the launch of their 3G network they have a reason to release more advanced phones, its going to be an exciting future for T-Mo for sure. T-Mos customer service paired with their upcoming line of phones will be a tuff combination indeed!

  • CB.Jacked

    Oh snap, the web is ready to fire! G1 logo is up!

  • Armo

    im gunna be at school and wont have any way of watching it. can i watch it a few hours after its done?

  • At least the pre-show music is hip . . . .

  • CB.Jacked

    10 minutes everyone, and my boss just went to a meeting. Guess what im gonna be watching!!!

  • J-Hap

    was anybody else awaken by the long beeeeeeeeeeeeeep from this page thismorning? Didn’t even need to set my alarm! 10 more minutes!

  • TechnologyXDA

    I have a Dream, with video capture and bluetooth stereo, I have a Dream with all the whistles and bells on my next mobile device, now you can share my Dream at ……..!

  • I read somewhere that I had to be 22 months into my 2 year contract to be able to preorder. I hope that’s BS

  • That was a test of the emergency broadcast system

  • Andréa

    don’t know, been out of my two year contract for three months… how about this really sucky music? what the heck bongo drums? just hurry up three more minutes!!!!

  • j1jacob

    Its almost time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andréa

    it on!!!

  • Sabeer Kibria

    End of this week according to the keynote!

  • talon

    Yep, where is holden at? thats right he was wrong and so was everyone else having doubts about what the design would be.

  • OMG, it was worth the wait. It’s sooo great! Truely the iphone killer!!

  • Sabeer Kibria

    I meant the preorder is availible by the end of the week.

  • Mike

    Oct 22nd

  • dat chyk

    $179. Current customers can grab it today via a pre-sale. Data Plans are $25 with unlimited Internet but limited messaging. $35 unlimited everything!!!

  • alex

    No tethering? 179?! Yes!!!!!!!! Will pre sale arrive same day as reg sale?

  • Michael M

    No tethering?? WTF??

  • tmofan12

    when can we pre order? can it be done over the phone?

  • where’s the Buy It Now link?

  • SheShe

    We can get it today?

  • Dude, somebody is writhig tether software as we speak.

  • I wonder how long it will take someone to use the WiFi ability of the phone to allow tethering. I think T-Mobile is not realising how big a deal that one will be for many people(Myself included).

    On the flip side, the pricing for their data plans is a strong mark for them, and the PUSH Gmail is also a good mark. One thing I would love to confirm is compatibility with Google Apps For Your Domain.


  • tfan

    What’s tether?

  • j1jacob

    the website is still locked down, is it just me or is everyone else having the same prob.

  • Tethering = The ability to use the phone as a modem(Gateway) between your laptop(Or other computers/devices, like my n770/n800) and the 3G data network.

    Yes the website is still locked down. They say shortly after the press conference so give em some time.


  • T1 Connect

    why cant i order mine its limited quantity he said

  • Tmo Android

    Its going to have an acceloramiter, that is awesome. And I’m sure someone will write a tethering program. Plus didn’t they say it would have stereo bluetooth?

  • Paul

    Wow – I really thought I was going to come away loving what I saw this morning but I have to say – I just don’t feel that this device is ready for primetime yet. Nothing WOWed me the way the original iPhone presentation wowed me. The lack of exchange support is big to me – syncing my calendar via exchange and contacts back and forth is really something I’ve come to need on my mobile.

    I somehow find myself closer than ever going for the Touch Diamond or possibly the iPhone now. I did not expect to feel this way.

  • tfan

    Thanks Seablade I hope it comes with that my dash that feature

  • T1 Connect

    yo tfan holden waz wrong. what happened to him

  • T1 Connect

    i just ordered one in black from the upgrade site

  • jaydel

    on my tmobile for purchase right now

  • dat chyk

    I just spoke with a T-Mo rep over the phone who said I can only order the phone wia the link on the G1 website. He said, not until the press conference is completely over…around 1pm EST.

  • Naz

    The Site Is Not Working Yet Right…? Or Am I Bugging Or My Computer Is…..?

  • Smoku

    data plans will kill some of the sales as people have family plans u u u!!

  • GrayT

    Ordered the black one!

  • dat chyk

    Oh, it’s available via MY Tmobile through the Upgrade my phone link YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ordering now!!!!

  • jonjon

    its showing on the UPGRADE MY PHONE at $299… (including a $100 internet order discount) — whats the deal?

  • g willi

    Thanks dat chyk, I was wondering when they were going to open it up to online sales.

  • su3ng

    Wheres the white one????????

  • dat chyk

    Ok. Just got the black one. $209.87 in black. The bad part is that they make you choose the data plan now which sucks. So I am going to pay the $35 for a month that I didn’t even use that data plan or the phone!!! Uugh…that’s annoying. But then again, I am going to call and see what can be done!!!

  • tfan

    Are Ÿ?? serious t1 connect????

  • TomCruise

    no tethering is a killer for me, i’ll probably wait till i know for sure its coming.

  • shootingblue

    Just ordered mine in black. log into your tmobile account. you can order from there

  • Paul

    What are you upgraders paying for the phone? My T-Mobile login has it listed for $299. I was hoping it would be cheaper or as cheap for current customers.

  • j1jacob

    were is the white one?

  • icecold06

    White isn’t available for pre-order?

  • shootingblue

    paul are you sure your eligible for a full upgrade? mine was 179

  • mingkee

    no tethering, no deal after all

  • g willi

    I’m a G1 owner, baby! Just placed my order online. Scheduled to arrive Oct 22. Christmas is October 22nd this year!

  • Nick

    This may be a stupid question… but no where does it say that it has bluetooth (for BT Headsets) surly it does right???

  • Icing

    I already have the unlimited messaging for families on my family plan. Can I not get the $25 data plan and then have the G1’s messaging pull from the family messaging bundle?

  • SheShe

    Got mine woo

  • marc

    So far don’t like the UI (that freaking clock is annoying, hope they have a digital one), and I don’t like the hardware. Not too pleased by what I have see, guess I will have to get my hands on one before I make a final call.

  • su3ng

    Screw it I’ll get the black one. White one will probably be out on the 22nd. Sneaky devils.

  • Rafiki

    Guys I just ordered mine… for 179,.. at ….. super EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TomCruise

    i saw in mytmobile, available for $179 on 2 yr contract (no option for 1 yr contract).

    2 data/msg plans, $25 and $35. wudn’t make difference to me since i already pay $20 for data and $5 for 400 msgs currently.

    says it’ll be delivered on oct 22, well i wont be in the country. so i’ll order mine after i return.

    i am also looking for info on word, excel support.

  • compu1

    white is only available on the day it launches, OCT 22

  • Paul

    @shootingblue – I should be eligible for the free upgrade price – my last phone was purchased in dec of 2006. But then again they keep screwing me up in their system because of a botched Blackberry purchase that I attempted to make but never finished. I’d probably have to deal with them over the phone if I want an upgrade.

  • expecting g1

    I am also seeing a price of $179 for the black and brown ones. But that is with 2 yr extension of contract. I currently have 10 months left out of the original 1 yr contract i signed. anyone getting it without contract extension?

  • Tmo Android

    Here are the specs:

    Soo freakin nice can’t wait

  • Cool me and my wife order the 2 black one’s!

  • Cool me and my wife ordered 2 black G1’s!

  • Eric

    I have an upgrade available for 1 phone under my plan, but it’s NOT the phone # I want the G1 on. Does anyone know if I can order the G1 w/ that phone # and then switch it, or am I stuck paying full price?

  • g willi

    Eric said: “Does anyone know if I can order the G1 w/ that phone # and then switch it, or am I stuck paying full price?”

    It’s GSM, they use sim cards. You should be able to swap the sim cards, but ymmv.

  • HoOn

    Now the website is being hammered. Darn, I should have pulled the trigger earlier but I was distracted at work.

  • dat chyk

    You have to get a two-year upgrade according to the FAQ’s. Here they are:

    T-Mobile G1™ Presale FAQs

    When will I get my new device? ›
    How can I check my shipping status or track my order? ›
    What if I am not at home when my device is delivered? ›
    Do I have to extend my contract with T-Mobile? ›
    When will I be charged for the device? ›
    How much is shipping? ›
    How will my device be shipped? ›
    How do I order insurance for my device? ›
    Why am I not eligible to purchase? ›
    Do I have to add the G1 Data Service feature to my account? ›
    Does the upgrade fee apply? ›
    When does the presale period end? ›
    How do I pre-order? ›
    Can a customer cancel their presale order? ›
    How will this charge look on my bill? ›
    When does my contract extension go into effect? ›
    What will happen to my existing data feature or messaging value bundle? ›
    Do I have to be in a 3G coverage area to buy this device? ›


    When will I get my new device?

    Our goal is to have the device to you on October 22nd. Due to shipping limitations the actual delivery date may vary by 13 days.

    How can I check my shipping status or track my order?

    UPS tracking information is not made available until after the order has shipped. After October 20th, you can track your order using the UPS Web site.

    To track your order using the UPS Web site, perform the following steps:

    1. Access the UPS Tracking Web site.

    IMPORTANT: If your order includes multiple line items for other mobile numbers on your account, the reference number may not be the original mobile number that placed the order.

    If you are unable to locate the tracking information using the original mobile number that placed the order, enter each 10-digit mobile number placed in the order as the reference number to obtain the tracking information.

    2. In the Shipment Reference text box, enter your 10-digit T-Mobile number in the following format: XXX-XXX-XXXX.

    3. In the lower right corner of the Enter Shipment Reference Information screen, click Track.

    NOTE: You will need to click to select the Terms and Conditions check box before being able to continue.

    For more information, go to How do I track my order? If you cannot find your order on the UPS Web site under the Track by Reference Number section, contact T-Mobile Customer Care.

    What if I am not at home when my device is delivered?

    A signature to accept receipt of this device may be required depending on your location. If a signature is required and you are not present at the time the shipping company delivers the device to the address you provided, the shipping company will make additional attempts to deliver this device to the address before you must pick it up at a designated location.

    Do I have to extend my contract with T-Mobile?

    Yes, a 2 year contract extension is required to take advantage of this special offer.

    When will I be charged for the device?

    The price of the device, including all applicable taxes and fees, will be included on your next bill after the device has shipped.

    How much is shipping?

    For this special offer, shipping is free.

    How will my device be shipped?

    The device will be shipped via UPS.

    How do I order insurance for my device?

    After you receive the device, visit My T-Mobile, and select Change services from the My Account menu to add or modify the insurance on your device.

    Why am I not eligible to purchase?

    We are sorry. This special offer is not available to FlexPaySM or Prepaid accounts.

    Do I have to add the G1 Data Service feature to my account?

    Yes. The G1 Data Service is required to use the T-Mobile G1. The service was designed specifically to allow you to take advantage of the T-Mobile G1’s mobile Web and messaging capabilities.

    For those participating in the presale evert, the feature will be automatically added once you receive the phone. The monthly charge for the data service will be billed to your account.

    Does the upgrade fee apply?

    Yes, the standard $18 upgrade fee applies for this offer.

    When does the presale period end?

    This is a limited time offer based on a limited number of available devices during this presale period. The presale will end once all presale devices are sold.

    How do I pre-order?

    To pre-order, go to our Web site at

  • sam

    you can order the phone for a different number, and then just put the sim card for the number that you want in the phone. i used my brother’s uprgade in february for my blackberry, but i’m using it.

  • tmofan12

    just ordered my black g1.. the wait is gonna killed me. but at least we have the true facts now. im so excited i feel like a lil kid waiting for x mas

  • Kev

    Can’t get in now, says unavailable..BOOOOOOOOOOO

  • James

    The My T-Mobile website is still showing the message:

    “We’re sorry, but online handset upgrades are temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.”

    It’s 2:15pm Eastern Time

  • compu1

    why is everyone ordering the black? What is wrong with Brown?

  • Kev

    They completely removed the upgrade phone link from mytmobile

  • dat chyk

    If they did then that means it is sold out.

  • Kev

    I finally got through….took a while though

  • Loony

    Got the black one WOOT!!!!

  • Ty

    Does anyone know if you will be able to watch movies on this as well? I saw what looked like a movie appear in one of the videos above, but I was not sure. So, moveies, G1, anyone know?