Feature of the week: SkyDeck


At TmoNews we strive our best to bring our readers the best and newest features available around the web. That is why last time we featured YouMail, and today we are featuring SkyDeck. SkyDeck is a unique service, that provides something that mobile phone companies should have provided years ago. In one sentence, SkyDeck takes your cell phone activities (from MyT-mobile.com), puts them into their own easily navigable list, and analyzes them for you. Here you can see user specific stats:


Not only do you get slick specific stats, users will also get a SkyDeck toolbar that contains a status bar of how many minutes and texts you have used on your current billing cycle, and how many more you can use. I have been using SkyDeck for the past 3 days, and it has worked flawlessly to bring me all the stats I could dream of and more. Do you have MyFaves plan? What better way to see who should be in your Fave5 then by seeing all your contacts listed in order of how often you call them (Picture). SkyDeck also tracks texts, gives you the ability to tag them, and search them (No, you cannot read your texts online). Although they do go into your MyT-mobile account and download your bills and current usage, SkyDeck has a strict privacy policy, which is good enough for me. After talking to Jason, the CEO of SkyDeck, it sounds they are working on some great new features to add on to a service that is already on the forefront of wireless minute and text analysis. MyFaves analyzer anyone? Overall I am very impressed with everyone behind the company, and the endless (and sometimes scary) insight that they give you into your own cell phone usage. I would strongly recommend SkyDeck to anyone. Even if you are one of those lucky few that stumbled across TmoNews and don’t have T-mobile, SkyDeck supports all 4 national carriers. We completely missed the best part of the service: It is free. Head on over to SkyDeck.com to check it out.