Nokias Delayed, Motorola Z6w trashed


We hate to be the bearer of bad news so we apologize. Please don’t shoot the messenger. Unfortunately, T-mobile has delayed the launches of the Nokia 5310 and 5610. Oh, and the Motorola Z6w? Looks like that one got some failing grades in early testing and was scrapped. Fortunately, the 5310 will launch in three colors, red, orange, and purple. We don’t know when exactly, but expect the Nokia 5310 in early June, and the 5610 in early July. On the bright side, look for an exciting site announcement, and an article or two on some sweet new services T-mobile will be offering soon!

  • David Washington

    Can’t wait to here what exciting services T-Mobile will be offering.

  • Stop teasing us you whores! Let us taste the sweet, sweet, vagina that is your news…
    Sorry I’m bored…

    But seriously! Tell us!!!

  • Dennis O

    Any word on the Nokia 6301? Is it still likely for May 19th? I desperately need a non-samsung, non-smartphone, non-flippy Hotspot@Home device.
    Yeah, I’m that picky :)

  • Nwahs

    Haha woah there…not to worry, it will come. (Ricky, please no sexual comments on “come” haha)

    Anyways, a little more research, and I’ll have a big article up tomorrow. In the mean time, sit tight guys.

  • silk7

    Oh come on t-mo. I need a 3g touch phone!!!
    work with me pleaseeeee.

  • Dennis O

    Is the free Nokia promotion still due to end tomorrow? The 5300 is marked as “while supplies last”. I find it odd that they would not have a new ExpressMusic phone available to take the 5300’s place at the end of the promotion. Then again, was the 5300 a big seller to begin with?

  • Dennis O

    “sit tight, guys”

    Well, either I sit here and babble or go let my brain rot over at hofo…

  • Dennis O

    (above was a joke)

    I’ve just about fried my brains the last week considering upgrades to my family plan and phones. I’ve exhausted all resources and am now playing the waiting game ;(

  • Come…hehe.

    So tomorrow? Ok fine. I can wait…but if it isn’t here tomorrow…I rather not say…

  • rob

    Tmob delays something? Now I’ve heard everything!

  • Moe

    And that is why I have a Nokia N81,and not some T-mobile phone!!!Also the local T-mobile store said my town was not until the second round of 3G startup,which is next year so who cares about 3G!!!!!!

  • Theicool

    I hope its some sidekick news! Like about the Video OTA or a NEW SIDEKICK device!

  • mingkee

    hope Z780 finally passed the test, and bring up to lineup in July, this is the phone I want to sign for another year

  • Nick

    Hmmm there is no mention of a delay on the nokia’s in streamline, i will check it again tomorrow and see if they update it. The motorola was never put in streamline as an upcoming phone so i figured that one was a dud……as are ALL of moto’s phones we carry.

  • Nick

    also on a side note, we got our training materials last week for the nokia’s and they never send those out unless a launch is imminent, we are supposed to get live demo’s this week for a full two weeks hands on in the stores before launch. If we dont get the demos then we can say there is a delay lol.

  • Jeff

    I am torn, at first they delayed the rokr e8 by 2 months,now the 5610, funny though, i called t-mobile today and asked them what color the phone would be, and she said only black with red trimming, and she confirmed it was coming may 21st, this was at 6pm eastern time, so i just find this very odd, I do agree, that SE Z780 looks pretty cool.

  • ryan

    some times as reps we find out things much much later haha .. the t-mobile shadow we did not know officaly at the call centers until a few days before hand .. with phone delays we normaly find out much later .. we get no info ahead of time normaly last thing that we found out well ahead of time was the launch of sms blocking before that was sk3

  • Greg

    i checked streamline and i SAW NO NEWS OF the delay, i say BUNK for now, when it comes to tmobile stuff, i tend to rarely trust sources unless i saw it in my tmo inbox

  • Jeff

    I called Customer Care again, and they told me may21st, however I called a local store, they told me July, so the question is, who has the accurate info

  • Nwahs

    Us :-)

  • Max-Andre

    Nwahs i just spoke to a t mobile CS ,and she told me it’s not delayed but the released date remains the same

  • Jeff

    I called several more stores, and each store gives me different info, one in Miami told me May 21st, others say June, or sometime this month, i tend to believe tmo cust serv, sorry nwahs, but if ya right, I give you props

  • Nick

    well considering it hasnt been updated in streamline, it still shows in employee phones as being released may21st, i call bunk as well. also the z6w is referenced in the new family unlimited 4 pack under upcoming phones……not that i could care about another worthless motorola product.