More 3G release news

T-mobile 3G release

Here is the update we promised earlier. It is pretty hard posting from a non-smartphone, and cropping sensitive information out of pictures, so we do apologize for the delay. This is the moment we have all been waiting for. 3G countdown anyone? The list of cities, in order, is as follows:

New York

(New Jersey/Long Island is no longer on the list)


Las Vegas



Click here for the rest of the cities

  • Orlando Reyes

    With San Antonio in the Austin market, I am happy that I will see it soon in my city. Too bad there are no good phones worth my money right now.

  • mingkee

    since NYC is considered as tri-state area, then
    Westchester, White Plains, Yonkers
    NJ (adjacent to NYC), as well as CT

  • marco

    i live in vegas, hope i can see this service soon

  • henry

    i really really hope that the list of cities is not chronological. I upgraded my phone more than two years ago hoping that by my next upgrade the 3g would be in place… now if this means I have to wait another seven months to get 3g in phoenix… looks like I might have to go to the deathstar.
    not only that, but even from the fantastic news scoops on this site, t-mo’s handset selection looks to be a complete joke for at least another six months. can we PLEASE get something asides from crappy low-end handsets? Please?

  • Orlando Reyes

    Well if HTC was to release an AWS phone on May 6th, I might have to bite the bullet and throw down some cash on that phone. If it is chronological than it should be launching in the Austin market next.

  • Pat

    I still wonder why 3g boxes are bing installed in indianapolis if it’s not going to be turned ON in Indianapolis. The boxes are required to be finished by June…so what the heck are the boxes for if they’re not gonna be turned on for another 6 months(at best)

  • Dave

    I had heard that Austin (San Antonio) was getting it second. But I saw the original report on here, and I thought twice. Now I see that what I was told was confirmed. That’s great. I’m in san antonio. I couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait.

  • Orlando Reyes

    Yeah when I heard that it was the Austin market getting it I wondered why they didn’t put it in San Antonio until I found out that it was part of the Austin market. I hope that I get great speeds over in the Ingram Park Mall area, right now I get like 35 Kb/s here but get ~160Kb/s around 410 and Moursund on the South Side at my mom’s house.

  • What about Boston? New England?

  • Vision77

    Hit the switch in Chicago already! I hope Tmo offers some excellent phones to offset round 2 of iphone mania which will be here soon too.

  • Pat

    I’m HOPING that MAYBE Chicago and Indianapolis are considered the same “Market”…but I doubt it lol

  • Jason

    3G? They still haven’t rolled out EDGE to all their markets.

  • mingkee

    to Duncan:
    Boston is considered as NE market
    NJ and CT (adjacent to NYC area), LI, Westchester, White Plains, Yonkers are considered as NYC market
    good luck for tomorrow, grab one of the four NA1700 3G phones, and start to “sniff”

  • micah

    does anyone know what the 4 phones are? or a link to the original story so i can click on that link?

  • Jay

    The fact that Cleveland isn’t on the list really ticks me off. Bastards. I mean, really…Birmingham?? Pssh.

  • Tom

    Would my device work with 3G – SE p990 umts 2100 band? otherwise i might need a new phone.

  • ryan

    wow someone risked there job at t-mobile to get that out here .. eathier a call center employee and a rsr of a directly owned t-mobile store

  • I really hope LA gets it soon. I mean, how can some of those hick states get it first? That’s immoral. :)

  • Matt
  • Lil’ B

    Wait a minute, don’t talk down on the Birmingham market because they put up way more numbers than Cleveland! Tell the reps at your local store to get off their butts and sell then maybe you could get some 3G love soon too!

  • Philly

    Engadget is reporting the May 1st rollout will be 3g voice only, no 3g data… Hope that is not true.

  • Alcoholicaust

    So…. 3G Voice only eh? figures… t-mobs a joke… im jumpin ship this summer.

  • mingkee

    I am pretty skeptical about “voice only” on other blogs
    don’t we have the screen cap on the notice???
    if “voice only” is on this notice, the poster should have posted or stated, but it didn’t
    all truth will be shown tomorrow, wait for my report, as a real T-Mobile Internet user

  • Nwahs

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    This phase of 3G role out will be voice only. More exciting features and services to come in the near future.

  • Alcoholicaust

    I dunno gizmodo, engadget, and bgr all seem to have the same story. im sure data is to follow, besides i live near philly so i have to wait a while anyway. whats weird id that bgr and engadget quote the above memo pretty clearly except they add a couple lines that don’t seem to be in the above memo.

  • Lars

    It’s good to hear that 3G is coming to San Antonio. Since San Antonio is so much larger than Austin, why isn’t Austin in the San Antonio market? :) Love both cities and great T-mobile coverage in both cities.

  • Nwahs

    There is another memo that has not been posted. It was sent to us but we are not going to post it as we are trying to respect T-mobile’s privacy and don’t want to reveal all their secrets to their competitors.

  • mingkee

    if this is true, this’ll be extremely disappointing
    and I don’t want to wait for almost 2 years, and end up like that
    even basic UMTS internet connection can help the data traffic on EDGE, currently EDGE situation is bad, and sometimes I have hard time to connect, even I am able to connect, the speed is very bad

  • Orlando Reyes

    They call it the Austin market because Austin is between San Antonio and Waco which are all in that market. With that being said, being the 7th largest city in the nation they could just call it the San Antonio market. It must be great to piggy back on the size of a neighboring city. Oh, on a different note, I have been experiencing data problems for the first time during the day today. Maybe its in preparation of 3G or maybe I’m just looking for something positive for something negative.

  • Alcoholicaust

    what secret is there to reveal? that theyre nearly 4 years behind their competitors who are hoping to start lte trials this year? dont get me wrong, i like tmob, they have great rates, great customer service, and edge isnt terrible. but theyre behind the power curve, and this kinda shows exactly how far behind they are, with their network, and with their phone selection. i think they put too many eggs in the hotspot at home basket, what a success that’s been for them. theyre the KIA of the mobile phone world.

  • DarkJedi

    Honestly, this doesn’t bother me. If it has to be baby steps then so be it, the step forward is what I am thankful for. Rome wasn’t built in a day and while we can all agree on our anticipation for this service, I think we cooler heads need to prevail and understand that good things come to those who wait. We’ve waited, we’ve begged, we’ve yelled and we’ve been frustrated. Hold on just a little while longer and we will finally see what a real 3G network should be like.

  • mingkee

    it appears that everybody on forums, blogs, newsgroups are b*tching and moaning about it, and they’re likely to jump soon
    if I don’t have financial concern, I may also jump

  • bram scolnick

    i’ve been with tmo since 2003, moving off of at&t b/c of crap customer service and high rates. my biggest disappointment is as another person wrote above: other friends have high speed, i’ve waited loyally…and nothing but the feeling of betrayal. i bought a q9h and unlocked for tmo use. i dont know what a quality 3g network is. i would consider going to at&t but am curious to understand what will make tmo 3g the best. b/c they waited its now perfected? if i get a similar package on at&t my bill will shoot up 50 dollars/ mo. is 3g on at&t that great? will tmo have quality phones like the Q9h? some other company is selling off their aws spectrum which includes 1700 and 2100 mhz domestically. Tmo should snap it up.

    what is the answer? is at&t worth the move? is tmo 3g going to be worth the wait? will thety get great phones?

  • Alcoholicaust

    question is this, jump and pay the early term fee? or stay and pay and upgrade fee to a 3g handset? nowadays the difference in the cost of plans isnt much usually like 10 or 20 bucks a month, customer service is great with tmob, but i tried to call them about an hour ago, and got a recording telling me to call back tomorrow morning, wtf is that, i thot they were 24/7. seems like the two htc handsets i was hoping would come to tmob are going to sprint, and with att rolling out a 3g iphone on a proven network, its a tough choice. i like tmob but man o man weve been told for months to just wait it out, wait it out, something good is coming, but all that ive seen is a uma service that just picking up speed nearly a year after rollout, and a selection of low end handsets that seem to be more appropriate on virgin mobile or a pre-pay service. its getting old, and quick. i have 6 months left on my contract, just in time for the holiday season.

  • silk7

    quote “Nwahs Says:

    There is another memo that has not been posted. It was sent to us but we are not going to post it as we are trying to respect T-mobile’s privacy and don’t want to reveal all their secrets to their competitors.”

    This is why i’m going to hold on a little longer.
    anyway- How many good 3g phone are out now?
    I’ll chill until HTC hits T-mo !!

  • silk7

    I’m hearing reports that some places in NYC are getting 3g voice and data today.

  • mingkee

    I am using 3G internet connection at home and at work
    the handoff is smooth
    reception is about same as 2G, as I expected

  • alcoholicaust

    sweet! hopefully theres no issues in the philly area so i can actually get some use out of my cruise.

  • mingkee

    I really hate to read some stupid jerks on blogs to attack T-Mobile
    now 3G is active, and I have 3G internet connection, that means voice and data are active!!!
    as a real internet player, my words and sig on hofo/cellphonesignal proves everything!

  • DarkJedi

    Mingkee, some people will never be happy no matter how good the offerings are. The flip side is that there are thousands of people really dismayed by AT&T 3G offerings so its further proof that you can’t please everyone.
    The focus should be on the fact that today is the start of the future, T-mobile’s fight for supremacy begins today.

  • Alcoholicaust

    tethered to my laptop at 206k… whats up with that?

  • Alcoholicaust

    my mistake, bluetoothed to co-workers phone, i was excited for a second!

  • Orlando Reyes

    So when is the market next on the list going to light up. I hear that it is not in order but how often do they plan on activating new markets, weekly, every couple of days, months? Oh well, as long as they don’t delay the Android based phone and San Antonio get 3G, I’ll be ok.

  • mingkee

    where the Hollywood is 2nd

  • All

    Got word today that the UMTS infrastructure is in place in Atlanta and successful UMTS test calls have been made. Shouldn’t be to much longer before Atlanta comes online.

  • E

    thats an actual screenshot/photo of an internal t-mobile website….SHAME SHAME SHAME…streamline is not for the public….you would be soooo fired!

  • Nwahs

    We did edit out any sensitive information (besides the document itself)
    In addition, we do not work for T-mobile, hence not being able to get fired.
    3G is out today. In no way did this document harm T-mobile.

  • mingkee

    I personally hope more customers will go to UMTS paradise
    it’s been a long way, but it’s worth to wait
    what the HELL I could get 420kbps with UMTS?!

  • Josh

    Oh Tampa where art thou? Well, Tallahassee in the fall at least…

  • t smooth

    has anyone heard about the htc touch diamond or the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 being picked up by tmobile and/or the potential release dates?

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  • frely du

    3G is not that useful in my