Blackberry pearl flip kickstart and her 4 other names launch date!


That’s right tmonews fans, there is still news in magenta land that doesn’t have the words “Android” and “awesome” in it. Word is coming down that the Blackberry Kickstart aka Pearl aka 8220 aka phone that receives email and flips is scheduled to launch October 13th. Recapping important features, she has voicemail, a keypad, and an lcd screen! Surprise!


  • Wi-Fi for Mobile Calling
  • High Speed Internet
  • myFaves Enabled
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Internet E-mail
  • Wi-Fi/GPRS/EDGE Data Connectivity
  • 2 MP Camera with Video Capture
  • Voice Activated Dialing
  • Bluetooth
  • Speakerphone
  • Address Book
  • Calendar
  • Sync with PC
  • Instant Messaging
  • Picture Messaging
  • Text Messaging
  • Web browsing
  • QWERTY-like Keyboard
  • Trackball for 4-way Navigation
  • Micro SD Expandable Memory Slot
  • Multimedia Player
  • And more!


  • Black (exclusive to T-Mobile through 2008)
  • Red (lifetime exclusive to T-Mobile)

Pre-register: T-mobile

More info: Blackberry kickstart page

Atlanta, how you enjoying 3G today???


  • Patience is a virtue…

    I am patiently waiting…I am digging the flip…

  • Chris

    It’s for sure not gonna be called the Kickstart… i was a blackberry training last week with Tmobile and they are staying away from that name.

  • mrssherico

    More T919 news please.

  • GM

    “High Speed Internet?” Why the heck did they leave out the 3G!? Yea, it does matter!

  • I wonder how this will be priced compared to the 8120. Get on that tmonews!

  • dat chyk

    I pre-ordered the G1 so I have no interested in this flip…but, I wanted to respond to the 3G in Atlanta! Halleluah! I am so glad that they got us up and running before the initial psted dates. I have actually being seeing 3G coverage in my area (on t he coverage map) since last Friday. I’m just glad that it is up and working and the kinks (if any) can be resolved before my G1 is delivered!

  • tzoo

    This phone looks good and has all the features that make Blackberrys so popular. I’m hoping T-MO will release the Javelin or Bold later this year but I guess that might be a stretch. If nothing gets announced soon I will get this pda.

    As for the G1 I will check it out when it hits the stores but its missing some features important to me. I might just get a Blackberry and wait till next years G2.

  • tmofan12

    whats the price for this phone?

  • Neo

    Just letting everyone on here know, as I have all over the forum. The 8220 (AKA: kickstand,AKA: pearl flip, AKA: whatever you want to call it) does not have UMA support. Has wi-fi but not UMA. So no calls over wi-fi.

  • rommel

    big deal………

  • Joann Mcintyre

    Atl=?,called t-mo 3 times,And went 2 a big store.NO COULD tell me if there went live. I have a unlocked HTC Advantage(3G ready),being told only t-mo phones are allowed on network. THIS IS A T-mobile phone. Can’t get an answer.

  • B.

    @ neo
    Dude. Don’t become holden 2.0. The pearl flip DOES have UMA I work for tmobile and its all over our official employee information. PLUS the GM of my call center is currently using this phone and I was taling to him about it today and he specifically mentioned using it with his UMA at home. I’m not sure where you got your infor but double check it, its wrong. Now that I have played with this phone I’m more excited about it. The buttons on it are nice and big (much more than the pearl) and easy to use with big thumbs

  • mndave


    The HTC Advantage is not a T-Mobile phone. The Advantage sports HSDPA/UMTS (2100 MHz for Europe, 850/1900 MHz for USA) Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz. The device lacks WCDMA IV (aka AWS) 1700/2100 band as required to access 3g in the US.

  • Sparkle143us

    3g in chicago? My browsing on my unlocked phone is superfast today. Talked to tmobile yesterday and was told today was the launch.

  • iceryder

    It is called the blackberry london they alreay have it trademarked for that

  • Jennifer

    Can’t wait for this phone to come out! I really was waiting for the blackberry bold but im sick of waiting and I talked to someone at T-mobile and on the phone and it may not even come to T-mobile and if it does it wont’t be till next year sometime! That’s a long wait and when your Pearl is acting up and the speaker thingy dont work anymore (have to use bluetooth or speaker phone to talk on the phone) I’m ready for something new! I think the filp is cool. I was all set for the Bold but the flip will have to do!