Pre-order will only be black and brown, white will be available at national launch

No UMA, wifi is available.

Push gmail, pull email, html client, NO corporate email access as of right now

Pre-order available today, National launch of October 22nd

Customers in 3G areas may purchase a retail location, customers in 2G areas may demo a phone at a retail location and then purchase phone online

Data plans are $25 dollars, 400 messages/unlimited web—-$35 unlimited both

6 MILLION songs available from Amazon’s MP3 store, 89 cents each

T-Mobile G1 supports many location-based applications, including:

A-GPS & Google Maps: With built-in A-GPS (Assisted GPS), customers can

use Google Maps to navigate and change routes in real time. You can

navigate or pan in any direction in Google Maps with the flick of your


Google Maps StreetView: T-Mobile G1 also comes equipped with

StreetView, a feature of Google Maps, that gives users panoramic

360-degree street-level imagery for various locations. StreetView will

be available for the first time on a mobile device with T-Mobile G1.

By viewing StreetView images alongside directions, drivers or

pedestrians have visual context for intersections and action points

along their route, enabling them to be aware of landmarks and other

factors such as tolls, speed limits, size of the road, and the

availability of parking at their destination.

A Compass: The device also includes a built-in compass and

accelerometer which allows you to pan left or right, up and down, just

by my moving the device. StreetView syncs with the built-in compass on

your device and allows you to view locations, navigate clearly and

find your way from right where you’re standing. Or, take a tour of a

far-away place as if you were at a spot on the street corner without

leaving your location. You can explore the world without taking a


Check the link:

This is sure to rile a few feathers: I noticed the following T&C paragraph at the bottom of the page, past all of the pretty pictures:

Subject to credit approval; two-year service agreement, qualifying rate plan and data plan required. Plus taxes and fees. Other upfront and monthly taxes and fees may apply, including an $18 device upgrade fee. Data: If your total data usage in any billing cycle is more than 1GB, your data throughput for the remainder of that cycle may be reduced to 50 kbps or less. Your data session, plan, or service may be suspended, terminated, or restricted for significant roaming or if you use your service in a way that interferes with our network or ability to provide quality service to other users. Some devices require specific data plans; if you do not have the right plan for your device, you may not be able to use data services. Some downloads, such as movies, music, and games, not included. Domestic use only. If you access the T-Mobile HotSpot network, your use is subject to the T-Mobile HotSpot Terms and Conditions, available at See pricing, services, and devices brochures and T-Mobile’s Terms and Conditions (including arbitration provisions) at, for rate plan information, charges for features/services, and restrictions and details.

  • I just ordered mine (brown) from the upgrade section on the my-tmobile site. I can’t wait!

  • compu1

    i cant wait, i wish it was sooner

  • Marcelo Lopez

    What the ??? How ? I don’t see the selection to pre-order it ?!

  • It is the home page after you log in. Unfortunately mine cost 299 plus tax and fees….ugh…im upset that i upgraded my phone earlier this year…

  • Ralph

    preordered black.

  • Dash

    No UMA means I’m out. T-Mobile is not likely to have 3G here in Albuqueruque by the end of the year anyway. I guess I’m sticking with my BB curve, and continue to lust after an iPhone.

  • mcgoo25

    I wish I could upgrade my phone via the website–but unfortunately, employees have to wait until the launch!

  • Alex

    wtf, no UMA, why would they do that? pretty lame if you ask me.

  • shootingblue

    Alex i feel your pain. Im just hoping because its an open source that maybe someone will figure out a way to add it

  • Alex

    yeah, I got it anyways, but seriously. That is a HUGE upset. I rely on that heavily to maintain my account relatively cheap. It wouldnt make sense to me that they wouldnt include that. It would definitely curve some people from trying to get skype on the platform.

  • Madonna

    no UMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iasthai

    It’s going to be $299 for me to get it. Unfortunately I don’t have that kind of money right now. Really wish I hadn’t upgraded earlier this year.

  • milo17

    wonder when employees can order them?

  • justlampin1

    I have the family plan. My Wife and I want the phone. We have to pay 35 bucks for the data plan for each phone or is it 35 bucks for both.

  • Insider

    I will remind you all that I provided many of these details in previous posts, INCLUDING the fact that there is no UMA. Other “insiders” insisted that wifi automatically means UMA, and obviously they were full of BS. Next time, listen.

  • Ralph

    what’s UMA?

  • sam

    i feel ya on the 299, i shouldn’t have ordered this damn blackberry in feb. oh well, i just preordered mine in black and i can’t wait!

  • cubs

    We really need to get a handle on the official hardware specs.. anyone find them? Processor speed, ram, etc.

  • Ralph

    I went sidekick LX a few months back… have been using them since the first gen kick – wife can have my LX. Was trying to hold out till G1 launched but my sidekick3 died.

  • TechnologyXDA

    I watched the T-Mobile/Google/G1 show this morning, but I was not impressed with the G1, it’s kids stuff, no video capture, no bluetooth stereo, very good try T-Mobile/Google, $179.00 for a pacman game!{LOL} SonyEricsson you have nothing to worry about, because your Xperia X1 is the most Superior Supream mobile device on the market at this time, if you don’t believe me go here and see for yourself….!

  • Too bad the T-Mobile limits you data throughput to 50 kbps or less after 1gb of usage in one billing cycle.

  • Jay Sinister

    Well, at 1st I was sketchy bout the whole design but as of right now. My Blackberry Pearl is shot and starting to mess up a lot with the buttons and all. Another sucky thing is Flexpay users has to wait until that fateful day of the 22nd of October to get it.

  • Dave

    I was holding off on a phone purchase until the actual announcement. No UMA and no tethering kills the deal for me. Bummer. Now I have to go buy a Blackberry. :(

  • TechnologyXDA
  • J

    If I had to venture a guess, I would think UMA was left out because of possible software hacks associated with an open device.

  • se30chris

    I’m underwhelmed. Sticking to blackberry. I’m sure I’ll pick one up. Play with it for 2 weeks and then sell it after being bored with it. I hope I’m wrong.

  • V

    This is not going to be the first phone w/ Google Maps Street View – Blackberry already has it

  • Kaykordeath

    Gah! My upgrade isn’t available until Oct 3rd….hoping the offer is still valid in 2 weeks….

  • R

    Upgrade section is down anybody else having same problem

  • AjDaGreat

    Can someone please thoroughly explain the concept of UMA and capabilities. I thought if a device had wifi it what i percieve to be uma.


  • JustAPhoneUser

    Did anyone notice this in the footnotes at the G1 site?

    Data: If your total data usage in any billing cycle is more than 1GB, your data throughput for the remainder of that cycle may be reduced to 50 kbps or less.

    Is this a brand new policy? That is way more restrictive then ATT or verizon. WTF…

  • Tmo Android

    Wifi and UMA are different. The G1 doesn’t have it and no software will give it UMA. UMA is actual hardware built into the phone. UMA is primarily for voice and wifi is for data. As for theathering some just needs to write a program for that since it can be done software side since the hardware is already there.

  • Andréa

    Yeah I have been trying to order for over an hour and now the websites says that it is down, talked to a rep and they said that they cannot do anything

  • compu1

    i am wondering y everyone is picking black instead of brown

  • Me

    I was very excited about the “google phone” as I’ve been calling it the past 3 months. I think my wife was sick of hearing about it especially these past 2 weeks. But that data plan is BS. We already have unlimited text on our family myfaves plan, why do I have to pay to get 400 text messages I have no need for?

  • kenomikes

    Regarding the Wi-Fi and UMA questions. UMA means it’s a hotspot phone. This is not UMA thus a dealbreaker for many like me. If you have the $9.99 monthly Hotspot add on, it means you don’t use any of your monthly bucket of minutes at home or a hotspot location like Borders books.

    It will connect by wi-fi anywhere, but it comes out of your bucket of minutes.

  • Alex

    what a bunch of crock. no UMA.just means I will need to up my plan a bit. The other crappy thing is that since Tmobile doesnt have the best coverage in doors, this is going to hurt my signal strength. Way to screw this up Tmobile. Not even taking advantage of the service you guys are pushing for. dumb

  • Alex


  • mingkee

    hey now
    hey now
    don’t “dream”, it’s over
    (when the world comes in)

    extracted from Crowded House-Don’t Dream, It’s Over

    the Dream turns out a piece of scam!

  • John

    Lack of tethering and a 1GB/mo data cap == deal breaker

  • Andréa

    it’s weird, but in my head for the last few years I have been dreaming of a “perfect” phone, mostly its modeled off of something from most of those phone will blow any us phone out of the water. So every t-mobile phone that came out (and even other carriers) I would grade against these unattainable phones… the G1 is the closest phone because it is open source…I can write any program myself and make the phone shape to my “dream” so yeah it doesn’t have UMA…but really it is just one step closer to my perfection, I have been with t-mobile since 2002 and would not change, as far as I am concerned they are the ONLY carrier that cares about their customers and unlike verizon (he! anything apple too) they don’t make their content propriatary, as in you can only listen to verizon music (in apple it has to be Itunes…what a monopoly) but since I can change my phone to my liking, it can be all mine….

  • compu1

    Looks like there is a lot of problems with the pre-order. Thats why im waiting for the launch date, go to the store, pick up the phone, walk out a happy man. it might take up to 13 days via ups, (I dont think so). I’ll probably have it in my hands on Oct 22, before all of u. HaHaHa

  • jdawg253

    man i know for a fact i haven’t upgraded in a while…more than 2 yrs ago…now its askin me for 299? screw that…with tax like 345..ill just stick with my iphone connected to tmobile!

    does changing ur plan go against an upgrade?

  • henry

    1gb????? Are they fricking insane? I already pull around 600mb a month over edge, and now they’re going to cap my speed? Deal breaker!
    Oh and that’s really going to entice people to use the amazon mp3 store, knowing that if you buy too many songs then you will lose your 3g speed.
    Oh but wait, who is honestly going to want to use this as an mp3 player, when you have to carry around a dongle to listen to music? Damn you HTC!!!
    1gb cap, no 3.5mm jack. No thanks. And I was looking forward to this for more than a year. :(

  • Darkcasper

    i have not yet upgraded my phone and its asking for $299 price wtf?!
    i can prolly get around this but still come on now

  • SiliconAddict

    I’m actually somewhat glad I can’t order until October.

    The 1GB cap coupled with no tethering has me really thinking twice about going T Mobile. Hell I expect a lawsuit if they call it unlimited internet. 1GB sure as hell isn’t unlimited. When you add Google maps with street view, Amazon downloads, pictures, and god knows what ever else people can think up on Android; 1GB is staggeringly small. Small enough to actually stifle innovation IMHO. 2-3GB would be more reasonable.
    So yah. I’m going to mull over my options. This is NOT good.

  • SiliconAddict


    Considering Amazon’s songs are around 5MB per….I don’t think anyone is going to hit that limit. That said. It all adds up….quickly.

  • SamZ

    If you buy the phone can you switch to a different number just by switching the SIM like in previous t-mobile phones?

  • joemamma

    For the ppl asking about the high price even tho they haven’t upgraded : if you have changed your plan to a “promotional plan” then your contract got renewed. what they don’t tell you when you sign up for the promotional plan is that when you try to upgrade your phone, the 2 year renewal is going to affect your eligibility for a lower price on the new phone. since you need to be in your 18th or 20th month i think, of contract in order to get the discount.

  • Pythagoras

    you just use wifi to download songs. no biggie there. but i don’t like the severe data limitations either

  • SiliconAddict


    WIFI isn’t automatically free where ever you go.

  • Checkmate

    Wow, if it isnt one thing its another, really people, there is not a perfect device. Seriously just go switch to iPhone and find it doesn’t have UMA either, so please dont start with pathetic threats that no one cares about, just go and 4 other adopters will take your place. And yes the xperia is a nice winmo device, but we want an android device, and without confirmed tmobile 3g 850/1700, enjoy it on edge all you want. This is a great device, and it looks very good too, if sexy is an iPhone just imagine the chin removed with big ass button in the center bottom, there ya go? Still look good? The throttled data plan is probably a bluff and it clearly states the word MAY, its in place for the abusers who go overboard. And no blackberry doesnt have GOOGLES streetview, hell dont you hafta pay for bb’s map service? Great phone, good for you tmobile, my unlocked iPhone will be a handmedown to my wife.

  • Ty

    2 questions to whoever can answer them the best.

    1. Will this phone have headphones or something similiar so that I can listen to songs that I download without blasting them through the speakers?

    2. Will I be able to watch actualy movies on this, not just go to youtube?

  • soulstar

    I have been out of contract for months now and it pulled $299 for me as well. I called customer svc and they assured me that I qualify for the $179 price, however, they were unable to override it for me since the presale is online only. I was told that notes were left in my account stating that I qualify for the $179 price and to call back it’s available for purchase via customer service. I hope that pans out because $299 is a deal breaker for me.

  • Rajesh

    I was really looking forward for this phone and TMO 3G, but limited features (no exchange support, contact sync, calender sync) along with 1GB limit, I am seriously considering switching to ATT.

  • rd

    $299. What a kick in the balls. I really wish the $179 rumor hadn’t been passed around. I’m an existing customer. Unfortunately I made the mistake of getting a 2year plan a year ago and now Tmobile’s sticking it to me. Thanks! And $18 upgrade fee. Upgrade?! Screw you, Tmobile. And a 1GB cap just to twist the knife. I was really looking for to this and now I’m going to have to cool off for a while and think about this purchase. Tmobile just priced me into at least considering ditching my contract and getting an iphone. Can’t really justify $350 on an untested device. Really frustrating day.

  • Jon

    does anyone noe the radiation level on the G1????

  • Brittany

    Anyone else notice that there is no video showing them making a phone call? How does one dial the phone on it? I guess I’ll figure it out when mine arrives.

  • Doble-A

    @ Checkmate

    Thanks for clarifying the information for these people. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • SiliconAddict


    I don’t call a company’s bluff or make assumptions on a company’s future intention on a 2 year $1800 minimum contract. Sorry.

  • SiliconAddict


    You will either need a HTC specific set of headphones, that I believe comes in the box, but expect them to be cheap. Or will need a USB to headphone jack adapter.

    You WILL be able to watch movies. Period.

  • me2

    A couple things are confusing to me. #1, reading the words on this page imply that it IS “available in all stores within 3G boundary area”. so can I buy this tomorrow? or should it read “will be available at some point”? #2 What does “open system” mean; can I run software meant for plam OS or pocket PC Windows on it? little help please?

  • kdee

    Why does everyone make it a big deal about not having a 3.5 nmm jack? What advantages does that have?

  • Victor Woodroffe

    For those of us who are locked into the old total internet service, the internet cap should be exempt to us. I have reviewed the terms of the service, and no where does it mention caps, or speed reductions based on abusive usage. Should tmobile try to enforce this policy the will face a class action law suit, to be led by yours truly. I have been using my T506 as a modem in the heart of Boston, and the speeds I have been getting are disappointing. The first time i used it, my speed was well over 900k, though lately i am lucy to get over 100k. This leads me to believe tmobile has capped my usage, violating the terms of my total internet account. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Bob

    Yeah, that 1gb limit has become a HUGE deal for many people, especially with possible iPhone converts. Also there’s no desktop synching. I like the phone but I really don’t want all of my contacts/etc being tied to Google. I have a Mac and use MobileMe and it does its job and stays out of the way. The G1 is just shoving Google down our throats. They are already talking about making more money with Google ads. Sorry, but if I only have 1gb per month before I’m at 33.6 modem speeds, I want it all to be ad-free.

    Hrm. I dunno. Count me in with the folks that want to actually see the thing and read real reviews first.

  • Bob

    Just watched the videos too. This thing is most definitely *NOT* an “iPhone Killer” by any stretch of the imagination.

  • ldu

    what if you already have unlimited message on a family plan, how much would you have to pay for the unlimited data only