Android screenshot heaven…

Ok since we’re all hyped up drooling on Android right now I figured why not have one more post today. If you haven’t heard, after this mornings FCC release a new Android SDK was pushed out and word is that this graphic interface is different than previous versions. Nothing much we can say about it, just enjoy the pictures:

The guys over at Mobilecrunch have the rest of the gallery, enjoy!! Remember, these images are from a not so finalized developers kit so things are still subject to change.

  • trestressiete

    sweet! (first)

  • Random!!!!

    The os looks great! (2nd)

  • cubs

    I can’t have enough.. give me more Android news!!

  • David

    Haha, we will man, we will. I don’t think any of us doubt that the closer the launch date get the more news we will all be craving. We’ll do our very best to bring it to you first!

  • Juan

    TmoNews strikes again! I can always count on y’all for my fix of Android news.

    I couldn’t possibly see them putting an OS this slick-looking on that plastic-y, fug prototype. That said…I can’t wait to see the front shot of at least the FCC approved diagram!

  • illuminati
  • ratchet

    thats nice! (sixth)

  • lewis

    So far looks goooood!!

  • i am excited already. gotta make sure not to spend that $150 on something silly so i am ready for preorder (: oh, and bangers and mash and all that to tmonews for getting the site up again so quickly. nice job guys!

  • Juan

    That video makes me want to build a time machine.

  • TH3 GAM3

    It looks like I’m going to like the OS, its the phone that’s the problem.

  • John

    Looks nice and simple. They way they want it to be. But I didn’t see a icon for a calander. How are we spoose to set up an appoinment?

  • David

    @John, we can only assume that google will have incredible integration with their existing services. I can’t imagine that their won’t be access to a calendar, never mind google calendar.

  • Vit

    Frankly, I am not all that excited at this time. Yes it looks nice, but… What good would it do without strong 3rd party apps aftermatket? Look at Apples iPhone, it is over exposed, over hyped up, and oversold. But still there’s not one half decent app for traveling, international to be more precise, still you can’t edit Office documents, no cut and paste. Alright, there plenty of games, that are pretty much the same thing with different titles and graphics, but the same action. So, for me to buy Android just for the hell of it, SAy it’s new it’s “open” it’s NOT Microsoft, doesn’t make sense! Sorry, but I stick with WM’ till this Android OS, or any other for that matter will mature enough to be called business platform, not an entertainment one, such as iPhone.

  • Jimbo831

    No reason to think that it won’t be able to edit documents. I would expect that support to be native personally. Google has Google Docs already and it would be great integration to have a mobile version on Android. Not only could you edit Docs on your phone with that, but also access ones you have saved already online with Google Docs. I hope they’ve thought this would be as great as I do.

  • Random!!!!

    Well the iphone was out for a whole year or so before 3rd party apps were available so give the android a year for apps. Imo apple is probably restricting a lot of good apps and i believe google wont (bc theyre the ones who want to make it open source). Besides if you think googles not big enough to get companies to care to make apps for their os they’re worth the same amount as apple last time i seen. So either way androids gonna make it big to my understanding

  • Ben

    Does it have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack?

  • Rndy

    I like the way the OS looks, but I still think the phone itself is one of the ugliest I have yet to see.

  • T1 Connect

    mmmm this phone is sexy its got some style i wonder if its single

  • Barada

    HTC Touch Pro… now that’s a phone worth a 2 year extension… This particular one, not so much…

  • nick

    So why do people keep complaining and telling every one this is just a pipe dream? I don’t get it.

  • efjay

    OS looks nice but my main problem with the whole Android thing is Google itself. I saw it posted (though may just be a rumour) that there will be an option to pay less for the phone and for your monthly contract if you agree to have ads delivered to the phone? This leads to a question of privacy, what is being done with all the information gathered on you and your usage? And more importantly is Google going to be tracking and storing your information and usage for their own use?

    Also I personally am not one of those who loves everything Google, I would rather customise my device with as much or as little software as I want. It may be a google device but even on WM devices google apps are sometimes installed so I would hope there will be the possibility to install apps from MS as well.

    Overall though, I dont think I am too interested in this device.

  • T-CorpRFDude

    Well, I held the Dream in my hand last week and played with the Android OS. This week I went out and bought a used iPhone 2G. No point in owning a seriously ugly phone, with a minuscule screen and no Exchange functionality.

  • Fbarkon

    I know that T-mobile and HTC will deliver. All these haters like the poster above will be dying to buy ours off us when we get the newer version. This phone will make history, you are an idiot if you can and don’t buy it. My boyfriend has an intinct and can’t wait to be able to use this. SO it will be big… The better to read your e mail my dea. So it’ll have a distinguised look (“ugly”) the better to floss my dear. (Floss to show off… it’s urban). I’m no computer nerd, but i know that HTC and T-mobile are riding this “dream ” to the bank and I can’t wait to give my $150 to help them get there!

  • SaDudE

    Although it concerns me that I don’t see a calendar app, or gtalk or any kind office functionality, knowing that google has all of this already integrated so well via the web, I have an irking suspicions that all of this will be handled.

    Also, just like for windows, there is the one open office software, I assume stuff like that will be readily available for the google OS. If i remeber correctly this is linux based, so anything that you can run on your linux ubuntu should be able to run here as well.

    I think the open source may actually give them a headstart over apple

  • just me

    To be honesst i think i will wait for samsung t 919 to come out. I was excited but i am not happy with the way it looks and if you go on the HTC website all there phones look great but this one looks like a cheap copy. I feel it is not worth an addition 2 yrs so i will wait foor the samsung.

  • brian

    all i know is that next month . i will have my full upgrade avalible . and im putting my $150 down rite now . a cell phone land mark like this for $150 . i say sighn me up . YEAH BABY!!!!!! LETS RIDE THE DREAM TRAIN WHOS ON-BOARED .

  • just me

    I just spoke with a t mobile rep and i was informed that rumors of a sept 17th pre sale are fault?…Tmobile claims that they never had a pre sale andd are not going to this time as well…I was told it would be out to the public late oct?….If anyone hears different please post it…..Only telling you what i was told.

  • Rodrigo

    well the os looks nice and all but will they change the style for the case or what ever cause as of now its still ugly…i think i speak for a majority of ppl when i say loose the track ball and slide out qwerty keyborad

  • SheShe

    actually no id rather the keyboard and u probably wont use the track ball but its a good back up

  • SheShe

    id rather have***

  • Jay

    just me im not tryna say u didnt hear that but i called today and talked to a rep and they said they have no info on it besides whats on this and other websites! and also my cuzin who told me about this phone n website said he has no info on it and he work in corporate t-mobile but anything i hear from him i will post on here! but i have to say i cant wait for this phone i already have a buyer for my dash!

  • StillTMO

    @ justme

    Same here. I think I will also wait for the Samsung T919. I I would have loved a 3G compatible BlackBerry but RIM is snoring on that. Plus I dont get all this hype on trying to come up with something that would be an Iphone killer.

  • StillTMO

    BTW, T-Mobile will be launching Blackberry Bold “3G” in UK soon (possibly September) so I am hoping that they’ll bring it to the US 3G network as well.
    Do any of you at TMONEWS have information on that?
    I’d love to get that phone..

  • Greg

    Ugh Ohh… doesn’t look like this has GPS :(.

  • Barada

    Does it have a standard headphone jack, or is it that annoying mini-usb combo port think like other HTC phones?

  • check this out this a vid on the new dream

  • check this out this a vid on the new dream yes

  • Johannah

    omg i am so sick of people complaining about what apps this phone won’t have, like a calendar. Wake up, folks, they have an open platform! 3rd party apps are already designed. Sheesh get your facts straight before you hate on it and say it doesn’t have 3rd party like the iphone when that is EXACTLY what it has.

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