How to block texts part I…

Ok I’m going to cut right to the chase on this one because I’ll let the steps speak for themselves. Yesterday we reported it first that T-mobile be adding text message blocking and voila! Here are the steps necessary to block unwanted texts to your tmomail address. I’m not sure how long this has been on the support page for T-mobile but a little browsing around on the site yesterday and a eagle eyed tipster brought it to our attention. Remember these steps don’t work for general text/mms/im but this is another clear indication of whats coming. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve received some spam messages in the last few days and I’ll welcome an opportunity to block out those messages. Except the one about the dallas cowboy cheerleaders, that one looked interesting…


Find the link to the rest of the support page over in our brand new forums! Have you registered yet? Why not? All the cool kids are doing it…

Update: We know this feature has been around for a while now. However, from what we hear, very few people actually know about it or use it.

Looks like Crunchgear got wind of this early this morning as well…We love that site.

  • And again, you have to do it per subject or per “from.” Another good thing to do is to change your address from your 10 digit phone number to a different alias. That way if the spammers are war-dialing via a computer program, your phone number won’t be “the next one” on their list.

  • The Kid

    This isn’t new.. at ALL! this feature has been available on My T-Mobile forever, you shouldn’t be filed under news. It should be a tip that has been around for as long as i can remember… I have been disappointed with the lack of news lately…. Step your game up guys, you use to be so much better than this….

  • Nwahs

    We know this has been around for years, we never claimed it to be new news.
    If you can find us something, we’ll post it up. We’re looking.
    We have a pretty big post, but it is a new service, and posting it up will jeopardize T-mobile’s competitive edge in the wireless industry. When the launch gets closer, we will post it.

  • v

    So when is this NEW SERVICE coming out. Not the sms blocking but the service you dont want to tell us about yet.

  • se-mochi

    You must remember that certain information is leaked for people, say engadget, to give a little teaser for all of us online. however, there is certain classified information that cannot be released unless given approval. if tmonews, or any news/blog/podcase, were to supply that information to the media, then they will be in danger of a legal actions against them, thus causing the site to ultimately shut down. so some news is better than no news, imho.

  • mmac778

    I found that this method worked, for the most part, but it is indeed flawed.
    I had some customers, when I worked for T-Mobile Tier 1 Tech, that were upset at the inability to remove the provisioning for SMS. But, as this screenshot describes, it is essential, and therefore, mandatory by policy.

  • Krum

    As stated above, this ability isn’t necessarily “new” but I used to work for T-Mobile customer care and I gave this info to hundreds of users and I think all reps should point users to this page if they’re being harassed. But, a glitch we discovered is that if you put a period (.) in the “From” field and nothing else, it will block all incoming sms on that line. Unfortunately this included Voice mail “message waiting indicators/notifications.”
    I haven’t worked there in five months so this may have changed but it worked in January.

  • Bobby

    Text filtering has been around for a while now…. I used it and a TMO CSR told me how to do it back in October. I was getting Spam, after that it ended. :)

  • Jahmeen

    If you didn’t have a phone, you wouldn’t have to worry about this period, or simple ignore the calls or don’t reply to the text. Fin.