Price changes galore…

Happy monday T-mobile faithful, its been kind of a slow news weekend, other that that whole blackberry bold thing. On that note, definitely a week to pay attention to because we are going to have some VERY exciting site announcements this week. I of course have been sworn to secrecy and can’t even tell you how excited I am without putting my myself in the running for witness protection. Stay tuned for details!!!

For the moment though, wanted to kickstart this week with some price changes taking effect Wednesday May 14th. Nothing groundbreaking or earth shattering here on the price front but its our gift from us to you:


  • David Washington

    I think this will be perfect. My granny was tryna get her a new phone soon, and she wanted to send my Motorola RIZR in to get fixed, and she could just get it cheaper, and in the pink color for herself.

  • Max-Andre

    They better be some eciting news like an upcoming 3G phone.By the way i just read that the Nokia 5310 and 5610 has been delayed

  • jayy

    Its some sk news I hope.

  • Theicool

    I have its some sidekick news too! Like about the video OTA or a NEW device!

  • henry

    that kinda sucks that the prepaid folks can get a Curve for cheaper than upgrade folks. where’s the reward for being loyal??? :(

  • Wasn’t the 6263 free with 2 years before? That was one I was looking into…

    I wonder why the price increase???