Dotson keynote…much ado about nothing

Ok, today is the big day, the start of CTIA and the keynote of Mr. Magenta himself, Robert Dotson! Here we go:

And nothing, turns out the keynotes were more of a panel discussion with the CEO’s of Sprint, Verizon and T-mobile answering questions via a moderator. The only real noteworthy statement regarding anything anyone is remotely interested in was this:

“When we look at the consumer space, the most important piece is how to unleash all the innovation that you didn’t see in 2G. It’s trying to release all of that explosiveness. A bulk of our revenues are coming from non-voice alternatives. It’s ensuring that we do tap into the genius of the development community. It starts leveraging the relationship you’ve probably heard about with Google. We need to ensure that we not only unleash the innovation side, but really expand and shorten the time to market. The time from the start of a device until when it means something to the consumer has been too long. The focus of T-Mobile is to get that independence in a more productive way.”

So long story short, the keynote was much ado about nothing.

However, here is something to cheer all of you up, I started a thread on this via the forum but it was suggested that I post this here to try and lighten the mood a little. So you all know by now we get tips with information and with that information we post on the blog, well one such tip came in today yesterday and I thought everyone would get a kick out of it, clearly a man who is still mad at his dad:


Thanks “Billy” that was very funny…I apologize for the “intense” language, its certainly not PG rated but still, its definitely worth a laugh!

Also, this thread which started all the rumor mongering has taken on a life of its own, 60 pages at last count and we’re still letting it go forward. If you have about 6 hours to kill, it is DEFINITELY worth the read, if only for the poetry, metaphors, zack morris photoshopping,  and a guy willing to skip his girlfriends birthday and so much more…read it.

Once again, link to the thread of all threads here.

  • sigmundfreud

    If you go to CTIA’s website they tell you what the subject matter of the speech will be. The only way we might see the HTC dream or it being talked about is on the exhibition floor later today.

  • greg

    Doh…. then again im not surprised.

  • center rep

    that’s funny I knew he wouldn’t say a thing haha kinda funny i bet everyone’s gonna hate on tmo but you will get info soon! we can’t be in the dark till launch can we well maybe too bad

  • drivethruboy168

    I knew it… I wasn’t expecting anything good to come out of Mr. Dotsons mouth… T-Mobile is all about keeping things hush hush until right before it come out. Soo… Back to sittin on the edge of my seat with my Blackberry and keep refreshing my page that is constantly being checked on by me. Soo… Please inform us of any news what so ever…

  • rommel

    that guy was fuckin hilarious!!!!

  • Ok so i had a feeling about this . that this was going to be a bust . but look at the bright side , and there is a bright side to this . there is only 6 days 22 hours till the G1 comes out . lift your head up . so now we wait for the prize @ the end of the rainbow .

  • Eric

    I’m not doubting the info from TMONEWS, but I’m just wondering – how were the presale and actual sale dates confirmed? And remember Brian – we still have a month before the G1 comes out – next week is just a presale.

  • drivethruboy168
  • T1 Connect

    well i wasnt looking forward to the keynote ill wait and see what tmo comes out with im with them all the way but billy. billy,billy, billy, you dont deserve to have a cell phone with anyone your fingers should be cut off, your mouth should be stitched closed without anestheshia its clear you got your brain from one of those robots in robocop i do care about starving people in africa but theres only so much you can do thats shouldnt stop everyone else from enjoying life ya jackoff.your just tryin to hide the fact that your still a virgin.

  • Steven I

    @drivethruboy168, that is the kind of phone I would have hoped would have been the first android phone. I assume that phone doesn’t have a pull out keyboard, but add that feature, and that phone would be something that would shack up the smart phone landscape. The current prototype pictures of the G1 aren’t that impressive, but we shall see.

  • David

    @Eric, the information was confirmed through various “insiders” I think you’ll understand if I don’t elaborate any further on who exactly those people are. The information was confirmed, re-confirmed and then double checked through at least half a dozen people, we wouldn’t post anything like that without doing some serious fact checking. However, the truth is we could be wrong, we could be duped, the dates could be changed and the presale could be canceled. I think you all know how hard we try to be accurate and honest, but some things are out of our hands. Time will tell.

  • @ eric i know the launch is not for another month . but i qualify for the pre-sale if it takes place . so im happy

  • T1 Connect

    the touch hd is a sweet lookin phone now i know the g1 gotta be a eyecatcher look at the phones htc have been making if the g1 we saw is the real thing thats takin a step back but im still getting it

  • justinhub2003

    ha, as an update… i didnt miss my girlfriends b day night out for the phone lol, and i am actaully glad i didn’t, there would have been hell to pay and i would be like i already am, in disappointment, but the fact that she had too many shots and dropped the nokia 5610 i bought her at retail price and broke the screen was a little disaapointing to watch. hoes before phones though, all the way.

  • Eric

    @David: I fully understand where you’re coming from. Hopefully the dates don’t get changed – thanks for the info.

    @Brian: Just making sure we were on the same page. I also qualify for the pre-sale (at least I’m pretty sure Long Island falls in the 3G market), but from what I understand, we still won’t actually get the phone until 10/13.

  • greg

    who here will stay with tmobile regardless of what they put out?

    maybe i shouldnt be surprised to find such diehard fans on a tmobile blog…

    htc touch hd looks perfect… given i expect android g1.0 to be a letdown , i think htc hd is my phone.

  • T1 Connect

    @greg you can get the touch hd but you gotta ask yourself this question is it us ready and if it is and if you are a tmo customer youre gonna need some 3g to run this phone and heres the killer who knows if that 1700mhz aws is gonna be in it.

  • Juan


    I guess it won’t hurt me to wait another week or so to see what’s up. Hey, I had something to look forward to after class if nothing else!

  • Matthew

    I dont know about anyone else but I want to know why SPrint is getting both the HTC Touch Diamond and the PRO and we still have nothing!!! What’s up with that!!!!???

  • greg

    looks like sept. 26 is date well get official announcement on g1

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ drivethruboy168

    OMG!! that is a sexy ass touch screen phone.. where is it goin to?? PLZ SAY T-MOBILE!!!

  • alex Martinez

    I have been waiting for this convention to hear concrete details about the G1, and make a final decision between Iphone with at&t or stay with tmobil and get the G1, don’t know how much longer I can wait, but my patience is running out.
    Long island NY

  • Armo

    are u telling me that theres basically no new news about upcoming phones on t-mobile? like some info on the t919?

  • T1 Connect

    @mathew because people keep complaning about and returning the touch and the diamond alot.. those phones have whole bunch of problems (probably cause cdma sucks) and software updates dont help so instead of fixing the problem they replace the problem and get 2 new flagship phones

  • SheShe

    T Mobile needs to step it up and let us know SOMETHING

  • iceryder

    Yea that is tru because I haven’t heard anything about a presell at work yet they would have told us about that and we haven’t got a word about it yet but I will check tomorrow about it and see if we have a date

  • T1 Connect

    probably with all the excitement they are little late im guessing. happens to most companies when a big project comes about

  • holden

    people take a breath. the htc dream (yes that will be the name) does not go pre-sale on sept 13th. again does NOT.

    please remember this post as you wipe away your tears next week when u notice i am right :-)

    btw: tmo has the dream in house and it is slightly i repeat only slightly different from all these pics so not sure where they come from. the only correct info i see is it will be released in white, brownish and black.

    also by year end tmo will have 3g rolled out int he top 25 markets.

  • T1 Connect

    so show us the phone man if youve seen it take a pic and email it to david

  • holden

    i can’t … but its so fucking cool. i think everyone will be pleased. btw a cheap samsung clam shell is coming in a few weeks. and 20 cities left for 3g this year.