T-mobile to offer Message and Call blocking


Remember the class action suit against T-mobile regarding unwanted messaging charges? Well T-mobile has answered by creating a system to block messaging. But why stop there? Lets take this all the way to calls too! While details from our sources are still a bit fuzzy, we can confirm this is all in the works. Now there seems to be multiple levels of this. The general level will allow users to block SMS through a call to Customer Care, or in T-mobile stores. This general phase will still let through system SMS, Voicemail notifications, and OTA updates. Neither the general, nor advanced phases will be able to block internet-based IM or E-mail, or Danger’s messaging services. The more advanced version, which we haven’t confirmed yet, will allow users to block the following:

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  • David Washington

    Just in time to black my ex-best friend from calling me.

  • Erica

    Perfect.. I’ve been waiting for this.

  • David Washington

    Oops I said black, instead of black, my bad, typo

  • Debra

    Lol u still said black and finally a good feature

  • ryan

    haha how u typing black instead of block? … a and o no place near each other :-P

  • delysid

    Now, anonymous call rejection would be good

  • T-Mobile Customer

    T-Mobile DOES NOT offer Anonymous call rejection, like land line providers. When a T-Mobile customer ignores Anonymous calls with no caller ID number (by not picking up) the call goes to voice mail, and the Anonymous caller is able to flood the voice mailbox causing it to fill up and not accept any more voice messages, thus rendering the voice mailbox non-functional, and preventing legitimate future callers from leaving voice messages.

    It appears that any Anonymous caller is simply able to disable a T-Mobile voice mailbox, by flooding it.

    T-Mobile should be able to be able to stop Anonymous calls from going through to the phone and voice mail.

    This feature has been available for over 10 years from Land Line companies.

    Is this a feature that is coming soon ?

  • Dana

    Really wish they would offer anonymous call rejection. I have a psycho that keeps calling, blocking her number, and leaving vulgar, abusive voicemails. It frustrates me to see the phone light up with “Private caller.” It was always available on landlines; why is not available on my cell??