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First let me say thanks to everyone who has viewed the site today and helping give us our highest page views ever! The forums are busier than ever and its thanks to you, loyal readers, dearest fans and Mom…thanks for well uh, making sure I was up on time.

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  • GadgetProne

    I would’ve bit…but data is mandatory! I would have wifi’d everything instead! Kickstart & Sony experia x1 here I come!!!

  • Tmo Android

    You do realize that to get a rebate on the phones you have to get the data package. You can get the phone without data when it comes out but you are going to pay full price for it.



  • Dan

    The 1GB cap is only a big deal because I was hoping to tether with this. I know I’d most likely not hit that mark too easily just on the phone alone unless I was watching videos all day. I mean, we can’t even download music unless we’re on WiFi?

    Stereo BT, or lack of it was a big deal breaker for me. I use it everyday while I run. I just hate those cords getting all tangled and knotted up. If I had to use a wired headset (God forbid), a 3.5 mm headset jack would of been just fantastic.

    With all the creative minds at Google, HTC and T-Mobile R&D, this is all you could have come up with? And to top it off we get the ugly HTC phone out of the latest bunch.

    Gee. I’m sticking to the BlackBerry brand for now and will most likely pick up the new Pearl Flip once its available.

    Yeah, I’m disappointed.

  • brian-y

    got some fresh pics now

  • gidespeach

    I wanna hold it first. I’m more excited about android though…

  • T1 Connect

    i dont care whats wrong with it im getting it for two reasons the ui is sweet as hell and i get a new toy to play with. i refuse to change the wing

  • WazzuKirk

    @mundo The phone will get a video app/update very quickly, it’s going to happen. I absolutely LOVE the phone. It got everything that I need it to do.

    Also, to all the people who are finding something negative about it, it’s a first run phone. Any of you who work in software know the first run is not perfect. Take Windows XP for example, when it came out, it was ok, but now, it’s the most solid OS out there because it was fixed with UPDATES!

    To everybody who purchased it, ENJOY!! I know I will and I can’t wait until the 22nd.


    @WazzuKirk- well then its settled ha its mine!!!!! thanks

  • rommel

    i think ill pay out the ass for the n96,after all its a nokia.

  • iRoc

    Although not the prettiest phone and lacking some key features, I’m sold on the concept and idea. Hopefully developers can take this phone to new heights, and make it worth more than what I paid for, $350! (most I’ve spent on a phone)

  • brian-y

    my local news is bout to talk bout the G1 , saying watch out i-phone . lol every 1 well know bout it now .

  • pierre

    Well I have to wait till the 22nd unlucky flex-pay customer here. The phone looks great to me it’s different and sexy. The os looks great it’s a lot slimmer then I thought it would be that’s great but flex-pay got F**Ked over today. The price is steep 300same as my curve which I thought it was going to be cheaper but ok I can deal with it. I got to feel this phone in my hand ASAP been waiting too long for this then got to wait a month that’s crazy but ok flex-play BS. Overall today was a good day. Great job tmonews with the headlines and coverage you all are the best.

  • George

    I can’t believe how many people pre-ordered!! IT COMES OUT ON THE SAME DAY WEATHER YOU PRE ORDER OR NOT !!!!

    Plus, why don’t you guys go to your local dealer and get one for FREE or $49.99 ????????????????????????//

    SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME????????????????????????/

  • deafptl

    Does this have a video mpeg4 player? I want to load my American Sign Language Bible that requires 8gb on it. It does not say what kind of video player it has. Anyone know? Thanks.

  • Ibl

    You can call me cynical but I would wait until people will try it out and let us know
    1) If I’m buying the phone I would like to know that it is working as one. How sensitive is it? Will it drop signal? etc.
    2) can it run full day on single battery charge? And how long it will run on single battery charge in phone and data mode?
    3) How we can load apps other than ones approved by tmo and gool from thier marketplace

  • Howard


    How can I get one for less than what T-Mobile is sellin?? I’m in the Bay Area, CA.



  • George

    if someone call them and in fact what I said is true. You guys should post it up on the forum for other TMO faithful to see …..I’m too lazy to do it.

  • rd

    Well, after some deep thought following the unexpected $299 price tag (where was the rumor mill on that one?). I think I’m opting for the following:

    – Waiting til the G1 to comes out to allow for testing to find out if the hardware is any good.
    – Since I’m practically paying full price anyway I might as well skip the required data plan and the 2yrs contract, and the FU $18 charge and just buy it if the device ends up being worth the money. Or wait to see if anything is coming out that might be better.
    – At least then I can save my upgrade for some improved hardware a year from now or just switch providers if a better network gets an android phone.

  • rxgator

    I would of picked “Best phone tmobile offers, so I pre-ordered it. But missing some features I would of liked to see.”

  • tmofan12

    i think the leaked images prepared everyone. i knew regardless i was getting it. looks wise, im ok. its weird one second i look at it and think its not so attractive then a minute later im like wow! i paid 350 and here in california we have buyers remorse
    . lol.. @ anyone who can answer this: its a dumb Q . but whats the deal with the blue tooth? i live in california and we need wirless head set. can i connect to my blue tooth head set?
    Q2. what about the head thing? does it not have a connection?
    besdies that the phone fits me perfect( i hope) .
    everyone else who has negative comments , just dont look at the phone if your so mad. leave this site for the people who want to keep it positive

  • The Booch

    I waited with my busted-a$$ Dash for 2 months for this release for 3 reasons. (all of them shallow)
    1: everyone and I mean EVERYONE in this city has a crackberry of some flavor. Except for me, and I like it that way.
    2: If you can’t have your company get you a crackberry, then have your mommy buy you an iphone, and you can plug in and drop out like the other 90% percent of the zombies on the street. Phones are about communication.
    3: Being 3G and NOT AT&T…..priceless

    Yeah, I pre-ordered

  • anonymus!!

    You guys I have great news!!! The android will be available to employees earlier than the national release date. how early is not yet know.

  • SheShe

    I Preordered i love this phone

  • The one thing I can’t seem to find anywhere is what type of messages are included in the $25 data plan. Are Gmail messages included in that 400 limit or is it just sms/mms? Anyone know?

  • Darrell

    Somebody help me understand this: I have a dash now with total internet for 19.99 and it is true-unlimited. If i just buy the G1 full price, can I then just swap sim in and use it instead of my dash to get around the 1GB limit???

  • david

    Gave up on getting it online…will now wait until it is in the store…three hours and five calls to t-mobile waste of my time……..

  • jj50

    I just can’t believe that they chose this piece of hardware for the first ever Google phone :-( Not stylish, no headphone jack, no camera flash … It’s like the geeks have too much power at Google. Why not build some killer hardware with eye catching style to go with that snazzy software and touchscreen? Sigh. So sad. Waiting for Xperia X1 now, am I.

  • Vit

    Hellooooo, Experia! Don’t make me wait too long!

  • I love it. It’s sexy too me. It’s funny cause @ 1st, I thought it was ugly, now I think it’s really sexy. I think I want the white one thou. on My.T-Mobile thou, when I looked at it, and it’s price, it only had the brown, and black colors thou. But, it kind of don’t matter to me. 3G, and a Youtube app is what I been looking for, and it can do so much more. I am SATISFIED, and my friend buying my sidekick from me, that’ll give me just enough money for it

  • John

    None of your voting categories are appropriate to me.

    1) 1GB data cap, or any data cap (but especially anything under 5GB) is a deal breaker.

    2) No tethering infrastructure built in? stupid. But only “not a deal breaker” because someone like joikusoft will probably fix that with a variant of joikuspot.

    3) the data/messaging plans as given are inane. I already have unlimited messaging through my unlimited voice plan. Now what? I pay an extra $5 for 400 messages I don’t need? Stupid.

    4) No UMA? disappointing.

    5) No Bluetooth HID? Stupid.

    The offering could have been SO much better. But, instead, they’ve made me go from “enthusiastically wanting to pre-order” to “not gonna touch it with a 10 foot pole until issues 1-3 are fixed, and maybe #4”.

  • mvb757

    What happened to the white g1!! Ill wait since I gotta pay 300, (which is a partial upgrade)!

  • center rep

    laters john every thing u complain about will be fixed with updates. as an employee ill get it about 1 to 2 weeks early we were already told. woo hoo hopefully white. its hot !! already have google everything nothing would change just easier to use, one touch controls!

  • Sun.NY

    i preordered mine for the simple fact that i KNOW that the price will not stay at 179.99

    And if when i get it and dont like it, There ALREADY going for 1000.00 bucks on ebay.

    Ill just sell it and get an unlocked htc diamond or something

    plus im sick of my Wing to Damn buggy

  • I did not pre-order I was going to but the price being so DAMN high 300 dollars really!!! whatever I am waiting for somethign sexier. this article also got to me

  • Colin Small

    I would of pre-ordered but there is no special deal being offered to existing customers. It pisses me off as usual that a company is only nice to new contracts and never extends any offers to existing customers that are loyal to them. That aside, the G1 came in at 299.00 for me. My contract ends in December, at the moment I am only able to get a “partial” upgrade discount. Pardon my french but fuck T-Mobile for treating the loyal customers like that. Don’t get me wrong, all cell phone providers are the same way or worse. But I expected more from T-Mobile, don’t ask me why. So I might as well wait until december as much as it sucks. Why pay $120.00 more now? In two months with no contract I think I will be able to pick it up for $179.00 + 2 year…

  • iceryder

    Ok it is only one reason we are not teathering is because we can’t afford to have everyone and there mom using up the 3g space to look on the internet cause is a telephone not a internet server until we get 3g everywhere then we are not gonna do but there is a back door if u want 3g internet then buy an unlock gsm 3g data card and put your sim in that its the same thing ebay dudes

  • Persia


  • Random!!!!

    Still debating whether to wait for the next sidekick or go with this…

  • anonymus!!

    OK Colin. I am so tired of people that think that just because you have been with tmobile for 5 or 6 years you think you are special. WELL YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL!!! a contract is something more than just a meaningless agreement. its a commitment that YOU are agreeing to my friend and NOONE is forcing you to renew it. its 11 months on a 1 year and 22 on a two year. if your contract is up in DEC than you should be able to get the full discount in OCT. now stop bitching because you are not special. ifs your contract and you did this to your self.

  • lancerevo

    amen anonymus.. thank you. that is one of my biggest pet peeeves

  • David

    @George, whose comments have since been deleted,

    Sorry, but you don’t get to post links to your indirect location and hawk sales from this website. The only place we condone ordering from is T-mobile directly. We aren’t your personal advertisement space…You want to advertise, tie some balloons in front of your store.

    Rest assured, future comments of yours will deleted.

  • james gore

    Whoever said the phone is coming out for employee first talk to me what’s up? what site?

  • SiliconAddict

    Add a “Sorry T Mobile. 1GB Cap is a deal killer.” and I would select that. Love the phone. Hate the policy.

  • Fujitsujeff

    Can anyone confirm if they keyboard lights up on this phone like the T-mobile Sidekick?

  • anonymus!!

    @James take a wild guess what site that’s in. its always stream….ing

  • Manolo

    No UMA is an absolute Deal Breaker

    I went from looking forward to this day for months on end to preorder it the second it was available to being pissed all day because the 1 feature T-Mobile should have shown off on this of all devices would have been the UMA Hotspot at Home service. The headphone jack, Soft Data Cap, No Tethering are all annoying and would not have kept me from buying it, but the UMA, total absolute deal breaker. They dropped the ball on this one.

  • Tmo Android

    I would have to agree with anonymus. I work for t-mobile and I deal with people like this Colin guy every day. “I’VE BEEN WITH YOU GUYS FOR 6 YEARS TREAT ME SPECIAL I DESERVE IT!” The fact of the matter is t-mobile is a company and if they just started giving away phones and discounting phones whenever you wanted a new one they would be out of business. If your contract is up in dec. wait till oct. and go into the store to buy it.

  • To All YoU hater


    A) you assume authorized stores will get it right away
    B) you assume people will not read your contract with unltra large side penaltys if they cough wrong.

    preorder gets you the phone with no backorder and allows u to have it the day its out. It also very straightforward and t-mobile is doing everything they can to make sure there is no misconceptions about this device. 500$ says u would lie, cheat, and steal to sell 100 of these for commission fraud. Kudos to you jerk.

  • rommel

    tmo whored themselves,nokia and se built the tmo usa network,-where are those phones?,the tm506 doesnt count-g1 sucks.-have fun with that htc shit.

  • me2

    A couple things are confusing to me. #1, reading the words on this page imply that it IS “available in all stores within 3G boundary area”. so can I buy this tomorrow? or should it read “will be available at some point”? #2 What does “open system” mean; can I run software meant for plam OS or pocket PC Windows on it? little help please?

  • barokzi

    not sure if this has been covered, but just a quick one:
    while there is currently no tethering, exchange (e-mail) support, video recording, stereo bluetooth, support… are these going to be addressed via firmware/software updates or do you have to get the next version of the phone?

  • B.

    Open software means that ANYONE who wants to develop programs for the OS can do whatever they want with it. No restrictions. The white color is not in the preorder but will be availible at national launch. Almost everything that people are compaling about (no video, no A2DP profile, no uma. Ect) can ALL be fixed with 3rd part programs. And yes our favorite internal site specificaly says that CSRs and RSR will be able to purchase the G1 “before launch” so we can use it and become familiar with it in order to better sell/support it. I’m so excited. For once I’m not sad that employees weren’t included int the preorder. And last lastly, to Holden, OWNED!!!!! That is all

  • addictist

    The 1 gig cap and tethering are my only two HUGE problems with the phone. This almost makes it unacceptable even though I will wait and buy the white one. It’s enough to bring myself to pay $25 to transfer 1 gig of wireless data but then to have to worry about how many videos I am watching on top of that? Ridiculous.

    PS – I may even wait to see what Sprint’s Android offering looks like if T-Mobile doesn’t do something about this and I am a diehard T-Mobile fanboy.

  • Random!!!!

    ive noticed on the disclaimer for the g1 that you can only use 3g speed for 1gig then your service slows down to 50kbps or less… That pretty much broke me. Ill pass. Lets hope the next sidekick brings something nice

  • John and the rest hit on it for me. I was looking forward to this phone, but it has some large dissapointments…

    1. 1GB Cap. Sorry this is just to little. If they raised this to about 5GB and the speed to which you got kicked down to to at least EDGE I would be happier.

    2. No UMA. Another thing I really wanted to see on this phone. Possible to be fixed in a future update or software development down the road, but less likely than some of the others.

    3. No Tethering. Yea, this one likely will get fixed down the road. But till it does it is still another strike against it.

    4. What was that about bluetooth? Haven’t heard that but it could become another strike against it depending on what that pans out to.

    1-3 are all major strikes against it, and possible deal breakers for me. Yes they may be fixed down the road, but until they are, I will be holding off. 4 could become so once I learn details.

    The poll on the page is kinda lacking anything to answer for this as I won’t be going to the iPhone, which is the only negative response.


  • Iasthai

    Although the Android software looks neat, I’m just still not convinced on the phone’s design. No headphone jack, 1GB cap on data, NO UMA, etc. I’m waiting for something else. No, that doesn’t mean I’m going to rush out and buy an iPhone. Just kind of disappointed in T-Mobile.

  • J


    There is a Nokia and Sony Ericsson android phone in the works. Those phones are coming. This just happens to be the first.

  • Personally, I don’t use tmo@home. I don’t use bluetooth because my ears are too small. I use EDGE right now so I don’t care about a cap, and it’s very possible that the cap can be changed with time. I don’t even listen to music, but a headphone jack adapter probably exists.

    Geez, ya’ll. I like it :]

  • google “headphone jack mini usb adapter”. There are options there. One is $16. WOO. *puts on list to buy*

  • Sorry for triple post. Type “audio mini usb adapter” and you have cheaper options. Tada???

  • colin small

    hello, car insurance company. my policy is up in a couple of months and I have been with you guys for like 7 years and think i’m paying too much. can you look over my history and offer me a better price?

    i’m sorry sir, you are not special. I am so tired of people like you calling and thinking just because you’ve been giving us money for 7 years that you mean anything to us.

  • D1Netz TMO

    Nokia and SE with android, are you serious? That is interesting and surprising. Does Nokia approach the open scource / developer base? WOW – I consider the Mid and High-end Nokia’s still to be best in signal, voice quality étc. and they are often low on radiation…
    Where did you get this Nokia and SE androis info, any scources please.

  • christina

    im really disapointed… no headphone jack, no uma, data cap, ect ect… i expected more!!
    eh i guess ill stick it out for a GSM storm and stick with my curve and iphone for now…

  • dat chyk

    The most important aspect about this phone is that whatever it lacks…can eventually be added. SO for all of the people who are bumbed about what doesn’t come standard…please remember that it may just be a developer program away. It is better than having a phone that lacks what you desire (like Wifi on the Blackberry curve) that can never be changed. I like the fact that whatever I may desire on my phone is a possibility away. I ordered the black through pre-sale yesterday and I am excited about it!

  • dean

    interestingly enough i have been using a nokia n82 and absolutely love it. one problem is the NO html email. if they would fix that i would stay with that phone. how funny that i have been watting for this phone only to find it does not have it either!!!

  • orozco731

    Question: so how come it says the G1 is $179 on here and when you go to pre-order it the cost of the phone is $299 with a $100 online discount subtracted?

  • tim

    no uma? how can this phone have wifi and be on tmobile network and not have UMA. this really sucks bad. i was going to pick up on ebay because i will pay $340 with tax and up grade fee and a two year contract or I could pick the phone up for less the $425 in Nov. i don’t care about the video but I must have the UMA because the service sucks at my house.

  • Caseybea

    It’s interesting indeed to see all the pre-sale G1’s going up on eBay. Someone above said they’re “going for $1,000”. Um, no. A few silly folks are ASKING $1,000– and not getting it. However, some of the existing bids are ranging from $300 – $520.

    Hmmmmm. I might just bail, make a tidy profit, and wait got G2?

  • I pre-ordered as soon as the T-Mobile site went live. For months I’ve been salivating over what this phone can (and will eventually) do. Over time you WILL see a video recorder, stereo bluetooth and all that. The hardware looks simple sleek and functional, which is what Google is all about, right? The 1GB cap T-Mobile mentions is a ‘soft’ cap, meaning they most likely won’t enforce it unless you truly abuse it, and if enough people make a stink about it that will probably change. Some of the more reactionary posters really need to relax and consider what this phone represents: a revolution of openness and flexibility.

  • ciocpa

    No tethering, no corporate e-mail? No deal.

  • I pre-ordered. I don’t really see any other choice right now. I prefer the iPhone hardware and OS but don’t want to leave T-Mobile and believe that an “open” OS will eventually lead to a better selection of apps. I’m confident that stereo BT will be added soon as an Android upgrade. I’m sure video recording can be added too (the iPhone didn’t have it in v1.0). I hope that Android will become a leader in mobile OS’s and I want to stick with T-Mobile right now and I doubt they will be offering any other Android handset choices for a while.
    Does anyone know if the standard 2-week return policy still applies on the G1 pre-order? I figure why not get it in my hands and try it.

  • T1 Connect

    @editmix it has to apply were not getting the phone until next month or any charges generated until you return the phone the have to offer some kind of grace period for you to play with the phone and if you dont like the feel you can return it so the 14 day policy will probably apply.

  • orozco731

    Nevermind would have been smart to read all of the posts first lol. Who wants a brown phone? Why wouldnt the black and white be released first!

  • kdee

    Why am I getting the $299 price? I haven’t gotten a new T-mobile phone in years….

    I got 5 kids to feed T-Mobile!

  • shootingblue

    The hardware on this phone is stacked and can handle pretty much any feature of any phone today. The only thing holding it up is the OS. I’m convinced the reason why it is missing some of these features is because the OS was rushed to have the phone out for Christmas. I have no doubt most of these features will be added via OS updates and 3rd party apps very quickly.

  • Esizzle

    to the person who used the insurance analogy as related to th e customer commitment stuff… Allstate offers a customer policy that lowers your rates with “good behavior”. You’d think mobile phone services would do the same..

    As for the phone..im so confused. This phone looks and could possibly feel amazing the more I look at it..Of course im not sold on it and am really wanting the Tocca. Anyone out there have any views between the tocca and this marvel?

  • g willi

    Getting a G1 was a no-brainer for me. My current phone, an SDA is beat-up and out-dated. I was already paying $20/mo for the data plan for my SDA, so it’s only an increase of $5 and I get 400 text messages.

    Secondly, I’m a Java developer, so I’ve been holding out for an Android phone to try out some of the apps I’ve been writing. I refuse to own another Windoze Mobile phone or bow down to the almighty Jobs. All my apps are belong to Android. :-)

  • shootingblue

    Esizzle, the tocca looks cool but the difference is the Android OS. The tocca will have a locked OS and will be impossible to upgrade, while the upgrade possibilities of Android are infinite.

  • diordna

    I pre-ordered mine in brown (just to be different)

    …for all those who are being negative, get over it…I am excited to be an early adopter of new technology! For those of you unhappy folks, just wait around for a few months or years and you might find something else to complain about in the next generation phones.

    Until then, I will be enjoying my G1 with Google!

  • i pre-order this yesterday with out know about some of the things ppl are complaining about like for 1 the 1gb cap ouch thats gonna hurt…. i wonder if thats what google wanted when they talked about on there blog free access to the cloud where all there apps sit… It looks as If we are going backwards sometime ;(

  • Manolo

    To those that think the UMA can be solved with a software update, that is not feasable unless the G1 already has the hardware chipset that is UMA capable, which I highly doubt it or else it would have been released on launch, this makes it a big blunder because T-mobile phone, Wifi, should mean UMA but they really messed up big, I agree the others can be fixed with firmware updates except the headphone jack, but I think UMA wont be possible, Hopefully the Touch Pro or Touch Diamond or Xperia will have UMA.

    I will stick to my Curve/Iphone combo till something actually good comes out, i had been salivating over this phone for months with the promise of finally having UMA on a cool Smartphone.

  • TechnologyXDA

    I love Supreme Superior Xperia X1, http://sonyericsson.com/x1/ ….! Hammer time G1, you cannot touch this……!{LOL}

  • g willi

    The X1 sux. It runs Windoze.

  • g willi

    @TechnologyXDA, have fun closing your apps all the time with Task Manager on your X1. Loser.

  • T1 Connect

    its obvious this guy just found out about this phone cause he is really feelin it too much. ITS A GREAT PHONE DUDE BUT SHUT THE HELL UP. windows mobile has a lot of apps but it has a lot of bugs take it from me ive been using windows mobile since the sda. android is smoother i know ive used it before i have the os in a touch. now stop with ya nonsense and stop killing the fun jerk.

  • WazzuKirk

    WinMo sucks period.

  • shootingblue

    I use WinMo, I hate having to always reboot my phone because of all the damn memory leaks

  • storm

    I’m waiting to find out more about how it handles multiple gmail accounts, I have two Google Apps accounts and one regular gmail account that I have to switch between regularly.

    I’m also a little irritated about the $299 pricing, penalizing me because I’ve been a good customer and given them money for a phone in the last two years.

  • T1 Connect

    no i dont think is sucks it has problems just like everything else its more customizable than you think, easy to cook a rom with it and many peoplea are used to windows but i think android will be better and windows mobile seven and android is going to mash up the jobsphone something sweet im tired of hearing iphone this iphone that man F)((_ the iphone. limited piece of s()**. sorry kind of lost my self there but dont knock windows mobile just think of it as a 2002 version of windows xp sp1.

  • TechnologyXDA

    You guys are paying $179.00 for a pacman game ……!{LOL} and a phone for dummies, A2-D2 a dumb DROID. Then you say, they are going fix it a upgrade, who are you fooling, yourself. Yeah, a old Jedi Knight iphone trick, the upgrade will coast you another $179.00………!{LOL} You cannot be in your right mind set to purchase this phone. T-Mobile and Google saw all of you coming. This morning T-Mobile and Google are Laughing all the way to the bank….!{LOL}

  • T1 Connect

    ok now i know youre just being a jackoff windows is good i support microsoft all the way but its not like lunix is a piece of crap bro even dell and hp is making pcs with it ask your self why did it take so long to come out. because they were having a lot of problems with it. the g1 and the x1 were announced around the same time now the x1 is using a os that was already around and the g1’s os was just invented and still growing. who was released first. who has a more stable backbone ask yourself that much buddy. oh and ask yourself this who designed the x1 HTC the same people who desingned and put together the g1(with a dual core processor) and the treo pro. man you gotta be really misinformed and arrougant the g1 cost 179 because tmo is looking out for thier customers unlike at&t who doesn’t. let them walk to the bank homie im giving them the money if i can help tmobile and google’s revenue grow im with it. come to think of it are you even a tmobile customer, cause if your not dude you need to SHUT THE HELL UP.

  • Janstheman

    Looks a lot like a Sidekick on steroids. Touch screen is a nice feature. Slide open qwerty board is ok. No headphone jack? What were they thinking? Do I want one? I have to see it in the flesh and play with it, sts. My Blackberry still works fine, I can hear out of the thing and there is no mandatory data charge. Iphone is something, just a computer with a phone in it. Samsung Instinct is pretty cool with Live TV and all. Contract is up in December, I like TMo’s service which is much better than AT&T or VZW. What will I do? Ask for the best price for four lines, and the most minutes with and without texting.

  • Will

    I think this phone is going to set some seriour standards. I just wish people would stop comparing it to the iphone!!! Everywhere I go to read something about the G1, pleople bring up the stupid iphone. A lot of articles talk about how the iphoen sold over a million in 3 days, and that the G1 will only do around 400000. How cares, T-Mobile has good prices, loyal customers like US, and we will continue to do so…GO G1, AND FOREVER T-MOBILE.

  • T1 Connect
  • g willi

    Why do people say the G1 has no headphone jack? It has a mini-usb headphone jack. Which, in my experience, is more reliable. I have to put tape over the stupid 3.5mm headphone jack in my SDA or pocket lint will fool WinMo into thinking the headset is plugged in. If you really HAVE to use a 3.5mm headset, buy the adapter for $15. Geez.

  • T1 Connect

    plus u can use the headphones from the dash and the wing on it

  • 123

    This thing looks like crap and there’s so many things it lacks. T-Mobile can’t get anything right.

  • g willi

    @T1Connect, thanks for the link. I can’t wait until Oct 22!

  • T1 Connect

    well this is tmobile things change maybe we will get it early you know how to check for tmobile packages from ups right

  • TechnologyXDA

    T1 Connect go play pacman……!

  • PJM

    Does anyone know how the G1 Data Service interacts with your current messaging plan.

    Specifically, in relation to the Unlimited Domestic Messages for Families:

    * Does the family messaging plan stay in force?
    * If so is the G1 part of the family plan?
    * If it is then I assume you should sign up for the $25 plan for the G1. Correct?
    * If it is not, then to get unlimited, I would need to go with the $35 G1 plan?

  • T1 Connect

    @technology xda na i can play that on my wing. you know i can picture you as a 30 yr old man that still lives with your parents and a big xperia x1 poster on your wall and your just sitting there staring at it and drooling. why dont you go outside and play turn off nickelodeon and go excerse.

    bring your disney phone so you can keep blogging.

  • g willi

    @T1 Connect, yeah I put my phone number (xxx-xxx-xxxx) in the tracking reference field, right?

    BTW, as I was typing this, I finally got my order confirmation text message. According to the message, it looks like they’re not charging me the $18 upgrade fee. Sweet, thanks T-Mobile!

  • T1 Connect

    word how come i didn’t get one

  • g willi

    You’ll probably get it soon. I placed my order pretty soon after the site opened… about 11:30am EDT.

  • T1 Connect

    dude i think i was the first i was refreshing like crazy im in ny got mine around the same time but what did the message say

  • dat chyk

    @T1 Connect, thanks…I have the Dash and can use those headphones! I didn’t think about that. Thanks for the link too, that was a good read.

  • dat chyk

    yea, i got my confirmation upgrade text this morning too.

  • LR

    this is my option… i’ll continue to wait until its been out for a while n ppl have found the flaws in it… i think u guys mentioned theres no UMA. it has wifi, why not have UMA… oh well, i’ll continue to wait, im sticking with my 8320 for now

  • T1 Connect

    no problem shorty ok now i feel left out i didnt get mine let me call some people who bought some and see if they got one

  • T1 Connect

    yep 5 ppl said they got a message guess i gotta wait i gets no love

  • g willi

    @T1Connect, here’s what the message said:

    Free T-Mobile Msg:Thanks for upgrading T-Mobile number 1234567890. Your account will be charged $192.86. Please dial 611 if you did not place this order.

    If you’re worried about your order, you could call 611 or just go out to my.t-mobile.com, click the upgrade link. You should get a message saying that you have an upgrade in process.

  • J

    I think the no UMA thing is because of some sort of back and forth google and t-mobile has had concerning allowing other non-UMA voip applications. I believe UMA is something that might be just a software update away just like a few of these other flaws in the phone.

  • Sangfroid

    Got my pre-order in and just got my confirmation text! Glad to finally see a phone come out that can beat last favorite the unfortunately ill-fated Nokia E70 Click the link to find out why it’s better than a first gen Iphone.

  • bobby

    am i only only one that thinks that HTC should have a VGA screen on it like all thier other new phones. HVGA is nice and all but I was hoping for a VGA. Thats my only complaint.
    Oh and im pissed that I have to pay 299 I have been with t-mobile for 4 years. otherwise I can’t wait till the 22nd

  • B.

    This is so frustrating. People are trating this phone like every other phone that’s ever come out. Its the 1st step in a whole new direction. EVERYTHING that people are complaining about WILL be fixed probably in the first week. All of the required hardware is there it just needs to be utilized. As for the phone not being able to be adapted to UMA, again that’s just someone talking out of ignorance. When we took over suncom we enabled EVERY one of their wifi compatible phones to be used on uma. And there is no way those phones were ever designed to be used over uma. All the phone needs is the wifi antenna and a software fix

  • Data Cap

    My answer to the survey was to the effect that I would get an Iphone, but that is because of the arcane data restrictions. I would otherwise totally go for this phone.

  • where the HELL is this option?
    I am interested, but the announcement makes me lose appetite

  • WazzuKirk

    Got my text and they waived the activation fee. Thanks TMO!!

  • dat chyk

    yea my activation fee was waived too.

  • dat chyk

    actually wait a minute…maybe they will charge the activation fee upon …um…activation. any thoughts??

  • TomCruise

    All these complaints about data cap at 1GB, I think I read in the very first minutes of launch that the data cap was tentative till they have full fledged 3G going everywhere………

    didn’t anybody else read that? or did I misread????

  • Mavs Man

    were is the white one on t-moble pre order web site? Are the going to role it out on the 22nd of Oct in stores? Because i don’t want the black or brown i will wait on the pre order until they roll the white one out. Do anybody know whats up with that?

  • T1 Connect

    well i called tmo tech support they say with most people that use the net dont exceed 20 mb a month so no teathering with the g1 and a 1gb cap might not be so bad after all

  • Has to be better than my Shadow

    The 1gb snip it of text has been removed and replaces with:

    “To provide the best network experience for all of our customers we may temporarily reduce data throughput for a small fraction of customers who use a disproportionate amount of bandwidth”

    So stop your bitching.

  • mewoo

    First impressions of the G1 and i feel its a genuine competitor to the iPhone!

    A great site to see all the G1 Video reviews & features is http://www.g1tube.com

  • I’m eligible for full upgrade Oct 31, so I guess I’ll be picking one up a week late. But, I’m so sold on this phone. The only drawbacks are irrelevant to me (I have an MP3 player for music, I don’t use Bluetooth headsets, I prefer not syncing to my computer, I love the Ubuntu-esque UI, etc.)

  • dat chyk

    @asurroca – The G1 comes with a music player and a 1GB memory card in the box. I don’t use bluetooth headsets either, but you can check the specs here: http://www.htc.com/www/product/g1/specification.html

    Although, on the upgrade link on mytmobile, the specs are slightly different and that is where I saw the music player info.

  • dat chyk

    From mytmobile:
    Easy Access to Google applications*
    3MP camera
    Video playback
    Music Player
    Android Market*
    Customizable home screen

  • mark925

    Can’t wait!

  • Ryan

    To the Tmo employees calling the customers unhappy about paying $299 whiners:

    – Please show me the link to the post prior to the launch where you alerted everyone that it was highly unlikely anyone who had joined tmobile recently or had gotten a new phone in the last 2 yrs would pay the $179. If I missed it I apologize but THAT would have been a useful post from an employee instead of these posts telling everyone they get they deserve.
    – tell me why i log into a website that KNOWS my upgrade status and it shows me a $179 price. Then when i actually choose to purchase the device I have to search the website for 20min to figure out why I am being shown $299.
    – tell me why tmobile conveniently omitted this information from the launch just so the press would only print the $179 price

    Label me as a whiner but I’m calling bait & switch. I don’t necessarily think the $299 price is completely unfair. I’m just unhappy that after months of planning to purchase this phone I find out about it when the phone is in my checkout cart.

    And for the record – the $18 charge is ridiculous.

  • mrsgi

    i need help my only line thats available for a full upgrade is a kid connect line and i cant pre order the phone on that line. i want to use it on my main line, but i want a full upgrade help. was told switching to a family plan may or may not help

  • talon


    sorry you feel this way. I don’t think anyone is going to advertise a phone as a partial discount. All companies will always show what the best price is going to be. I don’t understand why you or anyone for that matter think they would qualify to get the 179 price if you just joined t-mobile and already used your discount on your initial phone purchase or just did an upgrade earlier this year. Just because its a new phone t-mobile is getting doesn’t mean everyone can get the best price. That would be great, but ridiculous at the same time, the company would lose too much money. Unfortunately policy doesn’t allow you to get a full discount until you meet the requirements. The 18 dollar charge is an upgrade fee that gets charged to everyone….why t-mobile started doing that? well because Att does it too. I don’t understand why it would give you 1 price then change at the checkout cart. Maybe you should contact Customer Care and ask them what exactly you qualify for.

  • Sun.NY

    Ok one more question
    Does anyone know if it has the accerlerometer
    Like the iphone?

    so wen i turn it on its Side it turns to landscape mode?
    Ive heard people say it does, but ive seen no conformation of this.

  • mark925

    @Sun.NY: Yes it does. There is a Youtube video that I believe was done by Phonescoop that shows it.

  • B.

    @sunNY it for sure does, in the press conference one of the guys that started google said the first program he wrote for it was one that measured the amoun of time from the moment he threw the phone in the air to the moment he caught it or it hit the floor, he specifically mentioned the accelorometer.

    @mavis man
    Dude, read the posts before you ask your question. Lol. I had just answered that a couple post above yours ;)

    @everyone bitchin about the data cap. As someone else pointed out, its it ONLY to select users that are hogging MAJOR bandwidth. So if you a general user it is UNLIMITED data….problem solved. People are we SOOOO quick to frwak out and overreact? Lol

  • sam

    i never got a conformation text?

  • Timmydale

    @Sam I never got a text as well. I better get one I don’t know if I should just order one on my 2nd line just incase or not. I don’t trust CS to give me a correct answer all the time.

  • Scott

    No tethering killed it for me.

  • kdee

    Can somebody answer this?

    IT has WiFi right? So can we do WiFi calling? I called the T-mobile customer service and they said “yes!” it can do WiFi calling

    But you guys say “no” because it has to have “UMA” (I don’t even know what UMA means…..)

    so can anybody clarify this?

  • kristo

    So I have been a Tmobile customer for around 3-4 years. I last upgraded my phone to a Dash 22 months ago. I go to login (finally) to pre order my G1. I get the $299 price. I call customer service and make my case to get the upgrade now. I am a contract customer and always pay on time. They say no dice, have to wait till 10/15 to pre order. They said because the G1 pre order is only avail online that they could move it up and allow me the upgrade on any other phone but not to pre order. Anyone else having the same issue? Also, will the pre order even last till 10/15? If not, then do I wait till the official launch date and go to a store?

  • John

    I’m not impressed with the looks of this phone. I would rather spend my money for and HTC Diamond, PRO or HD than this thing.

  • sebastian

    the phone is really kool but im curiouse if it will be able to be used on flex pay and wat would my bill look like if it was able to be flex pay

  • Ryan


    sorry for the grumbling comments. just upset that this upgrade is going to be so expensive. good work on the site and launch coverage. i hope the G1 is great. enjoy and hopefully i’ll figure out a way to join you guys soon.

  • DoeBoyNMEK

    I preordered mine on the 23rd received the confirmation on the 24th…

    The price in my confirmation was lower than the price in checkout