September 23, mark your calenders…


Reuters reported this morning via two unnamed sources that an expected launch announcement from T-mobile and Google was expected September 23rd in New York City. While the date is certainly peculiar given our expectation of a presale starting the week prior, at this point we’re still guessing on all the details. Whatever happens with the presale and the expected October launch, one thing is for sure, Android is just getting started.

Its only a paragraph but you can catch the article here.

  • J-Hop2o6

    hmmm.. we’ll see what happens.. maybe they’ll say this is really the Dream –>

    if that is not the Dream, and Touch Pro is not coming to T-Mobile, then T919, here i come =)

    aye. ppl can DREAM right? lol

  • Juan

    I’m over it now. When it happens, it happens.

  • escentz

    “T-Mobile declined to comment and Google was not immediately available”

    ….how convenient…

    I’m still keepin my fingers crossed about the Touch HD. Chances are, G1/Dream really is the handset we’ve seen. Ugly. Damn shame.

  • YouWish!

    So, today we got a date for a date? Please!

  • greg

    i think youre right, as long as touch hd is us bound i will follow.

  • T1 Connect

    its dont think the touch hd is the g1 but we are going to see some jobsphone murderer come to think about it where did that jobsphone killer thing come from anyway someone let me know

  • mike

    Touch HD will be mine if it comes to the US I would sell my vehicle to buy that baby.

  • Mobius

    Your presale info was completely wrong by the way.You might want to check your sources better.

  • escentz

    …how much you sellin it for? lol =)

  • David

    @Mobius, thank you so much for that brilliant drop in, I think we managed to do just fine on our source checking. Since the date hasn’t passed yet your comment is completely irrelevant and this blog nor any blog can be held responsible should T-mobile, Google, zeus and hera or Abraham Lincoln decided to switch things around. The information is and was the best information available, if its changed, thats not our problem.

  • thats old news i saw that like AM7:00 eastern time . just thought every 1 new so i never posted it .

  • here . its not the G1 but best buy selling unlocked touch diamond

  • Mobius

    So David I am glad you can get your facts completely wrong, report it as fact and then when it’s wrong you just say “t-mobile changed it”. The presale was never slated for september. This was never in my notes in my email and I checked over and over and asked several people here. This was all speculation by some managers who threw different ideas out there but it was NEVER confirmed. Like I said you might want to reconsider your sources. I also knew the tm506 was coming out on friday a week beforehand yet your site said nothing and stuck with the wednesday date. Where were your sources then?

  • Juan

    ^Didn’t you just see the man post that September 17th hasn’t passed yet? Perhaps you didn’t see the presale memo come through your inbox because you can’t read?

    Go start your own blog if you’re so passionate and sure of yourself.

  • mojo fett

    Could be that they will change the release date. It happens all the time. Look at the 5610 and the tm506. Whenever we set a date it is always tentative. Maybe they pushed it back a week. I haven’t heard anything about it yet. Still staffing up for the 17th though. We waited this long and a few extra days won’t literally kill us, just emotionally.

  • Hardknock


    If you knew all this stuff why didn’t you let them know before hand? Atleast this blog is giving us all the info they can, you could be helping the situation instead of being an Ass about it.

  • se30chris


    There is really no room for your arrogance here. If you don’t like what you see on this blog, start your own. Tmonews is here to help us to the best of their abilities. So what if they were off by 3 days regarding the TM506? I knew it was coming out on a Friday too, It’s not a god damn big deal.

  • se30chris

    You realize, no one is on your side here, no one.

  • Eric

    Tmonews rocks, regardless of any possible date changes.

    @Mobius: You suck. Please go away and don’t come back.

  • T1 Connect


  • T-Mo B

    lol way to go se30chris, I think I recognize you. ;-)

    See, you’re expecting an avowed UNofficial blog to be following some legal standards regarding source verification and fact checking. The fact is this blog is unofficial and reports on rumors as well as official releases. Rule of thumb: unless they SPECIFICALLY state that it’s official, IT’S NOT GOING TO BE SET IN STONE. As such, a few managers guessing is completely legitimate source material, since some managers talking constitutes gossip, which if you see above qualifies it for the site. Welcome to the internet. There are no fact police. And I’ll add that tmonews does a friggin good job at getting things right, so quit your pissin and moaning.

  • mndave

    He’s not just pissin and moaning that facts aren’t verified, he’s also whining that nobody listens to him and his verified facts.

  • Well, my next phone will be a HTC touch pro HD, t-mobile, android or not. So if the “current” dream/g1 is the first android phone, then verizon killed it (for me at least) with that “leaked” touch HD photo yesterday. Remember even tho android looks like the best mobile OS so far, nothing is more important than the hardware.

  • greg

    is it expected that the touch hd will be on verizon ?

    i agree this phone was what i hoped for in the dream… instead we got an ok first gen phone that looks goofy.

    while im not a huge winmo fan, touchflow 3d does make up a lot of ground and there are hundreds of good apps out.

  • T1 Connect

    man even if verizon gets the touch hd which will probably be a gsm phone(cause we rock) they are going to strip it down you should see what they did to the touch pro that they are getting they stripped the phone down the regular touch specs. doo doo.i just wish if htc is going to make new gsm 3g ready us phones please put a 1700mhz aws band in it. so i can stay a internet junkie.

  • Mobius

    It’s a real shame that a website posts crappy info that gets proven wrong and then the fanboys come and defend the crappy site. Change the name of the site to please. Then I’d have less of a problem with it. And no, there is no company emails about a september 17th presale. it was fabricated from the start.

  • center rep

    dude why are u still here moby, I guess your a fanboy yourself and want to be right! so what if it was wrong, if your an employee you f$@& know shit changes every day so just kick back and wait you self righteous mothaf%€?$R. your out of the cool kidz club biaaaach!

  • David

    Mobius, you know tmorumors just didn’t have the same “flair,” that tmonews did. Sorry, the domain stays. If I actually thought you were A) trustworthy or B) not such a jerk I would send you just one of the different documents I have showing a pre-sale slated for the 17th. On a different note, nothing has been proven wrong YET. There is nothing out there that points to the contrary. Perhaps the 17th isn’t the date, perhaps the 23rd is. Still, I know whats been sent to me and if you want to believe it as “fabricated” go for it. Tell me though, can you help bust the moon landings were fabricated myth as well?

  • SheShe

    I love tmonews if u don’t like it there’s tons of other sites to see…. I’m glad somebody is tellin on what’s goin on cuz t mobile aint

  • mojo fett

    They just extended overtime for the 17th through the end of the month. Something is going down in that timeframe.

  • kdee

    So it it official? The secret “pre-sale” is bullshit?

    Damn, it seems like no one knows anything and can give a solid answer or offer solid info.

  • Naz


    I Have A Couple Of Strong Sources But I Rely Strongly On Great And Informative Site. My Question Is, All Over The Internet And My Tech Sources Point Strongly On Tomorrow (Sept. 17) Pre-Sale Release. Are You Sure On The 23rd Date Change? I Mean Im Not Arguing About The 23rd, It Is Two Days Before My 21st Birthday =). Also I Talked To Alot Of T-Mobile Managers and They Have No Idea About The Dream Or Its Release…


    Your A Queer

  • Naz


    I Know His Problem. He Doesn’t Have Is Own Site. Lame To Knock On Someone Else.

  • Selinab

    I still think this an ugly phone comparing to all the other phones HTC has come out with. I hope when we finally see a ‘real’ pic that it looks better than what I have seen. Not even sure if I want to pre-order sight unseen!!!

  • Richard

    My buddy works at tmobile but he says its coming in a white, brown and black versions. hopefully they look better in another color.